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Use WINE you piece of shit

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people who think wine just werks have never used it. wine is ok for super simple applications, but for lots of them it doesn't

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For fucks sake, it's either join skynet and get hacked by the chinks or live free as in freedom you faggot

Last option is purchasing win 10 pro and then downgrade to windows 7

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Oh and i don't know if you will have the botnet still though

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>he doesn't have a Chadbox and a Chanbox

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It's not that simple, faggot. Steam for Linux is far too limited compared to Windows.

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all my steam games that "run on linux" crash my computer within seconds

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>for your own good
fuck that, you don't know whats good for me

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Goyim don't worry would I lie to you always remember to get your vaccines hehe...

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Use a firewall to block it

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Windows is the most powerful tool for creating rich content and applications for your own personal use and privacy policies are also very good

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Since OP is talking about games on windows 10 its important to note that MS exclusive games like Forza Horizon 3 online functionalities become fucked if you block microsoft ports due to telemetry
Microsoft is going full on with this shit

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>install steam on linux
>go to play shovel knight on linux
>audio is fucked, just static and grinding noises
>check steam forum
>hey guys this is a known bug just spend an hour figuring out what parameters to open the game with
>then just write a bash script to pass the parameters and open then game
>sorry you will not be able to use the steam launcher
>happy gaming!
And that gentlemen is gaming on steam on linux

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Can't block any microsoft server via firewall

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I can't even get steam to run on linux lol

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you clearly have a bigger problem then

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I have nothing to hide, they can look at my furry porn if they want

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I literally have 0 issues with Steam games on GNU/Linux.

Unfortunately I don't have Shovel Knight so I can't verify this story.

CS:GO works fine, Terraria works fine, Starbound works fine, Garry's Mod works fine, Half-Life 2 works fine.

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>but windows 10 is just "muh botnet bogeyman"

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Okay fags, the only last way to fucking play your gaming is everytime you want to play games, connect the HDD that has Win 10 and then remove it when you no longer want to play and then use the HDD/SSD for your normal shit

Else, then fucking kill your privacy by not using any personal info like SSN, Credit/Debit card info, etc.

So many fucking /v/'s today for fucks sake

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>what is a physical firewall

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>I literally have 0 issues with Steam games on GNU/Linux.

tfw no steamui.so

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Didn't you read the news article? it says that it is for your own good.

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You're a special case anyway

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Is this Debian? Did you install Steam from your repos or from a .deb file?

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Because you're jordan

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but fire is dangerous, anon.

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fugg nevermind, that looks like gentoo

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you haven't been sacrificing enough goats on top of your layer 2 switch then

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I'm on Arch, just installing Gentoo for fun.

I don't remember where I got steam from, probably AUR

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"Encountered the issue (gentoo 64bit linux here).
I was missing some 32bit packages (libopenal (provided by sdl), libpangoft2 (gtklibs)) that I found by running "( strace ./steam ) 2>&1 | grep so$" and checking the "file not found" errors.
After installing them, everything is fine. "

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well uninstall steam, make sure that you've enabled 32bit packages in your /etc/pacman.conf, then just install steam from the normal repos

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Don't forget to only launch it via firejail. It comes with a steam config by default so you literally need to only change "steam" to "firejail steam" when launching to contain any possible malware.

The more you know 彡

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No shit first party valve games and simple indie games run ok, show me something running like fallout 4 or crysis

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How hard is it to use high end emulators on linux?

Dolphin, PCSX2, Citra, RPCS3, Xenia, etc?

I've only used Ubuntu and only installed apps through the store in Ubuntu.

This was before Unity when it still used GNOME.

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>show me something running like fallout 4 or crysis
Is this a joke? Those games don't run on GNU/Linux. I named all games that work natively. Rocket League also works fine.

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I'm not really that worried about it because I don't play video game very much but it's funny how lintards actually think you can play games on this shit

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Civilization V, Europa Universalis, the XCOM games and Life is Strange work just fine on GNU+Linux.
I don't need anything else as of now.

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Games are for children. Grow up and use a real os.

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>I've only used Ubuntu and only installed apps through the store in Ubuntu.
in the future try using

apt search firefox

sudo apt install firefox

to update, do

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

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Easier than windows, I'd say.

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Is this Amagi Brilliant Park?

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>but it's funny how lintards actually think you can play games on this shit
But, I do without issues on a regular basis... Please do not spread misinformation.

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>lol grow up
No. Shouldn't you be playing golf or something?

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I'd rather ignore the command line as much as possible.

Clicking an exe and selecting the plugins/settigns you want?

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nothing to fear, goy

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>video games

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>I'd rather ignore the command line as much as possible.
What? Are you serious? Why?

>Clicking an exe and selecting the plugins/settigns you want?

You're cutting out steps. You have to randomly search the web hoping to find an executable for the program you want. When you do install it, chances are it tries to force some unrelated software on you (should be illegal desu but that's beside the point), and then updating it has to either be done by a built-in updater (which often just TELLS you there's an update and links to the site anyway), or you have to check on your own if there are updates and repeat the process from the start.

On GNU/Linux you can commands like the ones I mentioned to easily install most programs and keep them all up to date easily at the same time.

If you don't think it's easier on GNU/Linux, it's because you're treating it like Windows instead of sitting down and learning something new.

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Anime website

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Technology board


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>being cucked by your os


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>search name of program
>find company website
>download installer
>install app

>apt-get install x
>error: package x not found
>apt-get search x
>error: unknown subcommand search
>apt-cache search x
>no results
>search for "how to install x in linux"
>go through several pages of bad results
>find out the package isn't named x, its called X-gay-as-fuck0-bin
>apt-get install X-gay-as-fuck0-bin
>error: checksum doesn't match
>apt-get update
>apt-get install X-gay-as-fuck0-bin
>program installed

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why do poorfags always have ripped couches (or are at least portrayed as having ripped couches)

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that's a character mark anon.

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ripped couches = old couches
poorfags normally borrow couches from their parents

I can confirm this because I'm a poorfag myself

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so poorfags just don't take care of their belongings? I've got some furniture from the 19th century in my house that's fine

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So they're spying on us to improve a search engine no one even uses? I'm not sure if I should be upset or just shrug.

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>install linux as a host for glorious open source computing
>install wondows in a VM to keep the botnet contained and to be able to run non-native software

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>furniture from the 19th century

looks expensive

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>>error: package x not found
>>apt-get search x
>>error: unknown subcommand search
>>apt-cache search x
>>no results
>>search for "how to install x in linux"
>>go through several pages of bad results
>>find out the package isn't named x, its called X-gay-as-fuck0-bin
>>apt-get install X-gay-as-fuck0-bin
>>error: checksum doesn't match
>>apt-get update
>>apt-get install X-gay-as-fuck0-bin
>>program installed
things that literally never happened for $500

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They just don't repair it because it costs money. Plus cheaper materials tend to not last as long as more expensive ones.

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>i already know the names that distros use for the repositories

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u wot

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>literally basic shit poorfag games

What about all the other games, doom, gta , fallout 4 , the list goes on. Accept windows is the best platform for gaming at the moment. I too would like more games on Linux but don't ignore reality.

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Install ruby
>Search ruby
>go to ruby website
>read about different installers
>install ruby
>cmd> irb
>irb is not recognized as a ...
>Read on how to get ruby working
>Update path
>Restart cmd
>Later on, it still doesn't work perfectly.
>Alternatively install in cygwin which is still work.

>sudo apt-get install ruby
>Works perfectly

>Just werks

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For fucks sake, and I was considering upgrading to a new GPU and possibly have Windows 10 on a dual boot setup but fuck I hate Microsoft. They'll do the same thing they always do:

-try to kill the backlash with their paid online stealth marketers
-admit that people don't want this spyware
-either disable it or allow the user to disable it
-wait a year and then force it to always be on via an automatic update

They did this with the forced automatic updates which are now once again forced, and they did it with Cortana that's now always on.

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that's not a good sign

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Fucking grow up. There's nothing inherently wrong with playing games, but if you accept rigorous violations of your privacy just to be able to play all the games you should kill yourself right now.

You could even get a dedicated machine for gaming that you use for nothing else, but you'd probably have to start paying for the shit you want to play, which means you'd have to get a job (other than flipping burgers)

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arch guy that couldn't get steam to work here, got it working by compilan 9001 dependencies so I could disable steam's own runtime and use my system ones

now I can install a bunch of EPIC games

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Just don't go past the anniversary update and your fine.

If your before the anniversary update, you can easily lock down your machine and prevent updates using stuff like spybot antibeacon

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Steam doesn't "just work" on Arch 64 bits, you have to install the packages, either manually or the "steam-libs" package on AUR and remove the Steam libs. You also have to remove them every time Steam updates because the update will install the libs all over again.

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I think you can bypass the deleting part if you run "STEAM_RUNTIME=0 steam" on the terminal or on a .desktop file

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Arch guy from a few posts above, I didn't delete any files.

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Stop playing kusoge
no more issue

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Now that's fun.
I just installed Steam on Linux, and I need to get the special security code or whatever that Steam delivers to my email so I can login.

My email linked to my steam account is @hotmail (yeah it is THAT old)


I am fucking trapped in that link, I choose my timezone, hit "save" and it takes me back straight to the same place. Why do MS need my timezone in the first place? I just want to see my e-mails

Windows is fucking me over more than Linux to play gayms

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCEQZ_4V7NY maybe this will make you feel better

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GNU/Linux is meant to be a cuck free platform.

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It's beyond me how people still play videogames now a days.

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>it's funny how lintards actually think you can play games on this shit
says the guy using Arch and doesn't think to enable 32 bit repositories

jesus fucking christ. that's YOUR fault. lintards aren't even saying use Arch; use Ubuntu for games. they have the best driver and steam support anyway

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>>apt-get search x
it's apt search or apt-cache search

Why does your Windows example not only leave out steps but your GNU/Linux example includes making mistakes? Stop projecting. Not everyone is as dumb as you.

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why are you on /g/ if you don't know how to use a package manager, or hell, even man pages

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I don't really get what you mean. Most of my games work on GNU. I play the games with native support. I don't fuck around with Wine. If you want to discuss performance and such of games that run natively, that's fine, but you're just shifting goalposts every post to games that are locked to Windows.

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>Steam doesn't "just work" on Arch 64 bits

>you have to install the packages, either manually or the "steam-libs" package on AUR

>and remove the Steam libs
kinda-sorta right, making it use system libs instead of the older steam libs is often required to get steam working

>You also have to remove them every time Steam updates because the update will install the libs all over again.
wrong again

I did notice that the old fix I used on the archwiki got removed, but it didn't stop working. Odd.

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>they have the best driver and steam support anyway
there's not really a major difference between distros for this

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No, you don't need Windows 10 for games. If you've got your heart set on being able to play every PC game ever, it'll be necessary for some of those, but if you're willing to settle for merely a shitload of games, Linux is perfectly adequate. Far from perfect, certainly, but gaming on Linux is definitely doable.

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God damn it's always the same with you faggots.
>I want games!
>Either "games are for children"
>or "you can game on linux"
>but _______ doesn't work!
>"kusoge anyway, besides _____ ______ ______ and ______ work, what more do you need?"

Of course, if it did work on Linux it would stop being kusoge and become patrician as fuck. You idiots are too busy choking on stallman's dick to say otherwise.

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No, you will. Microsoft has been pushing the same telemetry to Windows 7 and 8.1 through updates, you bet they'll be pushing this one too.
Add to that, that they're apparently not releasing non-cumulative updates for 7 and 8.1 either, instead shifting over to a monthly cumulative update style like you see on Windows 10. You won't get to pick and choose your updates anymore in the future, it's all or nothing.

>> No.56785978

No giant faggot kun, if the game requires W10 and can not be played on 7, it is kusoge. I am not even telling you to use Linux. I am telling you to quit being a faggot and caving in to bad publishers. Use 7, I do not care if you use Linux or not, just not 10.

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>Windows is the most powerful tool for creating ...

bunch of good games already on Linux
every decent developer at least try it
though it's their fault if your mainstream developer didn't opt in

honestly I think valve made the biggest push towards the Linux community since Ubuntu
and other platforms are literally biting their nails

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Alternatively, it's always the same with YOU faggots.
>Man, fucking Microsoft, always pulling this bullshit on us
>Well, I guess there is this other operating system that doesn't ever pull this kind of bullshit, but I want to play games
>Okay, so you can play games on it, but these specific games aren't supported, so I'll continue to live with the ever-worsening bullshit rather than live without a handful of the games out there

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