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Rumor: Intel's Kaby Lake Pentiums (priced below i3s) will be two core with hyperthreading (2 c / 4 t) and could arrive before the end of the year.

>Assemble your parts list with price comparisons by vendor and compatibility filter.

>Gaming builds based on purpose or display resolution / Hz
>To activate the Description, select build from sidebar then click on the title over the parts list
>Description contains notes, other options, and build skeleton for easy customization / cost savings

>Have a budget, but don't know where to start? This will recommend you a parts list based on price.
>Significantly outdated "Good" and "Very Good" tiers

>General build advice including chipset compatibility, power supply advice, Windows activation information.

>Information about how to assemble a PC, how to select components, etc.

Post your component list, rate other anons', ask questions in general.

Always state the purpose of your PC, your budget, AND YOUR COUNTRY if outside the USA. If you are asking for improvements, clarify whether you want to lower price, or improve specs or build quality.

If you see any other build advice or part list threads, please politely direct them here.

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Old thread >>57136706

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rate debate masterbait

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Thinking about an i5 4460s to go with my new r9 280x to replace my Pentium g3260
S because reading up on it, a regular 4460 is only about 1-3% better in performance while using significantly less power and making less heat
Still a quad core, which is the important part here
Nothing spec wise to show so here's a picture of this nicotine craving moth I saw today at work

Good/bad idea? It's around 150$

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Motherboard, ram, PSU and GPU cooling are all too expensive
Everything else actually gives you performance and is okay to be expensive

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>Intel's Kaby Lake Pentiums (priced below i3s) will be two core with hyperthreading (2 c / 4 t) and could arrive before the end of the year.
It's confirmed, but then what the fuck is the point of the i3-7100? It has the same L3 cache size as the Pentium (3MB) and also doesn't have Boost frequency.

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thinking about going from
>r9 290




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An R9 290 to a 390X makes no sense. You either go with the Fury X (as long as it's under $500) or go with an Nvidia GTX1070.
If your motherboard supports it, swap to the Ivy Bridge i7. You may need to check the heatspreader for any signs of previous detaching or damage to the PCB. Some overclockers delidded their i7-3570K/3770K because the thermal paste Intel used sucked shit through a Big Gulp straw and may have damaged their CPUs in the process.

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well, in games like BF1, a 390x can get up to 20% more fps, and a 390x is only $100 more than what I can sell my 290 for

and 3770k is obviously my preferred CPU upgrade, as it'll give me near 6700k performance (overclocked vs stock), at half the cost, but yeah, the only ones I've found have been delidded

are there many games that are CPU limited? my 2500k is at 4.5GHz

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I bought a used pre-built workstation that had a i7-3770K that still worked. You might need to scavenge or search harder for non-delidded CPUs. That is if you don't trust delidded i7s.
Generally, if they work after the delid, you can put liquid metal paste between the heatspreader and the silicon for near-soldering level heat conductivity rather than risking a delid yourself.

There is a very good reason why Ivy Bridge got the delid treatment from serious overclockers (and why the "delidding = better temps" meme came from). The stock TIM was so bad that it was near impossible to get close to 4.5GHz without hitting a thermal wall.

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laptop(E6410) HDD died today.

Nothing much on there I minded.
Then the spare HDD from 8-ish years died when I tried to test the Lappy HDD in my desktop.

Better to get a new laptop or get a SSD(if the connectors on the laptop to the HDD aren't burned out)?

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i think you are right they are expensive but i have gone on the cheaper end of the scale with thermaltake, silverstone, lian li ect and the fuck ups are not tolerable:
Loud as fuck case/cooling fans, and after a certain amount of time some of them started to clip the housings, and the temps were an shit.

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Don't get a 390x. Too hot. Just wait until the 490

Celeron and Pentium currently are both 2 c / 2 t, so I guess both Pentium and i3 will be 2 c / 4 t and Celeron will get relegated to solitary

>my new r9 280x
Sorry for your loss

>i5 4460s
Is that the best i5 your mobo will support?

>nicotine craving moth
Nicotine is a pesticide


480GB SSD, but if you need more space get a 240GB and an external

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Got the external.

I'll probably get another 750 or a OCZ Trion 150 instead.

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>The 970 would be a huge upgrade from your 5000 series graphics card

well, obviously, but now I'm wondering how well the 960 or 460 would stack up, obviously they'll be a bit behind compared to the 1000 cards but if it's still a significant upgrade... they are quite a bit cheaper

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Ok, let me try to straighten some things out

Ascending tiers from best to worst
>1050, 950, 460, 750Ti
>380, 960
>1050Ti, 380x
>Power gap
>470, 3GB 1060, 970
>480, 6GB 1060
>Power gap
>1070, 1080

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ABout that power gap, we have no idea if the 1050ti will outperform the 470 4GB.

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It won't. The 470 is clearly in line with the 3GB 1060/970 by current benchmark results >>57153102, and the 1050Ti will be about half as good (by CUDA core count) as the 1060.

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>1070, 980 Ti
>Fury X
>1060 6GB, Fury, 980, 390X
>480, 390, 970
>1060 3GB, 470
>1050 Ti, 960
>1050, 950
>460, 750 Ti

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this isn't helping

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Is it worth it buying any parts right now when Black Friday/Cyber Monday are a month away?

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Just get a 1060 3GB. It's better than the 480 (both versions) and about on par with the 970, except better in DX12.

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The Fury X is on par with the 980ti for DX11/OpenGL now, and on par or faster than the 1070 in DX12/ Vulkan

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>The Fury X is on par with the 980ti for DX11/OpenGL now
>this cuck actually believes this

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>1060 6GB, Fury, 980, 390X
Thanks for the laugh buddy, the 6GB 1060 is a lot closer to the 480 than the Fury

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>Just get a 1060 3GB. It's better than the 480
i'm dying m8

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...Except it is?

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See >>57154196

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>1 fps difference
>not margin of error noise

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You don't know what you're fucking looking at. That's the 6GB version, which has 10% more CUDA cores than the 3GB. The 3GB version doesn't just have less RAM, it's a cut down chip, and it's boost and base clockspeeds are also lower than the 6GB version.

Clearly (in the best DX11 game for benchmarking) the 6GB 1060 is approximately equal to the 480.

Ergo, the 3GB 1060 would be significantly slower than the 480 in TW3 (as it is in general).

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Depends on the deal. I bought a 960gb ssd for 130 yesterday. Might also be worth waiting for when kaby lake drops.

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Whatever you want specifically won't be on sale for black friday, it never is

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Your body wouldn't decompose into a skeleton if you died in space, that astronaut was already a skeleton when he died

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Honestly, just get win10 home full and when you want to upgrade(if you can even do that) your motherboard, you don't have to buy another overpriced OEM key.

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Am I dumb if I pair a 6400 or 6500 and a 1060 with a h110m motherboard or another budget one? I dont care about SLI clearly. Is the ram clock speed that big a difference?

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Is W10 even half as good as 7

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>built computers all my life
>never really aimed for high end or bargain-bin performance
>upgraded a couple years back to a middle-of-the-road haswell i5, was previously a C2D
>GTX 660
>life is pretty good
>made the plunge to Samsung SSD earlier this year and 16GB RAM
>love the speed boost
>finally decide to go all-in with a GTX 1070
>price is a little steep for me but I rearrange my budget and work it in
>found a reasonable price+rebate through EVGA (plus GOW4 voucher, bonus)
>card arrives today
>should get to bed but I can't stand the thought of not setting up new card
>take everything out, safely disconnect PC and begin surgery as I have hundreds of times before
>card is nicely seated, had to use power adapter from box to merge 2x6pin power plugs into one 8pin but no issues
>put everything back together, triple-checked that all connections are solid and everything is accounted for
>hit the power switch on PSU & front panel
>do a couple power cycles and use different outlets
>not a single light or fan
>swap back to previous card
>still nothing
>remove video card altogether and run with bare minimum essential components
>still not a single sign of life
>too tired to continue
>flop onto bed on the verge of a mental breakdown and open up 4chan to make this post

I just don't fucking know. Now in addition to being sleep deprived tomorrow I get to look forward to my PC being a brick. I've always managed to have some kind of funky luck and my builds have had little to no major problems, nothing on this scale. I don't know if it's the PSU or the motherboard that suddenly decided to die, and I don't know that I have the budget or resources to work out where the problem lies. I got the PSU at the same time as the mobo, it's a solid 750W 80+ certified reputable brand so I know it isn't a matter of not being able to handle the card

I suppose this is what I get for trying to stray from the middle of the road. Sorry for my rambling nonsense

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>Significantly outdated "Good" and "Very Good" tiers
I apologize. Nothing I can do until 1050/1050 Ti get released.

Currently looking at PSUs and mobos.

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well its cheap as dicks and blows my pentium out of the water
its good enough

just bought it and a xeon

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falcon old buddy old pal is this a solid upgrade from an FX8320?

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What to upgrade?

I have a G3258 (overclocked to 3.8GHz) and a 750 Ti, both of which are beginning to feel kind of bothersome. I really want to be sure that my build is future-proof, which probably means buying a Z170 mobo and CPU as well as GPU, but I'm not sure if I have the cash to do all three?

What do, /g/? Should I buy the mobo/CPU (if so, which) or the GPU (if so, which)? Lets say I have a budget of something just over $200 USD

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For games it will be, for multitasking, video editing, whatever it's not really worth switching considering that you have to buy new mobo and ram too. If you're only gaming, get the 6600k, or wait for Kaby and Zen.

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Dual core should be able to hold out for another year, not at max settings in most games, but it will be ok-ish
i say new GPU first, save up for something big like a 1080, then save up the dosh for a new mobo and something like a 6700k

(can you imagine that in a few years the 6700k and 1080 might become the new 2500k and gt8800?)

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well i need a new mobo and ram anyway the current are both at least 3 years old if not older and soon ill be upgrading my 780 for a 1080

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Hey guys, so about four years back I built this system, I mainly used the Logical Increments page at the time.
ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
i5-2500 (Sandy Bridge IIRC)
8gb RAM
2x 1TB drives
750 Ti (upgrade from a year back when the original ATI card failed)

And I'm wondering what you all would suggest for upgrades, since it's starting to run into trouble with newer games like BF1 and Doom.

Obviously the main avenue would be a SSD and more RAM, but I'm not sure as to the upgrade process for the SSD, unhook the old drives, reinstall windows on the SSD and then hook the old ones back up and remove the old Windows install and system files?

As to RAM, is it worth getting a matching set of new sticks or could I just hunt down the same brand and model and add in a couple more?

Also, if I wanted to upgrade the processor, would I benefit from going to a newer i5 or should I just go straight to a i7? And do you need to do a system reinstall for this? (if it's even possible? I don't see anything on the motherboard specs page indicating it's only limited to the Sandy Bridge series and older)

Apologies if these are noob questions, I don't do upgrades or get to tinker with computer stuff that often for financial reasons. This computer was replacing a 2006 vintage CAD computer with a AGP (!) port that I inherited. I remember playing Fallout 3 at 800x600 with everything set to minimum and the side of the case off to keep it cooler so it wouldn't lock up every 30 minutes when the video card overheated.

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Also I've got a crummy 19 inch Acer monitor that predates this system and I'm continually running into trouble with having to force games to run at 59.99Hz or they get this weird inverse-letterboxing that cuts the sides of the screen off. Suggestions for a replacement screen? I want to get in on this 720p/1080p/4k bandwagon.

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Obviously, yes! In lightly-threaded applications, the performance jump will be huge. Maybe double the performance? Check the reviews and see. For multi-threaded application, the 8350 is still an 8-core CPU, so it will not be as big a jump, but the 6700K will still win by a large margin.

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Sadly, if I remember correctly the most you could get for the motherboard would be 3rd gen...

Either i7-3770(K)(~77W TDP) or (MAYBE, not sure at all) Xeon E3-1270 or E3-1275v2 (69W and 77W TDP, respectively.

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any 18.5 monitor at 60hz will do desu (so all of em) make sure they got a VGA port

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Was given a pre-built PC 5 years ago, looking to upgrade. Used to play video games, draw and edit video. Pretty flexible budget, preferably nothing extravagant. Canada. I want to run my games at max settings. Very ignorant.

Current specs
Intel Core i7-2600k 3.40Ghz, no OC
Sabertooth P67
>Video Card
Radeon 7970 HD
Intel 320 2.5" 120GB SATA
Seagate 500GB 16MB Cache SATA 6Gb/s
some kind of CM Storm gamer bullshit, it works

Prospective changes
Still good?
No idea, don't think it fits DDR4. Good brands/models?
>Video Card
some kind of GTX 1070
G.SKILL TridentZ 2 x 8GB DDR4 3400 (tend to run a game + multiple chrome tabs)
Biggest issue, I have no room. Given its purpose, is there any reason I shouldn't go 2x 1TB or a 2TB HDD? Any advice on brands?
Current one seems dodgy, maybe "Seasonic Flagship PRIME TITANIUM 850"

Any input from someone less retarded is welcome. My choices are just going off of /g/ archives and whatever Newegg has available. Advice on overclocking this would also be appreciated.

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Your best two upgrades would be an SSD and a new graphics card. The 750 Ti is now considered a low-tier, not mid-tier any more.

Not much of a point in getting more RAM, since 8GB is fine for Doom and BF1.

>> No.57156017

Your CPU is still fine. You cannot change RAM to DDR4 unless you change CPU+mobo.

-GTX 1070 is great. Is your screen 1440p? If it is below that, you can get a lower card.
-Definitely get a bigger SSD, and add another HDD if you are storing lots of movies/aname/series.

What is your budget?

>> No.57156051

scored like 600w load wattage on outervision

should i get:
EVGA G2 650w or
EVGA G2 750w for $10 more

>> No.57156053

Damn, that's what I thought. Looks like the i7-3770 is more expensive than new i7s since it's been discontinued, so that'll wait until I can build a new system.

Yeah basically what happened was last August my old card, a HD6870, overheated and died, and the 750 Ti was what fit my budget at the time.

I think I'll probably go with the SSD first, since long loading times are worse than setting the graphics to low.

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How many more years until Zen releases?

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>You cannot change RAM to DDR4 unless you change CPU+mobo
Fug, then maybe a Corsair 16GB DDR3 2400

>GTX 1070 is great. Is your screen 1440p? If it is below that, you can get a lower card
1080p atm, but that may well change in the future, and I want it to last.

>Definitely get a bigger SSD, and add another HDD if you are storing lots of movies/aname/series
What are the pros of staying SSD+HDD and not go full HDD? 512GB SSD + 1TB is ~$150 more than just 2TB.

>What is your budget?
$1500 absolute max.

Thanks for answering.

>> No.57156142

>$1500 absolute max.
You can get a whole new computer with that, though it would probably be a bit of a waste, if you are happy with your current CPU.

>What are the pros of staying SSD+HDD and not go full HDD?
HDDs are slower than SSDs. With your budget, you can easily get a 500GB SSD, and put your OS, programs and games there, and leave your movies/series/anima on the HDD. OS/programs benefit from SSD speeds, Breaking Bad does not.

>> No.57156190

any1 know

>> No.57156639

I have an AMD A10 6800k I bought brand new when it released since I had a very tight budget that time ($300 for the unit only), and I only play DotA II and some older games.

Is dual channel 2133 MHz RAM a significant upgrade? If not, what's a good GPU to pair it with? I'm buying a 1080p monitor along with it.

>inb4 APU

>> No.57156690

That would depend entirely on what RAM you have now and what's your budget, wouldn't it?

>> No.57156715

I can afford both fine, but would be better if I can save some cash on the upgrade.

I have a single stick of 4GB 1600MHz RAM in it atm.

>> No.57156793

Looking at http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/memory-scaling-gaming-haswell-richland,3593-15.html it would seem that the 6800k performance tops at around 20% over dualchannel 1600MHz. But the integrated GPU on it honestly isn't that great especially compared to what you'd get from a modern GPU, so you'll get better value if you just spend a little more money and get an RX 460 or something.

>> No.57156877

Any Australians here, please tell me where you get parts from. I have a 1k budget and everything is real fucking expensive.

>> No.57157072

does anyone have a link to a manufacturer card comparison chart of the 1080 that includes temperatures? I can only find the official geforce custom card roundup page and some reddit post, both excluding temps

>> No.57157242

which state u in

>> No.57157281

vic m8

>> No.57157302

Is this any good or is dool gpus a reddit meme

>> No.57157329

you sure that's the correct link because it's 4 years old

>> No.57157330

just go staticice to find where its cheapest.
some good stores are like msy, umart, pccg, cpl

>> No.57157343


any final comments or suggestions before I commit?

>> No.57157409

>win 7
>on skylake

You're inviting problems.

>> No.57157431

should I just make the switch to 10 then?
I'm still emulating the fucking taskbar from <7. I absolutely hate the new interfaces

>> No.57157460

Amd fx 6300 6 core processor 3.50 ghz
8 gig ram
Windows 7
Sad 120 gig for windows and 1tb data drive
Asus disk drive
Nvidia force gtx 760

most likely buying a build with this in it tomorrow also a decent 1080 p monitor included, but these are the only specs listed

I'm playing 280 for it, is that a good deal?

>> No.57157598

See what is your typical load, and try and pick a PSU where the typical load is close to the middle of the PSU's capabilities.


>> No.57157612

What PSU and mobo? $280 is a good price for that, assuming decent PSU and mobo.

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Should I get a 750W GQ for $71.99 or a 750W G2 for $105.90? GQ is semi-modular with a 135mm fan while G2 is modular with a 140mm fan. 5 versus 10 years warranty doesn't matter since I'm importing it

>> No.57157699

no idea, i know its working and he had some benchmarks that seemed decent. I am getting a good deal on at least those things alone, even if it wasn't an already working computer tho?

>> No.57157701

How long should I wait to upgrade my 390? I play at 1080p mostly, and would like something in the same general price range. Would picking up a 2nd one be an option when prices drop?

>> No.57157706

In this case you get what you pay for. G2 is better but more expensive, GQ is worse (has worse internals) and is cheaper, but both are good PSUs.
It's your call, how much do you want to spend?

>> No.57157718

I'd just go full modular.

>> No.57157744

For the CPU, card, and screen, and assuming everything else is at least decent: Yes, that is a good deal.

>> No.57157755

So you lose efficiency when you get overkill?

Don't know what my typical load is, only got my outervision results http://outervision.com/b/BEn8C9
which is my current build without any expansion or overclocking

>> No.57157779

Thanks so much man! Am I dumb for getting this an my pc for next few years? I mean eventually I'll upgrade gfx but lets say I don't. I don't care about ultra with good fps but I care about amazing fps on low-medium and at least 60 on High with shadows off. How soon would you recommend a gfx upgrade?

>> No.57157804

If you want consistent 60FPS in new AAA games, the 6300 doesn't cut it.

>> No.57157827

well then how shitty is my current processor? I have an AMD phenom quad core and its at 3.8GHz, but i believe its much older than the one in the pc i'm buying with only slightly lets GHz

>> No.57157841

next few years will not get you near 60fps on high. the 760 is over 3 years old and back then it was a midrange card.

>> No.57157864

Sup G

getting ready to put together a mini ITX, mainly used for web browsing (HD porno), I wanted one to be easily moved around as to connect to the TV for some netflix and chill sessions, only game is probably dota 2.

Case: corsair 380t
mobo: MSI 110M Gaming micro ATX LGA 1151
CPU: core i3 6100
Ram: 2x4 GB Hyper X Fury DDR4 2133
Graphics Card: TBC - please assist
Storage: SSD about 250 GB
Power supply: 4TBC - please assist

looking to spend around 700-800 AUD, nothing too fancy but the case has to look good

>> No.57157874

isn't the 760 and 6300 a bit olden?

>> No.57157880

Indeed. Comparing a Gold efficiency 1500W unit vs a Gold efficiency 550W unit, if your typical load is a light 150-250W, then the 550W unit will be better.

...slightly. We are talking a few percentage points.

760 is 3 generations old, but it is still decent. Roughly comparable to a modern ~$120 GPU, so you can play all modern games on medium settings. If you are playing the latest CrysisTheft AutoWitcher 7, then you are not going great FPS with a 760. For upgrading in the futre: For 1080p gaming, the modern gamer who has $200 for a graphics card is actually very lucky. A modern $200 card can play all modern AAA titles very well at 1080p.

>> No.57157899

Link to PCP you filthy nigger.
Get RX460/470 or wait for 1050/ti.
EVGA 500B, though idk if it fits into the case. This is why you use PCP.

>> No.57157923

>...slightly. We are talking a few percentage points.
Not necessarily true. 80+ gold certification doesn't even take into account the efficiency at 10% load.

>> No.57157948

So for my purposes, what's the better purchase?

G2 650w
G2 750w (+$10)

>> No.57157991

>...slightly. We are talking a few percentage points.
Actually we are not. Efficiency below 20% load decreases drastically

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File: 75 KB, 770x621, Intel_i7_6700K_33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


4790k vs 6700k

Is there a better option for an intel CPU at that price range?

What motherboard would you recommend? High end budget

>> No.57158192

with such a tiny difference I'd go for the newer one, probably will stay relevant longer

difficult to beat skylake to be desu

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File: 84 KB, 845x603, what do.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am confused and don't know what to choose at this price range.
I know that 24 is a meme size but want to try.
I had a 23 in the past and it was good. 25 seems too big.

What panel do I choose? I want it to be flicker-free (if this is not a meme too).
From companies it seems the usual LG, Samshit, Asus, BenQ will be safe bets. (is BenQ legit?)

>> No.57158273

flicker free is not a meme, most monitors reduce brightness by switching the backlight on and off rapidly, you can check this by taking a picture of the screen with a white line moving across it during the exposure, or look at a fan illuminated by the screen I guess

it's more apparant with LED-backlight for obvious reasons

>> No.57158297

Why is BenQ so much cheaper?

>> No.57158305

>last gen CPU
>Kekston SSD
>standard GTX980
>150$ case
>860W PSU
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.57158344

>is BenQ legit?
Do you live under a rock?

I guess because the Asus is ultra-slim meme and comes with speakers.

>> No.57158354

>va panel
>no sound
>no special flicker free circuits

>> No.57158372

can someone provide with me a somewhat definitive answer, I'm having trouble with watts going on.

>> No.57158418

BenQ is great

>> No.57158439

I should stick to Asus then. How are those speakers?
I like that since I won't buy speakers right away.

>> No.57158452

>How are those speakers?
Like all integrated ones, absolute dog shit.

>> No.57158504

VA panels have better contrast so may be subjectively better looking

why are you so intent on flicker free anyway? most won't notice it

>> No.57158552

i read it helps with long hours of viewing.

>> No.57158658

Post build and what do you plan to do with the computer motherfucker.

>> No.57158673

>best performance in the ~$500 range
>I've never had problems with kingston SSDs
>I already purchased that
>He hasn't seen Enthoo Luxe watercooled builds
>351watt consumption

Why are you so angry?

>> No.57158802
File: 69 KB, 600x514, stock-hsf[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so about that
>amd stock cooler

what would be a good upgrade for that? I don't know very much about coolers. is noctua a meme? a big fan is probably quieter, but I don't know if a big one would fit

>> No.57158876

My man.

AMD FX-8150
GTX 780 Ghz
4x4gb DDR3 1600mhz
Wifi card
Standard hdd
Thermaltake Litepower 700w PSU

The Tt PSU is trash and is probably gonna start a fire soon so it needs replacing.
Torn between the capacities of the EVGA Supernova G2. Either the 650w or for $10 more the 750w.

I'd like to allow room for future potential overclocking and expansion like an SSD or a sound card. Could also potentially upgrade the AMD CPU to a higher end model like the 8350 later down the track.

>> No.57158974
File: 42 KB, 380x400, nat1446901697744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just how much better is the 470 over the 460?

AMD RX 470 specs
Stream Processors: 2048
AMD CUs: 32
Core clock: 926MHz
Boost clock: 1206MHz
TFLOP: 4.9
Memory clock: 6.6Gbps
Memory bus width: 256-bit
Memory bandwidth (GB/s) 211
TDP: 120W
Transistors: 5.7b
Manufacturing process: 14nm FinFET
Power: 1x 6-pin

AMD RX 460 specs
Stream Processors: 896
AMD CUs: 14
Core clock: 1090MHz
Boost clock: 1200MHz
TFLOP: 2.2
Memory clock: 7Gbps
Memory bus width: 128-bit
Memory bandwidth (GB/s): 112
TDP: 75W
Transistors: 3.5b (unknown)
Manufacturing process: 14nm FinFET
Power: None

>> No.57158997

>I'd like to allow room for future potential overclocking and expansion like an SSD or a sound card. Could also potentially upgrade the AMD CPU to a higher end model like the 8350 later down the track.
All what you described can be handled by the 650W power supply, but having a 750W power supply doesn't really hurt either. It's kinda your choice really.

>> No.57159009

Just ordered a gtx titan x for £220 of some guy on ebay who only had 2 reviews and they were both buyer. What's the chances I actually get it, and if I do what's the chance of it actually working?

>> No.57159013

seems to be a huge difference for whatever reason, like the jump from 750ti to 1060

>> No.57159037

Will the 750w lose any efficiency?
And is the 750w better for recycling to use in future builds or is the 650w still adequate?

>> No.57159079

and I am reading shit about the 460. I guess the extra moneys are worth it for the 470.

>> No.57159085

>Will the 750w lose any efficiency?
Not enough to matter except when the computer is idle.
>And is the 750w better for recycling to use in future builds or is the 650w still adequate?
650W is more than adequate unless you're planning to plug two 250W GPUs into it.

>> No.57159121

So perhaps the 650w is the better go?
Seems that the 750w is unnecessary.
What would /g/ do?

>> No.57159135

I guess it's not that suprising after all

>2.3x stream
>2x bandwidth

>> No.57159175

I was in the same situation as you some time ago and went with 650W. The build was a different one of cource but the wattage was about the same.

>> No.57159257

hmm, CM TX3 evo might fit, is that any good?

>> No.57159288

What was the wattage?
Has the PSU lasted you?

>> No.57159563

I am putting together an upgrade build for my 2nd gen i7
I have a lot of bottlenecking when I render videos / edit images
I do game quite a lot and livestream with friends
I will be bringing SSds / m.2 sata / spinny drives and a GTX970 graphics card to the table
I currently have a level10gt case and wanted to have a second one for this build but will take suggestions on that
Is this build good/ what would you change?

>> No.57159743

where's the RX 480 ?

>> No.57159808

Around 530W, still running nice.

>> No.57159835

just google a review which has both in the comparison charts.

50/50 at best

that's not how PSU efficiency works.

graphics cards and CPUs are becoming more efficient every year so there is little chance you need a beefier PSU in the future

noctua is good but slightly more expensive because of their long warranty fans.
if you want something similar but cheaper check out the Scythe FUMA.
almost everything will fit if you dont have an ITX or slim case.

m.2 is still overpriced IMO, you get similar performance and more space with regular SSDs in RAID.
i hope you're not buying that GTX 970 new, it should be way below $200 to be worth it over a gtx 1060 or rx 480.
>level10 case
nice meme
Your RAM is slow.
You can get by with less Watts on the PSU even if you OC.
Get a better CPU cooler.

>> No.57159874

I remember way back when I first got this, before upgrading the cpu, I got a cooler that didn't fit, assuming most would be made to fit standard cases, was in the middle of moving so I don't know where that ended up at unfortunately

taking a measuring tape to it I have some 15 cm of clearance, FUMA is already pushing it, and looks a bit extreme desu

>> No.57159911

cases have gotten wider these days so most can fit even massive ones like noctua nh-14/15

if you wont OC much or at all you could get something cheaper like Cryorig H7

>> No.57159940

So you reckon I should go with the 650w over the 750w then?
I'm having a hard time choosing.

>> No.57160048

What cube cases are there other than Fractal Design?

>> No.57160058

I thought 80+ considered minimum efficiency from 0-100%, that no matter what if you have 80+ gold you're getting 91% or higher efficiency

>> No.57160098

Nope. 80+ gold only means that you're getting at least 91% efficiency at 50%, 88% at 20% and 89% at 80%(or something along those lines, and even then it depends on whether you're using 110V or 230V, with 230V getting better efficiency).

>> No.57160102

/g/ would choose a 500w PSU because just barely getting by on wattage is a meme
A smart person would find the highest wattage PSU at the same quality and price as what you're considering now, because there is one out there
Wattage doesn't control prices unless there's a 300+w jump, quality controls the prices and a quality 650w will cost the same as a quality 750w

>> No.57160125

What is the best mini-itx case?

I don't know what to pick anymore

>> No.57160253

I'm not angry, your build is just shit. You askes for an opinion, you got one.
>351W consumption
Your 860 is so fucking overkill.

>> No.57160296

>351 watt consumption
We've all seen "the" cool gaymen watercooler builds, that's why we don't do them for 980s and old CPUs, because somebody stupid already did

>> No.57160314

If the price isnt too different the 750W wont hurt and you will be comfortable knowing you have lots to spare, but 650W will be fine even with some OC.

dont forget that this is barely noticable on your electric bill (unless you run a bitcoin mining farm).
the days of buying super high wattage PSUs so you never go above 50% load are long gone.

>implying higher watt doesnt cost more even within the same brand and model series
>implying buying a PSU so you barely use half of it is "smart"
>implying hardware isnt getting more power efficient every year
fuck off back to /v/ you retard

>> No.57160342

>barely same performance for same cost as current gen
>anecdotal evidence
>then dont post
>implying seeing something makes it less retarded
>you just help prove the other guy's point by listing your power consumption
why are you so retarded?

>> No.57160380
File: 69 KB, 1113x527, what does it mean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did they mean by that?

>> No.57160402

that they're exactly the same as the cheapest cables on the market but with a tax for retards

how new are you?

>> No.57160420

Seasonic MK2 520w: $69.99
Seasonic MK2 620w: $64.99

>> No.57160450
File: 181 KB, 1920x1080, 8171a8AqIXL._SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could you please have a look at this monitor stats to let me know if there is any bullshit in there? It looks alright to me. Thanx doges.

Asus VC239H 23

Panel Size: Wide Screen 23.0"(58.4cm) 16:9
Panel Backlight / Type: In-Plane Switching
True Resolution: 1920x1080
Full HD 1080P
Display Surface Non-glare
Pixel Pitch: 0.2652mm
Brightness(Max): 250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio (Max) 1000:1
ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR): 80000000:1
Viewing Angle: 178/178
Response Time: 5ms (GTGσ)
Display Colours: 16.7M
Flicker free

Video Feature
SPLENDID Video Preset Modes: 8 Modes
Skin-Tone Selection: 3 Modes
Colour Temperature Selection: 4 Modes
QuickFit (modes): Yes (Letter/A4/Alignment Grid/Photo Modes)
GamePlus(modes): Yes (Crosshair/Timer)
Low Blue Light
HDCP support

Stereo Speakers: 1.5W x2

Convenient Hotkey
Blue Light Filter
Brightness Adjustment
Input Selection


>1x HDMI
I have read reviews that count this as a negative. What could I do with a 2nd HDMI input?

>> No.57160477

Corsair RM650X: $69.99
Corsair RM750X: $64.99

>> No.57160482

I can post more examples for the other side than you can post examples of 100W difference with almost identical price.

>> No.57160496

fuck off and google a review yourself we're not going to read your wall of text

nice cherry picking

>> No.57160498

But that's exactly what I wanted to show, that a 100W difference for the same quality PSU is often the exact same price

>> No.57160532

but it's not, learn to read, i can post more examples where it's NOT the same price, stop cherry picking

but, i DO AGREE that IF the price is NOT more than what your example showed, it is a no brainer and you should buy the one with more Watts.

>> No.57160540

Looks like a cheap monitor targeted at gaymurs.
Problem is, there are things to consider which are not listed there. Examples...
Is the illumination homogenous? Does it have a ghosting issue? Real-world viewing angles are probably absolute shit because TN, etc. ...

>> No.57160543

Seasonic modular 80+ platinum 760W: $169.99
Seasonic modular 80+ platinum 860W: $169.99

>> No.57160564

The prices I showed had the higher wattage PSU cheaper than the lower wattage ones

>> No.57160569

you can stop trying now, see

>> No.57160576

Im tossing between
Evga supernova g2 650w $150
Evga supernova g2 750w $160
So compare those prices

>> No.57160581

But it is
Almost all the PSUs I saw while buying one had the lowest wattage version more expensive than a higher wattage one

>> No.57160610

Why not get a Seasonic platinum for that price?
If ratings don't matter to you id say get this 620w 80+ bronze one here for cheap >>57160420
I got a 650w modular Seasonic platinum on sale for $80 for my pc

>> No.57160626

OC isn't really on the laundry list, it's just the stock cooler can't even keep up with the stock clocks of 4.0ghz

H7 looks pretty good but it seems twice as expensive as the TX3

>> No.57160635

ofc, the tx3 is shit. have you even looked at some actual reviews and comparisons of coolers?

>> No.57160641

Why are they so expensive are you a foreigner?

>> No.57160656

In aus those are like $250.
The seasonic g650 is the same price as the evga g2 750

>> No.57160664
File: 67 KB, 600x744, 5e2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, I don't know shit

why is it shit? noise? temps? blocking other components???

>> No.57160672

Rate my gentoo machine.


Going to wait till newer GPUs drop and go for liquid cooling because I got this powermac g5 with the double liquid cooled CPUs. Then gift the 212 along with hopefully a cheaper i7-4790 to my brother who has my old i3-4130 PC.

>> No.57160677

Sorry the 650w Seasonic platinum I got was actually $100 on sale, I had bought the 80+ gold version for $100 a day before, but was able to cancel my order and switch it out fast enough when the platinum went on sale

>> No.57160712

what's a good and cheap lga H67 1155 motherboard?

>> No.57160727

And the 650 w is fine? Not sure for $10 if its worth it for the 750w with some inefficieny perhaps?

>> No.57160748

it's a cheap product and you get the performance to match the low price

you dont want to skimp that hard on the cooler when you're buying a fucking 6800k-E

>> No.57160759

you may confuse me with someone else but I'm not getting a 6800k, I have an fx8350 with
>stock cooling

>> No.57160762

Is a 4790 + a mATX b85 mobo together for $320 a good deal?

>> No.57160795

oh right. even more reason then because AMD get hotter than intel.

no, you can get a i5 6400 and mobo for the same price

>> No.57160798

What are you running?
If you're not running a laptop off of it you're not going to see more than a 2-3% loss in efficiency, which is likely less than 10 watts efficiency difference overall. You could start using fluorescent light bulbs and see a better power bill than you would see going from 650 to 750w PSU
If you're using a single GPU and single CPU then it really shouldn't matter

>> No.57160847

Yeah but the the 6400 is shit. A fucking SHIT!

>> No.57160848


So either one is fine, little consideration between them? What would be a deciding factor cos $10 isn't much.

>> No.57160858

I've got about 1400 English GBPS to work with, lads.

I want to build something beastly/for 3D work/144hz FPS at 1080p/Streaming/Heavily modded games, but I've never done it before, just maintained my current/put a new gpu in etc.

I've watched a load of build videos, step by steps and read most of the shit on here and I've messed around with pcpartpicker but what makes a good build? Is it really as simple as putting shit together with the compatibility checked? That seems too easy to me.

Is there a certain type of SSD I should get if I don't care too much about size but want speed?

What should I be looking for if I want modern ram?

Which one of these gpus is worth buying?

>> No.57160892

Okay, guess you missed it, I already have a 970 and a m.2
The ram speed matches what the cpu can handle does it not?

>> No.57160895

A 250w card and a 125w CPU? You'll be fine with 650, even if you upgrade, 90% of this generation of hardware uses less power than those ones do
But for digeridollars, it seems like it'll be expensive either way, stick with 650w and see if you can find any better 650w PSUs for that price

>> No.57160904

I like the level 10gt is there some sort of issue here?

>> No.57160925

>Is it really as simple as putting shit together with the compatibility checked?
>That seems too easy to me
no, it really is that easy.

>Is there a certain type of SSD I should get if I don't care too much about size but want speed?
one with good 4k / IOPS, maybe m.2 or PCI-E connector instead of SATA.

>What should I be looking for if I want modern ram?
literally anything. 3000-3200MHz is the sweet spot right now. they're all more or less the same. just dont get something with huge heatsinks on them that stick up, they're useless and just get in the way of CPU coolers.

>The ram speed matches what the cpu can handle does it not?
that depends on the motherboard, read the specs for that instead of the CPU.

it's $200 for shit looking retarded with sub par cooling and noise levels

>> No.57160931
File: 57 KB, 640x427, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw bought 650W version of that PSU for the exact same price

>> No.57161062

>$1k to run a meme distro

>> No.57161153

Guys do you have any build for NAS?

this is the best i come up with

not more than 300 usd abd has 6 hdd as minimum
low powered, silent, smaller is a plus

>> No.57161187

wouldn't be better to get some integrated idiot box for this?

>> No.57161192

If you're still undecided you better get that case first because looking at the price graph, it's about to jump up $20

>> No.57161211

4 Channels DDR4 2400; one DIMM per Channel
sounds about right

>> No.57161227

its $160 case
ITs sturdy and looks good (to me anyways)

>> No.57161229

looks alright, but PSU is just super retarded. you should get a picoPSU or SFX PSU instead.
the rest of the options come down to price and taste. but i would not get a case like that for a NAS if you want the option to add lots of drives.
You could get a smaller ITX case and just put a drive bay next to it

>> No.57161244

it still doesnt have good cooling and noise levels compared to other cases in that price range

>> No.57161273

Well for $160 you can get yourself some really kickass cases
I'm sure he's not getting it for cooling or noise but dat a e s t h e t i c

>> No.57161305

that's my point, simply going for looks is stupid. it's like buying a porsche 911 for regular price but instead of dat sweet engine you get a fucking 1950s WV Beetle engine

>> No.57161315

I have the white one on my desk
The case fans are really quiet unless you turn them on high
I still don't hear them over my gtx 970's coil whine

>> No.57161326

I thought the original level 10 case was god tier, no questions asked?
Is the plasticy thermaltake one really that bad?

>> No.57161332

what performance is that case killing?
the computer inside would be the engine lmao

>> No.57161349

nah, the plastic is just covering a very solid frame, it is pretty nice looking in white anyways

>> No.57161369

was a long time since i watched the review but basically it's pure eye candy

cooling and cable management

guess the analogy wasnt really fitting... more like putting a WV Beetle chassi on top of a Porsche?

>> No.57161376
File: 38 KB, 784x555, speccy_10-20-16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking to upgrade my GPU away from Nvidia. Ever since I got my 660ti I've been having dramatic crashes and critical errors related to the display driver.
USA with a budget of $150 - $200.

Here's my speccy too.

>> No.57161386

RX 480 4GB

>> No.57161391
File: 64 KB, 1137x640, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw actually have a 1950's beetle with LS1 engine

>> No.57161401

fx8350 is 125w tdp
h7 is rated for 140w, m9a is a bit cheaper and rated for 120w, do the extra 5 watts matter at all?

>> No.57161412

the cable management is fine, unless you know of a specific issue....
what's wrong with the cooling?

>> No.57161415

Is the 4GB version gimped compared to the 8GB enough that I should care? I don't really play modern games.

>> No.57161422

That's basically saying that at full load, your cooler won't be able to handle the CPU and thermal runaway is a legitimate possibility
I mean shit dude, it's what, a $10 difference?

>> No.57161435

full load is exceedingly unlikely to happen in a real world situation

>> No.57161454

>what's wrong with the cooling?
shit compared to every other case in the price range like i've said 4 times now

>> No.57161708
File: 492 KB, 500x207, 1475431028926.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bought into the R5 meme and got a big psu because i wanted to use my old ass vga in addition to the new one for a pci passthrough vm.
>End up setting it up using the integrated graphic card instead.
>Stuck with this towering fuckhuge case when everything could easily fit into an matx or even itx.

>> No.57161748

how is that "R5 meme" ?
more like you being retarded and dont know what ATX stardards are and how to measure graphics card length.

on the bright side you'll have a good case for the future.

>> No.57161764

right, but why? it moves a ton of air when you turn the fans up
my cpu is like 45C under load using a 212 evo (and its a 2700k overclocked)

>> No.57161805

because you need to turn the fans up to get that performance. every other case does it dead silent on lowest speeds.

are you really so fucking thick skulled you dont get something as simple as this? how many times do i need to tell you?

>> No.57161822
File: 95 KB, 800x480, 4c99c991de374b55b6d41f7c2a6714cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gamaxx 300 seems to be fit for 125w, and the review notes it as being quiet, is that a good option?

>> No.57161840

>significantly slower than the 480

>> No.57161861

I didn't mismeasure anything, i just thought i will have two video cards inside the case.

At least it looked pretty premium quality when i put it together.

>> No.57161939

stop being a cheap fuck you nigger, or enjoy your dead CPU, i dont care.

why do you even post then? and why say "R5 meme" when it has nothing to do with the case?

>> No.57161986
File: 150 KB, 1080x1080, 1476985783440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a client who wants to build three computers for his media work: one for gaming, one for streaming and recording, and one for converting the recording to HEVC.
His planned dataflow is this:
>HDMI from GTX 1080 to BlackMagic Intensity
>Stream to Twitch/Record to RAID0 array (4x Crucial MX300 1.1TB on a SAS hardware RAID card)
>Saved recording goes to HEVC encoder via the 10Gig ethernet port
>Video is compressed and saved onto a 2x 4TB HDD JBOD array in a ZFS pool
>Video on Stream/Recording PC is edited in its native format and saved directly to another 2x 4TB HDD (+2 850 PRO RAID0 SSD cache) ZFS array
>HEVC converter will then read from the second array and convert the finished video directly to a third 2x 4TB HDD ZFS array

His gaming machine will be pretty straight-forward, an i5-6600K/Z170 with a GTX 1080

His stream/recording/post-production machine

His HEVC converter/File Server
Note that it share one of the non-IPS monitor with the Streaming/Recording PC and keyboard+mouse as well via the KVM switch.

Is there anything that I'm missing or change?

>> No.57162000
File: 53 KB, 350x313, AVCz7u7414001_pspc[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't get cheaper and deder than what I already have m8

is there a good reason to go for an expensive one if a cheaper one will be quiet and handle the load?

>> No.57162030

Get the biggest possible heatsink you can find and fit
Get a quiet static pressure PWM fan
High end cooling right there

>> No.57162094

yes you can when your CPU dies from overheating you tard.

>> No.57162143

>hurr durr

I'm already underclocking to prevent that you fuck

>> No.57162193

you're still fucking retarded for trying to cheap out an a CPU cooler when you could get a decent one that will last you several years of upgrades and give you even better temps and lower noise

stop posting and KYS if you dont want to listen to advice

>> No.57162268
File: 322 KB, 1295x1149, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the top exhaust fan robbing the CPU cooler of airflow or is it helping?

>> No.57162278
File: 666 KB, 940x1400, 1476633680708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


on a $500 budget but I hope to buy the parts on Cyber Monday/Christmas when sales are in full effect

do you think in your personal opinion that this


would work well towards running this particular game I am building it for:


already have a shitty keyboard and mouse to make do with

I am also very open to optimization suggestions as long as it does not the break the bank, however if there's a build in your expertise capable of running the game at an even lower cost that would be absolutely brilliant

>> No.57162292

142 isn't that good for a used i5, especially considering that is a low power variant. Do you have to stick with FC LGA 1150 or can you use regular LGA CPUs?

Yes but you already have 8 threads. Unless it's for work, no real reason to upgrade yet.

You also have that FCLGA socket, can you use regular LGA 1150 CPUs? If so just upgrade in steps.

1) Get a used non-S i5 if your socket supports it
2) Upgrade your graphics to 1050Ti or better.

Is your current rig a prebuilt? Give model number, post speccy, PSU specs, etc

Some games like The Witcher 3 don't even run on a two thread CPU. According to rumors, even Pentiums will now come with four threads starting with Intel's next CPU lineup, Kaby Lake. He could keep the G series CPU, but Haswell i5s are plenty. He can even get a used i7 later when he needs the if his board supports the CPU.

If your CPU is an i5 2500K overclock it
Upgrade graphics card. 470, 480, or 1060 for 1080p if your PSU has a six or eight pin PCIe power connector. (Power requirements differ between cards. Reference RX only require a six pin but aftermarkets usually require eight.)
If you don't have PCIe power connectors, get a 1050Ti when it is released in a week.

You can buy a used 23" - 25" 1080p 60Hz monitor off craigslist for $50 easily.

An SSD would be nice but isn't required if you can't be fucked to reinstall Windows. If you're planning to refresh your OS anyway, pick up a 240GB budget SSD.

>> No.57162306

>upgrading gpu for only 20% more and not 100-200%
seriously, fuck off
i'm not even poor, it's just not a justifiable purchase unless you're seriously fucked in the head if you would rather spend money instead of disabling AA and lowering a few settings from ultra to high
what a bunch of fucking retards :^)

>> No.57162334

guys, should I go for 2x RX480 (4GB) or for 1x GTX1070? or should I just wait for Vega10 and GTX10xx ti?

>> No.57162376

should be OK but that wifi doesnt have a/c support

unplug it and compare temps

SLI / Crossfire is fucking shit and have been for years. Only an idiot would buy it.
If you can/want wait for Vega. I hope you dont mean 1050ti.

>> No.57162377

>several upgrades
I'm not buying this cooler for some hypothetical future cpu I'm buying it for this one that I have right now

what is spending 3 times as much actually going to give me?
>lower noise
it seems to be a low noise option already, so how is that true?
>lower temps
maybe? but I'm not autistic about temps, as long as I have a decent distance to tj max under load what do I care?

if I'm going to overclock in the future then I'm going to think about a more expensive cooler, and not care about the little I spent on an intermediary cooler a long time ago

>disabling AA

>> No.57162381

Is a used 6700k for $200 CAD a good idea? Would it be safe? I'd have to meet with the seller in the city but what can I do to make sure I'm not getting screwed out of $200

>> No.57162394

1080ti will apparently blow 1070s out of the water, it's basically a Titan XP but it's expected $800+
Still not a lot of crossfire support for dual RX 480s, even with DX12 devs arent/can't take advantage of even mgpu
But I love my 1070 right now, it does everything except 4K and thats all I want from it

>> No.57162404

you'll end up getting some roasted 6700k

>> No.57162409

Don't buy the 950. Get the 1050Ti when it comes out in a week. Also IIRC Mount and Blade is CPU heavy when you have a lot of characters on the screen, so you might want to buy an i5. Check benchmarks

Consider a B150 mobo for extra RAM slots

As long as the air is being pushed through the radiator by the CPU fan, the exhaust fan is helping. If the air is being pulled through the radiator by the CPU fan you're a retard.

If you need to buy right now, 1070. Otherwise wait for options. What's your monitor's res / Hz?

Seems like a good deal, they're probably like 450CAD new.

>> No.57162410

Gamaxx 300 is fine, i think there's a Gamaxx 400, too. Deepcool makes decent budget coolers and cases, though not the best.

>> No.57162435

>I'm not buying this cooler for some hypothetical future cpu I'm buying it for this one that I have right now
not an argument. if you buy a decent thing you dont have to waste more money in the future.

>3 times as expensive
stop cherry picking what you compare to.

>it seems to be a low noise option already, so how is that true?
because lower temp = lower RPM = lower noise

no, guaranteed.

>if I'm going to overclock in the future then I'm going to think about a more expensive cooler,
and thus wasting money when you could have gotten a good once now that will last longer like i said you fucktard.

buy whatever the fuck you want im done trying to explain simple fucking things for your dumb ass

>> No.57162458

You working for total cancer or something?

>> No.57162465

Don't buy a 950, wait for the 1050 which should come soon and get cheaper RAM and case. Simple Crucial / Kingston Value / GSkill NT 2133 RAM is fine, whichever is cheapest.

>> No.57162470


I meant ti versions of existing cards, whatever they chose to release (e.g. 1080ti).

I want 120fps @ 1080p though, and I'm not sure whether that's possible with a 1070.

Well, I can wait some more but I really want to play Witcher 3 and Fallout 4, been waiting for some time now. 1080p/120Hz

>> No.57162486

>not getting an i7 for the gaming pc on that budget

>> No.57162504

if you dont want to wait until Q1 next year get a 1070 now.

>> No.57162523

why'd you get a 1070 instead of a 480 if the 1070 can't do 4k yet? it fucking costs double

fucking retard

>> No.57162525

I get 1080p fps of 120-160s in most games at ultra/high, only 80 average in something poorly coded like Forza at max settings (not when it frame dips because Forza), 100+ at high settings
If the monitor had g sync, not getting perfect fps wouldn't be as big of a deal but I still think it's fully capable of 120hz 1080 on most everything on ultra

>> No.57162527

I'm comparing it to what you recommended

>> No.57162538

What card do I need to get run dota at 1080p144

>> No.57162539

fucking show me how a processor shows its age
this has never happened

>> No.57162541

I never turn the fans up
they were two separate statements
it runs 45c under load with the fans on low
and it is quieter than my coil whine on high
I don't get the issue

>> No.57162545

480 can't do 1440p at meme hz

>> No.57162560

it can do 1080p at meme hz, though. which is plenty. amazing where you draw the line. 1080p meme hz or 4k meme hz
lel, fucking compromises for double the money. pretty dumb, since you'll suck nvidia's cock for the 1080ti really soon

>> No.57162568

He doesn't need an i7 on the gaming PC. All he's doing on it is playing games on it.
If he was 10 years younger and a poo-in-loo rich curryfag

>> No.57162577

It boggles my mind that some people actually seriously consider dual 480's. That's what AMD get gets for not releasing a 490, lol at everyone buying a Crossfire build for the first time and realizing dual card setups are fucking trash.

>> No.57162583
File: 123 KB, 636x896, 1476633820800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>should be OK

perfect. I understand that it won't be able to run it in the best possible graphics, but I just want to play it in the first place.

>but that wifi doesnt have a/c support

I'm sorry, I've tried to google it but what exactly is a/c support and why would I need it do you think?

>Don't buy the 950. Get the 1050Ti when it comes out in a week

noted. thanks for the tip

>Also IIRC Mount and Blade is CPU heavy when you have a lot of characters on the screen, so you might want to buy an i5. Check benchmarks

I had looked into i5 but they all appear to be much too expensive. Would you happen to know of any cheaper i5 seller outside of the general pcpartpicker merchants?

>Consider a B150 mobo for extra RAM slots

I apologize, but is the current RAM insufficient? I hoped not to need extra RAM

>> No.57162682

What the hell is wrong with you, 1440p is fine, you don't have to jump from 1080p to 4k. I have no idea why you're trying to shill a 480 so bad when 480 and 1070 aren't in the same tier.

>> No.57162693

Why are mini-itx mobos so much more expensive than mATX or ATX?

>> No.57162695

All the cards are close, within a frame or three except in games like Doom and Total War where the RX 480 has a huge lead. Worst showing for the 480 was RotTR, which is probably because that game eats up CPUs

>I want 120fps @ 1080p though, and I'm not sure whether that's possible with a 1070.
Depends on the game, with many it's no problem, Overwatch for example.

a/c is faster and involves the 5GHz band. That wireless card can only use the 2.4GHz band. If you don't know what that means then the card you already selected is right for you (the $15 one).

With the B150 you can add more RAM later if you want to upgrade the build, and they're approximately the same price as the H110.

Cheaper i5: no.

>> No.57162702

Dual 1080ti in SLI
Probably a 7950X CPU when it's out too, dots is pretty CPU heavy

>> No.57162706

What do you guys think of the Deepcool Genome?

>> No.57162718

>Why are mini-itx mobos
They come with wifi for one thing. Also there's not as much volume

Also regarding the 1050Ti, check benchmarks when it comes out. If it performs like the 4GB 960, it's a good card. If not, come back here or a graphics card thread for advice.

>> No.57162719

Don't you just need a new router to get 5ghz wifi? Is it much better?

>> No.57162726

if you don't have to jump from 1080p to 4k, why do you have to jump to 1440p?
are you poor?

>> No.57162736

Nothing on the market can do new games at 4K 60fps

>> No.57162742

components are more densely packed and more importantly, jewish tactics of fucking over the people who buy products that are in smaller demand

>> No.57162749

Msi Rx 480 4gb for $220 with $20 rebate. Should I pull the trigger?

>> No.57162761

A lot of cable company routers come with 5GHz these days. It's not usually that important. But if you have a bunch of neighbors in an apartment the 2.4 band will be crowded, in which case you'd want to get an adapter with 5GHz support.

Seems like a good deal

>> No.57162762

then why get a card that can ALMOST do 4k and not just wait or not pay so much? you're fucking wasting all that gpu power that ALMOST goes up to 4k. there are cheaper cards to get for 1440p

>> No.57162775

msi is shit. get xfx or sapphire

>> No.57162784

4k is a dumb meme unless you have a 40" monitor, even then the pixels are pretty small

>> No.57162819
File: 151 KB, 956x908, achtungjuden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(((Deepcool Genome)))

>> No.57162825

4GB is fine. Only difference between the two versions is amount of VRAM.

>Guys do you have any build for NAS?
I need to make / steal one for the pcbg pcpartpicker

>> No.57162835
File: 37 KB, 610x610, anime-anime-girl-anime-sad-sad-Favim.com-2549754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't be a liar anon. What does it actually take!

>> No.57162857

Also I'm not sure that you know what you're doing. Don't get a 3TB Barracuda. Some models have horrible reliability.

>> No.57162866

The 480/1060 can't do 1440p reliably, the 1070 or the inevitable 490 is a superior option. Used 980Ti is an option as well.

Also 4k is pointless unless you have a huge screen, I can see why someone wouldn't want a 35 in. screen 6 in. away from their face.

>> No.57162919

yes, that thing
What do you guys think?
I want to do a resident evil theme if I get one

>> No.57162972
File: 9 KB, 254x321, 1373358411017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugly and stupid

>> No.57163154

>tfw all the computers in the lab got replaced with i7-6700s and 16gb ram
>tfw ywn have a nicer computer than your school labs'
I don't recall what they were before, but it seems amazing that they can sink so much money into the hundreds of computers here.

Makes me wonder if I can buy an "old" one off of them and stick a gpu in it.

>> No.57163191

Your only graphics card choices would probably be 1050, 1050Ti, 460. Doubtful that the PCs have a PSU with a PCIe power connector.

>> No.57163239

How does downscaled gaming look on 4k monitor?? I don't game very much but if I want to play any modern triple A's I'm going to need power that is almost unobtainable in current year anyways unless your willing to spend serious dough which I'm not. Also is 4k meme or should I get dual monitors 1440p? Could even get one of those ultra wide monitors idk senpai

>> No.57163292

Ultrawide would be a good choice for gaming and productivity. If you can afford it 3440 x 2560 and a 1070 or 1080Ti preferably.

If you want 4K there are some new GPUs / software methods that are coming out that will let you hit 4K more easily, like the upscaling that the PS4Pro does

Personally I wouldn't buy a monitor that isn't HDR, which means a wait

>> No.57163332
File: 108 KB, 638x477, ohshitgoogle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>downscaling on 4k

>is 4k a meme
yes, for an average desktop monitor 1440 is a better choice in terms of pixel density

>> No.57163343

Looks okay to me.
It isn't gonna be perfect due to the scaling your monitor will use (usually bicubic or something)
But it will still be good only a bit less sharp than you would obviously be used to using the 2160p resolution for nongame things.
If you are going to downscale a lot, consider a monitor size closer to what you would normall use at that resolution, like 17" 900p, 23" 1080p, 27" 1440p, etc
Seems that people that buy 4k dont like scaling and get fuckhuge 30"+ monitors that could pass as small televisions. I think this is a mistake.

>> No.57163359
File: 17 KB, 456x293, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I get a Corsair CX650M or a EVGA BQ 650W?
Same price, 80+ Bronze and semi modular.

>> No.57163389

if only monitors used bicubic, never seen a monitor/gpu scaling that wasn't really basic and awful

>> No.57163409

Hmmm, does a 23" 2160p monitor or a 27" 1440p monitor have better pixel density?
I wonder. Honestly 1440p is a huge meme. You could get a 1080p panel a lot cheaper and you barely gain more pixels from 1080p compared to literally quadrupling from 1080p to 2160p.
The only reason to get 1440p over 2160p would be for price limits or the excessively high refresh rate meme when your average gpus struggle to do 1440p 60fps let alone 120-144fps.
And if you are going to scale games why not just get 2160p anyway so that the rest of your desktop environment can look much nicer for the rest of the time you use the computer?

>> No.57163416

Well the CX series is failure prone so anything but that.

>> No.57163445
File: 124 KB, 313x382, 1454663786001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Gaming builds based on purpose or display resolution / Hz
This Hz meme needs to die.
Screen refresh rate is irrelevant. Most modern games are locked at 60fps. People (including me) generally buy 144Hz monitors for stuff like Counter strike, maybe Osu or other fast paced games that aren't graphically demanding anyway. What I especially hate on this board is when people post specs and some mong decides to point out: "You need a better graphics card for that 144Hz montor, brah".
Triggers me every single time.

>> No.57163467
File: 37 KB, 444x312, 1365083721371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>does a 23" 2160p monitor or a 27" 1440p monitor have better pixel density
What do you think retard?

>> No.57163480

>1440 is a meme

you get higher pixel density at 27" with 1440 than you do with 1080 at 23"

> 23" 2160p monitor or a 27" 1440p monitor have better pixel density?
23" 2160 is retardedly high, you would not be able to see the difference if you were a fighter pilot, in other words, waste of pixels and performance, marketing meme

>> No.57163513

It's more about screen tearing. If you're getting high Hz you're also probably getting a Freesync or Gsync monitor

>> No.57163539

You get the same pixel density at 27" with 1440p as you do with 2160p at 41"
Also all dat screen space

>> No.57163546

which is great if you're getting a 40 inch monitor, if not, forget about 4k

>> No.57163556

I have a 144Hz monitor with neither. There is no screen tearing when it's set to 144Hz even if the game I'm playing is locked at 60. Still requires the same performance as a 60Hz monitor would so this meme still doesn't make sense.

>> No.57163560

What does being a fighter pilot have to do with it?
I can see my individual pixels depending on the viewing distance. At my normal viewing distance, I do not, as it is meant to be.
You sound like those people that claim that "retina" was the human limit of vision detail.

People who already own a decent 1080p screen should not even bother considering 1440p because 2160p has dropped in price enough to make it worth considering over 1440p for a noticable upgrade in resolution is what I mean.
Only reason I might consider 1440p at all would be for some 144hz + async meme, which isn't really there for 2160p at a reasonable price level yet. Normal screens though I'd go 2160p no hesitation.

>> No.57163585

If you read the rest of the post you would see that initial statement was a rhetorical question and was not serious.

>> No.57163598

>You sound like those people that claim that "retina" was the human limit of vision detail

and you sound like an audiophile on severe placebo pills

4k is more expensive, looks worse with non-native resolutions, is a massive waste of performance, and as you said doesn't support sync or high rates

so why ever get it? it's a meme

>> No.57163603

>1440p screen and 1070: $600
>4K screen and 1080ti: $1200

>> No.57163625

Hey guise
Building an i7 6800k / ASRock Taichi X99 computer
Am I really limited to DDR4-2400?

>> No.57163632
File: 42 KB, 365x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1080p screen and RX480: $300

>> No.57163659

Who cares you have quad channel

>> No.57163682

At least drop it down to 32gb, unless you're simultaneously running a web-serverm
while streaming footage of your high-graphics gaming.

>> No.57163685

high Hz is about smooth motion, even if you don't have sync, a higher rate gives better sampling of the "signal" that the gpu produces, so smoother motion

even if you can't hit 144 all the time, getting 70, 80, 90 etc is still noticable smoother and more realistic than 60

>> No.57163690
File: 58 KB, 1500x1500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>720p screen and 1050: $150

>> No.57163700

1080p screen: $200
1440p screen: $300
2160p screen: $400
You could easily get a single 2160p screen cheaper than 4 1080p screens.
Why would it look any worse at non native resolutions than a 1440p screen?
You don't actually think that your 720p shows are scaled 1:4 on your screen do you?
You also think that extremely high framerates somehow arent a huge waste of resources and are way too expensive?

For everyday tasks, resolution is far more important.

>> No.57163709

so DDR4 2400 4x16 is a pretty good pick then?
or should I get 3300 memory? or does that not work
I don't get it lol

>> No.57163722

If you have 144Hz you don't get screen tearing unless you're over 144Hz, which is rare unless you're playing CSGO. The good thing about Gsync or Freesync is that the game still looks good with the sync on down to about 35FPS.

You can use adaptive sync with a capable 60Hz monitor but only with Vsync off so you have to set a driver framerate target of about 58 to avoid tearing.

In general 144Hz monitors are better because you don't have to worry about any of that stuff. Hence why you don't know about any of this

>> No.57163744

i have that cooler. its very quiet and just werks

>> No.57163750

2160p screen at useful pixel density: $850

>> No.57163753

Smooth motion is a plus, and it's easier to get on a 144Hz, but screen tearing is intolerable.

>> No.57163765
File: 346 KB, 718x1000, iris___heart_by_kurumierika-d5v1mlf[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

arigatou gozaimasu anon-chan

>> No.57163767

Not my fault you confused a television for a computer screen

>> No.57163790

You're not my senpai

>> No.57163832

Might get the EVGA BQ then or is it a bad idea?
A SuperNOVA G2 is 50% more and a GS is almost twice the price.

>> No.57163845
File: 153 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20161020_212830899~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This IBM Lenovo just arrived. Underrated as fuck.

>> No.57163858

The reason for that is in the psu quality.
The gq, formerly G1, contains parts that are considered inferior to that of the G2 and the GSilent.
They are still reasonable quality and scored decently in a review, but do take noticeable shortcuts compared to its successors.

>> No.57163869

So was it made by nazis or chinks?

>> No.57163904

he doesnt need 3 computers either but hey

>> No.57163910

Whoops thought you said gq not bq.

You should check out the jg review of that specific wattage of bq that you want then if one exists.
The higher end evga psus are made by superflower and seasonic. You should see who makes the bq series and if they have any reputation for quality.

>> No.57164054

>They will be built by HEC too, in their main factory at Weishuo Electronics.

>> No.57164077

Followup again,
I checked jg myself after saying that, and the only bq review was for the 750w model.
While quality does not usually differ too drastically among same titled psus, it can be different for different wattage models.

The 750w model in this case, scored an 8.1/10.

According to EVGA, only the mainboard of the psu has japanese quality capacitors in the bq650, and the fan is a 140mm steel bearing type.

As >>57164054 pointed out,
The manufacturer pf the bq is not the same as the ones for the PSUs that EVGA are known for.

>> No.57164147

made in chinkland.

>> No.57164189

Thanks, I will look for something better.

>> No.57164198
File: 644 KB, 1920x1090, Battlefield-1-Operation-Kaiserschlacht-st-Quentin-Scar-02[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For Battlefield 1 I heard AMD GPUs are better optimised and they run DX12 properly. So I was thinking RX 470 for 1080p on ultra? Does it pay off to go for 480 I dont know.

And 6300 i3 or FX8300?

>> No.57164246

Don't get old amd CPUs when zen is around the corner

>> No.57164328

480 is good, 470 is also good but probably won't do ultra, and he's talking about CPUs not gpus, zen is probably gonna rock some shit but you'd need a new motherboard as well for that

>> No.57164451

I know I misunderstood, i deleted it heh. Yeah I'll go with intel.

And 1060 is 30€ cheaper than 480 here, but 3GB. For long term I wanted 4GB from 480 yet nvidia is probably the better choice right? Acording to benchmarks as well.

>> No.57164453

Any news on Zen, like what CPUs will come, how many cores/threads and clock speed?
I need a new PC mainly for university / work and some games. I could get an i7 without a GPU for work/uni only, or a i5 + GPU for some gaymin, but then there's Zen.
Also want to support AMD, Intel must not be allowed a monopoly.

>> No.57164471

The 3GB 1060 is a pretty bad buy unless you're planning to get another GPU in a year or two.

>> No.57164476

I wonder how blown out the consoles are gonna be when zen and kaby lake hits

how much is a ps4 now? 400?

>> No.57164488

The 480 4gb beats the 1060 3gb soundly.
The 1060 3gb is a worse gpu overall than both the rx480 and the real gtx1060.
If you are getting a 200 monies gpu, don't bother with the anything with under 4gb of vram

>> No.57164525

Thanks a lot for helping me out lads, 480 will serve just fine. Cheers

>> No.57164564
File: 139 KB, 548x629, b1_1920_12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably fine with a 470 on Ultra locked 60

Only buy a used (not new) FX CPU. Get a combo with mobo and RAM. If you're getting an 8300/8320/8350 use an aftermarket cooler or make sure it comes with a Wraith. The socket is dead, so you're looking at getting a whole new platform (including RAM) when you have to upgrade.

With the LGA1151 you can get a decent CPU now and upgrade to something better later. Personally I'd suggest an i5 6500K if you want 60FPS solid with an eventual upgrade to an i7 7700K

>> No.57164590

I was trying to buy my rig and the motherboard went out of stock when I was mid checkout
guess Im not building this machine now

>> No.57164601

Quitter, just get a different mobo (there are a bunch) or wait for it to come back in stock

>> No.57164817

>sale for like $100 off
>ending today
I hand picked every godamn part to work together and this shit fucks me every time

>> No.57165013

Idc I'm still playing games on the xbox360. New gen consoles were btfo within the quarter of their release desu.

>> No.57165175

no problemo

>> No.57165219

Is 6600k + 1060 -6gb a good pairing for [email protected] 120/144hz? Overkill cpu?

>> No.57165305

Nah its fine.
With cpu you want to try and get more than enough now because games get worse every year and eventually what is good now will be just okay later, even at 1080p

>> No.57165309

That depends entirely on what games you play. I guess for most games a 1060 6G at 1080p will be fine and the i5-6600K is a great CPU.
If you only play games or don't want to OC, drop to i5-6500. But honestly.. i'd wait for AMD Zen, it really looks promising.

>> No.57165555

My am3+ mobo died. My friend is going to buy my 8350 and gtx 960, but that means I need something RN. I'd rather buy something good now and have it last a little while than get something lowend like a i3 and crave an upgrade 12 months later.

>> No.57165616

i5-6600K will last you a while and you can always OC it. The 1060 6G is certainly not future proof, but it should be good for more than two years.

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