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Would a grill be more impressed with an iphone 7 and a new iWatch, or a Tudor black bay alone?

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>implying a gold digger is worth your time
Just get a high class hooker if you're that desperate.

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All girls like money

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So cute

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never date anyone with an iphone.
they're literally retarded and crave attention.

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>tfw some of my most beloved friends and family are iPhone users
>tfw they're all attention whores
You're fucking right... Damn

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Im a man with an iphone and ipad

Perfect devices

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let me guess, tech illiterates aswell?
and dont forget, they constantly praise apple and iphone whenever a mobile phone subject comes up. yet they know nothing about the specs and some features.

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It shows

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Im handsome and rich

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>handsome and rich
>shitposting on /g/

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>he fell for the Tudor meme

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Not anymore, owning apple products is a symbol of homosexuality now. At best she will befriend you and never put out because she thinks you will be her friend.

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>Confesses the use of apple products

Do they give you a purse and complimentary appletini with your purchase?

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They are impressed by good looks, they don't give a shit about your tech. I'm sorry

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>They are impressed by expensive things


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Then how come you need advice on how to impress girls

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Did you get kicked out of /tv/?

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ya lol

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There are many different bridget regan fans across boards

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Everyone cares about money, whether that overpowers your principles and moral values is what determines if you're a piece of shit or not.

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stop dating your family

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