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Just bought a oneplus 3

Did I fuck up?

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I'm curious to.
Want to upgrade my Xperia Z3.

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I just got mine 3 days ago.

Apps crashes for no reason all the time

fucking hell

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Lol no

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I have the oneplus one, and wanted an upgrade I hear out of all the flagships out at the moment it is the best plus so cheap for specs and app crashes can be fixed

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Also why isn't this in the smartphone general?

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Should've gotten a LeEco max 2

Outperforms for half the price

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sure it can

thats also the only gripe I have with it.

The pentile display is noticable when I lay in bed on the phone, but w/e.

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So all in all you like the phone?

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Nope I have one and it's great. Installed CM and got almost double screen on time. It's even got a headphone jack! Could not be happier for 400€

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What the fuck were Apple thinking

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yes. It's the best phone I've had.

owned Huawei Honor 6 and galaxy S3.

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which CM did you install? Never tried CM, isn't there different versions or something.

I read CM gimped the dash charging tho?

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No. It's just another boring rectangle with a screen.

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You did good, it's a great phone.
Fuck oxygenos tho, flash CM13 right away.

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It's gonna suck no mater what chink powered lagdroid phone you buy.

You'll never know what the problem is tho, the shitty software or the cheap hardware.


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You realise that it has the same components as a galaxy s7 but just without the name brand price tag.

And as far as Apple goes that is as shit as hardware goes, overpriced and under powered only good thing about Apple is the optimisation of their OS so it can run on shitty hardware.

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Had it for about two months now. Most comfy phone I've had so far. You did good.

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I have the OnePlus X, runs smoothly without any errors. The only problem i have is on the battery, it can only last for 1 or 1 1/2 hours for gaming/watching videos.

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Question. I have a 1+3. And for some reason it sturers 1080p video play stream locally over wireless AC. My friends shield runs it fine and he uses wireless n. Anyone?

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rumor has it that oneplus is going to merge hydrogen os and oxygen os together. And its going to be more similar to the chinese variant (hydrogen os)

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They are amazing phones I think they fell with the oneplus 2 as they tried to go above and beyond the oneplus one too soon

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"hey everyone look i posted it again"

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