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I paid $190 for a computer keyboard (Filco Majestouch 2). Am I an idiot?

It arrived today. Which was very early. But at that price...

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be glad you didn't spent it on an apple product.

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Yes, that would suck. NIce dubs.

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Yes, you're an idiot.

Mechanical Keyboards offer no advantages and they're a retarded meme fueled by the idiocy of the gayming community (which polutes this shitty board hence why all the mech keyboard threads).

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it's probably the single thing you spend the most time using. so no. treat yourself.

and if you're a touch typist then there's an actual practical advantage to using mechanical keyboards. not just "feels".

if you're an IT professional (or just a computer addicted NEET, not judging) then there's nothing wrong with having quality chairs, desks, peripherals, etc.

t. 110 WPM career programmer

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~130 WPM on a 5€ membrane keyboard. Get fucking scammed retard. Mechanical keyboards have no impact even after using them for months. It's a complete marketing scheme and you fucking idiots fall for it.

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well you are correct, thats a stupid amount but i used a VERY bad keyboard for +2 years and i'd say there is WORLD of difference in use

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that's pretty fast mate I'm happy for you

I've done the comparison side by side though, and there's at least a 5% difference immediately. that was after I got my first mech so don't tell me I wasn't practiced on the membrane one

but sure, I could get very good at typing on a shitty keyboard that feels like shit and will probably need replacing within the year, but I can afford the luxury

so in short, shut the fuck up. you have no standards. that's your own problem

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it depends, is $190 a lot for you? and yeah, mechanical keyboard is mostly meme

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Get ready for wrist pain or worse in a decade.

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What? I've never had a keyboard stop working. The issue is that you're a fatass dumb shit good-for-nothing gamer and you're too filthy. You probably drop food and fluid on your keyboard and naturally it breaks.

>feels like shit
You're just a dumb cunt that has been influenced by marketing campaigns into believing that it feels better. Best keyboards are light on the fingers not clunky mechanical garbage shit that actually feels heavy as fuck. Think thinkpad keyboards and many older laptop keyboards. THat shit is great.

You might want to pretend and make up reasons to explain such a stupid fucking purchase but the truth is your speed didn't improve and there's barely any difference compared to a random keyboard in feel. You got tricked by marketing campagins and because you're a gaymer faggot idiot who watches streamers sponsored by razer you got one. Do kill yourself you fucking faggot I hate you.


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honestly? yeah. mech keyboards are basically a hipster meme

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yes, you could have bought a Model M for under $50

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shame on you I paid $70 for a filco majestouch 2 tenkeyless with brown switches just two days ago.

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What if the advantage is that I like using it?

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I have the Filco Majestouch 2 Tenkeyless.
Had it since 2011. The thing looks new. The caps are ever so slightly shiny, but that's expected after five years of heavy typing.
The thing is solid as fuck.

The only con is the lack of removable cable.

Best tech buy ever.

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This man tells the truth.
Being rich =/= being smart

Treating yourself to something actually ergonomic (chair, desk lamp etc.) is a good thing.
Falling for marketing tricks now that is dumb

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>Am I an idiot?
Obviously. Mechanical keyboards are pure meme and a waste of money, which is why I'm waiting for my seventh board to arrive sometime next week.

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you could have bought 5 lolitas with that
you fucked up hard

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OP here. I changed my mind. I love this keyboard. Even thinking about it makes me hard. I will have sex with it. It feels good. HOWEVER, it is the UK layout when I really wanted US with ISO style Enter key but they're just too hard to find. Fuck.

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not true

fingers are stressed less with good mechanical keyboard

it instantly fixed my sore finger

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I can confirm this. If you like punishing your keys like a madman then mechanical keyboards are for you.

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