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what are the cheapest gpus that can run four monitors simultaneously?

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Even the cheapest cards can handle 4 monitors.

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Monitor/GPU won't recognize Display Port cable.
Already updated drivers for both.
Already plugged and unplugged.
wat do

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whats a good place to see comparison benchmarks for different nvidai drivers on different cards? for exapmle how new drivers affect realtively old card in performance and stutter

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Is it just me, or is the flatpak nightly-graphics repo offline?

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I currently do not have access to a VPN. Am I going to get fucked if I try to download that programming books pack off of TPB?

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depends if you're living in a free country ;)

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I live in the US of A. I guess I should have posted that.

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Ive got a weird problem with mounted usb drives on my arch installation.
I mounted my usb drive with the following command;
sudo mount -o gid=users,fmask=113,dmask=002,rw /dev/sdb1 /media/flashdrive
I can edit and save files fine, but I cannot create new files or delete existing files.
I have permissions drwxrwxr-x in the mount location, I also chown'ed and chmod 777 the same location.

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give me an example, i'm not familiar with gpus since i do not game. i have a 560 i think. my motherboard doesn't allow for on board video either.

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it's about the connectors on the back of the card more than the gpu

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so having four connectors. vga, dvi(2) and hdmi

i would a assume you need a lot of vram. like i said i won't be gaming but four screens is a lot. on 1gb, even if they're just excel spreadsheets

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a gtx560 should be enough to drive 4 monitors for regular stuff at 1080p

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What PSU do I need to overclock my cpu? Currently have a 430w

Running an i5-2500k(3.3) and an Rx 480

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I'm sure I'm not crazy but google and shitty tech help forums are making me feel like it.
My desktop has been doing this weird shit where if I click an icon then try to select a few icons directly below it, it will select every fucking icons to the right of the first icon (horizontally) down to the icons below.
All these fucking forums are saying windows has always done this which is a lie or they try to be cheeky and suggest dragging the mouse to select.
Along with this issue when I save things to the desktop they will alternate to the top left or to the bottom right of the icons.
Please help me fix this.

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You don't need a better higher wattage PSU to overclock your CPU.

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Is there any way to make the IP differ from the host on an Windows VM? Virtaulbox

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Looking to upgrade my gpu since my hd6970 went bad, thinking of either gtx1060 6gb or rx480 8gb. Will mostly be playing Arma 3, maybe from time to time a newer AAA release, but don't need this to run perfectly on ultra settings.

Which of these cards are best for Arma, and can it run three monitors decently, as decently as Arma 3 will ever run?

Cpu is 2500k, not sure if this is a bottleneck?

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change the network to bridged.

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Always been like this. Use ctrl and select icons.

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Thing is I have the card but it only has three ports and only drives two screens. My question is what card is the cheapest where I can run 4 screens at the same time.

Maybe I wasn't clear before.

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Chose Bridge Adapter and cable connected, otherwise it wont connect. Still get the same public IP?

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No it wasn't and Bearstein Bears were always Bearstein.

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did you restart the VM? it's using his own adapter now. having the same IP would result in a conflict.

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Do "black box" game repacks work from a USB drive?

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Just restarted and its giving me the same IP. However it changed to network to network2 with the birdged network setting

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Can I lay my desktop case on its side? My GPU and hyper 212 are sagging due to weight.

Or is this sagging not a problem? I have tried tightening all the screws and it does nothing.

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then you already have a different IP than the host. it's not possible to have the same using bridged networking.
are you using dhcp to get the ips?

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Yes. But if you have hard disks then don't flip it while it's running.

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A website loads something.js
How can I replace parts of that code in my browser in real time?
I know I can use an extension like FoxReplace, but I think it will only replace JS that is in <script></script> in the HTML. This one does <script src="something.js"> though.

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Windows has literally always done this.
When you press Shift+mouse to select multiple files, it'll select everything between what you selected first and the second file you click on. When you press Ctrl+mouse, it only selects what you click on.

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depending on how something.js executes you can override it's properties.
in some cases you can't, but again it depends on how the script works.

so basically, you can't replace parts of it, only the entire thing if you can inject JS before something.js gets included.

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I just had the idea to replace the source URL with my own modified version. Will report back whether it works.

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Managed to inject an alert box
I assume it's working that way, gonna test more!

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Any issues with signing up for a MEGA account? You know, like privacy and shit.

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The nz government literally owns the company and is in bed with various companies

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CAPTCHA keeps timing out before my image can finish uploading. Any way to work around that without getting a pass or finding a faster internet connection?

I wish. I was told I'm too white and American to get a labor job in Germany. I wanted to move there to learn the language and get a bioengineering degree because I won't be able to afford one stateside anytime soon.

I know, I know... it was the best laptop at Best Buy when I had an immediate need to replace my Toshiba Satellite that I kept in my van when working in North Dakota a couple winters ago.

Well, that fucking sucks. Are there still non-LCD laptop screens?

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I honestly doubt anyone here is bored enough to look up into this. here's log from Event Viewer. My SSD probably causes system to freeze for solid couple of minutes when i delete or unpack large files.
Im anal about fixing this because i REALLY don't want to go back to win10.(everything works fine there apart from not recognising android phones. so yeah. I'm either stuck with nice win 7 and system not responding or with shitty win10 which do not recognise android phones.)

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Well fuck, burner email it is.

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I want my sister's USB keyboard to play a fart sound on the host computer when she plugs it in. Not just her computer, any computer. What books should I read to get prepared fot this project?

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>Are there still non-LCD laptop screens?
There pretty much never were

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No it hasn't.
I've been using windows since 98 to 10 and when you select icons via shift and clicking it's would go up and down not from left to right.

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>go to PCPartPicker website
>browse video cards
>look to bar on left side
>port sliders (HDMI, displayport, etc)
>slide whichever you need to the needed value (e.g. 2 HDMI, 2 DP, or 4 DP, whatever)
>sort by lowest price
Also make sure that you have the site set to the correct country (very top right on every page).

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I have a bunch of 720p blu-ray rips. They look fine on my 1080p monitor.
Will quality degrade considerably on a 1440p monitor from being "stretched"?

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It will just upscale them

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I know. But will quality noticeably degrade from 720p -> 1440p

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Yeah, if you're using one of the listed icon/file views instead of the grid of icons in explorer.

Shift+click selects a range of files, e.g. 1 -> 10. If these are arranged on a grid, then it selects them on a grid going either left or right because that's the order the files are in. It has done this forever.

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Read this, then tell your father to read it too.

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Your bigger concern would be increasing the size of your screen. 25inch+ can be unforgiving

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Already read it. I went to grade school in Leicester and it was required reading.

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>tryin again
What's a good pen for everyday use? I remember there being the occasional pen thread, but it's been a while since I saw one.
Nothing super fancy, I'm just tired of the crappy pens at work (amongst other things) and want to bring my own stuff, including a nice pen.

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>What's a good pen for everyday use?
a regular BIC pen

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I've ran across this when using Windows 7 and 8. Something fucks up the alignment I far as I know there is no fix other than a system restore or a full reinstall.

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How do I into cold weather laptop?

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I found these recently, and I find them perfect. I have pretty small writting, though.

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buy an i7 now or wait for the new i5?

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Just buy the i7. Playing the waiting game is torture.

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What was the page for the $1 custom mousepad website?

Buy a unlocked I5 now.
What are you going to do that you need a I7.

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I just assembled a computer and used the pre-applied thermal paste. This was a mistake as my CPU is overheating at 94+ degrees. Is it safe to wait a couple days for the thermal paste I ordered just now or should I turn off the computer?

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i make homemade porn movies and i'm trying to head in a pro-level quality

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even with the pre-applied paste it shouldn't get this high.
if these are idle temps I definitely wouldn't let it run at all.

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Turn it off.
Your CPU should automatically turn off at 92°C.

What are you using to check the temperatures?
Are you using an AMD APU?

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Would it be fine to update to the latest mobo firmware on windows 10? It's a P8Z68-V

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BIOS is 100c standard for decades

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If I have three icons on my desktop that I want to select and they are all over one another vertically.
It has always been possible to click that first one, hold shift, then click the third one and all three would be selected. Top to bottom, up and down.
Windows has never gone from left to right when selecting this way.

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Rule of thumb when it comes to motherboard firmware.
If its not broken dont fix it.

Why do you want to update them?

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The 2 front USB on my case don't work. when I overclocked my 2500k I'd get a problem where my PC would constantly turn off and on before even reaching the boot screen

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Sorry, you're wrong.

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Very unlikely that that has anything to do with the firmware. Might be your power supply isn't enough

>> No.58291723

Sounds like a hardware failure rather than a firmware problem.
Voltage problems maybe?

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Any of you chinks use Musicbee? Do you guys enjoy it?

>> No.58291727

it always was like this.
maybe you're thinking of ctrl-clicking.

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the power was disconnected in my house earlier so the electrical could be worked on, when the power came back I turned my PC on and now my keyboard doesn't work via the PS/2 connection, when I plug in the same keyboard through USB it works. Why? the PC wasn't even on when the power was cut.

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When I'm viewing a video on YouTube and decide to skip ahead on the video, there's a random chance the video will freeze along with my entire browser.
During this, a single Chrome process task will consume a high amount of CPU usage. The overall issue is simply resolved by ending said process task.

However, I have absolutely no fucking idea why this issue occurs in the first place, nor can I find any sort of solution.
The only extension I have is 'uBlock Origin' and I've tried resetting the settings within Chrome, yet to no avail.

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max temperature is in the CPU, not the bios.
once tjmax is reached it'll fire a THERMTRIP signal to turn everything off.

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I'll probably just hold off on mobo update until I buy a better PSU and see if that fixes overclock issues. Have a corsair cx430 I think

>> No.58291799

For how much are you overclocking it?

>> No.58291837

Which CPU are you using?
Is your HSF even working?

>> No.58291842

No fan of them, dunno why.

So do I, I'll see if they're something for me, thanks!

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Ryzen SR5 isn't gonna be cheaper than an i5, is it? I'm worried they are only going to undercut the i7 and leave me hanging so I might as well just go pick up an i5 now.

>> No.58291901


I just used an auto setting on my asus mobo. I'm gonna try overclocking again today If I can figure it out

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Who knows, motherboards sure wont be cheaper than Z170 motherboards for sure.

>> No.58291996

I'm too poor for a Z170 so i'm looking at the 6500 anyways.

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I need a mixer to basically merge two stereo audio channels into one. The device should ideally also support xlr mics, as I plan on purchasing one down the road. I'd just buy any medium-range mixer but it feels like casting pearls because I don't want to mix 20 channels and don't need any of that filter bullshit. I just want to merge my audio (preferably with good quality) and maybe power one mic. What's /g/'s recommendation that's not a huge-ass 20 channel mixer?

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That's because you only have vertical arranged icons in that example, you retard!

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I don't even know what "leave me hanging" means. Just get whatever processor you want now.

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are KVM switches still the go to solution for managing multiple computers?

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Stop fucking with me and help me out.

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How do u connect 3 monitors via hdmi if u only have 1 hdmi port?

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you can't, you have to use the other ports which might require converters.

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I'm trying to keep my fans as quiet as possible. Is 60°C a comfortable temperature for both CPU and GPU?

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How the fuck do you get jobs on freelancing sites? Everyone either wants a Punjeet which will inevitably produce shitty broken code or they put up job ads and never look at them again or the proposals.

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Is that mariah carrey?

>> No.58292318


Maria Carey has an ass.

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This is the worst troll ever

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Buy a video card with 3 HDMI ports.

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So there's someone shitting up a thread somewhere here on 4chan and I want to crack their unsecure trip to shitpost under their name.
I know how to get a specific trip, but how do I work backwards to get theirs?

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>> No.58292438

whops sorry it's tripcode explorer.

>> No.58292468

one of my hard drives is bad, how can i disable it without physically unplugging/removing it?

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pls respond

>> No.58292479

So i'm literally supposed to type their exact trip out and just let it run? It took me forever to find 8 specific characters next to each other, how long will it take to get exact matches?

>> No.58292483

So I'm installing lubuntu to code c++ any essentials I would need?

>> No.58292491

from a few seconds to a few years.

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Hello /sgt/
I noticed that my FB suggests me friends with extreme accuracy, even from people I never talked to on FB, but whose numbers I have on my cell phone, where I have FB app installed

My question is:

Is FB app datamining my phonebook and then suggesting me friends by phone numbers?

>> No.58292514

>Is FB app datamining my phonebook and then suggesting me friends by phone numbers?

Still it does based in where you live and if some of your friends are friends of them too.

>> No.58292516

So it's just luck basically. great.
Is this the only option I have?

>> No.58292526

yes, you agreed to that when it showed you the required permissions when installing the app.

>> No.58292536

Why crack their trip when you can just show the world their posting history? If it's bad enough, the public will do the rest to try to drive them out.

>> No.58292537

fuck this, I am getting a burner phone
this is 1984 all over again

>> No.58292546

Shitposting is a hard way of life, friend. Requires many sacrifices.

What do you think, fucko? Google does similar stuff too with your searches and ads. Read permissions next time.

>> No.58292548


but the cage of my r7 260x says "up to 3 displays" KEK

AMD lied to me?

>> No.58292556

thank you both
Could I turn it off?
I will still get a burner phone for relevant numbers

>> No.58292563

which one you got?
you should have 3 ports.
it doesn't say 3 HDMI displays.

>> No.58292572

See, this is on a slow board, and someone made a new trip to shit on a specific general. So there is no history.
Thanks for the help, friend. Wish me the best, hopefully this doesn't take forever.

>> No.58292596

I'm going to admit myself to an insane asylum because I just checked on a Windows 10 computer and it's doing the same thing.
This isn't my time line or something.

>> No.58292633

Sorry bud.

>> No.58292668

Before I make an ass out of myself, are office chairs /g/? I want to make a thread asking for opinions on a new chair to get.

>> No.58292709

It has to have arm rests because only peons have an office chair with no arm rests

>> No.58292722

I know i'm a retard, and I read appchan's guide thing, but how do I block a specific tripfag?
The text it gives me when I go to filter by trip are
># Filter any tripfag
So on the line below, should I input

>> No.58292748

turns out i cant disable it in bios...figures...

>> No.58292758

They're as /g/ as pens. You probably won't get many replies. Why don't you check the archive first?

>> No.58292779

Well, of course. I am a large dude and a chair without arm rests is like going to work without pants.

I am trying to find a comfortable chair for myself (6'3, 300 lb), but I'm not sure if I should go mesh back or normal. I'm afraid of the mesh ripping. I also have pets that jump up to me so I don't want the dog or cat accidentally throwing their paw at it, but they are so goddamn comfortable. I've just never owned one so I don't know how sturdy the mesh is.

Current chair is all kinds of fucked up.

I will check.

>> No.58292788

you get an exact match with

remove the $ and it'll only match from the start, so !TripcodeAbc would match too.

means anything that starts with ! gets filtered.

>> No.58292789

Is emulating Whatsapp on BlueStacks viable? As in being able to completely drop using smartphones?

I feel like the only use my smartphone has is distracting me from studying, and falling from my pocket and getting cracked

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>> No.58292819

the build-essential package

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yes, it has 3 ports. I have the 2gb gddr5.

Anon, thanks for helping me btw

>> No.58292878

>tl;dr: don't use a laptop in the cold
But what if I want to use it in the cold because I live in my van?

>> No.58292885

For example, the trip i'm filtering is !etVlRossII. I'd type in /^!etVlRossII/?

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The mesh is resistant, but after many cat scratches it starts looking like shit. But what's the difference? Cats scratch leather too.
Now you mention you're a 4U, I think it's useless to waste time asking here. Getting replies while asking for normal chairs is difficult already. You should start visiting furniture stores. And also be ready to spend some good cash.

I've seen some people try and use it on their laptops, and it gets some mad lag. Maybe because their laptop was shitty, but I'm not sure.
Also I think you need the phone to sync some shit every now and then with the program. Having more discipline would be more productive.

>> No.58292926

Thank you for the response

>> No.58292949

plug the first in with HDMI
the second with a HDMI -> DVI Converter cable
for the third monitor:
if the GPU has dual-mode displayport you can use a passive HDMI -> DisplayPort converter cable
if it does not then you need an active converter.

I don't know which brand you got, but the sapphire one mentioned DP+ in its manual, which I guess means it has dual mode.

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>> No.58293162

No, facebook already has your number anyway.

>> No.58293218

Dumb question how do i factory reset an asus laptop keeps giving saying i need to insert recovery disk

>> No.58293235

insert the recovery disk and let its do its thing.

>> No.58293303

I don't have a recovery disk.

>> No.58293331

thanks Anon!, Yes, is Shapphire

>> No.58293335

Download a windows .iso, mount it to a bootable usb drive, and reinstall windows

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Please respond :(

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Anything useful, aside from throwing away, that I can do with an Xbox One? I have a few of them and I don't play video games so I don't care nor do I care about breaking it. Anything interesting to do with it?

Was hoping I could install an operating system on it, but I'm sure Microsoft thought of that ahead of me.

>> No.58293494

Sell it

>> No.58293521

What coding language should I learn first?

>> No.58293590

Why do you need audio from your laptop and your desktop playing at the same time

>> No.58293622

Sell it, duh.

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File: 9 KB, 291x300, CoinOnItsSide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

flip a coin

heads: python
tails: ruby
some weird quantum state or pic related: javascript

>> No.58293647

Oh and be sure to make a meme video called "I have x Xbox Ones".

>> No.58293648

Hey guys, computer illiterate here. As of about an hour ago, I can't get images to open or webms to play on 4chan. Any advise on what's going on? I'm on chrome on a mac if that makes a difference.

>> No.58293658

Restart chrome, restart computer

Congrats, you can now do 90% of tech support

>> No.58293664

Already did those two things

>> No.58293666


>> No.58293671

I hate it when people do that

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Alright /g/, I distinctly remember asking this question a while back, and was directed to use something KMS Activator, but apparently my Win 8.1 needs to be 'authenticated' now, so I'd appreciate it if someone could share the link to the forum (I think it was) that hosted it. I would use archive, but there's too many things to wade through, and google doesn't bring up what I need outside of dubious malware, so a helping hand would be great.

Thanks again.

>> No.58293691

Reinstall Chrome. Is the issue just on 4chins or every website? If it's just here it's gookmoot's fault and there's nothing you can do.

>> No.58293697

Try it in another browser to see if it's a chrome issue. Re install chrome

>> No.58293700

Use MSToolkit or AutoKMS.

>> No.58293703

Go full retard?

>> No.58293704

How does cloud drive work in chromebooks? Is it like on android phone where you have to browse with the google drive app and then download the files or what?

>> No.58293717

Alright, thanks. Imma try this out and report back. I'll download this and put it on a USB drive so that I don't need to ask for it again.

>> No.58293723

>Hey I want to do A, what do I do?
>Why do you want to do A? Do B instead!

>> No.58293733

I just asked why he wants to do A. I never said anything about B

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File: 1.41 MB, 1100x1315, 1483326179583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the best program to create a 1-to-1 copy of an external harddrive that preserves file structure and metadata (such as "date modified")?

Preferably free, GUI and on Windows

>> No.58293760

contact computer's manufacturer? Try display drivers from their support site, too (if you built yourself, idk)

>> No.58293774

Why do you need to know? The instructions are clear. Merge two channels.

>> No.58293785

Can you make a bat file or similar on Windows 8.1 to activate/deactivate a driver?

>> No.58293788

Because I don't know of any audio interfaces that will work with two different computers at the same time

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-250 running Lubuntu atm, though it's pretty sluggish, would upgrading the 512mb of ram help out much?
Also will all the ram from alie work? Does ramspeed matter?

I tried Google, but I couldn't find anything for this specific model.

Any help is appreciated.

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My laptop keeps lagging to a point that it stops functioning. I force it to shut down then it gets stuck at the Windows logo. I reformatted it a million times already and it still does the same bullshit. What can I do to fix this shit?

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>> No.58293812

reinstall Windows itself

>> No.58293815

It's running on Windows 7 btw

>> No.58293819

anyone know of a software way of outputting audio to two audio devices (usb headphones and headphone jack, for example?) I know usually you need a sound card for that, but I wasn't sure what might be possible...

>> No.58293826
File: 70 KB, 322x558, 2017-01-03_01-09-51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has it always been this way ?

I remember, back in the day, where the margin-top of a header was bigger than the bottom.

Did I suddenly wake up in an alternate reality? Or did HTML and CSS standards change that much recently.

I can't find anything about it.

So I'm here asking you, if my mind plays tricks on me.

>> No.58293827

>two different computers
Most audio devices have two 3,5mm line inputs, why the fuck does it matter where the audio comes from? Could be anything

>> No.58293838


>> No.58293839

>Singlecore DDR2 laptop
Not exactly.

All RAM is RAM as long is not a chink or noname brand.
It doesn't.

Buy a better laptop for $100 or $200.
Check the thinkpad thread.

>> No.58293844

Actually reinstall windows

>> No.58293847

Check HDD status.
If you have a linux USB with mint it would make it faster to check.

>> No.58293857

My laptop loses Internet when my phone is connected to the WiFi...how do I fix this?

>> No.58293858

Run seatools or something first, make sure your disk isn't dying.

>> No.58293862

You are telling your software to do things your hardware cannot handle.

>> No.58293890

That did the trick, thanks man.

>> No.58293891

Reinstall network drivers.
Try using 3DPN.

Buy a new WIFI USB adapter.

>> No.58293928

harddisk ?
Turn everything off which troubles the harddisk unnecessarily.

>> No.58293937

Tried it in safari, still no go. Every other website works (that i can tell). And for example, I can google image search an image from 4chan and I can open it from google

>> No.58293945

No, you were clear. The answer is still the same: any adapter will do. But you may want to consider finding monitors that support daisy-chaining via DP instead. Then you can buy a cheap GPU, or keep your current one, without having to worry about ports.

>> No.58293950

no one is replying :(

>> No.58293961

You waited 10 minutes,
Fuck off.

>> No.58293975

How do I reinstall network drivers?

>> No.58294001

The easy way:
Run 3DP Network:

The hard:
Search for your wifi card drivers.

>> No.58294009

Ok, I will wait, Senpai.

>> No.58294100
File: 674 KB, 640x400, ted-cruz-weird-face-640x400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CPU is 1,6Ghz, and I'm not really a gaymur, it's just that browsing in for example plain Firefox feels even worse than on a desktop. And chrome is a little better, but than the RAM is being devoured.

I want to get a Thinkpad (got one from 1998 laying nmext to me), but then this laptop would be all sad and lonely. I really like it, except it's sluggishness.

>> No.58294115

DDR2 RAM is expensive.
The single core CPU is a low end one even for its time, it will have problems with firefox anyway if you add a 2GB stick.

>> No.58294141

How easy is it to root an Asus Zenpad S8.0 on Android 6.0.1?

>> No.58294149


>> No.58294161

One plays the song minus one part (vocals, bass, treble), other one plays the sound he is editing

or thats what id assume since he has a mic, and appears to be doing dome sound editing of some sort

>> No.58294177

Only gives info on 5.0, or is there literally no difference?

>> No.58294188
File: 112 KB, 460x412, 1444698037038.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58294433

Retard here. Haven't used torrents in a while.
When I try the magnet link with my torrent (Bitlord) just shows an empty file and stays there.

>> No.58294447

Try qbitorrent, deluge or transmission-qt.

>> No.58294770

>>58291568 here.

I cranked up the fans in my case to max power. My CPU is running at around 85 degrees in Speccy, but all the cores are listed at 32 degrees in AMD Overdrive. Should I be paying attention to the core temperature anyways? My model is an AMD Athlon X4 860K.

>> No.58294805

how can I cd into a VHD in a Windows Command Prompt?

>cd J:\
does not work

>> No.58294851
File: 196 KB, 1356x606, chargeroem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would it be okay to use these new samsung chargers for older devices that are not fast charge capable?

>> No.58294930

Phones never load properly unless they use the charger that was designed for them or a charger with the same specifications.
It'll load alright, just not a sanic speeds.

>> No.58294969

Is it better to root a kindle fire or just leave it alone?

>> No.58295001

Right, I am not interested in fast speeds at all, its just that the older OEM black ones are more expensive now

What I am concerned of is whether or not it could cause damage? Any negative effect if done repeatedly over time with regular use?

>> No.58295019

Depends. It might not work as well with Amazon services afterwards, but you'll get a better Android experience that isn't Amazon's skin over it.

>> No.58295068

All I really want is to read free books. But I found out you can just download a pdf and read them that way. Besides Amazon video, is there any worthwhile amazon apps?

>> No.58295117

It'll damage your battery in the long run, but it takes years. And your battery might run out faster. Any damage caused to internal components will be caused by the battery overheating/leaking and not by the charger. But again, it takes a quite long time. Jew it out if you want.

>> No.58295178

It's the same thing, keeps downloading metadata forever. At least qbitorrent looks nicer. Is that link region blocked or something?

>> No.58295193

No the magnet should work with no problem.

You are using


>> No.58295206

how often do you guys (if ever) change/replace the little eartips on earbuds?

>> No.58295224

Yeah, Firefox is just a mess ><, but in other services the RAM is at full usage.

DDR2 Sodimm 1GB was less than 5 euros free shipping to my country. I might just pull the trigger anyways as it might revive the laptop for a couple more years, thnx 4 th info tho ^.^

>> No.58295225

When ever i get an ear infection

>> No.58295230
File: 212 KB, 1920x1080, Kill MySelf Activator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. Stays like this.

>> No.58295243

Well, never, unless it starts falling apart....

>> No.58295252

When it starts reeking.

>> No.58295261


only reason I ask is because supposedly it affects the sound quality

which I suppose is a moot point given how small the drivers are

>> No.58295266

You usually dont, by that point you buy new ones.

>> No.58295373

Weird, i can download it right away.
Here, i uploaded it to a pomf clone.

>How do i know its the real one
Check SHA-1 of the .exe.

>> No.58295416

How can I get a permban ? I want my soul back.

>> No.58295431
File: 75 KB, 1024x997, pb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58295432

delete system 32

>> No.58295436

2nice4me. I'd trust you either way bb.
>inb4 the same adware virus I downloaded 30 minutes ago

Posting pizza on /b/ is always the easiest. But I forgot what you had to type to find children on google images.

>> No.58295448

>inb4 the same adware virus I downloaded 30 minutes ago
What did you just download anon?
Use adwcleaner if its just adware.

>> No.58295465

$ sudo updatedb && locate system32.dll | wc -l

>> No.58295494

ok hipster

try this
sudo rm -rf /

>> No.58295498

>type KMS Activator into google
>enter first result
>open 10mb .exe
>Chrome crashes
>restarts by itself
>ublock is gone
>website opens by itself
>has a bunch of russian text
>have to delete Youtube Adblocker and some other adware from my Program Files
It's been a while since I had to do a full search to delete adware from a computer. Not even mad.

>> No.58295505

There are some motherboards that support multiple monitors. Or at least there used to be. I was working on a guy's computer that did this. I didn't believe him at first.

>> No.58295508

Standard audiophile settings for aac using XLD?

>> No.58295514


Too afraid to get the van and I don't want to have to look at those pictures.

Any other idea ?

>> No.58295517

Run Adwcleaner, JRT and malwarebytes in that order.

If i were you i would reinstall when it comes to stuff like that.
You dont just trust random programs to activate windows or shady ISOs.

>> No.58295527

you forgot "--no-preserve-root"

>> No.58295534

I'm in the USA too. I do it all the time, and my ISP (Spectrum) doesn't seem to care.

>> No.58295561

I'm late but thank you for an honest reply

will go ahead and pay the extra for the old ones now

>> No.58295614
File: 426 KB, 1258x479, 1465862697055.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so my tv tuner on my pc has a built in radio function

is there a program so I can use this function, I used windows media center before but that doesn't exist anymore in win10

>> No.58295647

buy a radio or use your phone

>> No.58295678


oh come on I have a antenna already on my pc and I use headphones, the must be a program to scan the frequencies

>> No.58295698

>those pictures
You can post a fully clothed female and still get permabanned. Just copy pics from the swimswear section of the sears catalog

>> No.58295747

Any other idea ?

yeah, get self-discipline but still keep coming here

I know this place is a waste of time, but when I personally look back at the past (now 6) years I've spent here, I genuinely would not know what I know today

the internet is a truly amazing tool, and 4chan posters, although we are all dicks, we can cut to the chase here and directly feed information to one another

wikipedia has bias
your fellow nerds and outcasts are just as bitter as you, so they do not

>> No.58296015
File: 62 KB, 732x709, 02-enero-2017_23-39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you think it's time to change my hard disk?
I can still use it but it's harder to do things each day.
Accessing folders, opening files, running programs, playing vidya, seems it's getting slower by the day.
Should I get a single 3TB drive or two 2TB drives?

>> No.58296057

Any reason to not clone my main SSD to a new, larger SSD?

I decided to go with a fresh install and just port everything over but christ, this is a pain in the ass.

I got Acronis True Image HD from Crucial to clone the drive so I'm thinking of just reconnecting my old drive and doing it that way.

>> No.58296075

that would be a good website to make you'd be rich

>> No.58296093

How do I remove Trojans and other bad stuff on my laptop?

>> No.58296104
File: 884 KB, 1936x1322, Undervolt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whenever my computer goes to sleep while undervolted it crashes. As long as I don't shut the laptop or put it to sleep it is stable.

This happens no matter how small the undervolt is.

How can I stop it from crashing while in sleep?

>> No.58296106

I'd backup your data now and prepare for imminent failure. 1) because you're getting multiple errors and 2) because that drive is one of the worst prone to failure drives on the market

I'd stay away from odd numbered drives honestly, especially 3TB drives from any manufacturer as they seem to have a lot of problems.

Don't clone drives, it just causes problems. Always go for fresh installs if changing boot drives. And unless you're running out of space, there's no reason to change to a larger SSD

>> No.58296111
File: 73 KB, 612x612, 1483276920918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to automatically download all captures from a particular webarchive waybackmachine URL?

>> No.58296120

Take it to Best Buy

You have an ssd, why the fuck are you putting it in sleep? And why are you undervolting it making it unstable?

>> No.58296135

I want to get an SSD - is the Samsung 850 Evo @ $92 the best bang for the buck? Every pcpartpicker type site I've looked at rates it as a good value

>> No.58296154

You might be right. I went on /mu/. Some fresh air is fine.

>> No.58296169


>> No.58296201
File: 185 KB, 1366x768, how do I execute this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Want to try my hand at GUI programming with Qt. What is this witchcraft? How do I execute this?

>> No.58296217

thanks senpai

recomend me a nice brand or model
I have a lot of porn and gore to save

>> No.58296229

Is looking up code on stack overflow and using it bad if you make sure you understand it first?
I am trying to try and actually develop useful programming knowledge instead of just doing Comp sci exercises, so I built a web extension for Firefox today that replaces baka desu and senpai with their original words. The thing is, I didn't understand a lot of the web development JavaScript terms/functions/objects, so I looked a lot of stuff up and made sure I understood it before implementing it, but still feel unaccomplished and dirty.

>> No.58296235


I'm undervolting to stop throttling and help a bit with battery life. The computer is fanless.

also I think you got sleep and hibernation mixed up. Sleep mode saves your stuff into RAM and not onto the drive.

>> No.58296258

Even numbered storage capacity drives from the main brands seem to do alright. HGST has pretty low failure rates, but WD and Seagate (not 3tb drives) do OK too.

>> No.58296267

When people tell you dont buy Seagate is for a reason.

>7.8k dead sectors
>Smart info corrupted
That HDD is a goner, backup it as fast you can.

>> No.58296270

>Want to try my hand at GUI programming with Qt.

Here's a stupid question. Why are people still making / learning to make custom GUIs.

Why not just use a web interface. Talk about cross platform. An HTML+CSS+JS frontend will run on just about every device on Earth.

>> No.58296272

I know the diff between sleep and hibernation. My point was why bother with any of it when you have fast boot and shut down times with an ssd?

>> No.58296311

In my experience waking up from sleep mode is faster than a cold boot on SSD, but mileage may vary.

>> No.58296312

>I'm undervolting to stop throttling and help a bit with battery life.
Its a Atom (intel M series to be exact) its already undervolted, a power saving CPU.
And your battery should last 4-6 hours anyway.

Why do you feel like pushing it more?

>> No.58296318

Should I go with the 4TB one or two 2TB ones.
I'd still like to have plenty of room for vidya/porn.

>> No.58296327
File: 91 KB, 640x932, 1372511462577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy new acer laptop
>inb4 acer
>meh i'll just clean install win7
>almost all my drivers rendered useless
>put my googlefu to work from sauce porn mode to unfuck my shit mode

someone please let me know if i understand things correctly

>no laptop usb drivers but have optical drive drivers
>reinstall win10 and drivers from dvd
>prepare bootable usb
>use ntlite to slipstream win7 without fucking my drivers up again

>> No.58296338

Go for WD or HGST 4TB.

>> No.58296344

That's up to you to decide. Do you want to raid the drives or keep the data separate for some reason? Get 2 drives

Do you want it all in one place? Get one. But back up your shit regardless

>> No.58296349

You make a convincing argument.
My defense is that I have to learn C++ throughout CS so I might as well learn GUI too.

>> No.58296350

Which laptop?

So you so far

>Added 3.0 USB and AHCI drivers to the isntaller
>Installed windows
>Stuck there because you have no idea how install drivers

>> No.58296357


will do, thanks a lot famalams

>> No.58296425

>Which laptop?

does that really matter? i know the unit model so finding the driver support page wasn't difficult.

>So you so far

i actually haven't done anything so far because my current netbook doesn't have an optical drive. i need to go to my uni library and use the computers there to write everything onto dvd-r. i'm downloading win10 and drivers right now and let everything finish while i sleep.

>Stuck there because you have no idea how install drivers

wait, how is installing drivers different? you're not fucking with me are you?

>> No.58296434

>windows 7
>slic loader from russian hackers
Its worked for years.
In qemu, the loader doesnt work, and windows says its not legit after about 20 days.

What the fuck do I do to run this?

>> No.58296458

what does "enqueue" mean in a music player?

>> No.58296463

I just misunderstood what you said.

I thought you were trying to install windows 7, not that you already installed it and wanted to return to 10.

Reinstall windows 7 with a clean ISO, run Daz Loader, done.
Safe and without russian botnet.

>> No.58296489

>I thought you were trying to install windows 7, not that you already installed it and wanted to return to 10.

oh fair enough.

no i'm actually a big boy and installed win7 myself without asking /g/ to hold my hand, and then proceeded to fuck all my drivers up because kaby lake doesn't support win7.

>> No.58296498

Kaby lake works with windows 7.
Where you had problems?

>> No.58296581
File: 8 KB, 460x265, missing_driver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Kaby lake works with windows 7.
>Where you had problems?


my acer laptop doesn't have drivers, except for pnp.

pic related is close to what i'm seeing since i can't actually post a screenshot.

>> No.58296611

Had a successful dual boot of linux, with windows for gaming only. I then broke my Linux OS, and in reinstalling it, messed up the bootloader for Windows 8.1.

I tried doing everything I could last night. I had an installation media that would only boot in CSM mode (my computer is UEFI based; Windows 8.1 was natively installed as UEFI) and as such, I couldn't the BCD related programs to repair the bootloader. Bootrepair detected the bootloader and added it Grub but it just went straight to grub. Booting in UEFI took me to a BSOD because BCD was missing. Using CSM boot, I could access the installation media, but not go anywhere: it was not able to repair my computer, I could not install, reinstall or refresh. All of the BCD related commands would work until the final one, wherein it would say system could not be found.

After spending many many hours attemping to salvage the NTFS partition that had all my downloaded games and my delightfully hand-stripped version of windows, I decided to nuke the thing and totally wrote over the drive with a fresh linux install. I recreated a new installation media for Windows.

Same issue, Boot Configuration Data is missing. Now I can't even boot into Windows using CSM.

I just flashed my BIOS via CD, but it did not help. I only want Windows for gaming; WINE has never worked for me and a VM won't work. What do?

besides pay toshiba to continue their farce of a tech support.
also, in case it's not clear:

When I was able to access the Windows installation I could make my way to the command prompt. I can't from this window. My only option is to go back to BIOS.

>> No.58296631

>And unless you're running out of space, there's no reason to change to a larger SSD
I wasn't running out of space on my SSD, but I'd prefer to have more stuff on it. So I kinda was.

Am planning on formatting it and giving it to my brother for his budget build

>> No.58296671

My dell XPS 13 with a I3-7100 is working good enough under 7.

System interrupt controller is also missing but so far i have noticed no problems.
My ethernet and WLAN card are working with no problems.

>> No.58296735

Pls respond

>> No.58296754

what was that microsoft (?) thing recently that you give sentences like "tim allen as hitler" and it shops an image of tim allen's head onto hitler?

>> No.58296796
File: 179 KB, 692x484, tay19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tay? (RIP)


>> No.58296802
File: 1.62 MB, 1836x3264, IMG_20170102_223629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My dell XPS 13 with a I3-7100 is working good enough under 7.

i've got the same hardware and i don't what to say.

this is the best i can do.

>> No.58296810

I'm retarded, it's Project Murphy

>> No.58296822

thank you

>> No.58296842

What does /g/ know about making hard drive arrays? I'd like to make one out of a rack case, but I'm just not sure about connections to the main computer or how they'd run off of just a power supply. Any thoughts?

>> No.58296881

dose punting your HDD in the freezer work?

>> No.58296884

but I trust this russian botnet. When I was young and stupid I used cc info on it and I never got robbed or cryptolockered.
Its a comfy/10 aio iso. Its got ever version of win7 32bit and 64 bit, and somehow only fits on a 4.7gb dvd and installs to <15gb drives.. or atleast it use to.

Are you sure daz actually works on qemus bullshit ocean bios?

>> No.58296894

I guess you should return to 10 then and avoid problems then.

So far im planning to either gift it or turn it into a fully linux laptop since i have noticed problems on intensive stuff.
Its stable but not perfect for me.

>> No.58296904
File: 1.07 MB, 5616x3744, 1421186272741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but I trust this russian botnet.

>> No.58296918

thats the joke son, good job spotting it so fast.

>> No.58296921

>I guess you should return to 10

only if i absolutely have to, e.g. the slipstream with ntlite doesn't work.

>since i have noticed problems on intensive stuff.
>Its stable but not perfect for me.

can you elaborate?

>> No.58296940

Fullscreen is not working perfectly, some games might freeze if i return to desktop.
Playing games is "ok"(CSGO at mid [email protected]), but you can notice a high CPU usage when it shouldn't be that high.
When playing videos too.

>> No.58296941

is 86$ a month good for getting a 128gb Google Pixel on a 2yr contract?

>> No.58296946

My wifi works for a few seconds after resetting the adapter, then it feels like my bandwidth gets slashed. The connection stays strong, and I can continue to ping websites, but nothing ever loads. It's only on one device, but the Comcast router firmware doesn't have QoS options.

No viruses.
Tried multiple DNS (but like I said I can still ping google.com or whatever no problem)
Driver is up to date.
Tried a different pci wifi card.
Tried a usb dongle.
I even reformatted.

I've been using my phone to tether, and that was working until just now.
I know this is dumb as hell, and I don't deserve any help. I just need to vent. I wish I could just run a line.

>> No.58296953

this is with everything included that verison charges

>> No.58296954

Why do you need a phone with 128GB space?

Call your ISP.

>> No.58296962

do you regularly have $100 just sitting around every single month and see having that much extra every single month for the next 2 years?

>> No.58296969

I have a nasty amount of music. And yeah, I'll have that 100 monthly

>> No.58296998

You could attempt to unbotnetize Windows 10(Not the shutup10 program) but we dont know yet what kind of shady stuff is in the new intel CPUs.
There is a point where you can break windows 10 manually (still cant turn updates off).

Check mydigitallife forums windows 10 section.
Or install a enterprise version and do it too.

>> No.58297010

They make cards with that much space anon, just buy a phone with a card slot that is capable of accommodating >128 GB cards
I just got a free phone that can take up to 256GB cards

>> No.58297023

Also could you tell me which acer laptop are you using exactly?

>> No.58297025

also since Im sure you keep the music on your computer, simply buy a /csg/ sd card and copy paste your music onto it every so often, leave the original on you computer still, and when the card fails you didnt loose anything.. well unless you were stupid enough to save phone docs to the sd card.

>> No.58297050

its a 4$ a month difference for the 32gb and 128gb

>> No.58297059

My phone (Nexus 5x) is having problems staying connected to my Wifi router. It may be caused by the fact that I've added a second router as a repeater. Intermittently, the connection strength icon gets a little 'x' over it, then the connection icon disconnects entirely, then it reappears after reconnecting.

How can I go about debugging this? Is there some facility for viewing network events logged on the phone?

>> No.58297143

Any idea why I can't play .webm files with Firefox anymore?
I'm running the version that came with CB++ and it just suddenly stopped working.

>> No.58297194



>> No.58297224

Could I theoretically make my torrent seem popular on e.g. The Pirate Bay by seeding it from many different connections that go through the Tor network? Would it work in practice?

>> No.58297387

I have a 2 TB external drive (WD passport) that works fine, but it's never visible to my computer (running windows 7) except in the disk manager utility. So then I can assign it a drive letter and suddenly it's visible and everything works fine. It's not a big deal, the process just gets tedious every time I want to take the drive out and put it back in. Does anyone know how to fix this permanently?

>> No.58297449

thats the weirdest shit Ive heard

>> No.58297713

Should I put my IDEs on my new ssd? I came from a 5400rpm hdd.

>> No.58298039

Anyone have a reliable place where I can download windows 7 drivers for my t420 Thinkpad? It's been driving me nuts not being able to find one. Thanks. 64 bit system btw.

>> No.58298182

Man, googling t420 thinkpad drivers was sure hard


>> No.58298237

Yes, it'll work. Still makes you an asshole.

>> No.58298264

I back up my most important files by encrypting and burying them within game files I share on the bay. It's the whole working game, just with a little extra junk data.

>> No.58298323

If it's a stuck bearing, maybe. Only try as a last resort and if it works, get all the data off the drive as quick as possible.

Lots of different ways you can get the data back to the PC. You could stick a full computer in there to use it as a NAS over SMB/NFS/etc, you could use it as a SAN over iSCSI. Or if you don't want a computer in there, you can use eSATA with a port multiplier, which can also be converted into USB 3.0 if that's what you'd prefer. Or you can just run a bunch of SATA cables if it's close by.

Making UEFI compatible install media is easy, format the flash drive as FAT32, drag and drop everything from in your Windows .iso onto the drive (assuming you're using win8/8.1/10, 7 is trickier since the .iso doesn't include the UEFI bootloader by default.)

When you've got the installer running, shift+F10 to bring up a command prompt, then diskpart, list vol, select vol n -- n being the number of your EFI partition, assign letter s, exit. Then go to S:, nuke your EFI\Microsoft folder.

If the Toshiba UEFI is ever being an ass and not finding the UEFI file you want, make another flash drive with rEFInd or an EFI shell.

Adds the track/album to the current queue so they'll play after whatever's currently queued.

Use whatever software came with the tuner. There is no standard software interface for FM tuners in Windows, so you kinda have to use whatever they gave you unless it's one of the few cards that amateur radio nerds figured how to make into a generic SDR.

>> No.58298425
File: 50 KB, 660x450, small-aqua.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Haka the best maker of steel gem plugs?

>> No.58298529

Why would you put important software on your SSD? That makes no sense.

>> No.58298541

That seems like a very inconvenient and unreliable method.

>> No.58298550

It's not the only backup, just something extra, for free.

>> No.58298557
File: 26 KB, 640x411, wrt54gl-640x411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i need a new router. i have a wrt54gl i purchased a decade ago and have run tomato/ddwrt over the years. its time for a new one, its showing its age. what is the modern equivalent of this router? is there a more modern version i can get and flash to get more control over?

>> No.58298585

Get a wired one this time. Wifi causes cancer, especially the newer protocols with more harmful bandwidth.

>> No.58298589

Asus RT-AC66U with shibby tomato

>> No.58298649

i run wired everything i can. i hate batteries, charging. but its just part of it - now your tv connects to the internet, you might have an extra phone or tablet. where i had 4 devices on wireless before, now i've got a dozen and i can't do wired for all of them. its starting to strangle the router a bit when a lot of people are on at the same time.

is that a fork? i run tomato currently even though ddwrt is more recommended, its been rock solid.

>> No.58298673

Its a continuation of the TomatoUSB fork

>> No.58298769

How can I connect a external USB HDD directly to a Virtualbox VM without the host seeing it?

>> No.58298991

Why are so many torrents still done in x264 instead of x265?
Can't guy achieve better quality with less bitrate

>> No.58299016

264 is hardwired into many devices, so it's way more efficient to play back.

>> No.58299047

Does Shibby support gigabit speeds yet?

I have Google Fiber, so I had to switch to Asus-Merlin, as Shibby would only do 200 Mbps

>> No.58299051

x264 has much wider support and less hardware requirements
I've also heard that x265 doesn't do as good of job with fine details at higher bitrates

>> No.58299155

question on ipv6 and the prefixes

I'm having trouble understanding what the router delegated prefix quite means. If an IPv6 begins with that prefix, does it mean it went through that router?

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