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/mkg/ telegram chat:

>Buyer's template:
http://pastebin.com/33S1gVkG (embed)

>Where to Buy:
http://pastebin.com/8Yku80VL (embed)

http://pastebin.com/M5w7QtKp (embed)

>Use the buyer's template
http://pastebin.com/33S1gVkG (embed)

>Keyset wiki

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Joel Richner

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>>58482427 Reposting this

ID on keycaps?

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>his keyboard doesn't have a dedicated sushi key

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Went from topre to mx clear.

Much heavier, need to break it in or get used to it.

Spacebar is squeaky. What can I do about that?

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Lube the stabilizer.

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Snowed in Saturday and nothin to do.

Can't even get to the funstore to pick up a new toy.

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seriously what the fuck

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why do you have guns
guns are scary
you wont ever kill anyone you fat neet weeb
what are you going to do shoot up a school
whats the point in buying a gun if you wont use it for it's intended purpose
that being killing people
i think about killing people a lot but you're the sick one because you own guns
so much cringe in this thread right now

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Thinking about picking these up for my spare mechanical. I have never bought caps before so im not sure if its a good buy.

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That's not so bad. I don't even let my cats in this room but shit gets cray. Pic related.

>i think about killing people a lot
That guy last thread talking about murdering family. Why are the ones afraid of pieces of metal the only ones talking about murdering family, mass shootings, bullets to the brain and other sociopathic horrors? Sick stuff.

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If you're getting aftermarket keycaps, at least get thick PBTs.


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>He doesn't have a complete emoji keyboard

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Cute HHKB case.

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And closed.

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Who /heavyswitches/ here?
And I mean anything over 80g, I want to try something stiffer than my regular MX blacks, is it tiring to write on such stiff springs?

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Been using stock mx clear springs for a few years. The actuation point is lower than on mx blacks but they bottom out around 90g. Something like an mx grey is 20g heavier all around. It would definitely get tiring to type on greys.

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Why is Unicomp shipping to Canada so expensive, lads?

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Shit be heavy, that and milkbag shipping is highway robbery to begin with.

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>mfw missing a single keycap and can't find it anywhere

Replying to your question about US vs. Switzerland a couple threads ago. I would say it is different but not much worse.

Everything is much cheaper in the States, both in price and quality. Even better quality items are still somewhat cheap. Houses are massive and affordable.

It is difficult to find farms run by people, but they exist. In the last ten years or so, grocery stores have started offering much better fresh products.

There is not the same sense of community, but I come from a small village and now I live in a suburb, so maybe smaller American towns have that. In terms of friendliness it is about the same in the Midwest as it is in Switzerland.

The one thing that is amazing about living here is the cars. Public transportation doesn't exist outside of cities, but it is so cheap to drive wherever, roads are very wide, parking is not too difficult to find.

I've lived here too long to compare what shipping is like for keyboards or other computer stuff, but it is very cheap and fast here. Everything being so cheap leaves me some money for hobbies.

The only bad thing is taxes are very high. Expect to pay about twice as much in taxes here.

Most of my complaints are missing homeland or missing the good things about living in rural area.

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Tell me /g/. Why use anything other than a cherry mx blue magicforce?

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because any cherry switch other than clear are shit.

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because cherry switches are scratchy as shit and Gateron are smoother

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Is that a Sanrenmu on the right? How is it?

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where do you bought that usb cable?

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Get some thick doubleshot AliExpress PBTs instead

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My mistake. I use outemus. I do want some clears but I don't know enough because I haven't experienced them. >>58487074

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What wood is best for building a custom case? Would mahogany be bad?

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Well if you touch type and not bottom out, it would kind of feel just like a regular spring

Not my pic

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The only place in NA that'd be of interest to me is Canada, but it's nice to hear about people who emigrated elsewhere.

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You still feel the higher weight of the spring after the actuation point.

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>not having the superior Machine Billet Aluminum Limited Edition sUrface 1030
top pleb

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Dell AT101W

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wew for that price i could buy a keyboard

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Convince me to buy a Majestouch 2 with MX Blacks

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What model is that?

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Buy a Majestouch 2 with MX Niggers

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TADA68 with enjoypbt keycaps

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>Pad printed ABS
What year is this? 2010?

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how recommendable is that?

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No budget

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Minnesota and Wisconsin are pretty nice. My great grandpa immigrated from Switzerland when the farmland was a bunch cheaper.

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So were you born in the US or how did you end up there?

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Have a new keyset waiting

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Any MechanicalKeyboards.com coupons right now?

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because buckling springs are just so much better than cherry blues

what switch veriety?

curious, what are the swiss like to be around? i heard the locals somewhere in switzerland vetod some vegan immigrants citizenship on the grounds that she was annoying.

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So should i get the Anne Pro, im really conflicted between the Gateron Blues or Browns, are Gateron browns better than Cherry Browns?

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Cloth mousepads feel so nice.

>> No.58488911

People say they're better because they're smoother and don't feel as scratchy as Cherry switches.

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Gaterons are much smoother than even the nicest Cherry MX switches, such as MX Clear.
MX Browns are the grittiest MX switches but Gateron Browns are as smooth as any other Gateron switch. They're as smooth as Topre.
I'm using a Topre board right now because I am trying out the layout of the HHKB.

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what do you nigs think of unicomp keyboards?

>> No.58489044

Model Ms? Neat, though I personally would like a Model F more because NKRO and not rubber done.

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I sure hope you're not implying that model Ms are rubber domes.

>> No.58489074

Gateron Blues are much clicker and higher pitched than MX Blues. I'm typing on an Anne Pro with Gateron Blues right now. Not sure about the others. Gateron Reds should be legendary if you like linear. Never liked MX Browns. Thought they were a good first choice but aside from not being able to notice the bumps it also just doesn't feel right.

>> No.58489085

Buckling spring actuating a membrane :^)

>> No.58489435

Model F is not membrane but the Model M is.

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Born in the US and most of my close relatives were as well. I have some relatives that are still in Switzerland. I haven't made it over there yet though. I'm still a fairly young'n so I probably don't have the real insight on taxes, and stuff.

In other news, to add to mkg, I got a keyboard paradise with MX browns. how bad did I fuck up?

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membrane ≠ rubber dome

>> No.58489777

topre ≠ mechanical

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I do not own a mechanical keyboard, and i never presses a switch on a mechanical keyboard until today.
Today i was in a technology shop and i tried different keyboards.
I liked the most the switches of the
,,Razer BlackWidow Chroma"

What switches are in that keyboard ?
I would like to buy a keyboard with switches that feel the same, or nearly the same but in a 60% layout.
I would prefer a UK Layout.
Price: up to 200€
LED's are cool.


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Razer greens are chink knockoffs of cherry mx blue switches.
as for keyboards get a Pok3r, or build yourself a GH60

>> No.58490283

A rubber dome is a membrane.
topre > mechanical

>> No.58490286

Filco Majestouch 2 or Anne pro? What to get /mkg/?

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>A rubber dome is a membrane.
That's true, what I meant is just because its a membrane keyboard, that doesn't mean it uses a rubber dome. Pic related is the membrane of a model M

>> No.58490396

A Leopold, GH69 or tada68

>> No.58490423

Second the other anon's recommendation of the Poker and GH60. If you must have full size with LEDs, go with a Ducky Shine.

>> No.58490442

Topre is a meme and the most expensive rubber some ever

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>A rubber dome is a membrane

Not necessarily, there's also rubber domes with conductive pads and PCBs. And Topre.

Unless you're referring to rubber dome sheets as a form of membrane itself.

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Razer greens have 2mm travel instead of 4, and reset at 1.5mm. They also don't have the "click" feature of clears and blues.
They are a little stiffer than browns, so they feel more tactile and "snappier".
They are definitely something different, and some people to legitimately prefer them as "gaming switches", but they're worse for typing.

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looks like a child project lol did u make this in kindergarden

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File: 2.05 MB, 2272x1704, P1060764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did actually

ah the pleasures of being a toddler

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really want a rs96

>> No.58490982

looking for a diy numpad anything cool?

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>anything cool?
Yes, your own

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Not autistic enough yet

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Nice trips.

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better get started in that case

nice dubs

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Hey /g/ents whats your most preferred switch type? I'm asking this because I'm planning on buying a mechanical keyboard, I know everyone prefers their switch types differently but I just want to see what everyone thinks

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God that's ugly.

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Not only that, but it's fast too!

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Buckling springs over membrane (haven't tried capacitive ones yet)

>> No.58491418

cringe post desu.

>> No.58491436

do you still plan on cutting that thing down to 70% size?

>> No.58491498

Have you never washed it or something? That's awful. I have 2 cats that shed a lot and my keyboard never looks like this.

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I want to buy some cheap ABS keycaps via Taobao (https://world.taobao.com/item/532671698858.htm) but I have no fucking clue how to navigate this shit. Google Translate is shitting the bed for me. Any steps to go about purchasing this?

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File: 197 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20170115_040428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure actually.

On one hand, I wouldn't mind it being smaller, on the other hand I feel like I'd be doing it injustice to modify it in any way.

I'll use it for some time and then I'll see how I feel about it. A wooden case and a smaller size would be quite dope, but something about this keyboard tells me that it's perfect as it is.

>> No.58491535

>replying to obvious bait

>> No.58491537

drop the link into taobaotrends and they'll do everything for you

>> No.58491646

cringe bait desu,

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File: 1.26 MB, 2600x1332, absolutely just a keyboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was perhaps 6 months after I bought the keyboard. I clean it periodically.

>> No.58491868

Understandable, there is something special about those giant vintage boards

>> No.58491905

>sUrface 1030
>to poor to afford the Japanese 100 times folded artisan mouse pad

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good night /mkg/

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Mx brown or clears depending on what mood I am in.

>> No.58492484

So I bought one of these and i cant decide betweem. Clears. Browns. Or Blues.. I just wish i could test them on a whole board

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>> No.58492513

How are the quality of Plum87 boards?

>> No.58492601

Honestly, when I bought my first board I didn't try out any switches ahead of time. Read as much as you can about the switches and dive right in, if you don't like it return/resell the board and review what you didn't like and try another.

>> No.58492693

Anyone have any problems with the ducky one tkl rgb?

>> No.58493093

Is n-key rollover a meme?
I just did one of the test things and even my 23 year old model m didn't have any problem depressing like 10 keys at once.

>> No.58493121

Can we all agree that cherry users are paying for overpriced garbage that's barely better than rubber domes simply because it's popular and they care more about aesthetics than the feel of the switches themselves?

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Hey lads, will be building at the end of feb (kbd75, see pic) and need to decide on switches, i like linears

Right now have it narrowed to 67g zealios, getting on the invyr panda gb or some gateron yellows. I've not tried any of these irl, anyone feel like wighing in? Will be lubing and stickering them

>> No.58493265

Cherry style switches are some of the cheapest out there. You can get g80s with cherry MX and thicc doubleshot abs that blows chinkshit pbt out of the water for around 40 bucks

>> No.58493375

>I overpaid for my keyboard, so I need to find a way to make myself feel better about my shitty decisions.

>> No.58493450

Exactly what a Cherry user would say. I payed $50 dollars for a quality alps board.

>> No.58493532

I use buckling springs. I don't mind the feel of blues though.

>> No.58493553

You'd probably also enjoy browns or rubber dome over membrane you peasant.

>> No.58493842

I would, yeah. because membrane keybaords feel horrible.

>> No.58493897


Where can I get that

>> No.58494344

What the hell does putting stickers on mx switches do?

>> No.58494352

makes them stick. duh

>> No.58494386


deskthority is your friend

>> No.58494443

Pretty sure the gateron housings are tight enough to not "need" the sticker. Not like it made a big difference with MX switches either.

>> No.58494462


is ~$30 worth it for ~100 alps skcm white switches?

>> No.58494467

i'm in the same boat can't decide between blue, brown or clear. all i've ever known is black switches

>> No.58494506

Clears are heavy, beware. I love mine, though! Maybe go to a best buy or Fry's

>> No.58494519

If you're okay with the weight of blacks, then get clears.

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File: 63 KB, 1046x290, vnVcWuZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel u
Kind of
I want to make my own pcb and case for this shit

>> No.58494588

buy an amj96 on taobao

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File: 587 KB, 2048x1152, 20170115_035600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.58495008

How is it

>> No.58495024

gr8 m8, although some of the keycaps could have been cut better

>> No.58495327
File: 118 KB, 800x600, HTB1pSkrMVXXXXa4XXXXq6xXFXXXM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just ordered these. Thoughts?

>> No.58495569

EnjoyPBT, right? They're damn good. Much better than overrated SP caps imo, at least for QWERTY layout.

>> No.58495632

Sound like a Topre owner :^)

>> No.58495763

QFR-i keycaps on a white Anne Pro?

>> No.58495816

Anything similar to the translucent Vortex doubleshot PBT keycaps but with either the symbols and numbers inverted or side by side? It's my only real complaint with them, as the numbers don't get backlit. I saw some backlit PBT keycaps on AliExpress, but I'm a bit worried about the legend and overall quality, even when they're supposedly "doubleshot".

>> No.58496856

Is the HHKB S-type a meme or should I dish out 300 EUR for one?

>> No.58497002

I hope NPKC PBT are better than non-coated taihao.

>> No.58497202

Where to get a HHKB with ISO?
and also that case,

>> No.58497357

Thats not ISO thats JIS. They booth use the same size enter key

>> No.58497510
File: 842 KB, 5184x3456, 1OwL4RP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.58497643

What do you type on your fancy artisan keyboards?

>> No.58497680

Autism posts on /g/

>> No.58497723

Why? For what purpose?

>> No.58497826
File: 639 KB, 1920x1440, oqzkpa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Almost done molesting my lolita

>> No.58498048

i really really really want SA keycaps

>> No.58498062

There are some cheap chink knockoffs for like 60 bucks.

>> No.58498616

any tips on effectively cleaning a model m with minimal effort?

>> No.58498645

Some models have drainage holes so you can just take the caps of and hose it down with non ionized water

>> No.58498792
File: 99 KB, 1280x960, photo_2016-12-26_16-50-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you like the greens?

>> No.58499128

its a version 4 model m, will 70% isopropyl do?

>> No.58499418

Deionized water is much cheaper like 15-20 bucks a gallon. Alcohol would work

>> No.58499431
File: 197 KB, 850x566, jowuliuuyu9y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Awww yeah gaming keyboards.

>> No.58499472

alcohol will also kill anything bacteria

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File: 359 KB, 1536x2048, uyk5fwhwkv3y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2017-01-14 08:40 United Kingdom, reached the processing center from China

My chink shit PBT keycaps are in the country:O

>> No.58499522

Better than my greys or blues, and the chink reds i pulled off.

>> No.58499530

Where can you find them?

>> No.58499553

>USB keyboards can't support NKRO, at least not without special magical drivers
False. The standard USB HID report protocol allowed NKRO from day 1. Drivers were just broken out of the box, and garbage keyboards only implemented the USB HID boot protocol.

>USB implies polling. Only PS/2 controllers support hardware interrupts.
False. xHCI, the controller specification of USB 3, supports hardware interrupts. Keyboards with xHCI interfaces exit.

>> No.58499565


>> No.58499594

You arent going to get aids from your keyboard. Its your money so whatever

>> No.58499998


>> No.58500453

bump, also interested on this

>> No.58500566

Don't have one but Leddit says they're good build quality. They aren't exactly Topre but they are okay. Apparently. idk

>> No.58500649


I grew up in the UK and moved to the US. Honestly really glad I made the move.

>> No.58500790

What the hell is that

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File: 14 KB, 957x160, Screenshot_5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just pulled the trigger, did i do good /g/?

>> No.58500853


>> No.58500871


Yeah, you did fine.

Sent from my Anne Pro :^)

>> No.58501195

Can someone who owns a mosin take a pic of it with their keyboard?

>> No.58501475

you fucked up big time

>> No.58501527

Please link some keyboards that support usb3/xHCI.

>> No.58501570

I was intrigued by the invyr panda but being as they're a new 'brand', I'd probably stick to what I know and go Zeal

>> No.58501573

All the cherry mx 6.0 boards do

>> No.58501591
File: 3.22 MB, 5312x2988, 2timTWW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its for my phone and laptop, i have a Model M for my main battle station :^)

>> No.58501758

The cherry US website says it uses a usb 2.0 interface.

>> No.58501810


>> No.58501816

Yeah that's how i was leaning, think i'll go 67g zeal.

>> No.58502030

That's disgusting and you should be embarrassed for asking.

>> No.58502357

Just get some nice keycaps and you'll have done pretty well. Or sand the ones they come with.

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File: 1.27 MB, 3264x1836, 20161025_150045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will NPKC PBT keycaps work?

>> No.58502439

Pretty good from what I heard. I have two sets of thick PBT keycaps on the way from China and at least one is NPKC.

>> No.58502454

So you didn't do too badly at all

>> No.58502476

Does heavier actuation force actually help people bounce off the keys and type better? Or is it just a preference?

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File: 140 KB, 1280x960, photo_2017-01-15_21-41-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Where should I buy o-rings? I can get a set for $1 from chinese sellers on ebay; are those trash?

>> No.58502762

rubber dome keyboard (think HHKB) with mechanical switches (cherry type) under the WASD area

>> No.58502862

Help a poor retarded anon /mkg/

$60 but can be flexible, doesn't have to be top of the line
>Location (continent at least)
US East
>Preferred switch type
Red or Brown, anything quieter than Blues really
>Form factor
100% if possible but can deal without numpad
Not a necessity but mite b cool
>Previous/current keyboards
Generic HP membrane, I have really low standards

>> No.58502937

Try these

>> No.58502966

Just so you know bottoming out is louder then the actuation mechanism of the switch. Thats why some keyboards with blues are quieter then browns

>> No.58502984
File: 3.00 MB, 1783x952, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, can I be one of you? My keyboard is from 2001/2002.

>> No.58502986

I'd suggest searching ebay for a used Logitech g710+

>> No.58503044

All kinds of options ,mostly cheap chinese but even those aren't bad these days. Best to scour both ebay and newegg as well to see their collections. As long as you make sure it's actually a mechanical switch, most cheap keyboards aren't all that different and you'll hardly notice it anyway for your first mechanical.

You can also find some decent brands for good used prices.



>> No.58503079

Do black buckling spring keyboards exist?

I remember seeing a picture of some Dell keyboard that was black that had the IBM Model M layout and then I could never find it. I like the Model M after trying it, but I want something that I can put on my desk without it sticking out like a sore thumb.

>> No.58503086


>> No.58503110

Unicomp sells some. They even sell black cases cases for model Ms too. Old IBM M 13s had black cases as well

>> No.58503132
File: 71 KB, 1144x281, 1480732156882.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get a tomoko

>> No.58503148

Anyone here into typewriters?

>> No.58503207

Hipster garbage.

>> No.58503234

Pretty sure people have had an interest before hipsters existed though

>> No.58503295

Doesn't make them any less outdated.

>> No.58503410

Isn't the appeal the same as mechanical keyboards though, the typing itself and the tactile response?

I've never used a typewriter, what do they feel like?

>> No.58503471

Typewriters generally don't interface with computers, so they're useless basically.

>> No.58503522

I ordered one for 5 dollars but they never showed up even after a month, hadto refund

>> No.58503543
File: 463 KB, 1438x1066, Screenshot_20161014-003704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anne PRO, definetly, just throw on some keycaps and your ready to go

>> No.58503601


Extremely tempting. Typing on mx reds right now and it's just fine but I feel like I was expecting more click and stick, but blues and browns never cut it.

Very curious about Alps. What are the Fuhuas /Matias like? I'm not a huge fan of heavy switches so I think I'd lean toward the the Matias Quiet Linear.

>> No.58503689
File: 1.63 MB, 3125x1440, BST82716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've a large collection of typewriters

>> No.58504585

is that typewriter an olivetti underwood?

>> No.58504795


Olivetti Studio 44

>> No.58504929

A few threads ago several anons were saying that the v-80s with Matias switches had lots of problems with key chatter. I almost picked one up earlier.

>> No.58505279

whats my best option to get my hands on a rs96 pcb or something similar?

>> No.58505373


>> No.58505381

Is this any good?

>> No.58505461

the GH60 is made in china and people also like it. My guess is that the metal plate will have imperfections and will need to be filed or deburred. The PCB might be missing a resistor, but its not that hard to solder one on. Thats really about all that I'd expect

>> No.58505768

I feel like I'm missing something

There's no way that its really just over 1 USD

>> No.58505869

what are you looking at? the plastic case is 40 bucks, the plate is 13, the PCB is sold out, but you can hand wire the thing yourself

>> No.58506292

It says the PCB is 89-189 yen, which is like 70 cents to 1.70

>> No.58506389

the only PCB in stock is the GH60 which is 13-20 bucks depending on if you want it presoldered or not

>> No.58506408

pretty sure its yuan

>> No.58506472



That seems more realistic

>> No.58506572

Corsair Gaming K65
Corsair Gaming K70
Das Keyboard IV

>> No.58506910

KUL TKL or Filco Majestouch 2? Or something else?

>> No.58506939

I'm the same situation as well. I'm kinda torn between KUL, Filco Majestouch 2, or Leopold 750R.

>> No.58507021

I was sold on the KUL but it hasn't been available in the switches I want for a while and I no longer need the swappable cases

>> No.58507182

$60 but can go over
>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
Red or brown
Doesn't matter
>Form factor
>Previous/current keyboards
Steelseries 6gv2. Pretty nice but I don't like black keys

>> No.58507234

I want it to look somewhat normal. Please on gaymer logos or features

>> No.58507245

Please no*
My gaymer keyboard failed me kappa XD

>> No.58507554

how do you even know what the fuck is listed

>> No.58507606
File: 345 KB, 750x406, corsair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trying to replicate a color scheme from a keycap set onto my Corsair. Any ideas on what would work well?

>> No.58507628

Getting something with a standard bottom row and selling this would work pretty well. I'm serious and I did the same too.

>> No.58507689
File: 63 KB, 750x500, HTB1kervOFXXXXXTXXXXq6xXFXXXb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been searching for these keycaps (or similar style). They are $89 on aliexpress, but thought I'd check to see if anyone knew where I could get them cheaper. Don't know chinese so can't search taobao


>> No.58507696

Can I have that background pic please?

>> No.58507721

Well I got this from the Black Friday sales for a reason, cheapest thing out there that has a dedicated volume control which is a non-negotiable for me. Maxkeyboard does do custom keycap sets with 6.5 inch spacebars, and honestly I'm not really one to care much about aesthetics.

>> No.58507802

I want to get this and just put it in my cart - fuck Amazon. I'm in the USA and they're charging $9.72 for 5-7 day business shipping. Fuck right off.

>> No.58508084

memes aside, whats your opinion on this keyboard?

it seems like it has everything i want from a keyboard except the led color but i can just turn it off. comes with gateron browns and you can switch to any other type of switch either from cherry or gateron or other clones so you just have to buy the switches instead of the whole thing.

>> No.58508093

Tada68 with enjoy PBT keycaps

>> No.58508339
File: 2.82 MB, 2336x4160, IMG_20170116_141106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally got my RS68 from Massdrop, time to assemble my first keyboard

>> No.58508359

Any diy keyboards with rgb support? Everything I've read is about how the normal micro controllers used cannot support it.

>> No.58508370

Zeal did a group buy for a 60% PCB with RGB LED support once.

>> No.58508555

whats the verdict on winkeyless boards?

>> No.58508572

wait, is it normal for windows to get confused if you have more than one keyboard plugged in and treat one like the other?

when i plug the rs68 in while leaving my fullsize board also plugged, the rs68's rightmost column gets treated as the first column of the numpad on a fullsize. the bottom row does 0, the one above does 1, etc.

>> No.58508803

Seems like an expensive soldering station.
What else do you use it for?

>> No.58508812

The FX888D is an entry level soldering iron. Not shit like some $20 chink fake weller, but actually good.

>> No.58508886

Guess it is a better investment than buying absolute garbage that will burn your living space down.

>> No.58508899

Exactly. How quickly it heats up is nice too.

>> No.58509161

Whatever needs soldering, really. Modifying motorised Nerf blasters, automotive work, whatever.

>> No.58509410
File: 1.33 MB, 5124x2916, keyboard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would o rings help reduce some mistakes on linear switches? I'm used to laptop keys (which bottom out instantaneously) as an indicator of when I've pressed a key. Thinking of taking out 1.5mm of distance to bottom sooner (which I already do anyway).

>> No.58509775

it goes on sale ALOT, amazon, mass drop their own website. i belive on balck friday it was like 70$ and then again on christmas, so you know, that says alot about the company....

tldr: wait =for a holiday for it to go on sale again if you really want it.

>> No.58509874
File: 577 KB, 1423x796, Screenshot_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the hell

>> No.58510013

my first TKL mechanical keyboard has arrived

its super uncomfy under my left wrist so i was planning on buying a steelseries qck xxl mousepad

unfortunately they are out of stock on the webshop where i could order one

is there an as good or better alternative? it has to be black with a white logo so the corsair one is not good

>> No.58510075

If you bought something with an integrated wrist-rest, then chances are that you bought a piece of shit

>> No.58510124

no it doesnt have a wrist rest, what

how does that make any sense

my table is hurting my wrist because my old shitty 5$ keyboard had a wrist rest and im not used to having my hands directly on the table

>> No.58510148

Then get a wrist rest. There are plenty of cheap decent ones on Amazon. As for the mousepad, Cooler Master has the Swift-RX on XL size, which is also black with white logos on the sides, and I think there's a HyperX one, but the logo is red and white. If you just look for XL mousepads you can probably find a lot of similar ones to the one you're looking for. Worst case scenario you can order one from AliExpress with custom custom prints and just ask for it to be all black.

>> No.58510155

My Gateron Reds are going to be delivered by Royal Mail today. Hype.

>> No.58510165

do you have any experience with those?

im scared of the smell
i once bought a mousepad that smelled like shit but thank god steelseries is okay

so im a bit scared to switch brands

>> No.58510196

Then get one, optimally you'd have your hands floating over the keyboard, but a wrist rest is still preferable to bending your hands towards yourself at some horrendous angle.

Just fold up a small towel and you're good to go.

>> No.58510205

Yes, I own the CM one. I was on a similar issue as you, and those two were the options I had at the moment, and I went for the Swift-RX because it was a bit cheaper on Black Friday and it has stitched edges. The only smell you might notice with pretty much every mousepad is the rubber on the bottom, but I don't remember that being an issue with this one when it arrived, and I can't smell anything unless I directly put my nose on it.

>> No.58510230

my typing and gaming angles are different

when im playing im usually resting my wrist on the table, because i just spam a few buttons or something
when im typing my hands are not on the table of course

then it might be alright
i once bought a mousepad that had such a strong rubber smell that my hands were smelling pretty bad, had to throw it out

>> No.58510250

unfortunately i cant wait as i need a keyboard right now.

>that says alot about the company....
what do you mean?

>> No.58510254
File: 248 KB, 1300x861, 2017-01-16 08.34.39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which swtiches are more prone to "key chattering"?

My current keyboard with Cherry MX red switches works perfectly fine and has no key chattering.

My previous Cherry MX Blue keyboard had key chattering on one keycap. Is this because the actuaction and reset points are retardedly placed on that swtich?

Does Kailh and Gateron and all the other switch manufacturers have this infuriating problem?

>> No.58510522

any sub $50 full size with browns?

>> No.58510536
File: 1.61 MB, 3641x2843, 8GxMphr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Modern Beige is amazing

>> No.58510543

it is but I like it with a few little colored keys. I'm gonna buy a beige keyboard and put on surf green Esc and Enter/Backspace keycaps

>> No.58510577

how are outemu browns?

>> No.58510667

I think it the keyboard controller on your previous board that was the problem. I have never had problems whit mx blues

>> No.58511160

Which is the better starter?
RK-9000V2 RGB BR
Das Keyboard 4 Professional
or an open box Code from wasd?

Are LEDs a fucking meme or what?

>> No.58511184

>Are LEDs a fucking meme or what?
i enjoy them, you can always turn them off too if you have that kind of keyboard

>> No.58511187

das a shit

>> No.58511200

That's what I'm thinking
The built in hub is tempting...

>> No.58511223

so my keyboard has arrived and its not in level

it slightly moves up and down if i push one side of it

cant decide if the pads are not applied well or the board itself is bent


>> No.58511337

Literally autism.

>> No.58511592

what race are they?
I have two norwegian forest cats and even when they're shedding their stupidly thick winter fur in the spring, it never gets to that point

>> No.58511718

Anne pro, det fungerer meg Æ O Og Å bare endre med mobil appen

>> No.58511721

grip it from both sides and try bending it into shape
not joking

>> No.58511787

it was quite expensive to do such thing with it

>> No.58511853

bend lightly, not like a brute
I had to do this with one of my pokers

>> No.58511867

at least its not an uncommon thing

thats nice

>> No.58511920

because topre exists!

>> No.58511940
File: 2.01 MB, 2592x1728, crop-IMG_6884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how Im performing SenSei?

I have those keycaps on my anne but the default ones are much better, they have the proper markings on it and they are translucid.
Iv put this one just because I have them/

>> No.58512324

I have so questions:
1. Is https://mykeyboard.eu a trusted website?
2. If you had to choose between Pok3r Mx-clears and Pok3r Mx-Blues but with backlights, for the same price, which one would you choose?
3. MX-clear vs MX-blue? Which ones are better for typing/programming?

>> No.58512422

Do I go for an Ergodox EZ snow or an HHKB Pro 2 S-type?

>> No.58512424

blue is fucking loud dude

also gateron switches please

>> No.58512467

>blue is fucking loud dude
you're a fucking faggot dude
blues are great

>> No.58512472

Does anybody have non-ansi layout on their 60% keyboards? How does it feel?

>> No.58512477

>you're a fucking faggot dude
>blues are great
not true

>> No.58512481

gateron dont make tactile clears anymore

>> No.58512488

i miss my blues a bit now that i'm on clears

do whites have the clicky feel without the clicky noise?

>> No.58512571

can i take off the keyboard of an old computer like C64 of SVI 328 and somehow adapt it to be used on a modern PC ?

>> No.58512660

Whites are the OG clicky switch and as a result they are inconsistent. Greens are the more refined version

>> No.58512663


I use the same one. It seemed like something that would be good and last a long time. I went to frys electronics and picked out the one I wanted most. No soldering experience outside of desoldering switches and scrapping PCBs in mass quantity on $20 general use irons when I got it.

>> No.58512683


I got a IBM wheelwriter and almost picked up a selectric once for $5 but was too busy to get it. Ive always wanted a small nice looking typewriter just for my own enjoyment.

>> No.58512772


>> No.58513190

Nope. What's the prob?

>> No.58513329

Where did you get these key caps?

>> No.58513353

those are Tai-hao lavender on massdrop

>> No.58513454

Are there any similar ones that actually are for sale? I am talking about the alphanumerics in grey.

>> No.58513458

Why does literally anyone need a numpad in 2017?

>> No.58513497
File: 160 KB, 1440x682, BR9IWKW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what about the Dolch color set?

>> No.58513510
File: 71 KB, 1134x584, memechanical.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cad is so much easier with a numpad

>> No.58513571

They are sold through tai haos site, you need to inquire for pricing
Also ebay last i saw

>> No.58513701


>> No.58513734


>> No.58513788

is there a way I can turn num lock on and not have my choc mini change its keys?

>> No.58513805

what? You want to turn the button on and not have it do anything? Just don't press it

>> No.58513833

I use a 12button mouse and it makes binding stuff to it a pain with not being able to use the tenkey

>> No.58513836

Doesnt cad mostly need mouse movements?

>> No.58513864

you could use the numbers above the alpha to enter measurements and calculations, but its so much easier to just use a numpad to add and subtract measurements

>> No.58513889

Holy fuck got the same bunny ears back home from my trip.
When'd you go?

>> No.58513952

ok but who used cad anymore?

>> No.58513973
File: 62 KB, 673x208, WTF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

people who design stuff to jew consumers

>> No.58513986
File: 69 KB, 1280x695, IMG_20161221_180348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fuck doing CAD without a numpad

People who work in R&D in just about any technical field. For example the people who made your keyboard, they use CAD.

Was there for most of July, was hot as shit

>> No.58514084
File: 43 KB, 657x560, 1483471143052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i do cad without a numberpad

>> No.58514104

The hero we need

>> No.58514154

>hydro is about to ship


>> No.58514171

New thread!




>> No.58515341
File: 42 KB, 452x423, 1484155785872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gimme keycaps hongkong

>> No.58515392

All that wait and your gonna get the wrong product in the end

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