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Is there any reason not to get into credit card fraud?

The reward greatly seems to outweigh any minor risk there may be.

I live in Canada so the punishment is nonexistent.

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How many times must you make this thread?

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What? This is my first time making this thread.

It's just been on my mind a lot so I figured I'd ask my coveted technology board. You are my favorite trip otherwise. I really enjoy your insightful posts.

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>This is my first time making this thread.
Fornicate away.

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T-that might be different people... You can't prove anything*

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Why do you keep making this thread? Are you intentionally trying to entice people into committing a crime so they can go to jail? Are you setting up /g/ so you can take screenshots to tell people that we are all lowlife scum? What benefit is there for you? Are you looking for a dumb partner who will do the scamming and going to jail, while you keep the $$$?

What is keeping you here?

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I just want to know if it's worth it

I can't sleep at night knowing people make my monthly salary in half a day. And not because they're smart, or exceptionally hardworking or by any real virtue. But just through nigger-tier crime.

Maybe I'm just a crazy guy but I can't be the only one who feels this way. I need to get an answer. I need to find the truth.

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You get extradited by the secret service foo, Visa/MC/Amex are all American corps.

Not to mention everywhere in Canada uses PINs unlike the US, so not much fraud you can do here

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Don't people just switch to online as a result of chip and pin? Seems hardly stopping anyone

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Yes but they have teams to do this, and are usually also getting their own cards by jacking db themselves. They always get caught too because mainly crackheads do this kind of fraud in $current_year

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People rob jewelry stores all the times, making your monthly salary in 5 minutes. Got your answer?

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google 'infraud'

it's a russian site, well known, full of fraudsters, costs money to get in.

you will get busted only a matter of time enjoy

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What if I apply a pragmatic and intelligent approach to this?

There has to be a way. I keep reading about banking fraud malware for example and that makes people many millions.

Why wouldn't I be able to do that? There seems to ALWAYS be a hidden path to bearing the average pleb

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Why are you so certain? If there's entire forums of people clearly they're not getting busted.

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the guys who infected POS with memory corruption to steal cards/pin all got busted for the most part, many of them extradited the moment they stepped out of Russia to go spend their cash on vacation.

The guys who orchestrated the big SWIFT heist in Bangladesh remotely and had an entire team of Philippine cashout agents were also Russian thus protected from extradition. You aren't so will get caught.

Krebs details all of this on his blog too, plus drops the names of these boards if interested but you can't play unless you live in Brazil, Russia, Namibia, ect.

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The people who run those forums all had their names exposed by the secret service and are wanted during numerous operations. They live in Russia so can't be extradited (they can now never leave Russia either, and hope Putin doesn't lift extradition treaty with Trump).

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Better let go of this issue, before temptation overwhelms you.

As long as there is $$$ involved, the law will be involved. Do you think you can outwit the US government? You will be busted, then taken to jail where some of your organs will be busted.

Let it go.

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Can I move to Nigeria or some other nigger country then?

Must be nicer than a 1st world country. Millions probably buy you slaves and armed guards for your palace.

I want to make a huge botnet and build a Kingdom. I just don't see a point of being a wagiecuck anymore.

Even Zeus and Spyeye fags barely got any time

Would I be able to just strike a plea bargain and become an informant if that happens?

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why the fuck are you asking us to validate your opinion? we're not going to encourage a retarded behavior you're dead set on doing.

either do it or move on

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You also need political protection in those countries, as law enforcement here will just pay local enforcement there to get rid of you. The Russians on those forums who did the big frauds are all connected somehow to a police chief or cousins of a duma cabinet member ect.

You could move to Donetsk and do this, pay the local militia for protection and live as a warlord. Or maybe Crimea.

Keep in mind the best hackers the world have ever seen all got caught and are doing serious time like Iceman and legendary snitch Cumbajohnny, Maksik was arrested by Turk police and tortured for his full disc encryption password and is doing life there, Waves the guy who did fake IDs (one of the only legit ID vendors) so you can cashout all that illegal shit got busted. These are top of the game types with years of exp breaking into networks and evading police, being connected to org crime you aren't. Look up Celtic's Novelty ID Service lol

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>Can I move to Nigeria or some other nigger country then?
>Must be nicer than a 1st world country.
>I want to make a huge botnet and build a Kingdom.
>I just don't see a point of being a wagiecuck anymore.

There is a scientific term for your condition, its called alienation, better look it up.

>when you literally prefer moving to Nigeria just to get away with crime that you do because you hate the society in which you live in and shape and are a part of so much and feel like you cannot do the slightest thing about it even if the means for political participation are as evolved as never before in human history

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People from those countries risk their lives (and many die) trying to get out, in order to make it to where you live, so that they can flip burgers. Burger flipping in first world countries is SO GOOD compared to living in [insert faeceshole here], that it is worth dying for.

And you... you want to do the opposite? You want to break the law, and break such big laws that you have an entire government come after you, then leave the first world in order to live with slaves and armed guards?

For about 1 week's worth of your salary as a "wagiecuck", you can go and live for a month in of those countries, and see if you like it. I recommend you do that. Maybe it will open your eyes. And by "open your eyes", I mean "let you see what an absolute moron you will be if you continue down this path."

Good luck.

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I don't have any confidence so I seek validation and guidance from people on the internet.

I do this with all decisions I intend to undertake. I make repeated threads and play both sides of the argument so people argue amongst themselves and bring up good points. Then I form my decision based on that.

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>But just through nigger-tier crime.

They make some money for a few months and then spend years in jail. There is a reason why "niggers" are bottom tier in society... Nobody gets to live well on nigger crime, they have some fun weeks and then off to years of time.

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>If there's entire forums of people clearly they're not getting busted.

People selling equipment and so on.... In the same way that drug lords sell drugs without using it themselves.

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well, let me help you out.

Don't fucking do it. It will bite you in the ass.

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Why is there threads about this every other day...
If you really want to do this
Install Gentoo

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but that's only known people

How many are still free and kicking?

I wouldn't agree.

I think criminals are awful but the old saying of "if you can't beat them, join them" is ringing in my ears.

I just can't seem to cope with Borislav stealing millions every month from people while I work a pathetic job.

Then why do people do it? I just don't get it.

If they're so smart - wouldn't it be easier to start a legal business or work on wall street or corporate law or high end sales or something?

That seems way better then

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Here's an example, of a low level guy from carder (su) bust https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/member-organization-operated-online-marketplace-stolen-personal-information-sentenced-20

>20 years for rackateering
>3 years probation
>huge fines

He literally only possessed fraud materials, was active on the board as a verifying mod and bought just a few stolen IDs off the secret service and he got.... 20 years.

The problem with card fraud is they nail you for each one you have in your possession so if you jack databases or buy say 10 of them that's like 10 years (or 10000 years depending on size of db).

Then there's the Unix Terrorist (UT) who got a bid in jail just because he wrote a script that the TJX hackers used. He made zero dollars, was not involved in the hack at all.

If you want to make money just become a developer, get a shit job, and start security testing everything. If it's a startup you'll be promoted to CTO/CSIO and can just go to meetings all day and play golf for $300k/year

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>they got busted
>And yet they're still selling dumps and making millions

I just don't understand.

It doesn't seem like very much people at all get busted for this kind of crime.

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A few select examples used by judges just to make an example hardly means anything when there's entire forums of carders collectively making millions a week.

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Anybody not inside Russia with political protection is in federal prison from all those raids. If you're Russian and your uncle is the local police captain then for sure go card fraud crazy but if you're just t. nobody Slav living in Slutsk or somewhere without connections you're fucked.

You can't really do large scale fraud by yourself, you need a team and that team will be full of informants. For example they already have names of the guys who did the Bangladesh bank SWIFT heist but they are politically protected known fraudsters

>> No.58351543

>millions a week

lol no, try a few hundred dollars per day which is like millions in Novosibirsk

there's no money in card fraud anymore, they steal dbs of cards and can sell them maybe 20 per day if lucky it's not the early 2000s anymore when everybody was into it and you were punting thousands of cards per day

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Hmmm I guess that makes sense.

What about huge botnets?

isn't methbot making $5M a day?

>> No.58351584

if you believe LE propaganda yes

how would you launder 5m a day not living in protected country? if you are hellbent on being a stupid criminal then at least cash out when you hit $20,000 and pour the money into buying Zcash mining rigs ($4k each). Retire from crime and just run the rigs for a living.

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And are you saying I missed out significantly by being born too late?

Every time...

What's the next boom I can get in on?

Hacking cryptocurrency exchanges?

Running my own exchange then claiming to get "hacked" where I take the bitcoins for myself?

Running a meme Silkroad-tier market and exit-jewing every last bitcoin held in escrow?


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You might be just in time to kill yourself.

>> No.58351614

You also missed the whole 'startup' scam where all these sites went public then just cashed the stock out to themselves personally, like Groupon which is a solid scam.

You can still hack cryptocurrency exchanges, it's not about getting to the wallets it's about fucking with their db so it shows you have $3k cash to spend and then cleverly finding ways to withdraw that not all at once so you aren't discovered.

>> No.58351632

How did the Zeus niggers do it then?

How do these faggots launder money anyways

>> No.58351649

How about pump and dumping cryptocurrencies?

Ethereum was a top tier Scam orchestrated by a Russian Jew with AIDS

>> No.58351655

if you want to do it so fucking bad, do it. You already have the idea set in your mind i can see from the 8 other fucking posts you've made. Nobody here gives a flying fuck what you do. Not a single person.

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The guy who ran SpyEye got 15 years fed prison. The guy who ran Zeus lives in Russia and is likely working as a state hacker it's rumored he 'retired' so he could work for a corrupt state official running other schemes. He cashed out by having money mules all over the world (all of which were busted too) and he lives in Russia or else he'd be in prison with Hamza

>> No.58351676

>fucking with their db

Do you mean the blockchain? How do you do that?

>> No.58351707

I thought him and Panin got 7 years each?

I remember reading that Algerian niggers posts on Opensc

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