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Anyone have a Raspberry Pi? What are you using yours for? I'm currently putting together a portable RetroPie. Also any suggestions on screens?

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Just bought one literally hours ago waiting for it to arrive. I was thinking of using it as a pi-hole, but there's gotta be more useful shit to do too.

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I use mine as a low power always on server that I can ssh to over my vpn for whatever reason I might have. I use it to wake up other devices in my network to access them while I'm out, without having to leave them on. I have it collecting logs for all my traffic from my firewall and it hosts a personal website as well.

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From what I've understood, you can use pi-hole along with other things. Apparently it doesn't consume too much CPU which I may add to it.

Along with RetroPie, I'm considering getting a few more Pi's and making a smart mirror and potentially a rear-view camera though probably not as cheap. Haven't looked into it too much

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What controller is best for retroPie?

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Retropie connected to my TV

I've been trying to come up with better uses for it, but I can't. I have the old ass 1st model Pi, so it's slow as fuck and useless in general.

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>tfw I'm the only one who replied that isn't using this for viddy games

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Exactly what I'm using mine for

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I'd use mine as a web server, but fuck it, my connection only has a 4mbit upload speed.

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I use mine with Xbian to run Kodi

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Freenet, we need to support the pedophiles.

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Media center

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Mine is collecting dust. Going to have ubiquiti management software put on it when I upgrade my wireless infrastructure at home

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Trying to figure out if I want to make a wooden case for my RP3 and a 5" screen. Not sure how it would turn out but could be nice.

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>people use their Raspberry Pi for video games even though their computers would be infinitely better
I wish this Pi meme would just die off.

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I assume because most people don't bring their desktops with them wherever they go. Having a Pi is smaller and easier to carry with you.

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Pi 3s are quite powerful and versatile for the money. Just because you're too stupid to do anything with it doesn't mean it's a meme.

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Your laptop is by proxy also much better.

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Not talking about the other uses. I'm talking about the people that buy it for emulation. Usually because some normie-tier site told them to use fucking RetroPie or something when Lakka exists.

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It's an easy, cheap and low energy way to play roms on the TV

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I have RPi 2 and use it as sort-of-seedbox and home page server. I used to run Tor node, but got tired of getting b& everywhere (though it wasn't even an exit node). Also used to fuck with osmocomBB and RPiTX SDR.

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Yes, but a laptop is still bigger than a Pi 3.

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>dude size lmao
Your laptop also has a decent battery, a built-in screen, enough ports for multiple controllers, built-in speakers and all of that.

While a Pi needs more adapters than an Apple product.

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same thing, but using a dead SNES case

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>While a Pi needs more adapters than an Apple product.

What adapters? Literally all you need is a microUSB cable for power and a HDMI cable to connect to your TV/monitor

Don't even need a USB hub anymore either since new Pis have 4 ports.

You can let it run 24/7 and not worry about it consuming power, generating heat or making noise. You don't power it down, so you never have to wait for it to boot to play games, no need to worry about your battery getting worn out etc.

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How does that 5v PSU do you? Which did you buy and is there any particular one you recommend? I want to use one to power a few Pis.

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Remote file transfer. I used to use it for emulation but I use my 3ds for that nowadays

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Thinking of getting one to run as a private server, how much power do they typically use?

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5V at around 2A max, so about 10W max.

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I'm running a VPN Server, RetroPie, kodi and PiHole on mine without problems. The server only receives a connection when Im not playing or watching anything anyway, so it doesnt run into performance issues.

Pretty satisfied. Also have several OrangePis and NanoPis, like all of them.

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DNS server
VPN tunnel
Web Server

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>>58189354 I have run openvpn/shadowsocks gateway, baikal, and home assistant on OrangePi One. It was a horrible experience. Armbian is buggy piece of shit, community support is nonexistent, HASS interface was not responsive at all.
Now it is replaced with 50$ c2d era "office" pc with 10$ chink e5440. And it is now running zfs smb share, netatalk, transmission and plex too with no problems whatsoever. Would never fell for arm meme again.

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Nominally 0.6-1.0A, so >1W
Uses more with peripherals plugged in, but you should really be using a powered hub for anything more than a thumb drive.

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it's pretty great, got it for like 4 euros on Aliexpress. it's 15W (5V3A). make sure you get one with adjustable output, since the Pi is pretty sensible to voltage and i've found that the more things you connect to it, the more the input voltage drops. i have my PSU set to about 5.35V, of which the Pi is getting 5.1V (measured at the Pi's GPIO pins). less than 5.0V input and your Pi won't be stable, so keep that in mind

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Holy shit so it's using as much as a lightbulb?

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Mine is collecting dust since i already have a homeserver that does everything i need.

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>Anon desribes his basement dwelling lighting

My kitchen light has 6 60W bulbs. My Pi uses 0.6A at 5V, so 3W with just a LAN cable plugged in and streaming videos.

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>Nominally 0.6-1.0A, so >1W
0.6-1.0A is 3-5W you dufus.

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Will keep in mind.
I'm looking at powering up to four Pis off one PSU, so I'm looking at the 50W range, hopefully that will give me enough head room to keep the voltage within the adjustable range.

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>on home network
literally why

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Want one for a testing Web server particulary for trying out different tool chains and not having to mess stuff up on my main computer. I want another one for experimenting with the idea of using one as an out in the field server to collect data from sensors over a 425mhz wireless signal. Not sure how to start the second but it's all fun and games I suppose.

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not him, but i've considered doing this so that i can access some sites (like 4chin) than are blocked on my network at my job

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So that you can securely connect remotely and access resources at home?

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OpenVPN server, Apache, personal applications.

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I made a whole arcade machine out of it

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>Sweat stains on the left
>Clean on the right
No friends eh?

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Torrent seeding, cloud storage, web browsing proxy, retropie.

I also use one as a personal computer, easy to keep in a bag, and use on any TV with any keyboard and mouse laying around. I travel a lot and that's something very useful to me.

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it's unsealed MDF. I have a finished one ready to go as long I feel like rewiring all the buttons

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>6 60W bulbs
Incandescent or halogen?
Get on with the times, grandpa.

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The only difference is the amount of light they produce, not the energy consumed.

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Fluorescent and LED lights have greater efficiency at lower wattage, so making them 60W is retarded.

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I use mine as an auto plant waterer and pet feeder.

It activates a smaller water pump to water the plants and dispenses a small amount of dried pellets at lunch for my cat. It also sends a message over pushbullet to my phone if an error occurs or if water or food is out

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I'm about to have a 1Gb/s dl speed but it can only handle 10/100

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Use an ODROID C2.

Why the fuck would anyone put up with the RPi and its pathetic I/O? It's like they TRIED to make the RPi complete shit.

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True, but fluorescent and LED have their own issues.

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I have a pi as a seedbox. Is it possible (and safe) to also install PiHole on it?

>but you should really be using a powered hub for anything more than a thumb drive.


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>dial-up users with 56k modems

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>using raspberrypi to play 20 year old games
>not using it for home automation
literal manchildren

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It depends what you emulate. Buffalo controller is good for the old ones.

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pi zero - dev and robotics
pi 2 - webserver & RTL-SDR tcp/ip server
pi 3 - retropi / kodi & other media use

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implying others are capable of such a feat, you forget this is a sales and shilling board, no longer a place for creativity and problem solving.

>le shig

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Enjoy your game-breaking input lag.

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>Holy shit

shut up, faggot

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OpenHAB automation server with IR transceiver for my AC unit

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Calm down, autismo

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oneattached to my tv with xbox 360 controllerfor emulator gaming.
one as a download stationforusenet.

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mercury poisoning


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I have one hanging on my printer so I can send an email with attachment and CUPS will just print it. A cloud printer is just one of the things I run on there though, I also run a squid cache and keep an encrypted partition on there for sensitive files

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Media center running osmc. Just plays files from a local share. Kodi is comfy af

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>why can't I power this kettle and charge my car battery over 5V 2A USB at the same time?
kys my man

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I keep mine around as utility for temporary projects.

Last thing I used it for was setting up a streaming webcam and putting it on the top of some cabinets in my kitchen when there was a hurricane coming, that way I could log into it to see if I still had power/internet at my house and if my shit was getting fucked.

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Luminous LEDs tend to produce a lot of heat and require circuits and voltage regulators aka controllers, which tend to blow out a lot causing the light to either strobe and flicker or go out.

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video games for mine, might buy a temperature sensor and use it to monitor the temperature in my room as well so I can know if it feels good before I get home

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How is the software support on orange pis? I wanna pick up a OrangePi zero but i heard that the loonix distros barely work on them

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Thinking of getting into this.

What's the most inexpensive model I can get with the most bells and whistles. A friend of mine might need one.

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It's shit, was gonna get one but looks like only armbian and retropie/osmc have support.
You gotta do some hackjob to get distros running on it by using months old guides while crossing your fingers and the kernel is also outdated as fuck.

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Yes, model B, first gen

Absolutely nothing
I hoped to run a NAS with it, or emulators for a small arcade build
But it overheats (i am assuming) and freezes up rather quickly so there's little to no hope of it having any worthwhile uptime. I'm waiting on some heatsinks to see if that improves the situation

I plan to get an orange pi or something similar however

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Still less heat and longer MTBF than incandescent bruh.

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>home automation
Literally why

>tell the thing to switch off the lights for you
>wow i saved 10 seconds of the day, this is so useful!

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nothing, i can't decide what i want to do with mine.

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>But it overheats (i am assuming) and freezes up rather quickly
That's strange, by default Pi throttles when it reaches 80C to prevent damage

Maybe you're not feeding it enough voltage. I had to bring my pi to work one day and had to use about 4 meters of USB extension wires to connect it to an outlet, it'd freeze and turn off at random, presumably the length of the cable made the voltage drop too low.

At home it's just fine, I also have the first gen model B.

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I wonder if it would be possible to utilize the Pi to passively make money for you, in a way that can be automated.

I found a bing rewards automation script however it uses pure http requests so you're likely to get banned after any amount of time.

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So... at best you'll save like 10 days in a year. Great. I'm happy for you.

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I'm planning on using mine as a server

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Control an array of Arduinos to run my grow ops.

>> No.58193822

Mind sharing the script?

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All day, every day.

Best $50 I ever spent.

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Runs a bot to periodically post TRUMP GENERAL: xxxxxx EDITION threads to /pol/.

>> No.58193844

Iptables + Snort in IPS mode = decent security box for my network.

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This sounds like a pain in the ass and an indication you might have some life issues that you can't leave your electronics when you're out.

>> No.58194039

Huh, that may be it
I've tried running it off of a cable plugged into my PC as well as a wall outlet.
When it halts however, the screen stays as an image of whatever was last shown

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I've heard that it can be used for home automation. Also in conjunction with the Google home. Has anyone done something like this?

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Absolutely nothing. Got it for Christmas but only set it up. I haven't conceived a project for it as of yet.

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Seedbox and OSMC

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Pi-hole is a buggy piece of shit. Manually updating the hosts files wiped / twice

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Get a 5V 2A (even better 2.5A) phone charger and you should be fine

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>Was super hyped when it was first announced.
>Wanted to have one super bad, "for playing around".
>Thought about what I mean by "playing around".
>Realized that it will just land in a corner after a couple of hours.
>Never bought one.

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Using my Raspi to record the temp of my house and send it to the Thing Internet.

>> No.58194322

I'm using it to monitor my UPS using apcupsd. I also turn my home server back on after a power outage using GPIO, so my server always shuts down cleanly and comes back up automatically.

>> No.58194362

I'm considering running a [email protected] mail server for 4 people and maybe a tiny FTP server so I can upload few files publicly for people to download so I don't have to bother with zippyshare and the like.

Question is.
Would the most recent version of rbpi be powerful enough to handle both of these tasks?

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I have it hidden under my TV with osmc on it and I stream shit from NFS storage in the attic.

It's pretty neat.

>> No.58194505

I use mine as an FM transmitter for a pirate radio station.

>> No.58194512

I made a bunch of emulation stations running retro pie for people for Christmas. Worked okay, but bunches of small issues makes it hard to use for a layman. Bluetooth connectivity is spotty with the 8bitdo controllers.

Also, hdmi audio works for some tvs, but not for others. What the crap is that?

>> No.58194529

any of them could do that, all of them very slowly.

>> No.58194555

My local Fry's has a big MAME cabinet running off a Pi and the damn thing keeps crashing to a command prompt while people are playing games. I tried to reboot it for some guys who were playing Street Fighter 2 but the keyboard was locked up.

>> No.58194665

What type of emulation? Model of Pi?
I want to throw mame on a RPi but I'm not sure it will be capable of running well

>> No.58194678

probably no heatsink and the thing just throttles

>> No.58194853

What would you even automate

>> No.58194897

There days I sandbox python shit on it until I get it finished enough to move to a freenas jail.

I have 4 pis a 2 a 3 and 2 0's. The problem is everything I do with them is done better by something else. Like game emulation. My PC does much better.

I want to make one into a calander display and maybe a couple other things like weather or traffic for when Im leaving every morning. To do list also. But I need to get a display to put it with. Also either it has to be touch screen or maybe have a little camera for gesture controls.

>> No.58194924

>Desperately hating any kind of video gaymers, of any kind
You're living a meme, unironically.

>> No.58194992

Ah classic ARM you never stop disappointing me.

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The point of automation is not always to save time. It's to document the process and minimize communication. Instead of telling somebody how to do X you can just tell them to run your program. it also reduces the potential problems if the guy who does "CRITICAL TASK" suddenly gets a new job and nobody else knows how to do "CRITIKAL TASK".

>> No.58195111

Use a VPN provider that offers multiple locations.

>> No.58195118

give me an example

>> No.58195126

How are the Orange Pis? They seem to be better then Raspberry Pis.

>> No.58195141

What is the point of having one? What can you do that you can't do with your PC?

Emulation seems to be pointless if you have a PC that you can use.

>> No.58195160

>What can you do that you can't do with your PC?
The only thing I can imagine is letting them run 24/7.
The only thing that I need to run 24/7 is a NAS but they don't have SATA which means they are shit.

>> No.58195168


>> No.58195219

Exactly, there are others that do have SATA.
It's pretty much pointless for most people.

>> No.58195224


I don't use it that much but it's fun to play around with it every now and then.

>> No.58195244

>VPN server
>DNS server with ad domains blocked
>CUPS/SANE server

>> No.58195259


no need to setup a VPN. just use your SSH server to tunnel your ports. make sure the SSH server is some random high port, disable user login unless you have a keyfile, and good to go.

just set your web browser to use a SOCKS 5 proxy and all your web traffic will be tunneled through the encrypted SSH connection


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File: 23 KB, 534x532, 20a6d6b6a0f81c355ca36793a3ab081e1083adcb363990ee28bafcef02e76c6c-pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anon you may have an unhealthy attachment to your tech

>> No.58195300

>Emulation seems to be pointless if you have a PC that you can use.
A Pi is the better option if you want to play on the couch. It takes up no space, doesn't heat up and doesn't make noise. It only uses like 3W of power so you can have it run forever, which means all you have to do is turn on your TV to play.

Plus it's cheap and disposable.

>> No.58195334

What controller would you be using if you are playing a good distance away from your TV?

I have also heard shit of the SD cards getting corrupted.

Also you won't be able to play any GameCube or PS2 properly because it is not powerful enough.

>> No.58195427

>What controller would you be using if you are playing a good distance away from your TV?
I don't know, don't have a wireless controller, I just connect my Xbox One pad using several usb extension cables. Works fine.

>I have also heard shit of the SD cards getting corrupted.
If it powers down incorrectly, I guess. Never had it happen to me and I've owned mine for about 3 years.

>Also you won't be able to play any GameCube or PS2 properly because it is not powerful enough.

>> No.58195430

>It only uses like 3W of power

this is my favorite thing about the Pi 3 Model B. it's got full HDMI, can do 1080p with no frame drops, plus built in wifi, bluetooth, etc.
yeah, a desktop or server with a 700W power supply can do these things, but running a server on an extremely mobile, 3W piece of hardware just feels cool to me.
I like taking the Pi on the go using one of the mAh battery packs designed for e.g. phones. it can run for 7+ hours off it

again there's really no point to it, I'm just a geek and think it's cool

>> No.58195773

Use an original SNES controller + a USB adapter. PS3 / PS2 if you want to play anything newer than 4th(?) gen. Don't play N64 on it though, it sucks.

>> No.58195882

i use mine to learn programming and how computer works. Also there's a fceux optimized for the pi2 with 30 roms for when i just want to play gaymes.

>> No.58195932

Lakka master race

>> No.58195986

I do building automation for a living. I have 4 pi's and the 7" touchscreens built into my walls and use them to control my home Tridium system. I run other processes in the background on them since I have them set to boot into a full screen browser for my automation of temperature, lights and security.

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Going to build retropies abs sell them to normies for almost triple production costs

Fucking pissed the pizeros are limited to 1 per customer

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Do you wire into the circuit breaker? Or individual wall switches/outlets

Seems like too many wires unless it's wireless

I could probably make bank doing this to rich niggas houses if I started my own buisness

>> No.58196108


I set mine up as an access point with no internet connection and then set the 404 page to redirect to a chan. We used it to cheat on tests in 300 and 400 level classes since all the tests were open note which meant laptops were allowed.

>> No.58196132

I found some POE injectors/splitters on amazon that I used for them. I guess I could have just gotten a POE switch, but these were under $10. I ran ethernet to them anyways, so the POE was a no brainer. Plus I did a complete 5,500 sq/ft remodel this past year so it was easy to drop the wires in the wall.

>> No.58196406

my cabinet is always on, and the only time it crashed on me was at the beginning, before I had the correct ROM set.

>> No.58196545

Somewhat related, maybe someone can give me some ideas. Here's what I need:

>Basic file server (mainly for backups)
>Able to do time machine backups
>Handle plex for just music in FLAC (maybe there's a better solution for just music)

Really basic functionality, so I don't need a full blown server build but I'm not sure if a pi would be a good choice either. I thought about just one of those Synology boxes but they seemed shitty.

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File: 1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20161213-050627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Sudo apt-get install samba
For fileshare on your network, although you're probably better off with a orange pi /banana pi as they are gigabit.
>Auto backup
Just lookup cron job with lftp, or search for an open source sync software suite
Maybe install a DLNA handler or BubbleUpnp.

Again, I don't know if those are the best solutions but a suggestion.

>> No.58196835

>one as a download stationforusenet.
How are those unrar times working out?

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File: 53 KB, 600x414, COZ_OPPUkAEFbyC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why hasn't anyone turned one into a smart, bluetooth vibrator?

I'll bet all the chicks would buy them. Some Bruces too.

>> No.58196954

Always on Transmission. SSH gateway Webserver
Survaillence system (Motion running on the pi + a few webcams attached)

>> No.58196978

What browser is that?

Also WHAT THE FUCK is going on with that font rendering?

>> No.58197049

Does youtube stream well on these things? Was thinking of giving one to my mom. Also how are flash and html5 games? She likes to play those .io games too.

>> No.58197065

8Bitdo SNES30 is the only acceptable answer for playing anything pre-N64

>> No.58197069

I don't know shit about technology but want to get one of these so I can emulate old video games, where do I start? I want to learn a lot about technology.

>> No.58197088

Yeah, I have 2 of them.
One is running arch, serves as a backup server with external HDD.

Second is a retropie connected to tv.

>> No.58197104

google is your friend. If you want to use one for emulation there are guides that hold your hand every step of the way. Just search retropie.

>> No.58197128

Do I need to learn anything about electrical engineering? Also, would you mind recommending me a good kit to purchase? Thanks.

>> No.58197164

>Do I need to learn anything about electrical engineering?
No, not if all you want to do is emulation. A pi is just a tiny little computer, no different than your phone
>Also, would you mind recommending me a good kit to purchase?
Just buy a base pi, a $5 plastic case, a power cord, and a mini SD card. you likely can get all of that cheaper by buying it yourself than buying a kit

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Maybe I'll turn my raspberrypi into one of those gameboy mods... then I can have an all-in-one emulation system for the road, with....
>I have a Vita

Maybe, I can turn it into a little pocket laptop. I could get one of those little bluetooth keyboards and embed it into the bottom enclos..
>I have a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone

Maybe I'll use one for Kodi and Plex!
>I already have a dedicated PC for streaming Plex, steam games, moonlight and Kodi.

Maybe I'll wire one to a large touchscreen in my kitchen so me and the wife can have an easy, always-on recipe reference...

OOOH! Maybe, I'll turn one into a seedbox and..
>I already have a home server on a VPN, with transmission

>> No.58197313
File: 17 KB, 604x340, 1452811185817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>install pihole
>load up the pirate bay to see if the massive amounts of porn spam is blocked
>empty spaces where ads used to be

Ublock origin removes that shit. Why am I even doing this lol?

>> No.58197323

Just get a cheap chink one and buy em in bulk

>> No.58197511

using it to generate tripcodes lol
really slow but low power so I can leave it on for weeks

when I get home I will either get the camera and make a security cam/vpn for my apartment that i can view anywhere on my phone
make a dns server (<1ms resolution vs ((((google)))) dns selling your information)

>> No.58197604

Just got mine today. Have plans for it as a legal streaming device for things like games and video. But at the moment using it as general use. Like how I'm posting this from my pi as I also got a micro-sd card pre-installed with Raspbian. Plus this is my first ever one. So it is just general use for now anyway. I'm actually looking for a decent video player as I'm currently just using the Chromium browser. Let's say it isn't great. Also I am so new to this as well.

>> No.58197708

You realise you'd still need to fetch data from an external DNS, right?

>> No.58197803

what happens if I leech off public power and run a tor node from starbucks wifi and hide it in the bushes

>> No.58197816

missing the point, raspi is a versatile and cheap alternative to all of those setups and some more, if you already have them then it is obviously useless.

>> No.58197837

I just use mine for Kodi. I have a rpi1 collecting dust too. Someday I want to turn it into a print server but I'm lazy.

>> No.58197843

If you have acess to power you might as well bury it.

>> No.58197878

I have an electrician friend. Would it be possible to connect these to the power in my house and use it to control the lights and whatnot with my phone? Would I be able to do it with just one with a central hub near the electrical box? Or would I need a separate raspi for each room? Also, would I need to develop a simple on/off app for my phone is there one that already exists?

>> No.58198124
File: 79 KB, 640x640, 1481966409317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hide it in the bathroom drop ceiling

>> No.58198130
File: 149 KB, 800x609, bleh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1st Gen (the one with only 2 USB Ports) collecting dust.
It's just not really good for anything.

>Too few USB Ports without having to connect a powered Hub.
>No Gigabit Ethernet + 10/100 Ethernet is ran through the USB Controller, further limiting performance of other connected devices.
>Read/Write Speeds over SD & USB are very poor.
>VERY picky about what power supplies and cables it works stable with. Amperage being less of a problem than the fact that it absolutely requires OVER 5 Volts, but most cellphone chargers will output slightly under 5 Volts, with the cable reducing the voltage further. Ended up having to get a special adapter with boosted voltage.
>This was that much of a problem, that they now offer an "official" Power Adapter that supplies 5.1 Volts.

The Raspi 3B does look a lot better already, having 4 USB Ports + Onboard WIFI & Bluetooth.
However, Ethernet is still only 10/100 & 1GB Ram.
I'll wait to see if the Raspi 4 is better, I guess.

Too bad all the superior alternatives to Raspi seem to have horrible community support.

>> No.58198560

Well then it won't be very good. It needs wireless support!

And without PS2 and GameCube emulation your better off using something else that can.

>> No.58198741

>And without PS2 and GameCube emulation your better off using something else that can.
And why don't we build a gaming PC while we're at it? RPi is cheap and small.

>> No.58198755


>> No.58198901

this shit for some reason intrigues me
have a device running somewhere in public to sniff packets or passwords or whatever

>> No.58198944

I use it for Kodi, to watch live TV

>> No.58199115

I'm buying a Pi Zero from a local radioshack later today. I'm using it to make a little pirate radio because I'm bored and it's only $8.

>> No.58199126


One problem with the Raspberry Pi is that they make people think that you pretty much only need the Raspi itself and can use it with whatever stuff you have already laying around at home.

Almost everyone has spare phone chargers and wifi dongles around, right?

In reality it won't work stable even with a lot of high quality, popular brand phone chargers for reasons mentioned above.

Shitloads of things won't work properly.
Including WIFI Dongles - which is why they offer a official, recommended one too.

Thats why buying a bundle including all the official accessories might not be a bad idea either, unless you know what you are getting into.

>> No.58199178

Purchased for use as a motion activated camera.

Encountered so many errors and frustration trying to fix the device that I gave up.

>> No.58199355

any feedback from a ODROID C2 owner ?

>> No.58199395

I'm thinking about gutting an old dead macbook pro and sticking a raspberry pi inside.

Can probably hook the keyboard up via USB, but i'm sure about the screen though - anyone know if there are lcd controllers boards I can hook up to USB for power?

>> No.58199443

Not the person you're replying to, but I have a couple. They're pretty good in terms of bang for the buck, but software support isn't too great. As in, it will run properly with all of the features on Armbian, but not much else.

>> No.58199501

Does it have SATA? I heard that it does. If so that makes it much better then a Raspberry Pi.

>> No.58199600

I think one of the higher models of the OPi does, I don't happen to have that one, though.

After some research, it looks like the OPi Plus and Plus 2 have SATA.

>> No.58199642

You can look up the screen model number with "kit" or "board" appended to it on eBay, and select "include description" right below the search bar. You'll find some boards that you can connect through HDMI to the RPi and the other end to the LVDS on the display.

>> No.58199658

Why is there so much support behind the raspberry pi even when it's gpu arch is confirmed for dead?

>> No.58199679

Media center with Kodi on my RPi3 and security camera with the "motion" tool on my RPi1.

Most people don't care, which is exemplified by the fact that when the original came out, there were many other SBCs for better prices and better specs, yet people still bought the RPi because of the hype.

>> No.58199701

you just answered your own question, sort of.

the fact that it has a huge supportive community already. 20 newbie friendly guides for EVERYTHING.

and clever media hype.

>> No.58199756
File: 1.96 MB, 3264x1836, IMG_20161224_031148987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

one is collecting weatherdata from town, around and inside the house + doing a little bit of home automation

trying to get a 3.5inch touchscreen lcd working now which displays weatherdata + forecast + maybe have some buttons on it. If that's done both will be joined together, since it really does not need much computing power (obviously)

>> No.58199775

what display do you use?

>> No.58199884
File: 2.14 MB, 3000x2000, IMG_3774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some cheap china shit i picked up from ebay for 8€

it uses this driver:

my problem right now is that that china shit apperently has no backlight control. gotta figure out if the backlight is just powered through 3.3v or 5v pin, which would be fine too. Then I just wire a switch up myself.

PS: I want to also work out a mobile retroPie.
have a screen from an old samsung n140 netbook. But will leave that one in my shelf atm.

>> No.58199963

Yea so that is a huge fucking plus, especially for someone that wants to connect hard drives to it.

>> No.58199984

That's a job for a microcontroller, not a computer.

>> No.58200049

No, get the official power supply. It's really worth it.

>> No.58200050


True, but you can use the computer to send commands to the microcontrollers and adjust parameters on the fly.

>> No.58200343

Just send them to an ESP8266 or something.

>> No.58200396

Proud user here, it boots in 2 seconds and kodi works. I bought an emmc and I advise anyone buying a c2 do it too.

>> No.58200532

Get the One instead of the Zero. Cheaper, flatter and with HDMI. Armbian works great on all Allwinner H3 boards, Openelec, RetrOrangePi also work well. Forget Android though, there's one botnet version by the manufacturer and one pajeet version with gameboosters preinstalled.

>> No.58200588

I'm using the raspbian img on my Pi 3. If I use GCC, is a GPIO library included?

>> No.58200627

Because this removes it before it even comes to your pc.

>> No.58200629
File: 190 KB, 630x418, doge (14).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.58200868

i use mine as a torrent seed box / home samba server

>> No.58201355

turn it into an fm transmitter and then ssh in and set the frequency to override whatever station is playing in the starbucks

>> No.58202097

I use mine for flashing BIOS chips. I installed libreboot on a few of my thinkpads.

>> No.58202327

Been thinking about just getting the official 7" Touchscreen & Case, until I saw the price.

Almost 95€ for a shitty 800x480 Display and a cheap plastic case are just insanely overpriced.

A lot of Raspi accessories seem to be way too expensive.

>> No.58202348

>A lot of Raspi accessories seem to be way too expensive.
ebay and china are you're friends

>> No.58202472

I use a Raspberry Pi 3 as a seedbox and a Raspberry Pi Zero to control a motion sensor for a light outside my backdoor (made it just for fun). I also have a Raspberry Pi 2 which is just sitting in a desk drawer.

>> No.58202739

Pi-hole is good. Using it right now. Had a little bit of trouble blocking ads from youtube tho

>> No.58202899

I don't think Starbucks is gonna be playing FM radio over their speaks lol More likely an internet based 320Kbps playlist that all Starbucks in the country/region play.

>> No.58203645

Gonna need a link for that display if you still have it somewhere.

>> No.58204379

pi-hole/bind dns server
network folders with a shoddy bash script and rsync

>> No.58204595

Openbazaar servervon a pi zero

There is a bug that keeps usb 1.1 from working right, so I have to use a wireless n dongle

>> No.58204643

What's the best way to power multiple Pi's off GPIO?

>> No.58204655

Dank, is there an online stream?

>> No.58204676

No because I don't buy meme proprietary broadcom cuck'd hardware.

>> No.58204697
File: 2.09 MB, 1520x2688, teslanano60wtcteardown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh cool, I was gonna make a thread about my project anyway

I fell for the vape meme and found myself with this shitty tesla nano 60w cuck-box and decided to destroy it. But before I saw a project where somebody used a raspi zero to make a neat little Internet-connected information display for his youtube and Instagram stats

I wouldn't give a shit about my personal numbers but I run a small channel of my own so I figured I'd try to convert the vaporizer's cool little metal box into the same sort of thing.

Right now I'm working out what I'll have to do to either use the little OLED screen from the vaporizer or fit in a new one from adafruit or something. Other than that I'll just barely be able to squeeze in the zero and a battery.

So yeah. It's basically a really clunky heavy pager that monitors my sub count. But I think it'll be neat. Pic and URL related


>> No.58204698

i was looking for one of these but with a good fused 12v-60v input for car use

>> No.58204961

this >>58190068

>> No.58205585

I have a 4 that are used to turn old radios/speakers into squeezeboxes that provide multi-room audio.

>> No.58205621

Not an rPi but it is an SBC. I use my Ci20 for programming and bitcoin mining (have two ASIC miners plugged into it, it's not profitable it's a just because thing). Been meaning to set it up as an HTPC but I've never gotten around to it.

>> No.58205670

I've got two Pi Zeros to use.

Yeah I'm boring and use one for a Pi Hole, the other has MotionEyeOS installed with a spare Playstation Eye camera plugged in to use as a ghetto security camera.

Before I tried Kodi (LibreELEC my favourite fork) but it ran kinda shitty plus it wouldn't work properly with my sound system. The other day I tried a better SD card which improved things and I've ordered a pHAT toslink connector to see if I can make a proper HTPC out of it, would be nice to stop using a frankenstein PC with an audible fan and big power supply.

At some point I would like to get another to make some kind of garage door alarm/detector, and expand the camera Pi to use a IP Camera network.

>> No.58205692

Would this be a good solution for controlling a motor to close or open a curtain?

>> No.58205693

As a summer project, I wrote my own program for backing up all of my files every half hour when my computer is on and acts as an NAS so I can grab files if I don't have my laptop and a university computer is nearby.

>> No.58205699

No, use a microcontroller

>> No.58205778

It would work, but an arduino would be way better (and cheaper).

>> No.58208312
File: 182 KB, 1280x1280, 1125605_0__8742710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1 Gbit Ethernet
>2 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0
>4 SATA 6Gbit ports
>more if you use port multipliers
>4 times faster CPU
>no vendor dependency for support
>all for $88

>b-but anon, you still need a case, psu, cables and storage
You need that same shit for the RPi too.

>b-but it's more expensive
You pay more you get more.

>> No.58208481

>RMA three of the asshit atom boards
In theory they seem great but the quality is just shit.

>> No.58208487

Overkill for most RPi projects, though. Still a good option for servers.

>> No.58208650
File: 100 KB, 800x800, cVAYXJ0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I turned mine into a bot that just posts Asuka shit every 30 minutes


>> No.58208766
File: 117 KB, 1431x530, comparisonupdate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ODROID C2 outperforms a Rpi 3:

CPU of 2.0 GHZ with integrated heatsink.
GPU of 700 MHz.
HDMI 2 40K 60 FPS.
h265 video compression.
microSD + eMMC for storage.
4 USB 2.0 + microUSB OTG.
40 pin UART.
10/100/1000 LAN.
New ARM64 technology.

The only thing it lacks is the community rpi, so why don't you join us, please?

>> No.58208780

Forgot to mention is around the same price as a rpi 3.

>> No.58208793

That's M.2 WIRELESS you moron. It doesn't support M.2 SSDs, which use a different key than the wireless cards.

>> No.58208799

Just use it as another box. I have it setup in my living room so I can work on projects from my couch. I ssh and do work from my couch. Comfy? Yes!

>> No.58208825

Pis are great. Why do you care who uses what for anything.
Go laydown Jake, your mother will bring you a hotpocket soon.

>> No.58208830

If I didn't already have so many SBCs lying around I would've bought one. The community is definitely growing, too.

>> No.58209025


Teach them how to use your whole home automation system or teach them how to flick on a few switches.....

I thought you wanted to save time anon

>> No.58209057

I use my windows PC for gaymen and my RPI for programming rather than the other way round

>> No.58209061

should i try making a ghetto home security system using an orange pi PC, tahrpuppy, and a bunch of cheap cctvs? these things kind of seem pointless when secondhand laptops in the same price range outclass most of them

>> No.58209120

Why not both?

>> No.58209295


>> No.58209698

why the fuck not

>> No.58210582

I got a raspi and a Google home for Christmas.

I'm planning to put an IR emitter on it and program it to control my TV from the Google home. I can turn it on or off, change input or volume, etc. Seems like a fun project that will allow even more laziness.

>> No.58211037

That sounds like a cool idea, anon, giving me some food for thought.

>> No.58211380

my rpi is connected to a small wheather station that send temperatur wind speed barometric pressure and humidity via serial; via a web server the data plots can be seen over wifi

>> No.58212221

ma nigga

>> No.58212694

Music player on smartphone + bluetooth speaker board + vibro motor.
No need to overcomplicate

>> No.58212721

Yeah, what's the point tho? If you are on the go, you would need ublock anyways.

>> No.58212878

I use it to stream games when away from my apt.

Have a nice desktop and then use steam streaming to my laptop or whatever.

Put a taps OpenVpn server on the pi, leave it running all the time. Steam streaming only works on LAN so it makes it look like a LAN. Added a circuit to turn my desktop on and off with a script on the pi.

Works great for single player games.

Also secure browsing if I really care that much on public wifi

Also added some ssds for network storage/typical media stuff

>> No.58212944

also I mainly just did it for the learning experience.

Something else i've been thinking about doing is making a linux tablet from it. Get a nice touch screen and work out the casing and whatever other features you want and you get a decent tablet

>> No.58213195

>no USB slave device to ssh in it directly
pi zero is the option, but hs no ethernet
no sata for hard drives, can't play 4k video, can't play 10-bit khmer motion pictures
>Pi Hole
uBlock Origin eats 40 megs of ram and works when you are not on your home network
better just buy a router with configurable iptables
>NAS, backup storage
no Gigabit ports, no dual gbit ports, slow USB. USB3.0-SATA cable is 5 bucks from chink store
>Web server
If you like exposing your home network to everyone, why not
Enjoy your 5 megabit/s spilling spaghetti
buy a vps with storage and run it over there, sync the files to your NAS or local disk
you must be kidding rite
>le hax0r bokks, gonna sniff those normies passwords
All modern Wireless networks use WPA2 encryption and all major websites/apps push their authentification pages through TLS
>le free as in freeduhms computah
proprietary bootloader, kernel and video driver
>home automation
no 5v/12v rails, needs a snakenest of microcontrollers to barely operate with something
>muh librebootz instalayshun
USB to Serial, 2-dollar arduino or BUS Pirate will do the job.

>> No.58214566


>> No.58215102

Holy shit, when using a VPN to your home network you can use Steam In Home Streaming? I didn't think that was possible.

>> No.58215200

Yeah. The restriction is that you have to be on your home network and when you use a VPN through your home network it makes programs think exactly that.

>> No.58215239

i use mine because im too poor to afford a vps
which i would use for:
>an http server hosting a site my friends shitpost on
>running irssi in tmux so i can see the chat from any device anywhere i go

>> No.58215404

The entire appeal of the device is that its cheap as fuck and disposable. Of course its not going to be the absolute best available.

>> No.58215417

Im using mine as a:

pi-hole, VPN, seedbox, teamspeak server, and emulating some games

soon plan to host a lighwight website also

>> No.58215497

It is not as cheap as it's chinese clones.

>> No.58215608

I have a pi 3 that I use as a server, but I had to underclock it to 800 MHz, since it gave me a kernel panic on every boot at the default clock frequency.

>> No.58215622

Raspberry Pi3

What should I go with?

>> No.58215677


RPi 3, make sure it's the one with 1 GB RAM.

>> No.58215910


>> No.58215949

All RPi3s have 1GB RAM.

If you don't know much about Linux and SBCs, go with the Raspberry Pi, since it's going to have a ton of guides for everything.

If you do know about Linux a fair bit, get either of the ODROIDs, and if you don't need high performance, get the C2. Otherwise, shell out the $70 or so for the XU4.

>> No.58216815
File: 85 KB, 638x376, C2_eMMCdata.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use darkhttpd for web server, simple but does the job

with the C2 you have more processor power, more ram, faster network and higher definition than the rpi 3 and kodi actually works

but >>58215949 is right, although C2 has better video performance, plus, get the emmc if you can and you'll have even more boost

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