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Find a better IDE. You LITERALLY can't. IntelliJ comes close but its still not as good as Visual Studio.

>inb4 hurr hurr real programmerz need no ide

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But JetBrains do make better IDEs.

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2008 was last good visual studio

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>Pajeet can't make a designated hello_world w/o 16Gb bloatware IDE

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Also presenting shittiest IDE.

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>t. never took part in a bigger project where advanced IDE shine

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I get VS is great when you have 100 currynigers writing shitty code at the same time and by the end of the day it has to somehow work.

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>65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
>65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
>65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
>65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
>65 GB install size with a botnet compiler
65 GB install size with a botnet compiler

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Is this bait? I can't tell. I thought atom was bad enough at 250mb.

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>willing to use inferior tools because they cant afford gigabytes which are dirt cheap nowadays
and besides C# only installation is like 5 gigs tops.

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>Implying VS doesn't crash every 10 minutes
You never used that shit did you, OP?

Probably an undergrad sperging out. Abandon thread

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Can we all agree that eclipse is the gimp of IDE's?

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>people who get mad at IDEs that finish what you're writing and generally make your life easier
>people who think anything more than glorified notepad is bad
>as if remembering every function in your head or writing everything yourself is relevant to being a good programmer
>rather than being able to come up with efficient and solid solutions

yes if you mean that its free garbage, im honestly frustrated with gimp and all its bugs. i hope they release the new version soon (new UI).

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The ones form JetBrains don't turn 65GB of your hard drive to designated shitting space.

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What's that 65GB meme ?

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It's what you get if you install fucking everything, including every mobile toolchain. A normal installation is 1/5 the size.

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VS is the only reason why I'm not a full time GNU + Linux user.

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Code in that IDE then, if it's so great

But you probably don't and you're just shitposting to get a bunch of (You)s for your (You) fund in which case flippity floo

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Maybe if you're using a macbook from 2002, poor

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The fuck packages are you installing

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>Find a better IDE. You LITERALLY can't.
hahaha... nigga pls.

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people cant find legit reasons to shit on VS so they complain about installation size with everything included (literally nobody does it).

looks interesting

works fine on my machine ;)

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>Trusting M$
>Inserting telemetry into compiled binaries

>Trust us, it was benign and not documenting it was just oversight, you can take some extra steps to remove it, we (they) will remove it (now that we've been caught)

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Didn't Apple just buy CodeWarrior?

CodeWarrior was pretty neat back in 2001 or so. It had a drop-down in the titlebar of the current document where you could jump to any function in the current file. That was pretty innovative.

But then Whole Tomato came along and added some fucking badass functionality on top of VS, then VS incorporated some of that.

VS 2010 was an abomination, but it's been getting steadily better since. However, I find it appalling that in 2016 code profiling *still* isn't a well-integrated part of Visual Studio. Fuckin' A, I used to play for days in Turbo Pascal's excellent integrated profiler.

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13 GB is still bigger than most Linux distros

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>Didn't Apple just buy CodeWarrior?
No... Xocde was their own thing. It came from NeXT. Apple didn't want their dev toolchain to be owned by someone else so they built their own. Motorola, which owned CW, was very slow in adding features that Apple wanted to Apple was furious and they decided to make their own.

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So? Every normie already has 500gb hard disk at LEAST

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>people cant find legit reasons to shit on VS so they complain about installation size with everything included (literally nobody does it).
See >>57969660

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So you think it would be okay if Word appended 20MB of random data to every document you create? After all, everyone has enough disk space that it wouldn't be a problem.

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We weren't talking about what you create with it, we were talking about the application itself.

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Okay, so you'd be okay with that much junk data encoded into Word.exe itself?

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dont be a retard, there is a difference between files which can come in a huge quantity and a one time installation.

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They also need 3 times the ram

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>Visual Studio.

Literally can't disable their shitty half-assed git integration that corrupts shit and re-enables itself to be "helpful".

Fuck Microsoft.

I had to physically disable the dll by renaming it so it can't find it.

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Pic related literally the only good IDE.

(But KDevelop ain't that bad either, honestly. Also they've really trimmed down the install size on the newest VS.)

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Borland's IDEs were better.

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>40GB installation
>tons of services you don't need are ticked by default
>crawls to a halt if your machine doesn't have 16 GB memory and two HDDs or HDD/SSD

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Pajeet shilling for those sweet rupees.

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code completion isn't exclusive to IDEs

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>press /
>type "emacs"
>no results

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I used code blocks for a course I took last year in my undergrad C course. I liked it, good plug in support.

I'm not a programmer or anything but seems like a lot of people are shit posting and couldn't tell you the difference.

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Using a ide is like learning English just enough that a spell checker can figure out what you meant. Lazy ass little shits.

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anyone use vim? i'm thinking about learning it to use as my editor.

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Am I the only VS Code user here?

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I like the vim-gtk.

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> Electron

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>using the lisp jew

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It's my go to, especially for C#.

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Is this real?

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Visual Studio is heavy as fuck for an IDE. It's like installing AutoCAD to look at pictures of cars.

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>crashes a lot
>builds fail due to zombie processes frequently
>uses a horrendous mount of RAM
>required you to fuck around with menus to change build settings, instead of just adding a flag to CFLAGS
>interacts with git horribly, unless you have some git integration plugin, which is not possible in some cases
>huge install size
>on Windows, you get to choose between MSVC (all around terrible) and ICC (see Agner Fog's comments on the 'cripple AMD' function)

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Is there any alternative for C#, apart from Monodevelop? Using C#'s build system directly is a nighmare

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Visual Studio used to be pretty lightweight until VS 2010. When VS 2012 came, it was the horribly bloated mess everyone hates nowadays. Every new build is plagued by the same issues.
You also forgot:
>installs a bunch of services that are enabled by default and you'll probably never use
>installations can take hours
>fixes take just as much

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It doesn't use the GCC compiler

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Nope, the whole fucking thing is 65 GB and you can't install it on anything other than the same drive your windows instalation is on. I had to fucking uninstall this monstrosity because of it. VS used to be bretty good but the installation size the past few years just killed it for me.

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holy fukkkkk

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Yeah, because I totally want Microsoft having access to all my data and that of everyone who uses stuff I make

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>it's the best but it uses a lot of disk space so I hate it

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I actually followed the link and read it. Turns out /g/ was overreacting like always.

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vim has more features.

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There exist some plugins for GCC, but I'm not sure there's one for Windows.

GCC is the best compiler. Clang is also good, but it does a worse job at optimizing, although it does a better job at providing diagnostics. GCC does a much better job at auto-vectorization and some other difficult optimizations.

ICC is also good, but it's closed source.

I'm not aware of any other good x86 compilers.

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Stop. You can literally choose modules to install. My install was 4gb

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Isn't VS2015 the best IDE for 3D game development?

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Maybe if you only install the C/C++ part. I think the default install for C# is 7 or 9GB.
And if you install VS 2012/2015 just to code in C, you deserve to be shot.

Someone stop this madman!

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What's the best Java IDE? Eclipse?

>> No.57972771


the shittiest ide ever is dev-c++

codeblocks is actually great for learning

>> No.57972807

For something coded in Object Pascal (Delphi), it's surprisingly fast and useful. I think someone got the sources and is developing his own fork since 2014.

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>that annoying as fuck login/licence check bullshit fro 2013 onwards

>> No.57972874

mvsc++ is fucking broken also.
M$ should drop C++ support.

>> No.57972880

I installed 2015 just to code in C++

but I'm paid to do so

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That seems to be the norm nowadays. AutoCAD and Office also have it. Even if you get the Student Edition of Office 365, it still creates a service to authenticate you.

I think the first program I remember having something of the sort was Macromedia Flash.

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remember back in the Windows XP days, when everyone wondered why anyone would go to Linux, apart from being a programmer.

Nowadays, licensing has gotten to be such a pain in the ass that you might as well pirate or use free tools.

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That's an interesting comment style.

I use Dev-C++ as my main IDE. It's a lot faster to start up than Code::Blocks, at least on my machine, and provides plenty of useful features (syntax highlighting, tooltips for function call completion, the ability to view system headers by right-clicking an include directive) without being a major burden on the system.

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>tfw using vs2015 at work

It literally codes itself.

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haha great thread i literally just installed
VS like 4 times today
I have learned they follow the "literally never update motto"

>have express installed
>install community edition
>ok for awhile
>uninstall express
>all my projects break
>uninstall CE
>install CE again
>download VC++ plugins
>still can open old projects
>uninstall CE
>install CE VC++(?) from some rando page on msdn
>old projects migrate
>somethings still don't work

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god this. where does it end. I'm at the point where I literally just write utils in masm so I don't have to deal with this shit. Also, googling for any help is
>do the needful C# WPF thank you pls respond.

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>Find a better IDE
To be honest, most IDEs I've used, Visual Studio included, have been a pain in the ass. Visual Studio is less of a pain in the ass for a few things, but that doesn't make it "good".

I do not think there is a better development environment than a good, full-featured text editor, and a terminal emulator.

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hurr durr you really don't need an IDE pajeet.

>> No.57975245

How is it overreacting?

>> No.57975830

>other good x86 compilers.
msvc ...:^)

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How do people feel about Eclipse?

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Avoid Eclipse (former Eclipse plugin dev here). NetBeans is usable and free, and maybe Oracle will release it from its uggly hands now.
IntelliJ is also nice.

>> No.57976051

It is a software manifastation of cancer.
> File changed. Autodetects it. Tells you to press f5 to reload in a modal popup
similiar to git push experience with branch not present on remote. UX fail, unixtard crap.

> plugin install manager does plugin download and filtering on UI thread

> cannot set editor font size simply with ctrl-+ or ctrl-mouse wheel

> internal APIs are pre java 5 ancient crap. writing a plugin is so painful no wonder only pajeets do it.

I was forced to write eclipse pugins, but after a week I quit the job.

>> No.57976085

>maybe Oracle will release it from its uggly hands now

>> No.57976088

People don't care anymore. Even the eclipse hate blog is down now:

>> No.57976118

Yeah, if only it could refactor at least as well as NetBeans can. Otherwise it is usable, has its quirks though.
> inb4 hurrburr just use ReSharper: why waste even more space to make the IDE slow and unstable, and fuck up standard keybindings?

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but to a java fuckfest

>> No.57977084



you have so many other options

>> No.57977096

2008 was the last shitty VS

>> No.57977102

this feature can be reproduced easily
you can even set this shit up with sublime text for all i care

>> No.57977122

>worries about 65gb of storage

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>> No.57979284

IntelliJ feels the same as OpenOffice in comparison with MS Office: it's a 1:1 visual clone of it, but totally misses the point of half the features, making it mostly akward to use.

>> No.57979493

Yeah i have similar feelings with IntelliJ. It feels okay but still is not as comfortable as VS. It just lacks something.

>> No.57979564

We're talking about IDEs. Not OS's.

>> No.57979594

nigga vscode runs heaps fast regardless

>> No.57979612

Emacs, vim, nano, atom, gedit... pretty much anything that's not a 15gb text editor.

>> No.57979777

you can't really compare Visual Studio with a IDE made for the most part for JVM languages

Visual Studio is in its own league entirely

>> No.57979813

text editors are fine for small programs. for bigger projects IDEs shine and help you manage.

>> No.57979966

How? Because you don't know how to install a compiler?

>> No.57980122

Clearly you haven't if you think VS is the only way to write code on larger projects.

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>> No.57980156

It's not the only, but clearly one of the best, and the only one that works oob with minimal configuration.

>> No.57980292

Dude just use Visual Studio Code.

>> No.57980448

sadly it comes with a ton of bloatware

>> No.57982107

Is there a difference in Visual Studio let's say 15 installed on Win 7 or Win 10? I need a pro edition for virtual machines or something, but I don't want to pay 270 € for win10 pro

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>> No.57982444

2017 RC seems really nice though, it allows you to choose what you want to install

>> No.57982533


Lmao, spotted the unemployed.

>> No.57982673

Only good thing that microsoft ever made is Visual Studio, i used it for c++ and c# in faculty and it works 10/10.

Im using linux for last 8 years and tried many IDE's, for me on linux best are NetBeans and Eclipse. Jetbrains IDEs are nice-looking, but (on my laptop) slow, very slow, very much rum, dont like them.

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>> No.57983048

Bloated, slow, barely even supports C++11, shit optimization. Only reason to install it is so you can use clang.

>> No.57983261

Intellij offers a much better code editing experience, though.

Actually, VS only becomes good if used with Resharper, which basically IS Intellij.

The worst thing about VS is C++ support.
Auto-completion for class names and members is good, but so many basic things are missing, like overriding base class methods.
Clion really shows how it's supposed to be done.
A shame it can't use the VC compiler.

>> No.57983326

Definitely. Among the "Big IDEs" that are everything-and-the-kitchen-sink, and for the languages and platforms it supports, it's definitely the best IDE. That's a really specific niche though, even though it covers a lot of people.

>> No.57983332

Does IntelliJ have GUI editor?

>> No.57983348

For what?

>> No.57983351

MS employee here. We use vim to develop visual studio. All real programmers use vim or emacs.

>> No.57983356

For making basic programs with controls on the ease.

>> No.57983363

No, visual studio 2017, c#, entity framework plus wpf, 4gb

>> No.57983366

What kind of platform, pajeeet.

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>> No.57983508


WPF? Qt? Fucking Win Forms? Win32? GTK? Android? IOS? Xamarin? WxWidgets? Tk? MFC?

Don't actually answer and buy a loo instead.

>> No.57983560

Wont matter which, as long as there's GUI editor support.

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>> No.57983976

>make empty project
>30mb vc.db added to porject folder

>> No.57984016

Ok you got me. I still won't use it.

>> No.57984033

The IDE looks okay ( code.visualstudio.com )

The whole compiler suite, even with its 2010 version, wants you to register a whole shit of things and is too damn heavy.

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qt creator is the best
>100mb install
>qt without configuration
>intelisense better than vs
>doesnt require 8gb of ram just to launch
>written in c++
>gcc is better than cl, better c++ support
>portable, linux, windows and other shit

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>MonoDevelop has stopped working

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*wrong image

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You might as well buy a fedora to get started

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>> No.57984277

vim is good for ssh and nothing else

>> No.57984334

code blocks is fucking terrible.

>> No.57984382

fucking answer this question you fucking neckbeards

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>inb4 hurr hurr real programmerz need no ide
it is true though, all you really need for programming is some text editor and a compiler. Not always time efficient or practical, but possible.

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>using anything beyond VS2010
Unless you're building something specifically oriented to Windows 10 (which you don't) there's no point in using something newer.

>> No.57984568

2010 is shit too, if im not wrong it was first to be written in meme wpf

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>mfw qt creator with darcula color scheme from intelliJ and dark skin
Late-night programming was never this comfy.

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>still need using brackets
And you call yourself a developer

>> No.57985207

python like languages the the fucking worst, i was working for some time with them and holy fuck, i hope i will never get to again, fucking lua is better

>> No.57985623

I'm pretty much ''forced'' to use that shit for university, it really sucks

>> No.57985769
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>forced by university
do your teachers happen to be dinosaurs?

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>> No.57986700

they actually want and this is the result of it, broken c++, they want to switch everything to that uwp shit

>> No.57987089

why would there be?
>buying windows
torrent it you faggot

>> No.57987120

dont use visual you faggot, find open source ide and gcc, you are a fucking retard if you want to bound yourself to windows

>> No.57987128

>mfw I need to install 10GB+ of vc++ compiler and windows sdk just to compile some silly markdown library.

>> No.57987417

Why is CB bad for C/C++?

>> No.57987581

Visual studio C# really needs user friendly static code analysis. Have to shell out your shekels on ReSharper just to make VS worth using. Microsoft needs to add ReSharper like features as soon as possible.

It's like 8-10 gb for the useful stuff (C#, blend, sql server, python tools, extensions, the NET sdk, Windows SDK). The SDKs are what will devour your hard drive space.


Vim is a meme

No, I use it for js.

Highly recommended for UDK and Unity. MonoDevelop is a buggy mess.

Is it easily backwards compatible with 2016? I might want to upgrade.

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>i have to reply to everyone

>> No.57988245

im pretty sure you cant emulate windows phone in VS2015 when your system is below Windows 10.

>> No.57988266

yes for Swing but even with IntelliJ Swing is still top tier trash.

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not that anon but for one uni laboratories we were allowed to use any IDE/editor we wanted EXCEPT codeblocks because its so shit and often found himself with projects that do not work yet students complained "it worked at home in my codeblocks".

>> No.57988331

>see cool project
>need to compile in in VS
>download VS
>uncheck everything except C++ stuff
>installs SQL server, IIS and a shitton of SQL stuff
Jesus fucking christ, Microsoft workers are retarded.

>> No.57988339

thats because codeblocks is new devc++, you should never use it

>> No.57988458

>uncheck everything
>still requires about 6gb
no thanks

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File: 418 KB, 800x633, cb_debugging.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this is a gui in 2017

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>> No.57988639

This thread is full of NEETs

>> No.57988649

vim is better

t. Microsoft developer

>> No.57988653

>ah yes let's rearrange stuff in the worst way possible
It's like im really on /v/.
Can you give me a legitimate reason why CB is bad?

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File: 352 KB, 500x300, 47584225271156.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

im not the one who made that pic, this is literally from their site, its a feature

>> No.57988766

gonna steal that comment style

>> No.57988777

>$0.02 has been deposited into your account

>> No.57988797

Install gentoo

>> No.57988799

i write everything in VS then copy and paste all of the files to a different folder and compile with mingw32-make

>> No.57988830

yeap, you won the most retarded post of this thread award

>> No.57988854

Dev-C++ is a good lightweight IDE though, it starts up much faster than Code::Blocks.

Are you running fucking Windows XP?

>> No.57988877

it's good for editing stuff like configuration files if you're at a terminal with no gui. I'm glad I learned the basics, way better to use vi/vim than nano when I need to. I never use it for programming though, you need to tweak your vimrc to make it usable and even then you have to be super used to it to actually prefer it over a GUI editor with syntax highlighting, autocomplete, tabs, etc

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i cant believe someone posted made this post unironicalyly

>> No.57988997

>Can you give me a legitimate reason why CB is bad?
I used to use it a bit and in my experience it's decent but has some bugs and some crashes. It is also less feature rich than other IDEs like intelliJ and Qt creator, which isn't a big deal if you don't need those features anyway. It's decent.

>> No.57989052

why? i get my comfy editor and intellisense, then compile it without microsoft botnet

>> No.57989072

you can't set up msvs to use mingw32 to build release?

>> No.57989123
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>> No.57989136
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>comfy editor
lmao, thats a good one
>without microsoft botnet
i dont know how to even respond, you use windows, you have vs installed and you claim you are free from botnet?

>> No.57989146

i don't care about myself being a part of the botnet, i just don't want it in my release build

>> No.57989168

you dont care about yourself but you care about other people using it? are you new jesus or something?

>> No.57989223

Laggy, retarded UI, nonstandard shortcuts, made by Microsoft... the list could go on

Literally the worst IDE

>> No.57989243

is he dead?

>> No.57990086

Official explanation was that it was just stub function calls left over from VS development that actually referred to the internal debugger.

It's since been removed (or renamed???????)

>> No.57990110

That's pretty comfy bro

>> No.57990345

>no resources wasted by trying to display a "revolutionary ui"
Literally 0 problems. I bet you also have a super gaming XX999999 gear with shitton of useless light.

>> No.57991744

What's better VS Code or Atom?

>> No.57991802

depends entirely on what language and what you're doing.

i like the package manager that'll just grab dependencies for you, git integration is nice.

VS has always had a pretty nice debugger.

7/10, solid but by no means perfect.

>> No.57992933

>Lua is better
Lua is the slowest piece of garbage I've every used, I honestly don't know why anyone would pick up Lua let alone any dynamic language over C# or C++
>In b4 hurt durr its easier to write code without types
Fuck off no it's not since then 90% of your bugs are now runtime bugs that you need to write 9001 tests for, and to tope it off all the Lua editors are shit, they can't debug if their source code depended on it. Yes even Zerobrane studio, that one is especially hot garbage.

>> No.57993677

vs code isn't infested with web faggots like atom

even if it's built on the same webshit horror show

>> No.57993962

Its bloated as fuck.

>> No.57994046

Sure do love installing 85GB worth of software with every .NET and Visual C++ redistributable imaginable just to print hello world.

Oh boy... Or I could just use CodeBlocks. Or Notepad for fuck sake.

>> No.57995395
File: 27 KB, 300x392, 651159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you fucking stupid? he said lua is better than python languages, and not because performance reasons but because it doesnt uses bracers and doesnt force indentation on you

>> No.57995528

I'm a C++ programmer by trade but I learned using C# in Visual Studio. I've never been able to replicate the ease and feature completeness of that particular environment. It was godlike.

I haven't had much luck convincing my employer to shell out for a JetBrains CLion license, so we use NetBeans, which means I use Sublime.

>> No.57995549


Just shell out for your own licence if it makes your life easier.

>> No.57995997

>Lua is the slowest piece of garbage I've every used, I honestly don't know why anyone would pick up Lua let alone any dynamic language over C# or C++

not sure if doesn't know luajit/terra or just ignorant monkey who only know what he learned in school

>> No.57996264


Mate, I have to use this crap for research. It's a pain in the fucking ass.

>> No.57996269


>> No.57996324

OP said IDE, not an OS sent from God

but yeah emacs

>> No.57996386

>tfw spent this whole year writing Java in vim with eclim
actually surprisingly usable though senpai

>> No.57996793

This. And the fact it isn't 16GB puts VS to shame.

>> No.57996988

Using 2005, literally perfect.

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