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Features nobody has ever used.

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And it triggers me when I see my normie friends laptops with the cortana taskbar on the bottom for no reason other than waste space

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>Features nobody has ever used.
>normies with shit computers it actually improves performance

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Normies probably use the "scan and fix" thing but I've always said no because it always works perfectly anyway and I don't trust it.

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I can't find another person among my friends that has used chkdsk

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It does that if it suspects you're storing pirated software on the flash drive. Scan and Fix will send the data to M$ and wipe the drive.

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why would one lie, on internet, anonymously?

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Normies really dont care about space.
Once I came across a girll that used her fhd laptop on 720settings because "it looks better" this way

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THIS. I always turn that off for those who have it - they don't care, and it pleases me

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ITT : clinic autism

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Surprised I'm the first to mention Edge browser

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I used ReadyBoost. It's snake oil

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s a t i s f a c t i o n

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I don't even understand this readyboost bullshit.
When you run out of RAM, your computer uses your hard drive (or SSD) to cache data, swapping it in and out of RAM.
And so you don't use your hard disk, you use a USB for extra swap.
But the fucking USB is 10 times fucking slower than your hard drive

Like seriously what the fuck

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I used Readyboost once when I had to do a photogrammetry project that had 100+ .tiff source images and resulted in a 50 million polygon object, and my ram kept running out (6gb back then).
So I got two 16gb micro SD cards and set them up both to be a Readyboost dedicated drive, thus around 30gb cache storage.
It worked for that one project, but then the cards were too slow to keep up with the program and I had to upgrade to 8gb.

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One of the first things I disable.

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One of the first things MS should've done too.
All it does is run unwanted trojan exe's and viruses.

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the idea was that while USB has lower read/write speeds, flash memory still has better seek times than a mechanical hard drive, so it's supposed to be faster overall because of that

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you're mixing up autoplay with autorun

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mentally retarded much

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Kek, I remember actually used it 7 years ago. Was complete tech retard gaymur

Used it in a guys laptop I stayed with him for the summer in the UK so that wow would work better.

Is there any actual benefit of using it?

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Does anyone else's w10 search bar really fucking slow?
I can get the first character then it searches everything with the letter A and it always takes 2 minutes to type.

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Get a better computer

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underrated psot

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search through file explorer, not the bing search engine in the start menu

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I have a deep trauma back from Windows 95 days, where checkdisk would actually actively corrupt your data. So I never use windows built in checkdisk.

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Unless you have the taskbar full of icons, you're probably not wasting space at all.

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I used the start menu one only because I set up a macro on one of the media keys to the search bar


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Dumbest thing they've implemented. It always says that there MIGHT BE a problem. And it turns out there are NONE.

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I did use a 4gb sdcard.
I don't remember if it felt much faster, though.

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Also frees some resources for HDD/SSD.

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// No one except autists

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And people with girlfriends.

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Sorry, but a notebok can't be your girlfriend, anon.

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>Normies probably use the "scan and fix" thing

Or you know, people who want to remove the flag bit from the disk to stop getting that message every fucking time

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Just disable the "shellhwdetection" service.

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If you remove it how are you supposed to search for your installed program to launch it? Not everything I install has a desktop icon

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>only added it back to the start menu for this screenshot

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How is it? Must be crazy with USB 3.1???

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Prepare to feel comfy


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To have that popup show up you need to have autorun enabled.
Was it that hard to read?

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I love you.

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I literally used it for the first time last week. It corrupted my flash drive. I lost nothing but was still quite pissed.

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Has anyone ever recieved a solution to a problem?
Nothing has ever happened.

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Holy fuck thank you.

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you literally mixed it up again

AutoPlay is the window from newer Windows that has the multiple options you can choose from (including starting the autorun program, if you select it)

autorun is the program that starts automatically when you insert the removable media in older Windows (defined in autorun.inf in the root folder of the removable media). this is what malware actually uses

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are you jesus?

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Task View, Search, and Cortana. People just leave it there by default. I don't understand why. They never use it. Just use Windows + S to search. It's better because you're using your keyboard already. Instead of using mouse to click it and then moving to keyboard.

Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media. It's bad enough literally no one in the history of humanity uses it, but it's always there. I bet Windows developers don't even use it. I'm not even sure Microsoft knows if it works or not. NO ONE uses it. Plus it's stupid too. It's 2016, not 1999.

Razer Synapse. Why? Why... Not only is it gaymer faggot shit, but it's fucking pointless and stupid. You don't need a whole fucking suite of software for a shitty software from Razer. You faggots. Same with NVIDYA GeCuck Experience. I only have it because I use Razer Surround for music which is 10/10 software.

Any pre-installed software on Windows. Especially the bullshit they push with all-in-one computers. No, I don't want a free three year McAfee trial, fuck off.

The help button. The thing you get by pressing F1. Even Microsoft says... Want to go online to solve your issue? It's pointless documentation. Goes for any documentation, really. Wastes space and you can just go online to see it. You could argue it's good for people who have data limits, though.

The troubleshoot issues button. That NEVER, NOT ONE, has fixed anything. NEVER.

Internet Explorer, especially now with Edge. I've literally only used it to install Google Chrome. I don't even setup the thing, I just click ask me later and go to Chrome.

The workgroup/homegroup thing... BitLocker Drive Encryption maybe? I don't use it. Or any encryption. #NothingToHide fight me. Windows themes? I don't know anyone that uses it. They don't even use the themes that are there. They just use the default one. And only change wallpapers if anything.

Not really "features", but whatever...

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>Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media.
I use it, you unsafe nigger

>doesn't use pre-installed software or McAffee trials
>uses Google Chrome

>The workgroup/homegroup thing
two different things. used when you're in a network, not alone in your basement with a single chinkpad

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I used this years ago. The computer had 512 mb ram and this actually worked.
I thought I would never use this but I had to use it recently. I tried to resize a corrupted NTFS partition with gparted, and it just got stuck. I had to kill the gparted process, glad it didn't completely wipe the disk or something. Then I rebooted to windows and did this. It worked fine after that.

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Makes GNU/Linux administration much easier.

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That's one of those things my brain just assumes is so useless that it doesn't even register until it's in a different context like this

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what does Ready Boost even do?

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i use it on my xbox one to read EULA thats about it

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Back when W7 was new (I think it was still in the public beta) I got the closest thing to a solution. It told me some old game I was trying (GTA 2 I think?) wouldn't run, at least on that build of W7. That's the most helpful it's ever been.

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It uses storage as a swap device. I don't think it's worth it unless you've got an SSD that you don't care gets fucked up in 2 days, but it might be useful for some people with like 512MB RAM or so.

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the "grouping" music tag

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Funny thing, last week was the first time I met someone that actually used that.

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yeah. that's just Windows being Windows. It's a feature :^)

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>he uses a trackpad instead of the clit

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What are you talking about, right shift is perfect when you need to capitalize left part of keyboard letters; left shift for right part.
Why would anyone capitalize with one hand..?

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Edge is pretty fast desu.

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Autist detected.

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It looks like a shit computer bought from walmart for $200, so no USB 3 here.

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I feel like the clit was way better than the trackpad back in the day. when I was first introduced to laptops in school (probably around 2000 or so), everyone used the clit I think. trackpads have advanced a lot tho and I don't think it makes sense to clit.

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>have ThinkPad for like 2 years
>realize that red thing can control my mouse
why tho

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>uses literally half of the taskbar
>nobody uses that shit
>removing it is autism

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It's called a clit, you rub it.
Open some PDF files and the police will come for you though.

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They were plugged into USB 3.0 ports but were all USB 2.0 flash drives.

It's a custom build in an old server case and had 10 USB 3.0 ports, that's with all the USB headers unused too.

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Why would I want a search bar taking up half the task bar when I can remove it and just press the Windows key when I want to search for something?

>> No.57711748

Yep, I fucking hate it. My laptop isn't total shit, but maybe Windows 10 is just that great.

>> No.57711781

Better question: Why did it take you two years to figure out why there's a red chunk of rubber in the middle of your keyboard?

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>In Microsoft Windows, the Briefcase is a special folder that supports a simple two-way file synchronization between itself and another folder. The Briefcase is designed for mobile PC users so that they may transfer it to a removable drive and have it synchronize with the computer to which the removable drive is attached.
Well shit, I always assumed it was just some proprietary file compression format.

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>Razer Surround for music which is 10/10 software

>> No.57712315

>actually ever adding a program using the "add and remove programs" control panel applet

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is that just for increasing swap space?

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It's a pasta you retard

>> No.57712358

Not an argument

>> No.57712362

you're a pasta

>> No.57712364

removing it on your computer is your opinion. Removing it on other peoples computer because it triggers you is autism.

>> No.57712390

Funnily enough, the Sysinternals tool Autoruns deals with all kinds of stuff which is loaded on system startup.

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As a default, this still runs on all windows machines unless you turn it off.

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That is like an XTRA PC right?

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>tfwI could use some help and support right now

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It's dedicating a flash drive or memory card for a page file.

>> No.57712780

>It's bad enough literally no one in the history of humanity uses it

Wait, we don't have to use it?

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SSDs still need to be defragmented, just not the same was HDDs are. Windows will periodically defragment your SSD so it increases its lifespan and performance.

>> No.57712904

It's there for oldfags who learned Windows back in the 3.1 days.

>> No.57712932

No. Windows automatically allocates swap space. Consider having a PC with low memory currently using swap. Do you want that swap on a slow mechanical drive or a fast flash drive? That's Readyboost.

>> No.57713065

I have successfully used it to detect and mark bad sectors on a rather old drive.

Fixed the seemingly random file corruptions.

>> No.57713087

I disabled indexing everywhere except the Start Menu and it's fast now. You can use a third-party tool if you actually need to search for files

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>> No.57713122

I only ever use Left Shift for capitalization. I don't think I've ever actually used Right Shift.

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File: 1.02 MB, 350x6521, 1433185988631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck me

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>type name

>> No.57713169


type cortana into start menu

>> No.57713217

That thing uses a USB drive as RAM. Kinda useful if you need to use chrome.

>> No.57713255

Now you have fucking 10 dancing on XP's grave.

>> No.57713284


XP lived a solid life... almost a decade of massive usage. No OS will ever come close again.

>> No.57713304

Fuck you I use tags to rank my porn

>> No.57713377

Windows 7.

>> No.57713502

Nah. It's only 7 years old and Microsoft basically disowned it already, while XP was officially supported for 12 and a half years and still is in wide use in some areas of the world. 7 right now has a much smaller market share than XP had in 2008. Many cucks jumped ship to 8/8.1 and then were force-fed 10.

>> No.57713580

it's fixed corrupted data for me numerous times lately since my piece of shit laptop forcibly dismounts everything for no apparent reason when it's put to sleep

this is disinfo

t. carry tons of pirated software (even microshit products) and crack tools on flash drives

>> No.57713625

>fast flash drive
the average normie's piece of shit USB 2.0 drive loaded with glacial shitbinned chips is slower than your mom on a treadmill, brother

>> No.57713629

>4chan server architecture

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Install Classic Shell.

>> No.57713684


I crty evertim :ยด(

>> No.57713706

XP is still used on ATMs and it's called Windows Embedded.

>> No.57713716

It's also used in tens of thousands of McDonald's along with Windows Server 2003

>> No.57713822

POSReady 2009, which is basically XP, is officially supported until 2019

>> No.57713900

XP was supported for so long because Vista came too late to the market and people got used to not upgrading their PC's

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>Conveniently hides the .exe from your invoice.pdf.exe

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>he actually uses the trackpad
fucking dumb

>> No.57714053

it actually works to prevent shitty paging if you have very little ram

>> No.57714056

it's a trackpoint

>> No.57714079

readyboost only works on drives of a certain minimum speed

>> No.57714164

I use tags to sort my dank memes.

For example: Pepe (Green tag), Finnish memes (Blue tag), /g/ autism memes (Gray).

>> No.57714189

Your font rendering looks really fucking weird to me. Did you mess with your ClearType settings?

>> No.57714212

>Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media. It's bad enough literally no one in the history of humanity uses it, but it's always there.
Pretty neat for external HDDs. I broke one of my old ones after vmware would refuse to stop writing data to it for 30 mins thus not being able to safely remove it so I just pulled the cable and it broke.

>> No.57714223

It's being made the default shell in a future w10 update.

>> No.57714247

You're full of shit

>> No.57714261

I use the search bar, it's pretty convenient

>> No.57714289

how? you can just press a key and start typing

>> No.57714461

Sticky keys.

>> No.57714533

Disabled people, odd keyboards

>> No.57714689


One of the first things I turn off

>> No.57714801


I once met someone at work using this. I asked why he used it and he said it was very practical since its always up to date.

>> No.57714866

Are you retarded?

>> No.57714983

no they don't, the operation they need is TRIM, and its available only in windows 7 and newer, for XP you need to use 3rd party software

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>Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media.
Iirc you couldn't mount a non-safely removed ntfs USB drive in linux because of unsafe state flag

Did they fix this?

>> No.57715174

>Sync center

Was a thing with windows mobile (that is, the windows for mobiles before windows phone), used it a lot actually

>> No.57715259

Autists do not like to have shortcuts on their desctop for weird reason.

>> No.57715353

I only just realised how similar this is to AoE2 soundtrack

>> No.57715555

Windows 10 is the worst. You can go to the store and buy a brand new flash drive, Take it home plug it in and windows 10 will still say that shit.

It's fucking retarded.

>> No.57715569


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The F1 "help" function actually has helped me. I remember doing an exam on MS Access and i didnt know shit about it so i F1-ed all the time. Eventually i got my shit done lmao

>> No.57715613

Linux also support Trim with the discard option in fstab.

>> No.57715630

I actually tried redyboost back when vista was new and ssd's were more expensive pound for pund than gold. It worked.

>> No.57715998


>> No.57716101


I use a program called "Search Everything" because I find the Windows stock search damn near close to useless. Not only is it slow as fuck, but 80% of the files I search for are in non-indexed locations and I am miles from giving enough of a fuck to fix that.

>> No.57716200

Nope. Not yet.

It's just a random capture from google.

>> No.57716201

I have windows embedded on my pc, but it's not xp. it is windows 8.1

>> No.57716202

windows 10 auto-indexes locations you search a lot

>> No.57716251

Why does it has 4 exhaust pipes?

>> No.57716275

You only need to use it if you care about the data on the disk that you're ragging out while Windows is background writing to it.

>> No.57716282


Powershell is fairly decent, but I can't break the habit of pushing the windows key and typing "cmd." I don't even think about it despite having it installed for ages now.

Seeing as Microsoft is trying so hard to support bash it seems kind of pointless now.

>> No.57716315

my biggest fucking gripe with windows 10 is that they broke F1

>press F1 to get help
>redirect to support.windows.com frontpage
>lol what were you trying to do

every time, completely 100% useless now

>> No.57716334

what's the point if you can't run any commands or scripts without a ten minute session setup for "muh security"?

>> No.57716424

>to retarded to figure out scaling
And that's why they are still putting 1366x768 TN panels in laptops in 2016 (most damn smartphones have fullHD as standard!)

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>> No.57716474

I use right shift for almost everything, for me it's easier to move the thumb under the palm to press the button while typing with both hands.
Left shift becomes useful when i got only one hand free (I.E. actively using a mouse, laying down on one side so typing with both hands becomes difficult, installing gentoo)

>> No.57716567

Works very fucking well on old laptops

>> No.57716568

I have an SSD and my computer won't let me use ReadyBoost.

>> No.57716590

>I used this years ago. The computer had 512 mb ram and this actually worked.
it only works if your hdd is slower than whatever flash memory you attached. usb 2.0 isn't remotely fast and i recon most usb 3.0 sticks are still slower than HDDs

>> No.57716615

Used it all the time. I dont now that I have 32gb of ram.

>> No.57716627

best fucking thing on thinkpads ever.

>> No.57716634


I use Cortana pretty regularly, mostly for things that I'd previously use the Run prompt for.

"Hey Cortana, open Notepad" is pretty handy when I'm flipping tabs to pay bills or jot down groceries.

I also once said "Hey Cortana" to my W10 laptop from clear across the room, and it woke up my PC, though, so I wouldn't say the privacy concerns surrounding it are entirely unfounded.

>> No.57716683

It actually works more often now but in years past all it did was corrupt data

>keep getting called to office for faulty hard drives
>one guy kept unplugging the pc the moment he pressed shut down
>would sit for hours watching the checkdisc run every monday start up

>> No.57716700

I don't understand why there is no direct unistall option on the right click menu. If phones can do it, desktop should be a breeze.

>> No.57716710

i used ready boost and it works well enough

i want to try windows to go but the usb keys that are compatible too pricey to be a toy

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eh, used it once.

>> No.57716762

How can I disable cortana? Everything I've read says you can't

>> No.57716825

heh- I always wanted to used this but I don't remember why I never did.
Probably disks are too expensive or something.

>> No.57716836

>Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media. It's bad enough literally no one in the history of humanity uses it, but it's always there. I bet Windows developers don't even use it. I'm not even sure Microsoft knows if it works or not. NO ONE uses it. Plus it's stupid too. It's 2016, not 1999.
Let me guess, you're American.

>> No.57716849

This was the shit back in XP.

>> No.57716859

>Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media. It's bad enough literally no one in the history of humanity uses it, but it's always there. I bet Windows developers don't even use it. I'm not even sure Microsoft knows if it works or not. NO ONE uses it. Plus it's stupid too. It's 2016, not 1999.
I use that all the time on all operating systems

>> No.57716872

you could mount it read-only iirc

>> No.57716880

Had it, great shit actually.

I still remember making my own installation DVD for GTA San Andreas.

It looked fucking mint.

>> No.57716881

Maybe you should look up what it does now.

>> No.57716917


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what is this thread?

>> No.57716945

It's that way with windows 8 too. It's completely useless now.

>> No.57717134
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>I always got scolded for crashing
>she's not useless like me

>> No.57717854

implying it actually does anything...

>> No.57717892

it does

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>> No.57718911

>not using contacts
You must be 18 or older to post

>> No.57718918

It's worth it if your PC is ancient/no SSD but also has USB 3.0 ports. So basically, no-one.

>> No.57718939

Hold on a sec, someone uses contacts on windows?

>> No.57718949
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>> No.57718969

>not making backups
Unless you export every single contact in one massive vcard file having a dedicated folder is useful

>> No.57718995

>not playing freecell
Get your shit taste outta here.

You can disable the games.

>> No.57719010

I feel like you're the type who actually plays internet backgammon too

>> No.57719015

I used to use it until the captchas stopped loading.

>> No.57719132

>storing contact information on digital media

>> No.57719138

whoa. thats actually useful.
if only there was a manual for it built into the OS

>> No.57719179

BNC connectors

>> No.57719225

Not necessarily, having better seek times than your HDD can also be beneficial even if the throughput is lower.

>> No.57719328

>trying to secure information that's publicly available in a phonebook

>> No.57719545

You can use a fast flash drive as extra but much slower ram.

>> No.57719865

>nobody uses safely remove hardware
I've never seen anyone who doesn't use this. Even I use it most of the time because I've had bad experiences with Windows.

>> No.57720024

I had to do this all the time on XP, it had terrible fragmentation issues.

>> No.57720425
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>This desu
One of the first things I installed on w10, the default start menu is trash.

>> No.57720845 [DELETED] 

They are useless.

>> No.57720978

I remember using these to make a bunch of nice looking CD's of old music for my gramps

>> No.57721006

Actually used that.

>> No.57721453
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This is literally the stupidest setting in any operating system ever, and having it on by default is retard-tier for MS.

All you have to do is distribute popularsong.mp3.exe and normies gobble that shit up like candy

>> No.57721525
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This one.

>push in once
>never un-push unless using ancient games

>> No.57721842

The core XP era was the period when literally everybody was finally getting a PC and going onto the internet. They had to divert resources away from developing a new OS and go fix XP after all the rampant malware epidemics of 2003. XP SP2 was basically the OS born again, and Microsoft reset the support cycle for it (base support 2004-2009, extended support 2009-2014). Because of this the development of the OS codenamed "Longhorn" (which most unfortunately ended up as the garbage that was Vista) was delayed by a significant amount of time. If you add to this that Vista was objectively crap and most people stayed away and kept XP at least until 2010 (when 7 had proven to be a viable successor), it's no wonder at all that XP ended up lasting so long.

>> No.57721869
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Whenever I would accidentally click on it, it would just show me a bunch of random shit.

>> No.57722028

I used it all the time, it was great.

>> No.57722056

>My normie friends
Why do normalfags always say this?

>> No.57722077

>tfw youngfags don't know what the turbo button does

>> No.57722099

You obviously don't subscribe to the myth that pushing the button in lowers the speed.

>> No.57722130

>Any pre-installed software on Windows.
Fuck off, Paint is useful.

>> No.57722137
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>> No.57722525

Used it maybe 10 times... Was cheaper to just print a sticket on put it on in the end.

>> No.57722597


I never use left shift, only right.

>> No.57722617

That actually was useful. Two-way sync without the need of a third party program was neat.

>> No.57722694

this is exactly me. please contact me

>> No.57722728

The Android settings screen is a graveyard of failed gimmicks and misguided features that never caught on.

>> No.57722762

yea, they're your most recent files/folders and it's pretty convenient when you're working with lots of documents on your PC.

>> No.57722844

nice, i like that

mononoke hime

>> No.57722870

I've my eye on my father in law's old riced-out Pentium Pro he had for his law practice that's now in his basement.

He also has a nice old Trinitron that he's saving for me.

>> No.57722956

how did you get classic shell to look dark?

>> No.57722993

I let windows do it automatically

>> No.57723042

tags is probably the one thing i prefer using in the mac file explorer compared to windows. Everything was better in windows file manager except for tagging. I save all my porn and memes anywhere, but tag to find em

>> No.57723058

The fuck is this? I'd argue that XP is the best os windows has ever made while vista and 10 the worst.

>> No.57723061
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When a file on an SSD is fragmented, there has to be lookups in multiple locations for the data. While the lookup time is almost nothing, it's still there. A file that's fragmented in 1000 places on an SSD will take longer to load than one that isn't fragmented at all. Also a file that is too fragmented can become corrupt.

I've had windows set to automatically handle everything with fragmentation. It fully recognizes the difference between an SSD and HDD. After a year my SSD with windows on it is at 99% health, my 6 month old games SSD is still at 100% health.

Maybe you should learn to use google. Technology changes. Defragging SSDs back when they first came out may have caused damage, but the fact that the latest editions of Windows by default defrags SSDs should have been a red flag to you that the "NEVER EVER DEFRAG YOUR SSD" logic may be wrong and you should reconsider.

>> No.57723136

> not disabling error reporting service completely

>> No.57723350


>> No.57723415

Windows does not defragment SSD's you retard. It does TRIM, which is similar.

>> No.57723778

Everything past NT5 is shit, with 7 being a barely bearable half-exception.

>> No.57723886


>> No.57723895

You should just disable it.

>> No.57723937
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There is no NT7.
They went from 6.3.9600 straight to 10.0.10240

>> No.57723976


Your mining isnt profitable

>> No.57724033

paint.net is the same thing done infinitely better.

>> No.57724096

This. Having a friend makes someone a normie too. Normies can't comprehend it.

>> No.57724496
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XP before service packs was bad as well (almost as Vista on launch) and people preferred 98SE or 2000 over XP at least until XP SP1

Vista wasn't that bad but people who bought the OS on launch expected it to run smoothly on old or minimum spec computers (so quite similar to XP's launch, only worse because there was a bigger gap in time, and thus system requirements also)

>> No.57724532

With 7 I didn't mean "NT7" but the OS marketed as "Windows 7" (i.e. NT6.1). The "NT10" thing is just marketing and nothing else, it was originally NT6.4 and that's what it really is. Yes, in these sad times marketing cunts dictate even kernel versioning. Oh well.

>> No.57724564

Stop removing your flash drives without ejecting safely, you dumb cunts. You never see that message unless you are a daft cunt.

>> No.57724573

>Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media. It's bad enough literally no one in the history of humanity uses it, but it's always there. I bet Windows developers don't even use it. I'm not even sure Microsoft knows if it works or not. NO ONE uses it. Plus it's stupid too. It's 2016, not 1999.
You're an idiot.

>> No.57724614

A huge problem was that under Microsoft's pressure Vista was shoved by OEMs onto much hardware (especially laptops) which were originally never meant to ship with it, and weren't really designed to run it (the "designed for Vista" stickers being mostly blatant lies). I got a laptop in 2007 which came with Vista preinstalled but was designed back in 2006 and there was a huge amount of problems with Vista which all magically went away once I installed XP on it.

>> No.57724636

This. If writing to the flash drive is buffered (which it more than likely is by default), writing to it and then unplugging early without using the "safe removal" feature will likely result in the actual write not having been completed.

>> No.57724654


windows key + pause break is the shortkey for system properties.

also it changes the behavior of the typing cursor. put the cursor in front of text, press pause break, and hit space. it will delete a character infront of it for every character you insert. no clue why anyone ever thought it would be a useful feature. ever.

>> No.57724659

No. We use that.

>> No.57724717

Windows 10, never crashed anything from Adobe CS5 suite to Unreal and Autodesk. Foobar, loads of games...
When I crash it's always the display driver.

Am I just lucky?

>> No.57724752

it sent me to a hotfix page once. dont remember if it helped. it seems like microsoft had a support team for it once but it might have gotten moved to windows 10 development or slashed

>> No.57724786

There is a command you can run that will uninstall ALL the built-in windows store apps that you can't normally. at once. It's something people do before making a reference point for PC flashing.

>> No.57724792
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You are literally a retard.

>> No.57724811


In the newer systems, by default you can remove devices without that option. Especially storage drives.
Obviously if you remove it in the middle of a write operation you stand a risk of data corruption, but if it is not writing generally there is no problem.

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