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>install linux
>no drivers*
>no video editing software*
>no cad software*
>no photo editing software*
>no office software*
>no games*
>no file picker thumbnails
>no support
>doesn't just werk

*that aren't total shit

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So this is what your worthless life amounts to?
Such a highlight.

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hey at least i can get 7s

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An oparating system with a small userbase has poor software support, no shit

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nice singles

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Mmmm hacker much ?

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>ms office isn't shit
>takes literally 20 minutes to open
Top kek

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>no drivers*
They're not shit ,they're mediocre.

>no video editing software*
Not shit, they're decent.

>no cad software*

>no photo editing software*
GIMP is quite powerful, just because you don't know how to use it doesn't mean it's shit

>no office software*
LibreOffice is good.

>no games*
I have steam and play CS:GO, CivilizationV, FTL natively without any problems.

>no file picker thumbnails
The terminal emulator is much easier for manipulating files, so thumbnails aren't really necessary, you're just a babby.

>no support
You can pay for support, same way you pay for Windows or MacOSX and get support. Canonical and Red Hat both offer paid support.

>doesn't just werk
Yes, it does. I installed Windows 7 and Debian on the same machine. Debian recognized the network card and graphics card during install and once the installation was done I booted up into a fully-functional system.

When I booted up into a fresh install of Windows 7 it had 1024x768 resolution and didn't recognize the network card. I had to go to a different computer and download the network card driver and then transfer it to the PC via USB. Now what if I didn't have another computer in the house, would I have to go to an internet cafe or a friend to get the network card driver then go back home to install it? Yeah, definitely an experience for 2016.

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What a retard you are. How the fuck can you watch pictures on your terminal emulator?

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>shifting the goalpost this hard

Regardless this isn't your personal ranting blog OP sage

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>good for you
>not true
>not true
>no idea
>not true
>not true
>partly true
>not true
>not close to be true
>not true

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So, this is...
the true power of Linux

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>I installed Windows 7
>definitely an experience for 2016

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>>install linux
Linux isn't an operating system, but I'll ignore that for now.
>>no drivers*
See >>57277834
Also the drivers aren't that bad. Are there that many free drivers for Windows?
Besides Android has broad support for many phones.
>>no video editing software*
I've heard that Blender is quite good.
>>no cad software*
No idea, never needed one.
>>no photo editing software*
There is the GIMP, also some combined viewing/editing software I can't remember the name of.
>>no office software*
It can't be that you do not know about LibreOffice.
>>no games*
Not true. Just look at GOG, Humblebundle, Steam or your local AppStore.
>>no file picker thumbnails
Not true. Why do people always think that?
>>no support
Support is lagrely community based, but that isn't as bad as it sounds for normal users.
>>doesn't just werk
I've had more trouble installing Windows than *buntu.

Sent from my Android/Linux device.

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I can install Ubuntu from 2007 and I bet it would still recognize the network card.

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>Not true. Why do people always think that?

Because it's true. When picking a file the thumbnails are extremely tiny, and there's not an official fix for it.

It's a GTK issue, and a widespread one. I don't understand how someone who regularly uses Linux actually denies that it exists.

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i just installed ubuntu on my laptop last month and it refused to even dignify the wireless cards existance
had to use debian

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Because most of us can install kdialog

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freecad has openscad integration and it works
it's not really great but it's far from shit
and a lot of people use plain openscad on windows because it's suited for 3d printing, obviously you can do the same on the gentoo

also nvidia proprietary drivers work fine for me and it supports all the games i like and any i make, as terry davis once said, write games don't play them

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eat bread
> has no meat in it
>> bread sucks

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LMAO dude

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holy crackers

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I'm not OP, and I'm using linux right now, how the fuck can you say

>They're not shit ,they're mediocre.
they are absolutely fucking dog shit, what world do you live in?

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>NVIDIA & AMD drivers
> kdenlive
> DrawSight
> Steam, gog ,wine
> Dolphin
>Works on my machine ™

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Finally a good get to check!

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Nice double dubs

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Meanwhile Ubuntu doesn't even boots on my 2004 Pentium D. Not even the Live disk works.

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>2009 OS
>not compatible with 2016 hardware
Guess why

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>People pay thousands of dollars for the "Mac Experience"
>Meanwhile Linux can become OSX within a few minutes


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>GIMP is quite powerful, just because you don't know how to use it doesn't mean it's shit

That's true actually. Same goes for LibreOffice. I love its loss PDF conversion, shit is so cash even at 500% zoom. I actually prefer to use these tools of MS Office now.

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>install linux
>no drivers*
the kernel is the drivers
>no video editing software*
what is blender
>no cad software*
what is libreCAD
>no photo editing software*
what is GIMP
>no office software*
what is libreoffice
>no games*
larger library than any console
>no file picker thumbnails
what is literally 90% of DEs
>no support
personal support exists and is paid, just like any other OS
>doesn't just werk
what is all non-autistic distros

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Frankly speaking, only Ubuntu is a usable distro, rest are just polished turds. Unity arresed the shortcomings of Xfce and Mate with compiz and a proper menu that doesn't break by moving icons.

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>install linux
>notice same as op
>move back to windows

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Kind of feel bad for people like you who missed out on a great OS by avoiding a little effort.

Ubuntu vanilla is good enough for most normies.

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>mac experience

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My onboard GPU does not support a higher resolution. Intel i3 Ivy Bridge is a piece of shit.

I went to the market to have my screen panel replaced, it won't work.

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>My onboard GPU does not support a higher resolution.
>mac experience

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At least you didn't made a pointless thread (yet).

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dayum gurl

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>install linux
>no drivers*
>no video editing software*
>no cad software*
>no photo editing software*
>no office software*
>no games*
>no file picker thumbnails
>no support
>doesn't just werk


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Nice script!
Can I have the source?

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>No drivers
It had drivers for my hardware. Don't use a gaming computer
>video editing, photo editing
For faggots.
Not related to my life
>office software
For subhumans
>file picker thumbnails
For shitposters
For idiots

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>Install windows 10
>No network drivers so need to use another computer to get the drivers.
>Update takes forever.
>Install the drivers from windows update.
>No sound.
>Search the driver from the manufacturer's site.
>Ok, no problem.
>Suspiciously high storage drive usage.
>Processes using high amount of resources for no reason.
>Forced updates, give up trying to customize it because the updates sets the defaults again.
>No more possibility to know what are the updates about.
>Error messages are not useful.
>Must uninstall crap often but gets installed again.
>Cannot disable cortana.
>Pretty obvious i don't control my OS.
>Read MS privacy statement.
>Fuck this shit.
>Install windows 7.
>No drivers, must hunt them this time.
>mfw i read that MS is issuing updates that backports W1's bullshit to windows 7.
>mfw i must use third party programs and be careful with the updates to protect myself from my own software provider.

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>At some moment got interested into looking for other software providers.
>Don't want to buy hardware and hackingtosh seems a fucking hassle so don't care about apple for the moment.
>Download ubuntu mate installation media.
>Try to boot but get black screen.
>Literally first google result tells me how to start with nomodeset and how to install the proprietary nvidia drivers.
>Proceed to install.
>Start again with nomodeset.
>Update OS (extremely fast compared to windows) and install nvidia drivers from a GUI.
>mfw everything works, no need to search for drivers.
>discovers dolphin, youtube-dl, clementine, playonlinux, kdenlive, krita, etc.
>Comfy as fuck.
>Discover my previous MS office documents don't work fine always.
>Read about the problem and discovers MS issued an standard they don't respect and no one know how it got approved something like that.
>Around half of my steam games are not avilable on linux.
>Read about it and discover how closed technologies can work as lock-in mechanism.
>mfw going back to windows would be like begging to be mistreated.
>mfw i would be actively supporting to make worse this situation.
>Use my computer normally but try to save my documents in open formats when possible to avoid being locked out from them and try to reward those developers who uses a multi-platform approach.

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windows is trash.
gnu+linux is awesome.
It's more of less common knowledge around here.
But don't get mad at me...
I don't write the news, I just report it.

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>never install windows 10
>be happy with win7

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>no drivers*
I can even run a full session from an usb, usually when i install windows i must use another computer to download the ethernet drivers, compared to that driver support on linux is much better. I consider you claim is too wide, be more specific.

>no video editing software*
>no cad software*
>no photo editing software*
>*that aren't total shit

By involving your tastes now your argument is not better than an opinion, i'll just put this here and everyone can decide if you're right or not:


>> No.57284083

>>no games*
This is pasta but it address your argument:

The no games argument is not true anymore. Windows is the best os for gaming mostly due to most game developers are trained into developing for it with microsoft's closed APIs, so the simple process of porting a game that was developed for windows to any other platform will affect negatively the performance of the game. This with the fact that the marketshare is small compared to windows there's hardly an incentive at the moment to optimize for linux, making look as if the platform were worse for games than windows when in fact to flip the situation you'll need to change the idiosyncrasies on the industry itself.

The fact though is that the situation on linux is not nearly the same than two years ago and now those who prefer linux over windows now can play games on it, helping to break the vicious circle, but still there's a lot of things to do for linux to compete in the gaming side. I anyone wants for this to change i recommend to play the games you can on linux when possible and ask for linux ports.

I notice some people doesn't want's for this to happen but if that the case let me ask (not directed specifically to the person i'm replying): how are any of you benefited in a meaningful way with the current situation? because i consider that keeping the statu quo just to have a tool to win an argument on what OS is better is not a meaningful thing. how having less options and practically being locked to MS products benefits you?

Some links:

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I bet you waste your life watching anime and shitposting here.

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>>no office software*
Again, by involving your tastes now your argument is not better than an opinion, most probably everyone knows that there's office software for linux:
-Libre office
-Google docs.
-MS Office 365.
-MS Office on wine.
-WPS office.
-I think own clowd integrates an office application.
-There's one called onlyoffice that seems pretty nice (i haven't tried it tho).

By adding the "*that aren't total shit" clause you're trying to shield yourself from being proved wrong. I can't prove tastes wrong but at least i can provide an opinion the same way you did:

What i do on linux is the following:
>MS documents can potentially lock out yourself from your own documents making you depend on MSO, so for any document i want to be the owner forever i use Libreoffice and i use ODF.
>If i need to give a document i send it as PDF.
>If that document needs to be modified by someone else and that person doesn't use LO i use google docs.
>I i receive a document on MSO format i use MSO on wine.

>no file picker thumbnails
Not true for KDE and if we use that as a criteria to measure the quality of an OS then for example windows doesn't even has tabs on the file explorer, i cannot customize it properly without touching system files and at the moment it doesn't have a proper package manager.

>no support
You can buy support from companies if you want, also the help topics are not obscure things so most problems can be fixed with a google search and the error messages are useful compared to windows for example.

>doesn't just werk
It works fine for me, better than other options i have tried but to be precise you must make clear your criteria on what you consider "just werks", are you implying you're using an operative system with no bugs?

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>>install linux
>>no drivers*

Linux supports more hardware than Windows. Indeed, it supports that scanner you threw out when Microsoft changed the driver model with XP and HP et al said "lol, they'll just have to buy new"

>>no video editing software*

The best kept secret of Blender is the compositing editor.

>>no cad software*

Siemens would like a word with you.

>>no photo editing software*

This is because you are unwilling to learn anything different.

>>no office software*

There are office suites all over the fucking place. "But it's not Microsoft's" So what? Word was shit 20 years ago and it's still shit today.

>>no games*

Not true in the slightest.

>>no file picker thumbnails

KDE, fucker.

>>no support

And you get support from Microsoft?

>>doesn't just werk

Actually, for the vast majority of installations, it does "just werk"

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Taking OP seriously...

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>paying for GETs

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Unfortunately most people is instructed on how to use windows from a young age and most people doesn't even knows what is an operative system. Repetition has an effect even if what's being spread are lies and microsoft knows this. I don't know if you're being sincere or if it's a bait and switch deflection tactic, even if it just were trolling it doesn't justifies it.

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Damn son

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proficient baiting my friend

>> No.57284981

Uh oh an edgy hipster who has some retarded explanation of why linux "isn't an operating system".

I got my popcorn ready

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Can't do shit in windows 7 no x mouse window activation, no middle click paste directory structure uses backslashes. Have to put exe files in system32 to get them to work, and have no idea what happens if they don't. No built in ssh sftp rsync. Bloat, nsa, webserver setup in minutes not seconds. Nothing good but games.

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And I am literally laughing at you because I just bought SOMA and play it.

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linux confirmed shit

>> No.57285305

Nope, I'm just trying to be accurate, because distributions vary so wildly that it's often difficult to discuss them as if they were one.
Compare Arch linux with Android for example.

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>no drivers
everything works perfectly on my laptop
>no cad software
i don't need that
>no phot
>no games
wine + steam is enough for me
>no file picker thumbnails
this is a valid complaint
>no support
>doesn't just werk
a lie

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>install windows
>have to install drivers separately
>have to manually install ethernet drivers for your motherboard, wasting more time doing so
>have to manually install GPU drivers
>have to hope drivers won't break with each reboot
>get spied on and laughed at by pajeets at Microsoft as you lose more and more control over your OS as years go by
>get cucked by the US government

>the only good office on Windows is LibreOffice anyway
>there are no games worth playing that already aren't on Linux either natively or through wine

>install linux
You didn't
>no drivers (that aren't shit)
>no photo editing software (that aren't shit)
>no office software (that aren't shit)
>no games (that aren't shit)
>no file picker thumbnails
>no support
>doesn't just werk

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What piece of shit computer do you use?

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you forgot

windows belongs to >>>/trash/

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Ebic :DDD

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Libreoffice is the best office suite around desu senpai

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>winshills: oh no, we got BTFO again! sage the thread! sage the thread!
Bump for great justice.

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>he isn't using latex

>> No.57287778

>he isn't using latex
Latex is the best for professional works and more because it's git-friendly but for most people LO is more than enough.

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Last bump from me, i guess shills are interested into people not reading the answers in this threads anymore to continue spreading their anti-linux propaganda.

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