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Previous thread: >>56746971

IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net

Other business laptops are also welcome in /tpg/ (e.g. Dell Latitude/Precision, HP EliteBook/ZBook).
If you're looking for purchase advice, READ THE BUYERS GUIDE FIRST. Then post, stating budget and requirements (e.g. size and performance).
Don't buy anything OTHER THAN T, X AND W/P SERIES if you want the Real ThinkPad Experience™

Recommended models:
T420 - 14", normal size
X220 - 12.5", ultraportable
Why ThinkPad? (also applies to other business laptops)
>Used machines are plentiful and cheap.
>Excellent keyboards - tactile feel and quiet.
>Great durability: chassis uses a magnesium rollcage for structural integrity, with high quality plastic body panels.
>Utilitarian design: e.g. indicator LEDs, 7 row keyboard layout on older models.
>Docking stations that easily turns your laptop into a desktop.
>Easy to repair, upgrade and maintain thanks to readily available service manuals for every model. Spare parts are easy and cheap to obtain.
>The best trackpoint (that red thing in the middle of the keyboard). Great for those who type a lot or hate swiping their fingers all over a touchpad.
>Excellent GNU/Linux & *BSD support.
Used ThinkPad buyers guide:

xsauc buyers guide:

EPP discount for new ThinkPads (USA & Canada only, usually 15%+ off):

Helpful links and resources (Wiki, lookup tools and wallpapers):

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I want a 4:3 Thinkpad with a useful CPU. Am I fucked now? Are all the X60s, T60s gone?

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>useful CPU

Define 'useful'

>> No.56774150

Can run a modern IDE, compile shit without taking 2 years.

>> No.56774395

Reminder that Latitudes are better than ThinkPads

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Found a t560 with i5-6200u, full hd resolution for 750€, used for a few months. Should I get it? It is in a good condition.

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Comes with 5th gen i7

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So I am visiting the guy thst I am buying a thinkpad from tomorrow.
What do I do before buying?
Go into bios to check specs
Check condition of the thing itself
What more?

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Where's a good place I can get a nicely specd t510 preferably online(uk)?
Is eBay a good option?

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Ok guys, first time buyer here, so please excuse me if I sound like the babby I am (yes, I looked at the buyers guide, I'm still confused.)

I'm looking for a laptop to run botnetOS on, preferably a thinkpad since I really like their design as well as how repair-friendly they are. Durability is a big plus since this thing will be getting lugged around and will be seeing quite a bit of dusty and possibly humid environments too.

Something that can handle mongolian basket weaving tutorials, web-browsing and and the MS office suite and all of that stuff, as well as some light CAD and ECAD would be nice. If it can handle everything except for the CAD stuff without having the fans go crazy or throttling down, that'd be nice.

Don't need a desktop replacement since my desktop is more than powerful enough, just need something for light work on the go.

Screen aspect ratio isn't that important, don't need anything larger than 15", preferably a bit smaller. Good battery life isn't a massive necessity, but a big plus. If I can just swap out the battery, that'd be the best. Clit mouse would be a huge plus.

Budget isn't a massive issue, but if it can be kept under 400, that'd be nice too.
Located in Europe.

What should I be looking at?


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I need a new battery for my t400. Where can I grab a decent one that won't explode or turn into sand? Aussie btw.

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Usually the temp is around 60°, but oscillates a lot when browsing or updating package (which I'm doing a lot since I have to install all the software that I use)

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Is downgrading from a Dell Inspiron 15r 7520 to a Thinkpad X220 worth it?
I just found one for the equivalent of ~300$ in local currency and the only reason I'd want it is to bring to uni since it's smaller and has a better battery. Also the trackpoint supposedly makes bringing a mouse pointless.

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looking for a 256gb msata SSD for my T420, i narrowed it down to 4
>SanDisk X110 £56
looks slow
>Crucial MX200 £77
>Samsung 850 Evo £83
and the maymaymeme
>Kingdian M200 £32
what do

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>trackpoint supposedly makes bringing a mouse pointless.

>> No.56776284

Get a crucial 750gb

>> No.56776297

Not in my budget lad

>> No.56776582

just bought the crucial lads ama

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just ordered a t430 with a SSD. which os should i install? win 7, win 10 or debian/ubuntu? i heared about linux being pretty brutal in terms of memory managment, which doesnt go well with ssd's.

>> No.56776790

I don't think it is in terms of memory management, only power (fixable with tlp)
otherwise, install gentoo
(seriously, up to you what you wish to install since you haven't posted any requirements)

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I have installed X220 keyboard into X230 and flashed the BIOS.

The only thing bugging me is that the lower right side of the keyboard has a gap to the palm rest and the right side of keyboard wobbles a bit.

I have sanded the nubs of the keyboard low enough to fit the x220 palmrest, but there's still one nub in front of the TrackPoint buttons which has to be completely sanded off to have it fit to the X230 palmrest.

I am thinking about changing the touchpad cover into the X220 one. The question is:

Does the X220 touchpad cover have a hole for the nub in front of the trackpoint buttons? Does it fit into the X230?

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Bring a condom so you don't get ass AIDS.

>> No.56777174

It fits.

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It would be worth it for me, I can't say if it's worth it for you. The X220 with an IPS panel, 16GB of RAM and an SSD or two makes for a fantastic portable.

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Amazon, eBay, check seller ratings. Try to get an original Lenovo battery, the Chinese ones suck.

>> No.56777302

W520, T420, X220

>> No.56777329

The one I found has 4gb of RAM, a 32GB SSD + 320GB HD and a i5 2520m.

>> No.56777334

Does half the function button still not work is that the purpose of the BIOS flash?

>> No.56777339

That's fine, everything is upgradable except the CPU.

>> No.56777364

Alright then, cheers.

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T420 is probably perfect for you at 14 inch.

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is there a way to open links by tapping the middle trackpoint button on windows? it is the default behaviour on linux.

>> No.56777944

Funny thing, i was used to do that on Windows but doesn't work on Linux for me.

trackpoint settings > scrolling > smooth

>> No.56777980

ah thanks it worked.
it works by default on xubuntu.

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Anyway to get a cheap thinkpad that's almost guaranteed to still have a good battery? I need to make a backup laptop equivalent to my desktop hackintosh, and it needs to have a decent battery.

>> No.56778131


Thanks, just bought an X220 with an i7, 8gigs of ram and a 128gb SSD. Should be here sometime next week.

Was also looking at the T420, but I wanted something on the lighter side of things since my desktop is there for any kind of heavy lifting and I wanted something significantly lighter than this 2010 macbook pro that I've been lugging around.

>> No.56778172

Nice, that's similar to my setup. X220, i7-2640M, 16GB RAM, 120GB mSATA SSD, 500GB spinner, and an IPS panel.

>> No.56778261

Nice. What you paid?

That is suh a nice setup

>> No.56778306

Nice, the one I got also has an IPS display.

299 Euro

>> No.56778379

Fantastic, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

>> No.56778387

>significantly lighter than this 2010 macbook pro that I've been lugging around.
Jesus christ do you really think that 2,5 kg is heavy?

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How good is t420 if i want to do android development?

>> No.56778726

>tfw no mechanical keyboard with a clitmouse to use while sitting at my desk

>> No.56778791

where do I get one of these?

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>> No.56778827

some chink dude's making custom motherboards in his basement. You can pay for them now but they're not shipping for a while.

>> No.56779011


I don't consider it heavy, but I'd still prefer something lighter. I just want something small to carry around and use for almost only light computing, not a mobile workstation.

>> No.56779167

There are a few so dont cry and do your research fucktard
Unicomp has an oldschool one
Even a 60%
Tex yoda

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My friends dad's Thinkpad Edge (don't know exact model but from the keyboard and power connector it should be about the same age as T430) is fucking beeping, constantly, like what the fuck, if the HDD led activity would actually be a speaker
Anyone have any idea why before we take it apart

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changed the fan of my t410 because of reoccuring fan error, altho i cleaned it a lot of times. Now with the new fan from china, I hear a coil-like whine when the fan is idle. I am pretty sure it wasn't there with the old one. It's driving me nuts, so I tweaked the tpfancontrol.ini to start from level 2, at which i barely hear any whine. Could it be from the chinky fan ? Can I do something more about it.

pic related is the stock fan, drilled it, oiled it with wd40, but it still has one position at which it sticks. I assume in this case it can't be spun around at bootup.

>> No.56779807

>oiled it with wd40

>> No.56779846

>Could it be from the chinky fan ?


>Can I do something more about it.

No. Buy better next time.

Thank you come again.

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I need a dock for my X1 Carbon what do you recommend /g/

>> No.56780207

I recommend you get a ThinkPad that isn't garbage.

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About 12 days ago I got a refurbished X240 from an eBay store with nearly 100% positive ratings.

The processor seems to be running consistently faster than necessary. When I first got it I ran a a diagnostic to see how many cycles the battery had gone through and got pic related. The fan was constantly running very loud, and the CPU always seemed to be overheating somewhat. I was recommended TPF control and Lenovo battery utility. Those helped a lot, but I was wondering if there was a way to verify if there's any issues with my processor. I would reset the heatsink with new thermal paste, but if something's off beyond that, I'd maybe want to take advantage of the 60 day warranty.

ALSO: The listing I bought from was incorrect. In some ways this is pleasant. I was given 8GB RAM instead of the specified 4, and an unmentioned 16GB SSD in addition to the HDD, --BUT-- It was listed as having a 1.9Ghz i5-4300U, and it came with a 1.6Ghz i5-4200U. I don't care that much, and don't want to make someone miserable, but I wouldn't mind compensation. Is this worth complaining about?

>> No.56780726

>Those helped a lot, but I was wondering if there was a way to verify if there's any issues with my processor. I would reset the heatsink with new thermal paste, but if something's off beyond that, I'd maybe want to take advantage of the 60 day warranty.

Clean the innards & put on new thermal paste. There's a chance that it was never replaced, and has dried, or they are using thermal pads instead of proper paste.

The CPU is shitty, but the over-utilization is something within the OS, not hardware.

>I don't care that much, and don't want to make someone miserable, but I wouldn't mind compensation. Is this worth complaining about?

Yes. You literally have nothing to lose, and they did not deliver the computer you bought.

>> No.56780747

Now after the BIOS flash practically all the buttons work as they should, except some very minor buttons that I won't use anyway.

Do tell more!

>> No.56781046


what would be a good price to look for ? 10$ ?

>> No.56781230

I'm taking a cybersecurity course where i will need to use a gnu/linux system and I don't want to bring my xps 15 because it's too big and heavy

I'm thinking an x220 is my best option but I can get an x230 for 70 bucks more

I see the x220 is recommended in the op but not the x230

Any info? Is the speed difference noticeable between 2nd and 3rd generation procs?

>> No.56781538

i can get a tablet x200 for $95 right now. is that a steal or am i retarded?

>> No.56781672

nevermind, already pulled the trigger. got it for $90 with battery and charger.

>> No.56781724


the x220 has not usb 3.0, unless it has i7. The x230 have ivy bridge processor, and that should mean faster processors. Finally, as far as I know, the x230 changed the 8 row keyboard for the 7 row one, this drives nuts to a lot of guys.

>> No.56781737

I was just shilled this
Did I fuck up?

>> No.56781840

I'm the macbook air owner who also fell for that thread and bought one

/tpg/ please affirm my impulse purchase

>> No.56781893

considering only processor power, is there much difference between a x230 i5 and a t430 i7?

the t430 is .5kg heavier (roughly speaking) and I will carry my notebook a lot, so I was wondering which one suit me better.

Driving a bike in my city means a lot of "rough play" with the car-drivers and other bikers. Is the x230 resistant enough?

>> No.56782653

Should I?


>> No.56782754

i'd make an offer of like $400 and see what he says back to you. no reason not to haggle a little, may save you a little bit of cash.

>> No.56782843

why the hell do you want a 4:3 thinkpad?
most of them have the god awful resolution of 1024x768, or the slightly less bad 1280x1024
Why not just get a t520 with a nice 1080p screen that's better than those ancient ass thinkpads

>> No.56782869

I'd offer like $350 for it, and take like $400 max
I got my w520 with a 2760qm, 1gb ram, quadro 1000m, but no charger for $240.
Then for $30 I got 16gb of ram, and for $25 I got a used 170 watt adapter.
also if you do get it tell me if it throttles under high cpu and gpu load.
My gpu will run at like 95c, and will constantly drop from ~700mhz to ~120mhz for 1/16 of a second and it hurts performance a lot.

>> No.56782905

thanks m8s

>> No.56782945

Damn, he just made a counteroffer for $449.99. Should I still buy it?

>> No.56782963

counter it for $400

>> No.56782983

I did, that was what >>56782754 suggested and I didnt see your post beforehand

>> No.56783000

$420 (blaze it)?

>> No.56783011

Make sure charger works, and make sure the battery doesn't die in 5 minutes unless that was included in the ad.

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File: 559 KB, 606x314, 1445995241476.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56783037

He asked for $442

>> No.56783038

Sup, guys.
Can you recommend any systems to use as eGPU?
Is such a thing even real?
My t420 struggles to play modern indieshit, so I thought about assembling such a system.

>> No.56783060

eh that's up to you
I like getting my machines with no ram/charger for half off, then buying those parts for like $50
just build a shitty desktop out of used parts if you want to play games.

>> No.56783062

My T420 works fine but doesn't have the stock cpu.

>> No.56783148

I have practically no space for a desktop, sadly

>> No.56783227

if you want to "win" the bid war, settle at $440 even.

anyway, if you really want it and it will suit all your laptop/desktop replacement needs, $440~ isn't bad for the computer imo, but i'm no thinkpad pro either.

>> No.56783285

I got it for $435

>> No.56783326

an egpu setup is going to take up more useful space than a desktop

>> No.56783370

Huh? How so?
I imagine it being like a small box with power and expresscard connectors and a pcie slot.

>> No.56783410

So, how much mileage can i get out from a chink t420 battery that ill be getting from ebay? Im sure someone here would be in the same position as me here. Im thinking of getting a 9 cell battery and im running stock unity ubuntu.

>> No.56783421

the box is a lot bigger than you think
and for any halfway decent gpu you will need both the power brick for the gpu, and normal desktop psu.
vs with a desktop you could build a pretty small matx system, put it on the floor with other stuff on top of it. Then have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse on the desk.

>> No.56783425

anybody here used a Toshiba Tecra? Howd they compare to a thinkpad?

>> No.56783435


Could get this. I was thinking about getting one and building a box to old it and a modest gpu. Might come in handy when travelling for light gaming.

>> No.56783457

Is there a sort of EPP discount for Dell laptops perhaps?

>> No.56783463

My T400's chink 9 cell has been going almost 2 years now, still getting about 4 hours with wifi on.

>> No.56783490

Will my house burn down if I don't buy a genuine battery and charger?

>> No.56783532


>> No.56783556


unless you buy a blatant counterfeit like a $20 9-cell or a $5 charger

>> No.56783646

The x200 I ordered is missing the digitizer pen. I was planning on ordering one, but I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Would that digitizer pen work on the x200?

I suppose I'll find out in a couple days when it gets here, I was just curious if anyone here already knew.

is me.

>> No.56783670

Need help!

First year of CS, need a good little work book.
T400 for a mere $60. The selling factor in this is a Radeon HD 3400 and 120GB SSD.
I have a problem.
Can I upgrade from 4GB RAM to 8GB? Like shit, this thing seems to be old and I have NEVER gotten into laptop hacking (if that's not clear by now), so I wouldn't know. I read these threads a every 3 days maybe, need help.

>> No.56783750

Are the docks for thinkpads actually useful?
I have a 440s if that matters

>> No.56783869

yes you can

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File: 297 KB, 652x519, Sketch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help anons, the tablet buttons work just fine but I CANNOT launch a program by holding it down because of this error.

>inb4 win10
I use it on my tablet version pls no bully

>> No.56784960

Good deal.

>> No.56785013

X230 has better graphics performance, and slightly higher CPU performance. Honestly, you'll be fine with either one.

>> No.56785104
File: 967 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160925-202145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking about getting my first Thinkpad. I don't know much about computers or anything related but I'm willing to learn. Is this a good deal?

>> No.56785119

>new thinkpads
you're doing it wrong, anon

>> No.56785165

>new thinkpad
>not a t,x, or w/p series

>> No.56785196

That isnt even a thinkpad. That seller is just a nigger.

Its a fucking chromebook running windows ffs.

Drink bleach or get a X220 you fucking moron.

>> No.56785450

>Just bought a cheap T420 to replace my old T42
It's like poetry

>> No.56785458

It might, but you may want the ThinkPad stylus just for continuity's sake; they're cheap as shit on eBay.

>> No.56785479

Yes. Though, for uni, an X201 may serve you better; easier to carry all over.

>> No.56785493

Yes they are, assuming you'd like to link up with some desk monitors, keyboard, etc. One movement to detach as opposed to replugging everything every time.

>> No.56785538
File: 62 KB, 261x387, 1456280577035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just got back from a laser workshop in my campus and got the idea of laser engraving something into my thinkpad.

Don't even know what it would be though. Ideas?

>> No.56785545

I feel sick looking at that

>> No.56785551

I recommend you pick up a used model from eBay. The current crop aren't much better than your average consumer fair. What are you looking to do with your new laptop?

>> No.56785569

Chaos star, arrows edge to edge.

>> No.56785600


>> No.56785605

Not a bad idea but I was thinking of something more tech related.

Could always throw my current distro on there I suppose.

>> No.56785650

That sounds cool, but what happens if you change distros?

Hmm, perhaps something related to some music, games, or movies you're confident you'll always love?

>> No.56785719
File: 60 KB, 933x1100, 1455456185018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good point, I do change distros a lot. I'm not planning on switching off arch for a while on my thinkpad though.

A Tux might be kind of cool.

>> No.56785734

What's the best tablet for digital drawing?

>> No.56785765

As the owner of an x220T, I don't think you'll get a lot of use out of it as a main drawing tablet. It's 16:9 aspect ratio doesn't do it any favors, and the resolution is pretty low. It's a fine machine otherwise.

You MIGHT look at the x201T but I would imagine the wacom accuracy is even worse.

>> No.56785774

I want to buy a T430 on ebay, but I've never bought a refurbished computer before, so I'm worried about how long it'll last even though thinkpads are supposed to be easy to fix/upgrade. Are my concerns justified or is it really not a big deal?

>> No.56785775

Which Thinkpad has the best design and functionality?

>> No.56785789

What's the best Thinkpad in terms of design and functionality?

>> No.56785799

It's not a big deal. These are business class laptops, so it isn't like they (well the older ones anyways) are in danger of failing.

Just go through your usual checks, and if something is off, send it back. Don't be a retard about it though.

I'd argue for classic thinkpads, the T420s is something awesome. I've seen the T430s and it's pretty nice.

As far as modern thinkpads go, the only ones really worth buying are the X series. The x250/260 are fine machines.

>> No.56785825

Tux would be pretty sweet, not gonna lie.
Just check seller ratings. eBay nearly always sides with the buyer in any dispute, and if a seller has a proven record, they're probably reasonable to deal with.

>> No.56785866

Alright, maybe I'll do it. Not anytime soon or anything, since I probably gotta figure out the exact material of the thinkpad and figure out how high i should set the laser so I don't fuck my monitor up or anything.

Will report back if I don't blow anything up in a few weeks.

>> No.56785868

The seller does seem very reputable. 100% feedback with 656 ratings and they've sold 79 of these and there's only one left. Guess I'm just being paranoid

>> No.56785906

Sounds decent to me, I'd say give it a whirl.

>> No.56785929

Sounds cool Anon, I'm here every damn day, so I'll probably see it if you do.

>> No.56785932

fuck refurbished computers
they always carry at least a $100 premium, and on a $200 (normally) laptop it's not worth it.
if you get it and it says its working it's going to last for at least 2 years.
The hdd might die, but a new one is like $20 and you should be replacing it anyways

>> No.56785982

just pulled the trigger. thanks

It's an SSD so I don't need to worry about that. Plus this was the best price I could find for it's specs, refurbished or not

>> No.56786029

I have doubts, you havent looked enough.
unless it's less than $250 it's not worth it
and even at $250 it's not worth it.

>> No.56786042

Eh after doing some research it might not be a good idea on the line I have. (X220) It seems to be made of this carbon fiber material, which would mean when cut with the laser cutter would emit a toxic gas.

>> No.56786098

I thought the X220 Lid was some magnesium alloy, but I'm not certain.

>> No.56786261

Purchased a T410 from a thrift store for about $6. Is it worth buying an SSD and upgrading its current HDD for fast, simple web browsing and document editing?

>> No.56786281


do i buy it

>> No.56786323


no. overpriced

>> No.56786409

Out of the ones I saw, it was the best I could find. these are the specs:
>240GB SSD
>Win10 64 bit
>i5 3320M 2.6 GHz

>> No.56786419

what's a decent offer? $150?

>> No.56786436


>> No.56786480

how much?
I got mine for $200 with
i5 3320m
nvs 5400m
4gb ram
and some hdd
ssd I threw in there was $20, and the ram was $10.

>> No.56786504


>> No.56786528

not worth
buy one without a hard drive/ram for >$200 and then buy the shit you want used for less than $50

>> No.56786573

What SSD did you get for only $20?

>> No.56786593

brand new you can get a crucial m550 64gb msata drive for $20
if you look on ebay for long enough you'll find something good (like what I have in mine) for like $25 shipped.
yeah it's like a 4 year old ssd, but it's 240gb and works perfectly with no smart issues.

>> No.56786742

The 9 cell battery that came with my t420 only gets like 2 hours out of a full charge. Is the battery just bad, or do I need to change some settings to get better life?

>> No.56786750

How do I make my thinkpad go "beep" when I close the lid? Only happens when I'm on windows.

Currently running Arch on my X200.

>> No.56786780

do you have the 70++ or the 55++ version?

did you buy your thinkpad new?

how many cycles does it have (can view in Lenovo settings if you're on Windows)

>> No.56786828

What os, and are you using any power management software?
On my t420 I can barely get 4 hours on windows 10 with nothing special turned on
but on windows 7 I get 6-10 hours with lenovo power manager.
Then in linux it's like 2-3 hours at best, but that's linux
the beep should be coming from the bios whenever it goes to sleep
so either turn your sound on, or make sure it goes to sleep when you close it

>> No.56786895

No, I got it off ebay

I'm using Win 7, and I'm using the lenovo power manager.

>> No.56786929

what mode do you have power manager set to?

>> No.56786973

It's on maximum battery life, battery stretch is off though.

>> No.56786995

What GNU/Linux should I get one my t450.

>> No.56787142

yeah your battery is fucked (unless it's a 6 cell)
what does lenovo power manager say is left (maximum capacity or whatever they call it)

>> No.56788218

*bsd :^)

>> No.56788724

who here wants improved tpmiddle.exe that doesn't fail when you middle-click and then move the mouse slightly? i just spent 1 hour figuring it out and compiling

>> No.56788759

that's fucked, I have about 85% of the design capacity on my 55++ with 411 charge cycles

whats your "full charge capacity"? If it's significantly below the design capacity then just get a new battery

Does any anons in this thread have experience with 70++ 9cell battery? It has awful reviews on Lenovo's website

>> No.56788891

if any anon wants to do this themselves, comment out the lines Sleep(50); on 222 and 228 of tpmiddle.cpp

BTW you can get the build dependencies here since Synaptics no longer hosts essential files including SynKit.h: https://github.com/paluka/PressureTextSelection/tree/master/Selected%20Synaptics%20SDK%20Files

keywords tpmiddle alternative, tpmiddle improvement, tpmiddle delay, synaptics dependencies

>> No.56788908

I want a version that works on my X61t.

>> No.56789295

How much better battery time t430 have over t420? Is Sandy Bridge so much worse than Ivy in energy consumption? Or maybe there are some other factors too it?

>> No.56789353

I am no expert at all. like not even close but people keep saying that they are both fine and it doesnt really matter that much.

so I am just saying what I have read over the month of being here.

>> No.56789365

well ivy is a bit faster and the intergrated graphics are better on a t430 it wont hurt most people

>> No.56789437

does the normal version not work?

>> No.56789475

it says I'm missing some .dll. I have all the drivers and shit from lenovo's tool too

>> No.56789494

i just bought a thinkpad w530 and i got some battery for the second generation. is that a way that i can hack the firmware on the w530, so i can use the batteries?

>> No.56789517

try the latest drivers from synaptic


if that doesnt work download an older version

>> No.56789532
File: 98 KB, 845x475, W530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does /tpg/ feel about the W530?

>> No.56789555

all I know is that it is my dream thinkpad. and I have yet to find one that I can afford

>> No.56789583

Please someone help!

>> No.56789599

i just bought one with i7 3840qm and k2000m graphics

>> No.56789613

Middle mouse button has gone completely fucky on both my work T520 and my shitpostin X220

I'm now using an older model for shitpostin just because the middle button works better and it's only marginally slower

I've tried taking the keyboards out but the rubber dome is there and the middle trackpoint button is there, I don't know, they've become incredibly soft and mushy to the point where you can press them down, but if you don't do it hard enough it doesn't even register. I've even tried swapping the keyboards around, and even just taking out and swapping the middle mouse buttons.

Anything I can add in or do to fix this?

>> No.56789618

how much did you pay?
that is a grail you got there.
that literally is my dream

>> No.56789654

about 600 euro

>> No.56789678

considering only processor power, is there much difference between a X230 i5 and a T430 i7?

>> No.56789684

How do I go about getting old/retired thinkpads directly from companies?

>> No.56789685

>600 euro
I've been looking at one for about the same price. Need to get it shipped out to Aus.

>> No.56789687

>250mb for a fucking driver
>windows cant verify it

fucking shitshow.

>> No.56789821
File: 2.18 MB, 3264x2448, 1454615793935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Don't wanna have to buy a whole new keyboard.

Will probably experiment after work by sticking some paper or blu-tack in to at least make it work when i press it down lightly, even if it makes it mushier

>> No.56789851

I can't help but that's some nice table organization. Really nice and hopefully my setup is like that. I'd probably buy a little case for that GPU though.

>> No.56790000
File: 831 KB, 3072x2304, N6iPWJQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have like 30 eGPU setups saved
Mine's kinda shitty and I did it just as a hobby anyway, to take on holiday or whatever, as I have a decent desktop at home.

Best thing is to DIY your own wooden case or something.

>> No.56790030

IIRC you have mine saved despite me not using a dGPU.

>> No.56790345

I fell for the meme and bought a T420 i5-2520M. I need to replace the 500Gb hdd (no ssd) with an ssd one, it is easy to do it? I'm a totally noob with hardware changes and it is my first thinkpad

>> No.56790362


>> No.56790429

>new Thinkpad only propose ultra low voltage CPU
>upgrade to a (dual core) core i7 is more expensive than the price difference looking at ark
>x series at $2000+ with no GPU

Is there any reason beside the good keyboard and good Linux compatibility to expect to get a thinkpad as a new laptop?

>> No.56790437

how much did you pay?

>> No.56790475

same as installing the HDD.

>> No.56790516
File: 1.73 MB, 3264x1840, WP_20160926_06_17_48_Pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need to stop buying old laptops.

>> No.56790527
File: 32 KB, 414x275, money_wallet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

About to pull the trigger on a T420. £150.
How's that?

>> No.56790549

what's the specifications and screen res.

>> No.56790573

4G RAM, 2.5GHz CPU. The screen res isn't listed.

>> No.56790580


One left after everyone lost their shit in that thread yesterday

>> No.56790599

i'd give a £100 for that as it'd most likely be a 1366x768 screen.

>> No.56790723

The only others I can find are damaged to shit, £250, or BIOS locked. Might just do it.

>> No.56790738

275 $

So it should be doable. Thx

>> No.56790766

>How do I go about getting old/retired thinkpads directly from companies?

nobody can help on this?

>> No.56790844


why did 4chan just quoted a different text than the one I wrote?

>> No.56790866

because you had it highlighted.


>> No.56790903

anyone has experience with a t460?

>> No.56790922

you looking on ebay, as i bought a T420 with a i3-2370m, 4gb, and 320gb HDD for £100 back in january.
and it was near brand new.

>> No.56790947

Yeah I cant find anything decent on ebay. There was a bunch for £130 but they all got bought.

>> No.56791004

thought about a X220 or T520?
as if there isn't anything you may have to go for that one.

>> No.56791074

So what would be the ideal cpu upgrade for a T420 with a basic i5-2520M? I've read about putting in i7 QMs, but is it really worth it to run something that hot? Is there a particular quad chip that works best with the stock cooling? Is it better to go with a dual core i7-2640M, which is the fastest the T420 was sold with? Am I overthinking the whole thing and should just stick with the 2520?

>> No.56791171

stick with the dual core, as i did run a 2630qm in my T420 and while it wasn't hot, you need a custom BIOS so you can disable turbo boost, as at full load quad cores cause a lot of coil whine, and most things on laptops don't really use all the threads, and the high clock speed on the dual cores help more, as i've gone from my 2630qm to a 2540m and haven't noticed any difference in lightroom, and it's not like you're getting better graphics either, and they are expensive CPUs, a 2640m is a better choice as it's got really high core clocks, more cache, and it's still 35w,

>> No.56791205

I want to move to SSD's. Is Samsung 850 EVO 250gb a good choice for X220?

>> No.56791220

as long as it's 2.5 inch, as the mSATA slot is only SATA2.

>> No.56791316
File: 75 KB, 492x361, t420-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So what would be the ideal cpu upgrade for a T420 with a basic i5-2520M?
i7 2720qm imo, anything past that might be housefire territory.

>but is it really worth it to run something that hot?
Mine runs fine and a bit cooler than the 2520m did. However it throttles at 2.9 GHz but i'll take 4 cores at 2.9 GHz over 2 cores at 3.2 GHz any day, pic related.

>Am I overthinking the whole thing and should just stick with the 2520?
I'd say stick with the 2520 and upgrade only if you find a crazy deal like i did or you need the horsepower, sometimes i use my T420 for gaymen with an external GPU and it helps.

>you need a custom BIOS so you can disable turbo boost
You only need a tweak in Windows Power Manager, and it's not even necessary.

>full load quad cores cause a lot of coil whine
>and most things on laptops don't really use all the threads
These are true.

>> No.56791321

I just bought my first thinkpad, it's the x220 model. I really hope i'm not getting memed on, because /g/ tricked me many times.

Also, I ordered a miniSSD and a samsung 2.5 ssd. Is it better to install the OS on the miniSSD or the samsung 2.5 inch?

>> No.56791331

Sure why not.

Get the mSATA version imo, you won't see any noticeable difference between SATA2 and SATA3 plus you can plug a secondary drive in the main HDD slot.

>> No.56791357
File: 1.76 MB, 1934x2604, 552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56791387


Im running a 2820qm in a t520 with base model heatsink. It gets to 97c without hyper threading running cpuz stress test. With hyperthreading it goes through the roof.

If would say if people want an i7 just get the w520.

>> No.56791400

bought this, thoughts?


>> No.56791468

i did try the 99% tweak to disable turbo, but it sucks if you want to try and play with linux distros and a custom bios is worth it anything just for the extra thermal settings and to ability to install a 802.11AC card.

>> No.56791507
File: 162 KB, 938x569, t420-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine stops around 92c but it throttles as i said, HT enabled.

>If would say if people want an i7 just get the w520
100% agree with this, unless you're like me and 15.6" is 2big.

You can unlock better memory speeds too, i haven't changed the bios only because i'm on 1.48 and looks like i can't downgrade.

>> No.56791512

i5/i7 qm(quad core) from 1st to 4th gen are complete house fire no matter how good your fan/cooling or thermal paste.

>> No.56791559

What are we going to move to once the last good thinkpads are too old to be useful? I have an X200 and will probably go to an X220 next but after that, then what?

All the X-series thinkpads after X220 look like garbage. Shiny screens, chiclet keyboards, 16:9 resolution (actually, I'm not overly bothered about that one) and so on. Is there another laptop manufacturer that isn't making these awful design decisions?

>> No.56791575

idk mass suicide maybe

>> No.56791579

>bought two broken t400s for $20
>mixed them to make a working one
>don't have any use for it
It was fun repairing the thing though, which DE should i use for a t400? Going to install Arch i guess.

>> No.56791580

you can downgrade but it needs to be like 1.40 but it has to be the official BIOS from lenovo, then you can flash the custom bios, as i made the mistake of flashing the latest lenovo bios and had to downgrade.

only good laptops now are dell latitudes, HP Zbooks and macbooks.

>> No.56791628

Need laptop with i5, 1080p screen. Needs to look ok. Battery doesent matter.

>> No.56791694

13 inch rMBP.

>> No.56791710

Under 600 please

>> No.56791748

used 13 inch rMBP

>> No.56791798

msata of course and 4tb hdd as secondary storage drive for chinese cartoons

>> No.56792044

Id say xfce i like it and its light weight

>> No.56792059

All your buttons working?

>> No.56792070

I got new trackpoint buttons for free from a used computer shop.

>> No.56792107

thoughts on 51nb mods?

the x62 sounds like a dream come true

>> No.56792143

but he already did

>> No.56792148

Has anyone recently bought a LP125WH2(SL)(T1) screen for the X220? I've been trying to contact eBay vendors but none of them seem to have this particular model in stock

>> No.56792160

I just got it and havent had any time to play with. Sofar no problems really only thing is the power button isnt clicking but still works. Any specific questions? I can check for you when I get home

>> No.56792378

I've got an x230, and having some screen issues. there's a big black bar down the middle of the screen. Occasionally, it's a static bar, and occasionally it's a white bar. Very rarely, it disappears. Sometimes, I can change the nature of the bar by changing the screen position. Any ideas?

>> No.56792391

Just chiseled my x230's palmrest to finally fit the X220 keyboard.

What did you do to make the keyoard fit? Did you just get an X220T palmrest or did you dremel and chisel the shit out of the nubs and the holes?

>> No.56792472

i am torn between a x220 and a x230. I usually move big files (films and *.flac), is it worth to have a usb 3 or not?

>> No.56792557

yes it's worth it if you move stuff around alot

>> No.56792569

For your case yes.

An expresscard usb 3.0 adapter can be used in the x220 though.

>> No.56792612

Check Amazon.

>> No.56792626

Im pretty sure this has been posted a million times before but I need to ask

Last week I got a brand new x230 (you're going to have to take my word on that but yes it's brand new)

I've been thinking of every upgrade I could do to it right now: I already got a 250gb mSata SSD and I have no real need for a second hard drive so I'm honestly not going to be using that slot. I also upgraded to 16gb 1600mhz ram since I couldn't find any higher clock speed ram anywhere (if anyone can point me to the right direction for the highest possible clock speed let me know)

Now I'm looking into upgrading the rest of it. What wireless cards are the absolute best upgrade for these machines? I'm looking for something that can do AC.

Also, is there any speaker upgrades I could do?

If I upgrade to FHD, will I always have that double screen thing in the display properties?

Are there any other upgrades aside from any of the stuff I've mentioned?

>> No.56792645

That won't be easy.

>> No.56792663

>An expresscard usb 3.0 adapter can be used in the x220 though.
it's not as fasst as a true usb3.0

>> No.56792816

how's gaming on the t420? just light gaming, dont really play and AAA. alternatively is there a thinkpad that can handle light gamig in the 200-300 range?

>> No.56792831

use geo-ship, looking trough a single regional ebay is the worst thing you could do

>> No.56792846

I picked up the one with a 2.8 i7 and I can run a Nes emulator perfectly and Counter Strike Sources plays well also

>> No.56792856

make my own

>> No.56792868

>not naming the pictures filename the GPU + Thinkpad

>> No.56793030

absolutely haram

Libreboot plus a light distro

>> No.56793308

it's shit but can handle even mid-modern gaming if you use an eGPU

>> No.56793339
File: 2.35 MB, 3264x2448, 1466445594538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw someone is still reposting my old shit
btw. I can't recommend eGPU setup with x230 anymore. T430 with eGPU is much better, especially with quad core CPU. x230 i7 CPU was choking itself on fallout 4.

>> No.56793565
File: 2.14 MB, 2272x1704, P1070034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I have an x220 with an ISO keyboard, can I buy an ANSI keyboard replacement and just switch out the keyboard or do I also have to modify the bios?

>> No.56793630

I bought it like this
Was suprised seller didnt know anything about the keyboard type

>> No.56793666

You don't have to do anything other than replace it

>> No.56793674

Yeah, I just googled it. A keyboard is like 30 bucks on ebay and it takes five minutes to replace.

I didn't even get this thing yet and I already love it.

>> No.56793847

Windows 10 on a T42 yay or nay?

>> No.56794203

I'm looking to get a 500GB MLC-based SSD. Should I get a Crucial MX200 for around $185, or save up to get a Samsung 850 Pro for $299 (possibly less on Black Friday)?

All prices in Canuckbucks

>> No.56794456

What's the best dock for a t420?

>> No.56794492

chuwi hi12 for portability or a DIY AiO with a craigslist monitor and a chink mini pc with an i3 for more power?

>> No.56794504

mini dock series 3

>> No.56794562

So, I am meeting a guy to check his x230, is there any way to test the battery life? I plan to carry my debian bootable usb to see if the bios is locked or not, can I check from there anything the battery life, how much does it heat or any other test?

>> No.56794702

Aida64 portable on a USB drive, or any other tool like it probably

>> No.56794819

My X301 has a hard time with Windows 10, if you really mean a T42 and not a T420 then you might be better off with Linux

>> No.56794875

wtf do you do with the touchpad on e535

>> No.56794900

So, guys, I need your opinion on this, even though the jerks here keep pointing out the rules nobody follows.
My friend has a Dell Vostro 15 (3558 or 9) and I need a laptop with next to identical specs.
I know this isn't the thread to post this on but I need /g/ooks's opinion on this.
>What do I want
i3 fourth gen minimum
8gb ram
2gb internal graphics
500gb or 1tb drive
botnet 10 pro
optical drive + burner
>Possible brands
Anything except HP. From a guy working in an IT store, every misadventure he had with a laptop was from HP.
>Price range

>> No.56794909
File: 24 KB, 540x405, 4207c7a37-7ec9-4a87-8ae5-b6597ef207fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bought a x220i decent condition for 100 bongs

Only thing that would do with replacing is they keyboard it is a bit worn

Had a spare ssd with 8gb of ram I popped in and it runs great

I've been using it for 2 weeks and it seems fine for shitposting/media

Why was everyone telling me i made a big mistake?

>Implying I needed an i7 for YouTube and 4chan.

>> No.56794913

Why do you guys only talk about poorfag thinkpads?

>> No.56794919

Is there any way to make the nipple faster? It´s already set to the highest sensitivity but I still find it slow.

>> No.56794929

Hello /tpg/,
I have a shitty family 2nd hand laptop dying, and was thinking about buying a memepad, problem is I was originally planning to get one for university, but I will only start in 2-3 years.
Should I wait and buy in 2-3 years or could it survive like 6-7 years?

Also which one is recommended for a computer science major?

>> No.56794941

lenovo's website when there are big deals. I believe the T460 was around your price range and specs during the week leading up to labor day.

>> No.56795011

Simply accessing the BIOS itself would show you if it's locked.
If its running Windows you can run command prompt as administrator and cd to %USERPROFILE%\Desktop and run powercfg -energy

It'll generate a report with the battery info. It'll tell you how much charge the battery is rated to hold vs the last charge hold at 100%

Check for any damage to the chassis, check all ports and make sure the wireless card works as well.

>> No.56795030

Why do you ask questions like this

>> No.56795133

There-s a gtk application, power status, that tells you the life of the battery.

I will boot debian so I can check all of that. And I have no idea how to use windows, where is the terminal in windows 10? I wont even try. But thanks for the suggestions, I will check all of it!

>> No.56795138

I haven't really been tempted to go past T420 for marginal performance gains (for my workload) at the expense of what I feel to be good design.

>> No.56795278

The new ones fucking suck.

>> No.56795373

do they? why? are they no powerful enough, or durable or it is just nostalgia talking? Serious questions

>> No.56795400

Honestly, both. Battery life has greatly improved, as build quality greatly decreased; CPU power essentially stagnated till the latest series.

>> No.56795466

I can believe the cpu power stagnation, it is widely known, but the built quality argument is because the new x260, t530 and carbon are less durable or what?

>> No.56795489

Yeah, much more of the unit is plastic, and it's significantly more difficult to swap components on.

>> No.56795547

did lenovo's thinkpad team ever reeact to those questionnaires we answered last year or whenever about thinkpad users' favourite thinkpad configuration?

>> No.56795566

>Battery life has greatly improved
Can you get 8 hours of loonixing out them?

>> No.56795570



>> No.56795586


>> No.56795608

What OS?

>> No.56795660

>Visit local chinkmall over the weekend
>Entire place is basically dozens of little glass stores selling the same product for slightly different prices
>Most electronics stores only sell cellphone accessories that you can get for half the price on eBay but some have used laptops
>Walk into first store, beat to shit X201 with missing keys and grime errywhere
>Offer $140, which is generous for this piece of shit
>Oriental proprietor starts yelling and screaming about "disrespectful offer" and says "no less than $300"

How do these guys stay in business? Even if their goal is to wait months or years for some sucker to come along, have they never heard of floorplanning or even opportunity cost? And why is it so fucking impossible to get decent Thinkpad deals anywhere but eBay?

>> No.56795726

CPU power only stagnated on computers with u-series low voltage processors. Full voltage ones are obviously way quicker. My brother's T440p absolutely smokes my T410, whereas the work-supplied X240 could barely nudge ahead.

>> No.56795755

I forgot to take that into account. We only use X series at my job.

>> No.56795812


Good day, /tpg/. I know it's possible to swap the function of the FN and CTRL keys in the BIOS, but is it possible to physically swap the keys as well?

>> No.56795873

Anyone have an x201 on Ubuntu 16.04? I'm having multpile issues with the xserver-xorg-video-Intel drivers and was wondering if anyone else ran into any problems and if so is there a way to fix them short of writing an xorg.conf file.

>> No.56795892

I just tried. I'd say not.

>> No.56795902

Install Arch.

>> No.56795929
File: 76 KB, 398x500, thumbs up huge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thanks, Anon.

>> No.56795979
File: 29 KB, 633x758, 1449931632644.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

X220 vs X230
Which one to pick?
Is the X220 really that much worse than X230?
I program in Java for work and do emails and browsing.

>> No.56796046

Either is fine, pick the one you like the looks of.

>> No.56796083

But X220 isn't worse than X230, anon.
X220 is one of the last thinkpads to have non-chiclet keyboards.

>> No.56796154

What would you guys recommend for java programming and the occasional virtual machine? I just need something for class. My desktop is pretty good, but I need something for when there are group assignments so I don't have to sit back and use the lab computers.

>> No.56796233

t420, i7 with the nvidia graphics. should be 300 dollars max
you can upgrade it with a ssd in 2-3 years.

>> No.56796455

My boss needs a new laptop and asked me to buy one. Thing is, I don't know shit about them.

I saw a t530 with win7 at 400 euros on amazon. Yay or Nay, considering my boss just want a thing that works smooth?

>> No.56796483

Here's the beast:


>> No.56796498

Make sure there are pictures of the actual laptop, I've been screwed on Amazon before.

>> No.56796520

Compared to à regular laptop bought in à shop at 500 e, is this thinkpad à deal?

>> No.56796732
File: 277 KB, 1450x650, bat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fairly new to thinkpads & laptops in general

Besides buying cheap knockoff batteries that cost $15 and will murder your whole family in an explosion/fire are there any big things to look out for when buying these? What kind of prices should you expect for a normal 9 cell? Gonna have to buy me an ac adapter for this as well and hope not to under/overpay while still getting something of decent quality

>> No.56797378
File: 907 KB, 903x589, UJLH6Q9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

T420 for 250 EUR, or EliteBook 8560p for 220 EUR, specs are the same, the HP has a better screen, I enjoy the look more, and it has a metal body, opinions?

>> No.56797516

seems like parts are also available on chink sites, any reason to not go with this over the T420?

>> No.56798124

Dear /tpg/,

My t400 motherboard died last week.

What t420 is best t420?
I was thinking of, no Nvidia gpu, 1600x900 and perhaps the i5-2540?

>> No.56798421

Dear /tpg/ gods
Just curious would if be worth upgrading a T420 mb to the nvidia variant?

>> No.56798488

Yeah looks fine, CPU and everything is upgradeable so pick whatever one is the cheapest.

Not worth it imo, uses more power and the performance increase isn't that much.

>> No.56798518

seriously considering ditching my x201 for a hp 8470p, anyone used any elitebooks with only two buttons before? i had a 3 button 17" one before, and it was great, but i had to ditch it for something less expensive to repair. i want to know if the two button ones can still vertically scroll just as easily by holding both buttons down to simulate a mousewheel click, like some laptops do.

also, anyone know if 14" 1600*900 will feel more or less cramped than 12" 1280*800 in terms of vertical screen real estate? the amount of lines i can put on a screen without squinting is kind of a big deal to me.

>> No.56798535

only if you REALLY want to use more than 2 screens off of it. But you should just get something like a cheap used ThinkStation for that.

>> No.56798538

my understanding is that it's not really worth seeking out or paying extra for since if you're going to start doing realass dedicated graphics stuff on a t420 you might as well set up an egpu (and at THAT point jesus christ just get a desktop)

>> No.56798744

>t400 with core 2 duo P8400 running 1080p 10bit cartoons on Antergos with mpv + opengl-hq runs nice
>t420 with i7 and NVS running 1080p 10bit cartoons on Windows 7 with mpv + opengl-hq drops frames
wait what

>> No.56799166

>thinkpad t420 supposed to arrive tomorrow
>SSD and RAM upgrade not arriving until Friday

It'd going to be hard to wait to start using the thing until I can upgrade it. It has no OS preinstalled and I was hoping the SSD would get here sooner.

>> No.56799284

i'm super jazzed mine's coming with a little 64gb msata to get started right out of the box

>> No.56799325

I had the option for that but it would have been more expensive than buying them seperately, probably wasn't worth it.

>> No.56799758

Is this a garbage deal or an ok one?

>> No.56799846

New thread:

>> No.56799861

i have the same problem.

I have laptops I haven't even taken out of the box yet. I feel like I need a support group.

>> No.56799917

who that thiccie

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