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I seriously hope you guys are using LaTeX exclusively.

Also, Knuth thread.

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Is knuth the god of computer science?

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Why the fuck is it pronounced LateK if it's spelled with an X?

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>it's a OP thinks he's edgy because he writes code and compiles it into a word document thread

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Latex is shit and overrated.
Professional typesetters don't use it for a reason.

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How do you pronounce it?

Lay-tex or Lah-tek?

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Based on a greek word or something

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LaTeX isn't the best program for making notes, for writing essays sure though.

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Best book or resource for a pleb like me?

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Latex for beginners on the internet

Save the format

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I use notepad and latex, because sometimes I need to keep notes

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Knuth is a fucking faggot.

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>literal god of CS
>call him a faggot

the essence of /g/ distilled into one shitpost

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latech is the actual pronounciation

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>taken over 40 years for a book on fucking compiler design that no one has ever read and only purchases for meme value

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>compiler design

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currently writing my thesis latech

feels good, most of the time

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Latex is a garbage relic from early typesetting.
There isn't a 'works for 99.9% of people' bundle for it,
It bugs out and is slow.
Fuck latex

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