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Things people say in movies that make you cringe

I'll start:

>I've hacked into the main frame

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>Shit! they've got 3 firewalls!
>alright i've cracked the first two, gimme more time damnit!

I saw the new Bourne movie. There was a hacker that could steal files from a military/government server, but she got caught because she clicked on topsecretfiledonotopen.pdf.exe while she was connected to the internet, and this leaked her IP address.

Not so much what people say, but

>be me
>be unmanned robot
>have GUI


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entire mr.robot series

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What the hell is a mainframe anyway?

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>this leaked her IP address
That's basically how they catch tor-pedos. PDFs in particular can cause remote resource fetches, leaving ips outside tor

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>im overclocking my monitor

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>this is the best encrption ive seen, give me a sec and i will break it

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>I'm in.

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"I'm in."

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>there are people on this board that doesn't know what a mainframe is

I want to murder you and your families

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Really big computers good at doing really specific things, like crunching numbers. A long time ago, terminals would offload their work to them. Nowadays they don't because it's cheaper to do it at your desk (except in a thin client / server cluster network architecture).

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Half of /g/ is 15 yo and that will never change, Anon. Don't be too hard on him.

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Mainframes are basically coming back with VDI.

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What's a mainframe?

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It's a powerful computer

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You can try but I'm doubtful you'll succeed with that severe autism you have

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>good at doing really specific things, like crunching numbers
So what, like every computer ever?

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Yeah, that's why I mentioned the thin client / server cluster network. VDI isn't run on mainframes though.

No. Your CPU is for general tasks. Think more like an ASIC in terms of performance.

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Mainframes are basically old-ass computers but companies keep them because it's WAY cheaper than buy new computers and rewrite old-ass software.

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not hacking related. but there are times where the show tries to be clever and serious but it comes as comical. Like Law and Order SVU and that videogame episode.
>they leveled up

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>mainframes are old computers
They can be new too, it's just that the term mainframe itself is a bit old.

Studies show that 92% of convicted serial killers show traits that fall well into the autism spectrum. It makes sense, when you think of it? Nobody gets triggered more than autists, and they are unable to deal with it other than resorting to the most extreme measures.

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mainframes are not application specific.
>ASIC performance is about as specific as saying GPU performance, cluster performance or CPU performance.

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>I'll hack this network from library computer

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>I have to disassemble this program's code written in proprietary language inside a tinfoil room to know what IP address it connects to

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It is very funny. How we go round in circles.

Some long time ago we had really big expensive computers.

Then someone realized we could have more then one access point to said computer, allowing more work to get done as the newer computer were fast enough to do more then one thing. (terminal/mainframe)

Prices came down and people started getting their own computer (desktop).

Given that so many small tasks relative to the systems load were common people discovered that they could take several small computer put them in a big box and have it act like a big computer, which was often a better solution then buying a big Mainframe. (sever)

With better networking more and more load was moved to the sever and the users computer got less powerful. (Thin clinet)

By tuneing the setup companies could leverage the power of new low energy systems. (Thin Clinet/Sever)

It follows the same reasoning with CPU/GPU and Single/Mutlicore and so many other trends.

Simple tasks can be broken down and done faster by many weaker units, whcih makes them very powerful for said applcation. But For a complex task a single poweful unit is faster and better. So system setup and problem solving application are critcal.

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so much this

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Mr. Robot is relatively accurate when compared to other shit shows tho.

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Compared to other shows, yes. But there's still a bunch of serious flaws though, for example how did he manage to get the Raspberry Pi online when there were no cell phone coverage and he couldn't use their own wifi (because it would be discovered quick as fuck) or the idea that a laptop in a police car would be on the same fucking network as a prison miles away. Or that industrial systems for controlling HVAC or prison doors would be exposed on a normal LAN etc

Not the guy you're responding to, but my biggest issue with the show is the bad writing though and blatant overuse of the "it was a dream all along" plot device.

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>he's never hacked into a mainframe!

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>this is linux. i know this!

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>I'm just running an algorithm

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>he's never hacked into the mainframe

Millennials, I swear

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>Studies show that 92% of convicted serial killers show traits that fall well into the autism spectrum. It makes sense, when you think of it? Nobody gets triggered more than autists, and they are unable to deal with it other than resorting to the most extreme measures.

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Pointing out that aspies struggle with stuff is edgy, but, you know, murdering someone isn't?

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she says UNIX

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How is that bait? She very clearly says "This is a UNIX system."

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You are legit retarded.

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I'm in

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>400lbs """"hacker"""" living at home
>Spends all day trolling
>Hacks for fun
>Anonymous masks everywhere

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