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Raspberry Pi?
Installing gentoo?
Programming in Go?

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not killing myself. hardest thing i've ever done.

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This weekend = install freebsd and rice it with xfce, then will decide between debian or freebsd then do a wipe on my main system then reconfigure and then hate myself forever. Then get drunk then watch robocop

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Have you tried installing Gentoo? it could help

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Found a book on Discrete math. Go through it as much as I can once I finish my final today. Then study a Data Structures book and after that move into Algorithms study....

Making it just a goal to be done with Data Structures study by May. Then take the course the following semester.

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Learning Command Line in Linux from scratch.
Rented my very first VPS for a small game server and the only way to access it was through SSH, which I had zero idea was until I actually got everything setup.

Still need to learn more of the basics, but when I'm good enough I'll try to learn bash scripting afterward

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Is programming in go a meme? I just started because it seemed like a good server language to begin with

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Finish my final in intro to programming course. Currently have 100% in it. Hopefully I can maintain a strong A after the exam tonight. The exams are tricky and non-trivial.

Over the weekend I'll begin studying Discrete Mathematics from scratch (found a good text). I'll do this to prep for my Data Structures course (next Fall hopefully). I'll use the 3-4 week break to do nothing but Discrete studies. If I get time I'll begin studying Data Structures as well (also found a book & online courses recorded on the class).

With these books + text + online courses I'll have solid foundation to then ace my data structures class when I take it and have a very firm foundation to do the same for the algorithms course.

I saw my weakness was math. So I am tightening that gap very quickly. Can't wait. I actually find proofs very beautiful and extremely interesting. DESU I already took a discrete course and made an A+ in it but that was several years ago and before I ever knew I wanted to do CS. But doing it ground up.

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Small isometric gaym in C++ using SFML.

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I would go for Elixir.

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Right now I'm working on making a ragdoll balance and walk with inverse kinematics for foot placement. I got most of it mapped out in my head at this point and a lot of the code written. I'll probably have something at least semi working today and some bugs to iron out.

I got the idea from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb-t4j9wt7E

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Trying to figure out how to lose my virginity.

Bad results thus far, but I'll keep everyone posted.

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Restarting my web hosting company that I had going in highschool. Boyo boy do I miss having money.

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Gonna upgrade my elementaryOS partition with loki. I might switch to ubuntu or something better.

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My current personal project is not tech-related.

I know, right?

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Just rent a slut, they can be pretty cheap.

Don't be beta (no need to be a fucking badass action hero, just don't be a weak faggot)

If you have body image issues or something like that then work on getting that shit sorted first. If you don't think your hot, no girl will either.

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playing with a dead rodent (setting up a Gopherhole)

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Setup a undervolting in my GPU.

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installing arch-gentoo sc reenfetch edition

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Convert rc Car to WiFi and build a web application for the controls using ajax, php, and python.

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create an algorithm that can found a gf for me

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Watching all that anime. That's pretty much the only thing I go to work to buy food and live for.

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New type of 'knowledge' storage, a novel data structure. Not a database.
It can ask questions.
C++14 and C++17.


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opengl in c++

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you're gonna have a bad time

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Pi3 retropie boxes
Also sitting on some realtime kinect controlled audio/3d gfx stuff

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Starting Monday I'm going to do an in-depth intro in Java, finishing all the basic libraries (including multithreading, servlets etc) and then picking up a framework so I can actually do some freelance work and get paid.

I'm open to suggestions btw.

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coreutil like utility package for windows written in assembler. already got several basic ones working and now i'm refactoring common code to libraries and porting from batch to nmake as a build driver.

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Why when you are "good" enough it's fucking easy to start with

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Designing and programming a radically different OS and programming language/framework

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Got asked this question in a job interview. I told them I was working on training a neural network as an image classifier using tensorflow. This is at a company that uses mostly MS web forms. I think they pissed themselves.

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Finding a good laptop

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trying to make a non shitty UI for my web "app"

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Building a PC with a friend using our old parts (not that old, just have been replaced recently), we're gonna try to sell it all in one with Windows 7 installed on it for around $650
The trick to it, is that we're gonna use 2 gpus in SLI, and the case is gonna be those stupid looking ones that normies think are cool
"Console Killer!"
something stupid like that

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