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If my future gf has a kid already, what tech could I use to track the kid on my phone to get to know them better? Nothing creepy, just to score points with the mommy

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Windows 10

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>future gf

Dont kid yourself anon your future is empty and lonely, and quite honestly you should KYS now to save yourself of sorrow later.

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>My wife's son

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I would rape pic related until she begs to die

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Plz no bully

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I'm pretty sure that as long as you aren't her husband nor you can prove that you constitute as the child's legal guardian, this can be considered an invasion of child privacy. Enjoy getting v&

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You could try talking with the kid.

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fairly sure tracking someone against their will is illegal..

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/a/ plz go

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You should respect the kids privacy.

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>nothing creepy

dont use any software or tech to track your gf's kids, thats the definition of creepy

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This is the only right answer

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that condom pocket in her sleeve

tell that to microsoft, having all advanced settings OFF should make them liable to a class action?

>someone against their will
not if you re a guardian

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Isn't it super creepy that the same tech companies marketed towards keeping your dog from running away is now being used to do the same to children?

I mean what's next? Getting your kid spayed or neutered? Doesn't seem too far off actually.

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except that a minor's legal guardian can basically control you however they want, they could program a drone to follow you 24 hours a day and it's perfectly legal.

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Instead of being the hyper creep who GPS tracks a kid, you could instead try the good old fashioned talk and interaction method to get to know them.

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Kids are filthy liars

You're better off getting that verizon gps nanny and busting your kid hard when goes to skip school and takes drugs and get laid with all the cool kids whose parents "talked to them" and "trust them", lol.

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He won't be considered the childs legal guardian unless he officially "adopts" the child, since he's only dating the mother.

Unless America is different and you don't need to actually do anything to become the legal guardian.

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what the fuck are you talking about

you fuck a woman she has a kid you're the dad IE legal guardian

what is this weird cuck scenario you're playing out?

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>what is this weird cuck scenario you're playing out?

The one where psychos don't get guardianship of kids unless they're committed to the relationship?

I don't know why you're pretending your country instantly handing you guardianship from sticking your dick in the mom is a positive thing

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I am not a faggo, jerking off to borderline pedophilia senpai.

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It's basically a gladiator battle to the death in the courtroom. Whether or not anybody is related to the kid, the judge will eventually get bored of watching the legal fight and grant custody to whoever looks the best
Boom ur a dad

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Single mothers are complete and utter mother fucking subhuman scum 99.9% of the time. If she's not a widow, she's scum. The statistics for kids raised by single mothers shows all manner of dysfunction (poverty, mental illness, crime) for kids raised by single mothers, but not widows. So as far as I'm concerned widows are cool it's not their fault the dad died, they're not making bad decisions but shit happens.

But single mothers - they play the victim angle like a motherfucker and all the SJWs/politically correct bluepillers make the wild fucking assumption that it's not the woman's fault, revoking all agency or blame from the dumb silly bitch who chose to raise a kid alone. But the sheep don't see it like that, they start making all these wild accusations that the father was probably abusive or violent and that's why she raised the kid alone.

It's presumed the mother is a victim of circumstance even though 99% of the time she created the circumstances she's in not only for herself, but for her kid(s.) And it's presumed the father is an asshole, but most the time he was a horny guy begged not to use a condom and told she was on the pill when she wasn't. So she gets pregnant and keeps the kid. Sometimes these guys don't even know they have a kid until they get a child support notice out of thin air. Then the poor guy gets fucking berated for being a deadbeat when all he did was fuck a woman under the presumption it was recreational sex and that no baby would be born.

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Ghost calm down

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Don't talk to me or my girlfriend's kid ever again!

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I see where you're coming from.

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