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Do you have an excuse for not using the best daw ever made? pic related.

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I use software that's at least worth the intellectual property it is

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>lonix daw

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You can't be serious with this shit

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Actual real men use Pure Data.

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lmms is cool.

I just like FL Studio better.

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or Csound

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Unfortunately, there's still no good linux DAW.

Part of the problem is that there are so many audio systems, that supporting all of them and all the possible configurations they could have is probably not worth it.

Note that OpenBSD does not have this problem: it has a perfectly good, low-latency STANDARD audio system (see sndio). Linducks take note.

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Cubase master-race reporting in

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Does Steinberg still require a usb dongle to run Cubase?

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JACK is the standard for audio work on GNU.

As for the work environment, Csound is the most versatile

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What professional actually uses csound?

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another FLfag here.

I had so much great fun with it for now coming closer and closer to 2 fucking decades, it just feels like a good friend now.

tried so many other DAWs but in the end I always returned to FL.
others might be better in a lot of cases but that shit just went into my blood and I can't get it out of my head ever again.

but since I'm still having a great time with it, I guess that is all what counts.

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Whats wrong with it?


puredata is best paired with a daw.


not really, you have pulse and jack which both use alsa and can be configured to work together..

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It's probably a lot better now, but last I checked, installing jack was a huge pain on debian.

What does this have over some of those lisp-based live audio programs like this one https://github.com/overtone/overtone/ ?

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does really anyone still use that?

I know it was a fucking standard years ago but most cubasers I know went to protools and/or abLELton live

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It never did, you could always use software E-Licenser. You buy USB E-Licenser when you often switch computers so you don't have to reinstall this shit every time

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>Whats wrong with it?
Literally everything?

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Acoustics researchers
Aphex Twin
Xenharmonic and microtonal composers,
because all mainstream DAWs like Cubase are dogshit for working with xenharmonic material. All the controls are designed to use the 12-EDO tuning system only.
Bottom line, if you aspire to more than plebeian pop productions, Cubase and the like are nearly useless.

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It's not the drivers, it's just the DAWs that are all trash
Linux can easily have better latency than anything on windows

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Apiece twin uses any and all random toasters that makes noise, like most good breakbeat producers

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Not an argument, it's a pleasure to use.

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You're wrong about 12-step, the options is just buried in the non-normie drop down menu. Also Renoise is perfect for that micromanagement and extreme sample editing and isn't garbage foss

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What's the best babby-level DAW for making chiptunes for a programmer who's learning to music?

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K cool. Keep me posted on that EP you'll never release

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Not an argument, it's not a pleasure to use.

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Lsdj and a original-model gameboy

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renoise is better than lmms

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Alternatively, any non-Linux DAW in the world and some chip tune VST like magical8bitsynth or whatever the 30 different square wavers are

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Decent, but all the professional DAW's are basically the same, just depends what interface you prefer. I find cubase really intuitive, unlike logic, which is aids.
>abLELton live
ableton is pretty good for live, but sucks for everything else

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hell no

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Same here. It's in my blood and it won't ever leave.

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Looks pretty cool. Anything like it for 16-bit consoles or later Nintendo portables?

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Ment for:

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straight out the dungeons of FLOSS.

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My nigga, Cubase 9 will be out soon.
t.no clue about music production

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>hell no
Unlike pop garbage or memerap,
xenharmonic composition requires a solid theoretical foundation.

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Pro tools is not the same as other daws, it's almost entirely recording-based, heavily hardware-based (proprietary at that), and isn't practical for anybody doing any in-the-box production. It's only "pro" for recording
Also Ableton is fantastic and extremely capable, don't be fooled by session view, even though it's a highlight of Ableton you don't have to use it (I never do actually, also I never DJ, just produce)
And of course, if a DAW is ReWire compatible, you can mix one daws functionality and another daws GUI for perfection (I use Ableton/Renoise, or as I like to call it, Ableton + Renoise)

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I think there's a NES tracker game, and plenty of people hand make MIDI breakout cartridges and sell them
I don't think there's anything for SNES and up, as they moved away from a couple basic chips to real wave table synthesis

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I prefer GNU Albeton + Renoise

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Mathrock failed for a reason

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Yeah, most people are stupid.

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Program your own lol
No seriously.

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yeh but it sounds like shit lol

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I'm okay with that, I'll make stupid dumb wimp womp and get pussy without having any social skills, and you can listen to your glorified metronomes and enjoy those

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This. Or LMMS

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Here is the c# code for the thing I am working on at the moment if you want a bit of a starter

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forgot link:

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Daw doesn't matter
Literally one 8-bit VST and monophonic limits and you have it. Rectangle waves, triangle waves, 8-bit wavetable and noise, that's it

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Shots fired

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>acquire social skills
>learn music theory

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I have learned music theory, that in no way whatsoever means mathrock in any form is good. That's probably why it failed and why "nobody understands muh music"
Not like cheaply quantized JavaScript music uses theory properly anyways

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B-B-But it factors out to zero
B-B-But muh Tool

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Even tool accepted that mathrock for the sake of mathrock isn't good

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>mathrock for the sake of mathrock isn't good
That's probably true.

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how is it fucking possible for someone to be this dumb
not only are you generalizing an entire genre, but you're saying that it is objectively bad. OBJECTIVITY IN MUSIC
you are a fucking golden retriever

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why are the FL Studio bros the only one's not argueing? It's like they are happy with what they have and know that they can achieve anything if they just try!

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Are you saying its objectively good? Because it's a dozen quantized loops played over and over?
Because you don't know how to do it on a regular DAW?

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>Are you saying its objectively good?
literally how did you get this out of what i said? your comprehension is abysmal
if you believe in objectivity in music you are a fucking moron

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So why do you like mathrock then? Because "logic tells you to"?

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because i am in individual and can enjoy whatever the fuck i want
i respect some of the technical ability required to play it
i respect the creativity that goes into a lot of it
i like the emotions

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All right, you got me

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if you only listen to /mu/'s top 10 math rock whatever of course you're going to think it's all the same
jesus fucking christ, take some initiative and either find your own fucking music or stop shitting on something you have little to no actual understanding of
i'm actually embarrassed at the thought that people like you are living in this world

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>Fruity Loops
I mean, for starters its called fucking 'Fruity Loops'

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Literally never said anything about liking or disliking mathrock, the comments were about objectivity.
Holy fuck, you're bad at reading.

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anyone use bitwig specifically on linux? how is it? audio drivers for it? is your favorite vst ported to linux?

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I would but I couldn't find a torrent for it.

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>using a DAW
>literally the most retarded way to create music
Learn how music actually works and come back when you're not retarded.
Also, I bet that track sounds like shit.

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What disappoints me is that most tutorials are either ableton or fl oriented. More specifically, i dont know of any decent artist making a video on bitwig

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>Everyone argues about obscure Linux based programs
That's why FL Studio will always win. People make millions of dollars with what FL Studio can do. You guys argue about 'math rock,' buggy amateur programs and latency.

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alright then, what? a music tracker or recording actual instruments?

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There isn't anything wrong with lmms, it's as good as fruity loops. It can use vst plugins which means it's as good as anything else out there.

After that it's just workflow preferences. Personally I don't like the fl workflow. People do and that's cool.

Reminder liam howlet (the prodigy) used a fucking w-30 to write the experience and jilted generation, arguably his two best albums. Albums that still rival edm made with fastly superior technology.

It's not the tools you use it's how you use them.

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Just read the manual.

Back in the day one day after taking some Ritalin I sat down and read the entire propellerheads reason 3.0 manual. Start to finish. At the end I knew how to make a song.

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Trackers are just DAWs for edgelords.
Use independent synthesizer programs, learn to play an actual instrument, or learn to do audio output in a decent programming language.

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Trackers are just sequencers.

Usually it is in a vertical flow instead of horizontal.

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Keeps getting better

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made me jej


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dan please

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bitwig studio isn't good huh?

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But I am, fagalam

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