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I need to make an important announcement. I've been working at Microsoft for years, fortunately I was not fired like those software developers and testers at the windows division back in 2014. I have to tell someone, reddit is the worse place and they will most likely censor what am I saying. As you probably know, Windows turned into a big 'botnet', I personally won't call it a botnet since everything that it's being send to MS is in the EULA and ToS.

Those fucking guys are planning to something much bigger to windows, and not in a good way. From what I've gathered, the spying shit is just a tiny fraction of what they want to do with the whole OS, and I'm not talkinga about turning into a subscription since that would piss of a lot of companies (unless they only do it for home and pro editions) and most of the users. I'm actually scared of all this shit, they want to mine and gather all the personal data of every single individual, its activity, how is the PC working, what hardware, things like that. They are plannning on releasing two big updates in 2017, things are getting worse and worse, they will remove more advanced stuff, force you to use bing and edge (Which is just a refreshed version of fucking IE), cortana.

You won't be able to turn off the 'telemetry' since "Users don't need that much freedom". I'm seriously considering moving to Linux but I'm afraid the internet is killing itself slowly. Microsoft wants to make things as closed as possible, take as an example the abomination that it's Windows Store, or the worse thing, the UWP. Sweeney was right, they want to control the PC ecosystem, they will more control over everyone's computer/laptop/tablet etc.
I don't give a shit if you believe me or not, I had to do this, I couldn't let this shit behind closed doors. And before you ask, no I'm not Pajeet or Indian, the Indians are on the other subdivision, I'm lucky that the one that I have is indian-free. I had to type all of this from my phone.

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how late can you be nerd

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If tha'ts true, gather all the possible information you can and leak it to the world

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> TFW already using Linux and will most likely delete my dual boot soon.

this. do it.

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I can't do that, that will mostly result in a shitstorm and Microsoft would most likely sue me. I don't even know where the documents are stored. I would quit if they will implement all this shit. Microsoft is not what it used to be since this fucking Indian CEO had the worse fucking ideas possible. Hell, maybe I'll get out of the IT and technology field too.

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do what you can. but make it well documented so people can pay attention. use social engineering or whatever you can to get info and docs.

and what's the problem in being sued? you will quit anyways. remember snowden

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(implying OP isn't bait) you could leak stuff through TOR/VPN.

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>software developers

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They documents may very well be secretly watermarked or have some indistiguishable pattern related to the recipient.
The documents would have to be rewritten and potentially shift words around too if there's some word scrambler used each time for a recipient.

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Hope you feel better now you have that off your chest. I care, i care for me, i care for the normies and i care for everyone in the world, pajeets too. But is there anything anyone can do to stop it happening?

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Update, I can't get the documents or any thing that will show the public what they are planning to do. I don't have access to them and even if I would ask for them it would raise some suspicous. If you were to be working at the FBI you couldn't just simply ask the lady next door for the top secret files and publish them on fucking youtube.

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Be a fucking patriot and do as Snowden did. I believe in you op

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>guys I don't have much time
>microsoft wants more power and data over time!
>I had to get this incredibly secret info out to the public
>you probably won't believe me
>I'm basically Edward Snowden

You have to be 18 or older to use this site, you retard. Everyone who knows about FOSS vs proprietary software is aware that Microsoft and a myriad of other large tech companies are in cahoots with mass government spying agencies, and that they have power over you due to the nature of not respecting the 4 free software freedoms.

And if you're a developer who's ever touched Win32 API, then you know how much of a mess Windows is internally. It's a giant monster of a system that's grown in multiple directions due to being worked on by so many different people over such a long period of time.

If you're so concerned about being spied on and controlled, then there's no need to wear a tinfoil hat and make a paranoid post about obvious information on 4chan, all you have to do is run GNU/Linux as you pointed out in your post.

This is how retarded Windows users are, that they make a post like this that requires this much explaining.

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I'm not talking about what a mess windows and the Win32 API is since 80% of the employess here already know that, I'm talking about what microsoft is trying to do. You think it's fucking okay to sell privata data of your users to third party advertisers? Look at what windows has become, it's filled with ads and tries to be the new Mac, a closed piece of shit OS, taking away users's freedom
>inb4 u already lost your freedom when using windows u retard
The freedom of your pc, on Windows 7 you can always never check for updates and install them whetever you want, that was always available for XP. Don't you see how they are even pushing one big package of update each month for windows 7. They planned this shit ever back in June, when windows 7 was still the most used. Look at the hidden telemetry in the updates for Windows 8 and 7. If that's just me being a tinfoil then I don't know what to say, I had to say this. Unless everyone moves to linux then there's nothing you can do, they want even more control over your PC, hell some devs were talking about how the manager wanted someone to fool wireshark.

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uhhh you're talking about they're gonna collect data and sell it etc whatever... what type of data? credit card details? names? files from your pc?

I dont use W10 atm, i use an older version of W7 that ive set to block all updates so im not really in the loop with this whole W10 spying thing apart from the few options that are suggested to be set to disabled upon a fresh install of w10

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quietly upload it on mega using TOR and a VPN and spread the link using dummy accounts. Use 10 minute mail whenever possible too.

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OP, my boss called me saying to meet me in his office in 5 minutes. I don't know why, hope he doesn't sends me to clean the streets of india. Also, no I can't post the documents and the intel because I don't have access to them.

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how do you know all of this then?

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>I've been working at Microsoft for years

I bet you haven't really worked a day in your life you little beta bitch.

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Im so sorry for this thread guys, all op was lying and he should feel bad about this. microsoft is a good company and will never spy or sell youre data.

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Brilliant bait buddy....

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OP is Windows 7 safe? Fuck I hope this is not real, fucking MS. If they go through with this I am going to Linux and use VM for Office and shit.

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>I can't get the documents or any thing that will show the public what they are planning to do
Then how do you know about it?

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desu ive wanted to try linux for a while but it seems all linux users on this board are fucking pricks... well a lot of them. None of them seem to want to help anyone new to the OS and would rather lead the to some massive page of text that discourages most people...

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Honestly Linux sucks man, I riced and tried out Ubuntu for a while and bleh. I rather use OS X than Linux.
Half the time shit doesn't work, and you always have to jump through a bunch of hoops.
Now I rather use Linux than have to deal with the shit OP mentioned.

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Tbh i dont even really know what linux is like, ive heard some distros are complete rubish for most people and that its pretty much a command line and some are GUI's. i admit i need to look into it further. Do you have any distro recommendations? i also heard plenty of steam games arent on linux either.... rip.

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Will Windows Server stay clean?

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Ubuntu is probably the best for someone like you. OpenSUSE, Manjaro, Xubuntu, Fedora, are also good distros.

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>Windows is a botnet
No shit.

It's going to get real fun around here when people finally realize that, yes, your computer activities, internet activities, and phone use/telemetry can be and is being collated in order to draw up personality profiles, down to where you'll be and what you'll be doing on your average Wednesday afternoon at 3:10PM EST. This data can then be updated regularly and drawn up on an individual basis in order to create strike packages for military/law enforcement, or government watch lists. Everyone gets monitored. A lot of this data is also sent unfiltered to foreign intelligence agencies, especially Mossad and FVEY.

The only reason you should ever have a Windows machine connected to the internet is to play video games.

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I mean, it's the most safe version of Windows that's also compatible with nearly everything. Although, I wouldn't bet my life on it being as safe as linux.

Also I'm pretty sure you could just use wine + office.

I bet if you try ubuntu now, it'll work better. If you have any problems, you could either look them up or ask in /sqt/ or the friendly linux threads. I mean, using w10 on a computer that you're only using for school doesn't really matter. Just make sure you break the camera or tape over it and break or tape over the microphone.

Pic related. "my distro is better than your distro" is the same endless war, since all distros have their advantages, so don't pay much attention to it. Ubuntu is a good start.

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Someone like you? whatcha mean? because desu id probably want a GUI based OS if i were to switch. maybe thats what you meant?

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How good is Windows sever for normal usage? Might have to leave Windows 10 Pro, but I guess they might ruin all there Operating Systems.

Are you OP? I tried Ubuntu a month or two ago, left and never looking back.
Fuck man, Microsoft are huge pieces of shit.

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I think you meant "OP here" because you don't make any sense.

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Im the guy considering the switch. Just so you know whos replying.. Anyway, is it safe enough to use an old version of W7 disable all update related things and use linux mainly? Id just use W7 to play games on steam.

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If you can't read a manual then you wouldn't like Linux. Linux is for people who can read a manual.It's not that hard to read a page of text. Laziness in our society is overboard.

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I'm using 2012 R2 right now and it's absolutely fantastic, it's very fast because it's stripped of most of the bloat and it also has no telemetry bullshit backported from 10. Scared to update to 2016 though.

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What i mean is, ive been linked to random shit when ive asked for help that rarely answers any questions i have. not that i cant read a manual if i were linked to the correct shit i wouldnt have a problem reading it.

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Can it use all of the regular Windows shit?

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Yeah, unless the program has an artificial check for the OS and it specifically disables access for server OS, then it'll work.

I've encountered two examples of that in my 2 years of using Windows Server, one was OCCT which actually works with WS, but doesn't work if your computer is in a domain(the dev's excuse was that a lot of companies were using OCCT for free despite having to buy a license if you're a company, and checking if the computer is in a domain is an easy way to check for that), and the HP printer driver setup being a retard and refusing to launch on WS. I just got the driver from Windows Update.

There's no change in Windows Server that'll make a program incompatible with it, only incompetent devs who check for OS name instead of checking for features.

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Good, I shouldn't have any problems. Things like PIA, Deluge, Steam, Chrome, Geforce Experience all work well right? If so, I am basically golden if I use it.

Also is it really botnet free?

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Well, all of my friends are nerds that I met in college and they use mostly Debian based operating systems. My father was the one who introduced me to programming and runs FreeBSD. My mother uses Ubuntu. Everyone I care about is free from Microsoft hell. I don't really care and I've been expecting this for a long time.

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Alright so i can feel safe installing two operating systems on the same drive then? (Probs wont anyway but still.)

So pretty much microsoft is collecting the shit that people save on their HDD that is inside of the windows OS. other than that they cant collect shit from the hdd?

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Yep, they'll all work. There's a small registry tweak you need to do to get full GPU acceleration, but it shouldn't be a problem.

It's as botnet-free as "not getting the telemetry shit on Windows 10" is.

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Fuck man. Might have to go and get it, do you think this guy is messing around?

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No idea, but even if you're comparing 2012 R2 and pre-telemetry 8.1, 2012 R2 still comes on top.

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Only problem is that MS could always add the Telementry and bullshit to all of there OS's.

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Websites already mine your shit. Ever try signing up for something like Twitter or facebook and shivering at how close their recommendation systems are for friends and interests?

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I don't think they could afford to fuck with enterprise. Microsoft lives on enterprise money.

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True, true. Hopefully your right :(

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What does Microsoft have planned for Windows 7? Are the latest available "security" updates safe, or are they actually providing vulnerabilities to be exploited at a strategical later date?

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Fuck. I wanted to downgrade back but it might not even be fucking worth it, honestly.
They probably include all the Telementry shit (Actually I think they do) So your basically gonna have to use an out-dated Windows 7 (Which can lead to viruses) I don't even know man.

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I'm the guy you first replied to, but I'm not OP.

I'd recommend that you use two hard drives and encrypt the linux one. I say that because I could write a simple batch script to look for other drives (or even folders) and look for signs of another OS. If I can do that easily, windows has probably already done it (it literally takes one search when the PC first boots up). They could then go through your files if you left those open and not encrypted.

You don't have to take my advice on that though.

I think there's also a way to force windows to boot up in a way that it cannot access anything other than what you allow, but I'm not sure any of the details. By default, though, windows can look through any drive they want (that's how you even recognize other drives).

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That's not the anatomically correct location of the penis, man or frog.

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Microsoft plans to have windows 7 and 8 under the same update model as windows 10. Also, they only want you using edge.

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install ubuntu

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Sure thing OP.

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Not exactly. /g/ made a list of updates back in July for Windows 7 which are never to be installed, related to Windows 10 prep work. Everything else is supposed to be fine.

The issue is that with Microsoft intentionally slowing their update servers down so that W7 users had to wait hours or days to complete the update check, it is obvious they are doing everything they can to kill that OS. There's no telling how low they'll stoop to make W7 unusable for people so that they have to switch to W10.

I just want OP to confirm that they are planning the death of W7 in some nuclear holocaust that will happen before the year's end, and just how they plan to accomplish this. My assumption is that they will install malware (backdoors) with security updates and release a fatal virus themselves. But then, there's no telling.

I'm concerned because I'm posting from a Lenovo Windows 7 machine—getting rid of W7 doesn't sound smart.

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>I personally won't call it a botnet since...
downloading the OS and sending it to other OS to spread it and not use microsoft bandwidth is what we call a botnet

>> No.56480722

>downloading the OS and sending it to other OS to spread it
That makes it a virus, not a botnet.
What makes it a botnet is that it grants microsoft the ability to take control of any computer running windows at any time. What they do with that ability has no bearing on whether or not it's a botnet

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in Microcunts curtrent climate, using Windows doesn't sound smart

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I own a small startup, know any c++,java or ruby.

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>Beautiful Cinnamon Roll that is Trisquel
kill yourself

>> No.56481122


Do you seriously believe Microsoft is competent enough to do all those?

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>Trusting non free software

>> No.56481143

Trisquel sucks if you need proprietary drivers

>> No.56481182

Try trisquel it's simple of use

>Honestly Linux sucks man, I riced and tried out Ubuntu for a while and bleh
>Tried ubuntu
you have bad luck of all the distribution that you could have tried you choose the worse.
Install trisquel or gentoo

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>Will Windows Server stay clean?
M8 you can't trust something that can't be verified
It has being know since 1999 that window server or not has being compromised

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>Wanting something proprietary in your pc

>> No.56481293

>believing any of this shit

how gullible are you /g/

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Most printers are supported.
amd GPU can't be supported thanks to amd adding blobs in the linux kernel and some wifi cards that can be replaced for 5$
Otherwise it's not a by problem.

>> No.56481334

>how gullible are you /g/
>less than you
>thinking that microsoft isn't a botnet
get out windshill

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Like we don't see this coming.

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windows is a botnet? who would have thought?
seriously now, I remember talking with malware writers once, they said they learned a lot about writing malware from those microsoft certs...

>> No.56482296

>would most likely sue me
go to russia and be friend with snowden. He has a cute girlfriend, maybe you could have a threesome

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Linux user here.
Months ago I checked my co-worker's windows 7 laptop and there were a lot of log files inside windows folders

He disabled updates way before the whole upgrade to windows 10 and telemetry shit.

>> No.56482850

Oh I forgot:

log files contained names of all programs installed and hardware used

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>gather all the possible information you can and leak it
It's the only way
>I don't even know where the documents are stored

what is social engineering? OP is a fag

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Are you there, OP?

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Scary thought is that could be the idea behind win10 eating ubuntu

>> No.56485036

I don't understand how this is the idea behind that, can you elaborate?

>> No.56485458

Technically windows can't read your linux partition because it would need drivers for ext*/btrfs/or other common linux filesystems. How ever with them eating ubuntu, they could add the driver implementations to read those filesystems, and either them or someone exploiting a vulnerability in windows could write malware/spyware to unsuspecting casual linux users unencrypted partitions.

I don't think Microsoft would attempt something like that but anyone malicious hijacking windows could, and now that I think about it they wouldn't have to target fs's but bootloaders instead so even your encrypted volumes could have a hijacked bootloader recording your password.

So as for windows eating ubuntu, I'm more afraid of it becoming another windows vulnerability that makes it an easier stepping stone to exploiting my system.

This is why I think its more important for hardware and lower level software to be FOSS than software running in userspace.

>> No.56485594

Is it possible to encrypt a hard drive to the point where only a chip on the motherboard that can only be accessed through the BIOS can unlock it and access the bootloader? It's just an idea, but could something like that be created if it doesn't already exist?

>> No.56485623

If websites and businesses make a big enough stink about it they'll back off, at least partially. Microsoft is nothing if not reactionary. Look what happened with 8.

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Come on, OP: is Windows crashing 7 with no survivors?

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>Brilliant bait buddy
you must be a super genius to realize that, and even more, telling us

>> No.56486899

>not recognizing that his post was ironic

>inb4 you fail to notice this post is ironic too

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we know OP

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>complete retard
>n-no no, im ju-just acting like a r-retard anon, please! h-hehe....


>> No.56486979

I was only pretending to pretend to be retarded, idiot.

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>of course


>> No.56487006

n-no you

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>watch out guise, he can outsmart every anon in 4chan


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>> No.56487065

well that was fast

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You could have a bios like libreboot with the ability to prevent any writes to the bios fimware with some hardware switch and a password protected TPM but good luck finding hardware setup like that.

>> No.56488771

You don't work at MS.

I did once work there, as a contractor, with access over the entire kernel source. Their OS is not an 'abomination'. They have some people working there that are the leaders in computer science research.

A lot of people don't know this but back around Windows 7 era management made a decree that no more massive embarassing exploits were to be allowed, and not only did they formally verify every kernel driver, they paid me (I worked for a security outfit) plus many, many other major security researcher outfits for auditing.

We're talking multi audits, bug squashing and writing contracts for each function to prove correctness. Every interface was fuzzed and looked at 3-4 times by Matasano/NCC Group and others. They brought in French mathematicians to logically deduce the control flow graph paths of numerous MS default programs.

I don't like the OS but it's definitely not an 'abomination' it's probably the most vetted operating system in existence and the undoubtedly have the best engineers in the world.

They've always been completely closed, don't know what your argument is. They already are a subscription anyway, you pay yearly licensing fees. The spying is minor compared to the kind of 1984-esque shit going on at Facebook and Google, and even less that iOS which gathers much more metrics since Apple doesn't make nearly as much income as MS for licensing so has to make up the income with spying (er, "adveritising metrics").

MS also learned it's lesson from it's attempted "app store" shenanigans where they wanted to ban all third party software by forcing them to sell through their online store for 20% fee.

tl;dr Microsoft is the same Microsoft since forever there's nothing to see in this thread.

>> No.56488980

Welp, OP just got killed by Rajeesh.

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