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If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you will be using it with, along with wanted features, budget and size.

Good resources:
>reviews, specs, comparisons

>Frequency checker

>Chinkphone news

>Recommended Chinkphones $80-$300 as of March 2016

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone
>Shill your Xiaomi

Honor 8 review

Rumor says Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be launched as Mi Pro

Snapdragon 821-powered Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe is now available for purchase

Galaxy S8 may come with curved Dual edge screen in both the 5.1" and 5.5" flavors

TENAA, Geekbench confirm that there is 3GB of RAM on the Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Nexus 6P 7.0 Nougat Factory Image Released

LG V20: First impressions and thoughts (Android Police)

Huawei P9 Second Opinion: A well-rounded smartphone with a brilliant camera

old >>56491544

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First for Mi5s info when

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Where were you when Apple started RENTING phones to iSheep with their 'iPhone ((((Upgrade)))) Programme'?

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Is there any other good small phone out there other than the z5compact? SE looks nice too but I'm not a fan of iOS desu senpai.

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Guys help me. I googled redmi note 4 pro and came up with this. Did they make a mistake since its not yet announced?

The description reads that it has a double rear camera but the pictures dont match the description.

Is this.legit

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Galaxy Alpha

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so i want a new smartphone but i'm not paying $800

is the galaxy S5 good still and can i replace touchwiz with something better? i've heard complaints about it

i'm on AT&T and i need expandable memory

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>constantly paying $3 per day to apple
what are they even thinking

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it's just speculation, it's not an official store. it will probably be announced in a month or 2 anyway.

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you can replace touchwiz with any launcher you want, i recommend nova

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touchwiz is not only a launcher faggot

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sorry, i forgot to say it's also garbage, friendo

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Im searching for a new phone for a trip Im going on on monday and I found somone selling a OP3 but there is a chance that I dont get it before monday.
Now searching for alternatives and found a Huawei P9 and a OP2 in my area. Now the OP2 lacks NFC but is there anything you really NEED NFC for ? Like I dont pay with my phone or use any NFC-tags ever... Something else you need it for or can I go with the OP2 if I dont use any of NFCs tools ?

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So i'm looking at getting a Xiaomi Note 3 pro. I have no experience with rooting android. I'm sure it's not that hard.
Is it usually recommended to root the phone? I don't want bloatware or anything similar spying on me.
Can I replace the android software on it? If so, can someone point me in the right direction or have any recommendations?

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Accidentally smashed my Note 4's glass. Can't replace just the glass without fucking up the phone with glue - it has to be the whole screen at the cost of £120.

I decided to buy a new phone but:
>iPhones don't let me torrent and no file manager. Also Applemao
>Samsung's non-removable batteries and the Edge gimmick are shit
>HTC is overpriced for what you get.
>LG/Sony/Motorola are probably overpriced too for the mediocre quality.
>CAT S60 looks ugly and is unsymmetrical as fuck
>Huawei runs native Android but /g/ says it's poor quality, so is OnePlus (break easily, last only 12 months etc.)
>Other Chinkshit is low quality (source: /g/'s anti-shilling)

My only logical conclusion by negative elimination is to buy a brand new Note 4. I was really happy with this phone but the glass doesn't keep my brain clean now... buying the same phone sounds retarded.

Someone give me ideas?

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if you need expandable memory there is the zte axon 7

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that's a lot pricier than what i'm looking for

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Thinking about buying a OP3. Pixel looks like it will be a failure, and the iPhone 7 is too expensive. Is One Plus consistent with security updates? Also is the display good? Any caveats?

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You can root it and flash CM13, it's not super simple but not overly complicated.

Unlock bootloader->flash dev rom->flash CM13->root

Rootjunky has a video series where he shows how to do it all:

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Trying to decide between a OnePlusX or a Moto G4, leaning towards the G4 but the 5.5" screen is holding me back as I don't want a giant phone

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Also any word on when the X is getting marshmallow

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Recommendations for a good stable custom ROM as close to stock as possible for the note 3?

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OPX is deprecated. it won't get marshmallow.
G4 is better. there aren't many options at the 5" size anyway.

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is one year too late to buy a phone? want to buy a z5c, it's my first new phone since 4s.

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You still must to ask them for permission..
Do you need to do that in Chinese?

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Stock android, 200-300€, germany. I'm looking at the Moto G3+ but I heard of overheating issues when using the camera and other quirks. What are my alternatives?

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Help me /g, is this shit legit??
i really want it

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They explain everything and give you the message to copy.

> 200-300€
> Moto G3
??? You can buy a Nexus 5X for that much.

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No need for chinese.
>Western user wanting to install custom ROMs.
Is literally what I sent them, and they unlocked it for me within 2 days.

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Looked into the 5x' stats. 2GB RAM? Is that what 300€ buys you nowadays?

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Thank you! I haven't bought a phone in about 4 years and trying to learn everything has been overwhelming.
I've been looking at the Honor 8 and the OnePlus 3, I'm skeptical of the Note 7 just cause I see it so heavily advertised. How much of that phone is overhyped?
In terms of provider, I've been using straight talk since I don't want a contract. However, these phones are bloody expensive and being able to get a flagship phone at a more reasonable price might tempt me to sign up.

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3 years ago I bought my m7 for 680€ with 2gb ram...

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I'm thinking about switching to Consumer Cellular or FreedomPop. Have any of you used them? How was it?

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just get a new screen\digitizer assembly then.

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2gb is enough still, desu. it's bullshit that 4 isn't the standard like a while ago but its whatever

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That's what I'm saying, is it worth it when I can get a brand new of the same phone for roughly double that amount?

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You can buy Mi5 with SD820 and 3GB RAM for 250€ too. but you wanted stock android. RN3P is 143€, SD650, 3GB RAM and has CM13 roms too.

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z5 compact or x compact? Is the 650 snapdragon okay? the z5 looks better though, I like the back.

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Why not? It's still got the last good Qualcom processor generation with tons of RAM, it's one of the last samsungs to get good community support and the last one with an S Pen. It's still a very unique device that you'll probably miss if you swich, and there really isn't a good reason to go up to SD820 unless you're constantly gaming on that thing, and even then the 820 is more of a disappointment than not. Keep it.

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Note 7 is a time bomb, forget it. Honor 8 is good but UI is ugly. OP3 is ok too.

Benchmarks aside, SD650 is practicality better than SD810 because it doesn't overheat and throttle under load like the housefire that 810 was.

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Consumer Cellular isn't bad.

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I have a note 7 and was looking around for a smart watch to go with it, but I can't find any good reviews or information that isn't outdated or pure marketing.

I'm not looking to spend over $300, so I was looking at an LG Urbane, but I'm not able to find a concrete answer on whether or not it's compatible with the Note 7.

Any anons here familiar with android watches and able to give me a bit of insight? I'm in the US if that matters.

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> OP3 break easily
Really? Fuck I was planning on buying that. Guess I'll have to get the extended warranty. Can't be as bad as 3 RMAs in 1 year LG G4

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>It's still a very unique device that you'll probably miss if you swich

I assume you mean switch to the Note 7/S7

I'm thinking of buying exactly the same version N910F (some versions like P or T can be cheaper).

It's £120-130 for Pajeet to pry it up and change the screen, or for £260 I can have a fresh Note 4 device - one rooted for playing with Cyanogen-mod and one unrooted for running Banking apps etc.

What would you personally do?
>£120 for screen repair
>£260 for a fresh Note 4

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I mean switch to anything but the Note 7. The "two phones, one for spares\playing around and one as a daily driver" thing seems like a waste of money to me, but alas.

>> No.56514068

Banking apps? I use multiple on my rooted s5?

>> No.56514101

A time bomb eh? Any other recommendations for a newbie?

>> No.56514110

Also yes, if you correctly install Xposed and RootCloak, you'll probably still be able to use said bank apps.

>> No.56514220

What format does an SD card need to be in to work with the S7?

>> No.56514232

That's what /g/ said in another thread.

That's why I feel it's a bit retarder - but all the new phones are shit...

Never tried, I'll give it a shot.

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then just get a new assembly nigga
worst that will happen is you'll be left with the half-broken one as a spare just in case you murder the new one

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fuck that image is triggering my PTSD hard

was in afganistan for 6 years

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All right, it's decided.

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Is there any reason for a person with a shitty Lumia 640 to NOT get the Honor 8?

Seems like a solidly built device on all grounds.

> Great chipset
> more than enough RAM
> Battery seems good enough
> Great cameras
> Great price / quality
> Company of Huawei ( not some kind of company stashed away in a shed deep into the ghetto's of china making phones )

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What Xposed modules do people here use?

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why are there so many iPhone 5c on ebay compared to other models?

is it shitty?

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>is it shitty

By definition, all iPhones are shitty.

>> No.56514530

This is what carriers do already, so who cares?

>> No.56514543


>1 tip has been deposited into your fedora

>> No.56514560

I'm recommending you not buy an overpriced turd, but whatever anon.

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come on man, different tools for different jobs, I don't give a fuck about android vs iphone in this situation

I need to buy an iphone for a family friend, and 5c seems like the most commonly available
I googled but nothing obvious came up,

anybody know the reason for this off the top of their heads?

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Can anyone recommend a cheap T-Mobile LTE phone? Doesn't have to be brand new, can be used. It's mostly going to be used for hotspot anyway so gaymen abilities aren't important.

>> No.56514615

fuck that's lewd. more?

>> No.56514617

>I need to buy an iphone for a family friend
No you don't. Convert him to android or fuck off to reddit.

>> No.56514643

Just ordered a Xiaomi Mi-5 Pro for €360
Did I do good or will the import charges and taxes rise through the roof?

>> No.56514656

Because they're the poorfag iPhone and no ifag would be caught dead with them. Most of the ones you see for sale are buyer's remorse or the person was able to save up their McDonalds paychecks for a year to be able to afford a real iPhone.

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you're a little faggot
I'm not going to fuck my friends shit up and leave them spending their time learning a new system just to send texts to people

and for what reason anyway?
mindless reverse fanboyism?
you're no better than apple shills

sorry man, wish I did

sweet, sounds perfect for my needs, thanks man

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Android have the best hardware but shit interface and user experience. iPhone have shit hardware but the best interface all around.

Anyone who disagrees is just dilusional. Go fuck yourself in advance.

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Why do you niggers constantly argue about phones, muh apple, muh android, muh winshit, muh cuckberry when all you do is shitpost on 4chan.

A fucking $10 phone can do that.

End yourselves. Right now.

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When and where can I buy a vibe p2?

>> No.56514807

> or fuck off to reddit
sounds like projection

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so on a scale of 1-10 rate the following situations in terms of spying

1. OxygenOS with default google apps
2. cyanogenmod with just the play store

>> No.56514821

should I get the note 7?

>> No.56514844

>Benchmarks aside, SD650 is practicality better than SD810 because it doesn't overheat and throttle under load like the housefire that 810 was.
I'll wait for the reviews I guess. Personally I really like the look of the z5c but the housefiredragon scares me off. x compact looks like a fingerprintmagnet. The first review I saw said that it's a good phone tho.

>> No.56514894

If you have more money than sense. I enjoy mine, the only real difference between older models is the side menu and the pen.

>> No.56514901

is it fire?

>> No.56514929

Not yet.

>> No.56514940

Asking for confirmation on this. I've never heard anything about OP phones not being sturdy before today

>> No.56514947

1.: 10/10
2.: 10/10
Don't use gapps or go home.
By the way with things like silent sms cell of origin etc. your privacy is non-existent. You just can limit the surveillance of companies by this, but you're still using Google's Android and you probably will need to change your browsing behaviour...

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What's your opinion on Xiaomi phones? I want to know if they're any good before I pull the trigger.

>> No.56514958

With O2 refresh you keep your phone after 12 months.

With Apple you return it after 12 months.

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File: 368 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o9xwqzq2Z41qzi7m0o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recommend me a non-iPhone, non Samsung mid range+ phone(s) that aren't stupid expensive and has a fucking SD card slot and doesn't suck complete ass (can have a shit GPU, don't game, just want something that won't lag like crazy)
>S7 is crazy expensive
>Axon 7 is seemingly impossible to get in the global model
>Nexus, Oneplus don't have SD card slots
>Honor 8 looks good except for the fact that a case is borderline mandatory due to the back

>> No.56514964

are you honestly scared when charging it?

>> No.56515026

What's different about the pen?

>> No.56515090

I came from a note 4, this one is embedded as you push it in so it pops out. This pen also feels less substantial than the 4's.

No. You don't post often do you?

>> No.56515113

Anyone have insight on this, or at least a recommendation on a watch that isn't $450 like the Urbane 2?

>> No.56515136

>can have a shit GPU, don't care
>don't want it to lag like crazy
You do realize that modern OS GUIs are hardware accelerated by the GPU right?

>> No.56515140


Smartwatches are a fad.

>> No.56515274

I meant, i don't need 60fps gaming, but it shouldn't lag still.

>> No.56515296


the 5c is the cheapo one. Plastic frame, feels like a Fisher-Price toy. They were free on contract for awhile.

My dad has one, it's turned him into an Apple convert. I think it's time to put him into a home, his mind is clearly gone.

>> No.56515319

Is there a US Verizon phone with a similar size and functionality to the S7? I don't give two shits about rooting or flashing a custom ROM, and I'm currently using an S3 so touchwiz is no deal breaker for me.

>> No.56515328

How is the Nexus 5? I'm looking to get off my CDMA carrier and onto GSM. It seems like a reasonable price for a phone with no bloatware. Am I missing something?

>> No.56515343

>Galaxy S8 may come with curved Dual edge screen in both the 5.1" and 5.5" flavors

Awesome. Fucking super. I sure do love that worthless extra bit of glass that makes my phone that much harder to repair, put in a case, and keep from shattering.

>> No.56515384

What I could find >>56508655

>> No.56515388

Is buying phones on ebay safe? I'm afraid of getting ripped off so I never go for it.

>> No.56515529

I don't get it. That's literally the first thing I've heard about it. Anon is probably full of shit

>> No.56515678

It's a fad I'm interested in though, or is it generally something these threads avoid?

>> No.56516142

Try asking /csg/, they love smartwatches.


>> No.56516350

Tell me about the Huawei P9. Im searching for a new phone. Wanted to buy a OP3 but its too far away from me (buying on ebay as OP has delivery problems and I need it until monday). P9 seems like a good alternative. Any other Phones like the OP3 (nice specs for nice price) you can recommend ? Also long battery life and fast charging would be nice.

>> No.56516447

I have an LG G flex 2 that i was given for free from a friend who works in the mobile industry but 16GB internal memory isn't enough so I'm thinking of buying a new phone. What should I get? OS updates are v. important for me from now on.

Anyone who has an Obi phone?

Nexus 5X?

Thinking of the new Pixel phone but if the pixel laptop pricing are considered then it's something i'll pass on

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File: 19 KB, 300x309, IMG_0137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not even allowed to fly with this phone now
Fuck you Samsung, this phone could have actually competed with ishit but you just had to fuck up hardcore

>> No.56516796

No, they love watches, specifically because they are cheap and/or knockoffs

>> No.56517019

>Huawei P9 Second Opinion: A well-rounded smartphone with a brilliant camera

>> No.56517093

How often does One Plus send out secuirty updates

>> No.56517487

How likely is it that the Honor 8 will be getting custom ROM support? It looks like an interesting device but I run Cyanogenmod on all my phones

>> No.56517522

Is it possible to put like OxygenOS on the P9 ? I dont know much about custom ROMs (I dont even know if that is the specific term for putting another OS on your phone).

>> No.56517556

Heavily considering buying a new phone, but the number of phones and reviews out there is a little overwhelming.


I've heard good things about T-Mobile and Verizon from relatives and friends but my mind isn't really set on either of those.

I don't want a phablet or whatever they're called. Doesn't need to be tiny, just needs to be able to fit comfortably in my hand. Somewhere around 5 - 5.5 inches maybe???

I don't really care about removable storage so long as there's something like a 32 GB or 64 GB option. Preferred resolution would be 1920x1080 but I'd be ok with going higher than that. I think I'd like to install a custom Android ROM. A decent camera would be nice. Can't really think of anything else.

I don't really have a hard limit. $500 - $600 I guess?

Also, I'm perfectly fine with chinkphones if they're worth it.

>> No.56517603

I'd wait for the new Nexus phones if you can wait

>> No.56517609


wait for the new nexus (pixel) phones.

They should be in that pricerange

>> No.56517617


Apparently you can.

don't think that's possible.

You can buy almost any phone you want with that price. HTC 10 is very good. stock-sh android, 5.2", SD card and unlocked bootloader.

S7 if you like touchjizz. V20 if audiophile.

>> No.56517768

Thanks, I'll check those out. I'm not in a huge hurry so I'll probably wait for those new Nexus phones to come out and see how they compare.

>> No.56518527

do you think honor 8 will get cyanogenmod? if so might cop, gonna need a midrange priced android soon once I pay off this iPhone 6 and toss it into the ocean.

>> No.56518572

I want a fucking phone
but I don't like the bullshit software they add

What do

>> No.56518618

don't buy a phone

>> No.56518644

>make start-up settled in shenzhen
>design smartphone
>design software
>let kids build it for you

>> No.56519216

OP3 or Pixel for roms, both work on T-Mobile, Pixel on Verizon

HTC 10 also has good Rom support and you can sometimes nab it for 600 from their website unlocked.

There's also chinkphones like the Honors. Most can have roms installed.

>> No.56519344

Is it worth getting the international version of the Zen3 if I'm on at&t or am I going to get fucked on cell frequencies? Amazon has em for like 300 ameridollars

>> No.56519392

In the US, forgot to add.

>> No.56519785

>OnePlus 3
>ZTE Axon 7
>Xiaomi Mi5

Which one fellas

>> No.56519801

Why won't you check what bands it supports and match them with your network

or check on

>> No.56519862

Hey lads, I just got a samsung galaxy S7 and came from an iphone 5. You lot got any tips?

>> No.56519869

Get a phone with custom ROM support, root it, install the smallest Gapps package and remove every other app you don't want

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Fags, what is the difference between the EVO Select and EVO Plus 256gb micro sd cards? Is there any reason I'd want one over the other?

>> No.56519919
File: 60 KB, 540x282, note7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy a Note 7 they said.

>> No.56519943

Glad I opted for HTC 10 instead. Being a cheapskate really paid off.

>> No.56520029

I bought a xiaomi redmi note 3 pro off banggood and I just realized I didn't buy the global version.

Is the only difference between global and non-global the ROM?
Could I flash the chinese phone to be global?

Also, it doesn't show the keyboard when I try to type in any fields.

First smartphone btw, not sue how to flash it or what firmware I need, Fast boot or recovery.

>> No.56520063

I just got Oneplus 3, haven't got a new phone for a long time, does this need some debloatting? I mean with a new laptop I would just go install a clean Windows at it, anything I need to do for this?

>> No.56520082

99% it's running a chinked vendor rom. you need to flash the global rom.

Do this:

Follow the instructions exactly and it will fix your issues.

>> No.56520107
File: 2.94 MB, 640x360, 1472710040828.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daily reminder to never buy a product from DOOGEE
That's right

>> No.56520281

Im retarded, thanks

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File: 77 KB, 768x1024, 1456816672801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought this:http://www.banggood.com/Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3-Pro-5_5-inch-2GB-RAM-16GB-Snapdragon-650-Hexa-core-4G-Smartphone-p-1030861.html
In description it says:
>4G: FDD-LTE 1800/2100/2600MHz(B3/B1/B7)
TD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41 2555-2655MHz

A global variant has:
>4G: FDD-LTE B1/B3/B5/B7/B8
TD-LTE B38/B39/B40/B41 2555-2655MHz

A global ROM can't add new bands, can it?
Did I fuck up?

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Why does nobody know the answer to this?

>> No.56520344

Nobody likes pedos

>> No.56520400

This is the Taiwan version (kate). only resellers call it the "global version"
Your version is the normal one

It has different dimensions (taller) so cases won't match and has no roms for it.

Unless you need the extra bands the normal edition is better.

That has nothing to do with the fact that the you are running a vendor rom full of bugs and no updates. which is why you have no keyboard.
flashing the global rom from Xiaomi ensures that your software is up to date and legit.

>> No.56520419

what about flip phones g

>> No.56520455
File: 11 KB, 697x129, WillMyPhoneWork.net_-_Check_if_your_phone_works_on_2016-09-09_18-11-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I need the kate version.
My network is T-Mobile.

Does anyone have experience returning to banggood?

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File: 437 KB, 1508x1493, 1455911814720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56520496

Ugh, no. jesus.
this is just willmyphonework fuckery. you have the correct version. willmyphonework refers to kenzo as the global model, they haven't added Taiwan model yet.

Besides, both of them supports B2 and B4 which t-mobile uses. the "global" kate version doesn't add any other band useful for NA.

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File: 103 KB, 744x514, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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So, my LG G4 finally succumbed to the infamous boot loop. It's the Verizon variant and it's rooted (not bootloader unlocked though, since it's Verizon). Is there any way to fix it? Can I at least recover my data from the phone somehow?
Also, what would Verizon do if I brought it in to them? I heard they replace it with a refurbished G4, but I was wondering if you could trade it in and get some money for a new phone.

>> No.56520528

also see

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God bless your souls anon(s).

>> No.56520600
File: 438 KB, 447x611, 1471298023910.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moto G4 or Honor 5x? I have AT&T and I am upgrading from a Galaxy S3.

>> No.56520610

Nope, your data is kaput.

You might get lucky and they'll give you a G5 instead of another G4.

>> No.56520658
File: 42 KB, 653x720, screenshot0022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am using cyanogenmod 13 on my Nexus 5, latest stable release.

When listening to music via headphones it sometimes mutes everything on changing the track. When I try to use my phone's speakers it still plays the file, but no matter what I do headphones stay muted forever.
The only way to revert it is a reboot, but the issue arises again randomly.

What is going on here? I tried a couple of music apps but it's the same for all of them.

>> No.56520970

Managed to repair an old S3 two days ago and installed Cyanogenmod 13.

Even with its specs the thing is kicking ass in all sorts of day to day tasks, including some taxing games

>> No.56521193
File: 132 KB, 994x894, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is it with these weird prices for upgrading my iPhone?

I've had the 6S plus for a year.

>> No.56521241

How well will the iPhone SE age?
If I moved from android to iOS, what do you think I would miss the most?

>> No.56521254

>what do you think I would miss the most?

t. switched from iOS to Android a month ago

>> No.56521302
File: 54 KB, 324x324, 4ch1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a few hundred dollars to blow on a new phone. Any recommendations? I was looking at the OnePlus Three,

>> No.56521334

In the video he is flashing to
Would you recommend flashing to V8.0.1.0.LHOMIDG instead?

I downloaded the V8.0.1.0 rom but its file structure is different and MiFlash isn't recognizing it.

>> No.56521361

Download the rom in his file server and update later from the phone.

>> No.56521418

I see, so I should flash to the ROM he is providing first ( and then use the official method (from MIUI website) to update to Version: V8.0.1.0.LHOMIDG (MIUI8) at http://en.miui.com/download-301.html ,right?

I've never done this before, I want to make sure the v8.0.1 is compatible with my phone.

>> No.56521439

No. flash like in the video. then go to settings->about phone->update. it will install the new version automatically.

>> No.56521451
File: 210 KB, 1067x1600, milana3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wow, ok.
God bless.

>> No.56521521

>iPhone 6S Plus 64gb worth only $213

>> No.56521529
File: 7 KB, 236x236, angry-pepe[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56521860

So I flashed it and going through the setup. It asked me for locale ad there is no United States option, what do I do?
I chose Russia since I speak Russian but now my time is set to Russian time.

>> No.56522008

What's the best phone I can buy that has a full landscape keyboard?

>inb4 google it
I did and I trust you guys more than the shills writing those articles

>> No.56522081

Does someone know?

>> No.56522088

Choose Hong Kong, it's mostly English and you can change the time later.

Did you check for update? it should find stable MiUi 8.

>> No.56522091
File: 20 KB, 512x523, 1449298217766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking for a new phone to replace my LG G2, have had my eye on the Zenphone 3, but Asus has yet to give a U.S. release date, and i'm not sure what else is out there.

Here's my criteria-
>Max at $300, may go over 50~100 if need be
>Powerful CPU (I emulate via RetroArch, and from what I understand, emulation is more CPU-intensive than GPU
>Low input lag if possible (I plan on having my DS4 hooked up to it via micro USB cable)
>Good GPU for regular droid vidya
>Good camera
>Good battery
>Micro SD expansion
>Good support for custom ROMs (Currently using Resurrection Remix, though It's been a while since I've dabbed into this)

>> No.56522100

mi4c, redmi 3, redmi3s and Lemon 3.
What are your opinions senpais?

>> No.56522116

Yes, it found MIUI V8.0.1.0.LHOMIDG Stable

>> No.56522118

>Sadly, there is no information on availability and pricing yet so let’s wait and see. The phones could be out as early as two weeks from today together with the Lenovo K6.


>> No.56522145

What carrier are you on? Some are more locked down custom ROM-wise, so your options on Verizon/AT&T will be more limited than on T-Mobile or whatever else.

>> No.56522166

I would like to know this as well as you literally listed all my criteria, I'm on at&t.

>> No.56522249

Axon 7.

Great. MiUi takes some time to get used to but it's quite powerful when you get used to it. if you run into getting notification issues, do this:

As it's quite aggressive on killing background tasks. some menus will be different because that vid is in MiUi 7.
(tl:dw 1Set the messenger apps to autostart upon booting up. It's in Security app -> Permissions -> Autostart and MIUI 8 -
3. Settings app -> Battery -> Manage apps battery usage -> Power saving modes -> Off)

Redmi 3s IMO.

>> No.56522266

I have a friends Galaxy S7
is there a way I could view what's on it even if I don't know the password?

>> No.56522549

Ah thanks a lot but what's the 4/64 gb china exclusive shit...

>> No.56522602

you've sifted through the sd card already, right?

you motherfucking snoop.

>> No.56522647

So a request for purchasing advice, Australia and probably optus

Features: Rootable

Budget: Up to $750 AUD

Size: Can reasonably fit in a pocket

My current phone is a 2006 nokia and they're turning 2G off on me soon.

>> No.56522702

Would I be better off getting an axon pro instead or is the 7 better in some way other than camera and amoled display?

>> No.56522746

HTC 10>S7>OP3>AX7>MI5.

Or you can wait a month for the next Nexus.

SD810 housefire is trash. no SD card slot either.

>> No.56522796
File: 45 KB, 640x370, 5a0fb4568766a35d31a654f133857ea9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah gotcha, thanks senpai

>> No.56522847


>> No.56523042

More like lg v20(but unknown bootloop status..)>HTC 10>s7>ax7>mi5>op3.

>> No.56523155

Thinking of buying Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, anything I should know ahead of time?

>> No.56523308

what carriers do you guys have? I have T-Mobile and all the freebies and shit are fine but this coverage is ass even though I live in NYC

>> No.56523649

T Mobile. Hoping I can trade in my Note 7 for a 64gb S7 Edge, but all I see on their site is my 32GB one.

Oh, and I got the free 256gb DS card it still hasn't been delivered

>> No.56523715

is the only things worse between xc and z5c is processor and not waterproof?

>> No.56523747

Should I get a new midrange phone or get an old flagship with a snapdragon 801?

>> No.56523748
File: 31 KB, 728x408, gsmarena_006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to decide between the Oppo R9S or the LG V20.

>> No.56523773

bumping for intrest

>> No.56523830

Just go midrange.

>> No.56523874

How sensitive are fingerprint readers

I've never had a phone with one but i'm looking at the LG v20

>> No.56523896

Moto g 4

>> No.56523942
File: 410 KB, 221x196, 1473230180597.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I recently upgrades from the Galaxy S5 to the LG G5. Did I fuck up?

>> No.56523969

just read that xperia x compact won't "be ranged in Australia". rip going to have to buy the z5c.

>> No.56523976

kinda, V20 is there

>> No.56524049

My phone broke and needed replacement two months ago.

>> No.56524075

Locked HTC 10 or unlocked OP3?

>> No.56524082

g5 is a fine phone so not really a big deal

s5, g5, note 5, even the note 4, they're all good

>> No.56524158

Do you happen to know an easy way to debloat the redmi note 3?

My model is 2GB 16GB storage and I really don't need some of the uninstallable apps like the Browser or Music.

Can I uninstall all that stuff through windows?

>> No.56524290

Just got my first android phone in 3 years. Best launcher?

>> No.56524309
File: 41 KB, 350x515, CatapultTurtle-MRD-NA-SR-1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

catapult turtle

>> No.56524442

Is there any noticeable difference between the Redmi 3S and 3S Prime if I'm only going to use the phone for basic shit, mostly browsing and maybe some emulators?

>> No.56524736
File: 106 KB, 601x601, 1470583189571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Help me PLEASE

>> No.56524755


>> No.56524797
File: 70 KB, 800x593, Spigen-Neo-Hybrid-case-for-HTC-10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

will an htc 10 in a fairly thin case work with a magnetic dash mount without inserting the little metal plate, and is this advisable?

>> No.56524892


Or a nexus 6p considering they're cheap now desu

>> No.56525263

Is the LG X Cam a good medium range phone? I would go for a Moto G4 but Telcel doesn't sell Motorola's shit anymore.
I know, hurr durr mexican

>> No.56525344

LG G3 maybe? Or the G4?

I prefer the G3.

>> No.56525400

Should I buy NEXUS 5X or Moto G4?

>> No.56525446


>> No.56525457

I use and like nova.

>> No.56525532
File: 27 KB, 450x450, lgstylo2plus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, guys, I am thinking of purchasing lg stylo 2 plus from walmart with their walmart family mobile or whatever. I am currently on straight talk. I was thinking of buying it around black friday to see if the price drops, and my question is should I keep my eyes out for any phones that might drop down around 200, for better specs? I am looking for 5.7 inch screen, and have it be an upgrade to my galaxy S4.

>> No.56525615

Does the Z5C actually get hot as fuck or is that just a meme? Other thoughts about it in general?

>> No.56525638

How much faster will the 7 be thab the 6s?

>> No.56525747

help plz

>> No.56525845

like 5%

>> No.56525908

Add a zero.

>> No.56525912

how fucked is Google if the Pixel isn't goat tier?

>> No.56525915


>> No.56525947

Bought a Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro and it's got a chinked rom on it. Can find tons and tons of videos for the note 3 pro, but very difficult to find information on unlocking the bootloader, without going through the bullshit official request method, for this phone. Any ideas/previous experiences?

>> No.56526051

As a nexus 4 user, I've been waiting to see if the Pixel is gonna be worth it.

For my back up plan the LG G5 seems pretty good, with is ease of repair compared to the HTC M10. Any LG G5 users want to shill me harder?

>> No.56526055

xiaomi redmi note 4 with 2gb RAM+16gb ROM or 3gb RAM+64gb ROM?

>> No.56526106

Does the 7 Plus take advantage of the larger display unlike last years

>> No.56526187

What's a good phone for sub-$200? Only planning to use it for web browsing, text messages and occasionally youtube.It doesn't have to be a new phone as long as it has decent internals specs.

>> No.56526279

Do you guys think that people will suck the new iphone up? When I look at r/apple, those guys aren't too happy about it.

But I imagine they buy it nontheless because of brand loyality.

>> No.56526288
File: 110 KB, 759x508, 1470712999002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the feds are now involved and are forcing a recall on every note 7

holy hell samsung sure fucked this up

>> No.56526317

i just got an xperia z1c for 175 on ebay.

has some pretty decent specs, still kinda compares with some phones today,

>> No.56526338

So with this note 7 fiasco how much do you guys think their prices will drop? Should i wait until the exynos S7E drops in price or is it still a bad investment even if it costs me 300 dollars? I am sick of this shitty 1st gen moto G, i want to upgrade already but my poorfaggotry doesnt let me

>> No.56526379

Normies seems split but will buy it anyway. Reddit will buy it anyway. Looks like some of /g/ are finally falling for the meme too.

>> No.56526405

What do you think of the nexus 5 in 2016? there's a listing on ebay for about $160 and pure android is a huge plus.

>> No.56526430

You can get a carrier branded LG G3 for around $160.

>> No.56526450

>charged the phone all the time
>even in the sun with bluetooth and GPS on blast
>nothing yet

I just got the email telling me to turn it off and do the recall. I'm not really worried about it but I'll exchange it for another Note 7. It's way better than the LG G4 that I used to have. Did the same shit on that and it would give me overheat warnings.

>> No.56526487

>LG markets their phones are technologically literate folks
>all of them know about bootloops and stay away now

>HTC finally made a good phone but carriers are dropping it and the marketing campaign was weak as fuck

>Samsung PR won't be able to fix this exploding phone situation in time for S8 launch

Android is fucked if Google doesn't step in. Literally all up to Google and the Pixel now. With the headphone jack controversy, now is the perfect time to strike.

>> No.56526516

Not a fan of LG.

>> No.56526525

>dat camera bump

No, Unefon aint that bad and most stores sell them with unlocked sim, go for the 4 gb ram G4 Plus and dont look back.

RN3P works with telcel and it will cost you about 4500 pesos, way cheaper than the LG X cam, better specs too.

>> No.56526563
File: 329 KB, 609x616, 1467705205112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont fucking risk it, its practically guaranteed to explode one of these days, just backup all your dick pics, give it back to chink central and get an S7E in exchange, or an HTC 10 if they give you money instead.

>> No.56526585
File: 924 KB, 762x1354, 1473487173001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.56526597

does this happen on a regular basis? How did samsung manage to fuck up this badly? that's a pr nightmare for them.

>> No.56526610

As of today, one blew up in someone's hand after the recall.

This shows that the recall wasn't a PR stunt, but a high % of S7s explode.

Samsung using discount parts in premium priced phone..

>> No.56526613

My roommate has the S7E and I don't really like it. I was nervous as fuck about gorilla glass 5 with the whole scratch test thing but after actually owning the phone for a while it feels way better than GG4 on my G4. It glides smooth as fuck and it doesn't even smudge like GG4.

The S7E edges are way too steep to me and I don't want the smaller screen of the normal S7. Besides, T-Mobile is based when it comes to replacements. They replaced my bootlooping G4 the next day.

I think it was their battery supplier? Apparently the China models are all fine.

>> No.56526670

Even if you get a "fixed" Note 7 its still a bad choice, the specs are pretty much the same as the S7E but it lacks the better processor (exynos variant only), chrome finish and the godly battery duration, if that thing had shipped with 6 or 8 GB of ram then i wouldnt mind having what amounts to a grenade in my pocket.

Their screens get scratched easily as well, the note 7 is just a shit phone overal, even if it didnt have a faulty battery.

>> No.56526689

The Pixel will be a monumental failure based on all rumors. Just buy an iPhone. if you love headphones get a 6s

>> No.56526726

I thought it would scratch quick but it's still flawless with no screen protector after several weeks of use. Thought about using one but since it's being recalled anyway I went without.

Kind of disappointing that the specs are the same but it still blows my G4 out of the water. LG bloat is worse than Samsung bloat it seems. For what I use it for (GPS, music, Clover) it's very snappy.

>> No.56526809

You just dont understand do you? Yes, it is far superior to your shitty LG, we get it, but for that price you could get a much better phone with all of its accessories (sd card, tempered glass, case, better earbuds etc), just give it back and get something else, might as well get a fucking iphone if all you care about is how fluid it is.

LG bloat is in no way worse than touchwizz.

>> No.56526844

Are phones what people talk about on this board?

>> No.56526856

Honor 8. Axon 7 or even redmi note 3 pro

>> No.56527081

>happened to apple with the 5
they survived it,
>happened to nvidia with the shield
they survived it.

it's not a death sentence.

>> No.56527188

Did the v20 ever get a release date?

>> No.56527394

It's a great device with good camera, not bad benchmarks, at least the antutu ones and the design is pretty nice. I'm going to order one in a month or soon just to see how people like it after a longer period of time. However in similar price range you can also have Oneplus 3. It's been bugged a lot during its release, however now all these bugs have been fixed, so you'd be getting yourself a quite nice phone for even less the price than the Honor 8. You can always choose xiaomi mi5. It should be cheaper than both H8 and OP3 however that's not how it is in some countries. But it's still a great phone with nice battery life. Design is simplistic and modest if I may call it this way. Though it's always up to you. Take Honor 8 for the design and camera. Oneplus 3 for slightly better performance (though you won't see a difference in day to day use) or just mi5 for its general perf/price factor.

>> No.56527434

Oneplus 3 arrives on Weds, stick with Oxygen or flatten immediately and put on cyanogen?

>> No.56527525

Anyone with Nougat on Nexus 5? How is it? I'm bored and I want to do things.

>> No.56527563
File: 17 KB, 800x450, Google-keep-logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can google keep do notifications?

>> No.56527704

Is anybody else excited that the rebranding of the Nexus line as Pixel means the Pixel design team is going to be on the phones? The Pixel line is really fucking good looking.

you can schedule reminders for notes, yes

>> No.56527715
File: 71 KB, 1276x884, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did they mean by this?

>> No.56527718

Hey Lads, I bought a samsung s7 yesterday and I was wondering if there were any must do things to do with it. Its my first android I switched from an Iphone 5 to the s7.

>> No.56527728
File: 77 KB, 750x463, creating-google-keep-reminders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can schedule reminders for notes, yes
you use it
and you click the finger with a bow
and you give specific time
and at that time phone fires your notification?

>> No.56527738

Really makes you think.

>> No.56527749

Yes. If you're feeling unsure, test it before you actually use it.

>> No.56527813

I am testing it
it is not working
and in settings I have something thats translates as:
>settings for remainders
morning: 8:00
noon: 13:00
evening: 18:00

so its like at those time it checks the reminders or something...

I am just unsure if keep can do it and I should dig more in to my phone settings
or if keep for some strange reason would not do it

>> No.56527835

You can manually set dates and times still, make sure the date you're trying to remind yourself on is correct.

>> No.56527908

ok, I just found out I set reminder times on my tests to 11:XX
while its only 10:xx in here

I also found out that those morning, noon, evening are just preset times, something like aliases to quickly set notification reminder

i double check all the notification enabled settings
and its all working nicely when I am not retarded and can set time
also how the fuck, wtf, why did I wake up so early after huge amount of beer

>> No.56528065


>> No.56528094

>Give no requirements or preferences

Try again.

>> No.56528102


>> No.56528121

I've never owned a smartphone before. I can get either one brand new for 200$.

>> No.56528131

What's the smallest android phone you can buy?

>> No.56528135

Absolute trash.

>> No.56528137

Probably a 40$ piece of shit.

>> No.56528149

then go for the 5x if you don't mind a missing sd card slot. vanilla android and guaranteed updates straight from google.

>> No.56528168

16gigs should be enough for someone new to smart phones right?
Need a new phone really bad but only have 200$

>> No.56528209

I have no idea how much music you want to put on your phone. I'd go for 32 gb to be sure but if you don't have that much music and other shit then 16gb should be enough.

>> No.56528266

remove unnecessary bloatware with package disabler pro

>> No.56528398


>> No.56528585

64gb and 3gb

>> No.56528602

Oneplus 3 or ZTE Axon 7?

>> No.56528617

Why the note 4 and not the 3 Pro\Snapdragon, anon? Mediatek chipsets are shit. If you want the 4 for any reason, wait for the snapdragon edition.

>> No.56528662

Axon 7 for multimedia (best DAC on a phone and amazing speakers, great display), OnePlus 3 for community support. I'd lean towards the Axon 7 - being a SD820 it'll get some support either way.

>> No.56528905

i already got the Oneplus 3 because I ca't seem to get Axon 7 anywhere in EU for some time. And when I could get it it's going yo be 100 dollars pricier. I would love that screen thought and expandable storage.. I don't know if I'm regretting already

>> No.56529136

If I want the best performance, the iPhone 7 is still the best bet right?

>> No.56529195

Any anons in eu that got the axon7?

>> No.56529201

What's this shit about the mi5 coming with a Qualcomm qc 2.0 charger, when it supports qc 3.0?

>> No.56529282

Just wait for us version of zen3

It'll be soon and probably cheaper anyways

>> No.56529285
File: 34 KB, 500x428, 12313695_552225594932448_6819081567812450594_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I buy an S7 (or a S7 Edge, I don't really know the difference between them outside the curved screen) or wait for Google PIxel?
Also, how good is the Zenfone 3?

I mostly need a phone that, once the system gets obsolete, I can install a custom rom (cyanogenmod).

>> No.56529369

Tbh I would highly recommend stepping up to 32gb just to be sure and not get burnt later. I have 32gb and I find it to be too little since I have a lot of music I want to have portable.

>> No.56529390

Newest Samsung phones come with their custom CPU exynos which is a complete bitch for custom roms. Get the pixel phone if you want custom roms after the support ends. If Samsung drops the support you are fucked.

In general look for snapdragon SoCs if you want ROMs and check out XDA to see how popular the devices are.

>> No.56529418
File: 68 KB, 552x506, Pepsi-Phone-P11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any opinions on the Pepsi P1S?

>> No.56529421

I see, didn't know that detail about exynos.
Maybe I should get a OnePlus 3 if I get the opportunity to import one.

>> No.56529448
File: 320 KB, 655x368, m9review-copy-02-00_00_26_01-still153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any opinons on Nextbit Robin? Seems kinda interesting except for the cloud thing.

>> No.56529461

Best adblock for android?

>> No.56529499

Or better yet, anyone have an updated list of /g/ recommended android apps?

>> No.56529507

>best hardware
Its really weird how /g/ is more delusional than even reddits android sub. At least they look at the benchmarks and real world tests and admit the iphone rapes qualcomm with a hot iron.

>> No.56529530

Root + Xposed + Adaway + mahakala hosts list

>> No.56529637

Built like shit. Tries to shill cloud too much. Decent community support for the moment, but will probably lose steam once XDA forgets about this memephone. Snapdragon 808 when you can get the 820 on other chinkphones for pretty much the same price. Not worth it IMO

>> No.56529646

Wait for pixel.

>> No.56529647

Yes this plz

>> No.56529672

Pixel or OnePlus 3?

>> No.56529683

>pixel or eating shit out of my hands?
Dunno senpai, what do you think?

>> No.56529701

Well that makes it pretty obvious that I would rather eat shit from my own hands.

>> No.56529855

/spg/ I have a lenovo s90 and I want to buy a new phone I was thinking of getting the HTC 10, are there any other options that have good quality and accessories ?

>> No.56529864

I'd love a mint phone but no msd slots and poor build quality for too much shekels.

>> No.56529906

What's so bad about Oneplus?

>> No.56529999

Can't disable apps anymore in MiUi V8. it's possible on MiUi 7. might wanna flash CM13 or RR instead.

>buying LG bootloops unironically

> lg stylo 2
>I am looking for 5.7 inch screen
No. get a Le Max 2 X820.

All phones with SD810 do.

You don't need to unlock bootloader to flash official global rom. use edl method with fastboot rom.

Not bad for a $80 phone.

>> No.56530084

Greek, want the ability to change carriers

I am looking for a very small phone with long battery life that can take a beating. It must have the ability to sync contacts and files with a computer, along with some kind of process to import contacts from an android smartphone.

>> No.56530161

παρε kαμια παντουφλα να kανεις δουλεια σου μαν

>> No.56530189

>I am looking for a very small phone
No one makes small phones anymore.
Well, Sony does but they'll shaft you on the price.

>> No.56530262

THL 5000 or how big is small?

>> No.56530281

And how much beating? Maybe look into the bv6000.

>> No.56530421

That has a 5 inch screen, that battery life looks great though. I am talking about a screen size less than 4 inches, even close to 2.5.

nokia xpress music was pretty good in terms of durability.
I'd still use if I could run nokia ovi suite, but ideally i'd like something a little thinner and smaller.

>> No.56530490

> I am talking about a screen size less than 4 inches, even close to 2.5.
Literally no such thing. are you 13? grow some bigger hands sheesh.

>> No.56530541

Tengda 02? Looks autistic has only 1gb ram a 1.3ghz mediakek processor (lag highly possible...) but 3.5" 4000 mAh and a microSD slut. At this screen size and with 480x800 px this would probably serve you two days.
I can't rly recommend shit like this but well. They don't produce decent quality phones at this size m8.

>> No.56530581

that looks pretty nice anon

>> No.56530670

Got myself a Moto X Pure, first Android phone since my Droid 4; had an iphone 5s for the past 2.5+ years.

Recommended first installs, best apps, wallpapers (first quad HD screen, so I'd like to have a nice one), etc.

I remember why I chose android initially, love the ability to make a phone your own, I only switched to iphone because my phones always turned into laggy trash after a few months. Hopefully this is no longer the case, the moto x pure feels really snappy initially.

>> No.56530889
File: 135 KB, 808x796, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just pulled the trigger on this.
Sue me.

>> No.56530914

Did you not learn anything from the antennagate, bendgate, or samsung's explosiongate? You should have waited few weeks.

>> No.56530944

Reminder that I live in Europe so if it fails in any way or even if I'm just disappointed with the feel I can get it refunded without having to justify it, provided I ask for a refund within 14 days after getting it.

>> No.56530987

Is the Huawei P9 rootable?

The more I think about it, the more I think this is gonna be my new phone, if it is rootable.

Camera is important to me, but as well as battery life.
And the device looks great.

>> No.56531091

P9 was my big regret of this year desu
>baller as fuck design
>powerful device
>good battery
>maybe not the absolute best camera but a good one nonetheless
Unfortunately Huawei's rom is Touchwiz-tier shit so that's a deal breaker.
But yeah if you can stand the rom, go for it because it's a really good device otherwise.

>> No.56531141
File: 52 KB, 800x450, cat-s60-back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a Cat S60 that I'm planning on returning, as they have it locked and won't tell users how to unlock the bootloader so that we can root it. Probably some bullshit export restrictions on the thermal camera. Does Huawei have any bullshit associated with it(like Samsung pushing advertisements), or fucky custom roms, or do they pretty much just sell hardware with Android preinstalled? The Huawei Honor V8 looks mighty tempting.

Alternately, any suggestions? Not spending more than $600, looking for at least 3500mAh, 2GB+ RAM, 32GB+ storage, expandable storage, NFC, Android 6+, company that hasn't pulled bullshit in the past couple of years.

>> No.56531170

Plenty of roms.

>> No.56531211

>being over 14
>running custom roms

>> No.56531227

Tell them.

>> No.56531380

Thanks, looks pretty tempting. The Honor V8 is still winning me out over the P9 for the battery(And being fucking identical in every other way), but if the P9 is the one with active development, I may have to suck it up. At least it has quick charge.

>> No.56531615

New thread:




>> No.56531731

>Le Max 2 X820

Looks like its chink only phone, I should've mentioned I was in the US.

>> No.56531766

V20 should be in that price range? Or HTC 10 both have much better build quality, the v20 even has a swappable battery.

>> No.56531792
File: 17 KB, 590x265, 82.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It has all the bands for Ameriboos and comes with flagship specs e.g SD820, 4GB RAM etc.

But anyway, look into Moto X Pure, it's 5.7", SD808, and much better that that LG stylo.

>> No.56532004

For the price how would you compare it to Le Max 2 X820?

After comparing, I might go with moto x just because of removable storage, but I might keep looking around to find one with removable battery, too. IDK.

>> No.56532016

I want Nexus 6P because Nexus
I want Axon 7 because muh DAC for music

How bad is ZTE software-wise? Not planning on rooting

>> No.56532247

Both around the same price. X820 is faster because SD820 and more RAM, but has non stock UI and no 3,5mm jack ala Apple.

Moto X is still pretty fast, SD808 is good enough and the UI is stock-ish Android.

Only LG makes phones with removable batteries these days.

>> No.56532624

The thing is really good looking, though.

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