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Should I skip NVidia 10 series?
I have a Zotac 980ti Amp Extreme, and I have no problems with it, even in 4k. I had 2 780tis, but sold them for the 980ti, since the VRAM of the 780ti made me feel limited, I went to 980ti which doesn't have the VRAM issue.
Will there be a 1080ti, and if there is, would it just be worth waiting for 1180ti to be released. I considered this since I still see 780tis selling over $300 on EBay.

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11 series will have that HMB2 fancy stuff which apparently is going to crush all past GPUs under its massive testicles so skipping could make sense.

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That's what I figured, also games aren't going to up their specs much till the new consoles come out, so a 980ti is already far beyond console abilities that unfortunately, games are guided around. It just made more sense to go from a 780ti to 980ti than it does from a 980ti to a 1080 or 1080ti.

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As someone who bought a 1080 I'd say you're probably ok to skip a generation. 1080 is a massive upgrade to a 980ti but unless you're finding reasons to upgrade just wait.

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Maxwell has insane overclocking capabilities so you could probably make it outperform the average 1070.

No official word on whether or not the 1100 series will have HBM2, but there's heavy rumors that the 1100 series will be a Pascal refresh until Volta's expected launch date in 2018 (when they move to another die shrink as well, no doubt).

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eh,. I think the 980ti should hold ground till HBM2 comes out. I just know I am going to be pissed if I buy one then HBM2 comes out in the next year.

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Then to think Xbox One people are happy with their 7770, and will probably play with that till HBM2 is out anyway.

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>eh,. I think the 980ti should hold ground till HBM2 comes out.
Yeah, it will.
>I just know I am going to be pissed if I buy one then HBM2 comes out in the next year.
Vega is launching in the 1st half of next year with HBM2.

Of course, there is also the possibility that HBM2 will yield disappointing results for consumer-level cards, or at least the early adoption models. Don't get your hopes that far up in hype for it. Hell, we just had GDDR6 announced a few weeks ago.

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Will MSI give me a 1060 if I send my 970 in for RMA? They approved it but I don't want another 900 series card with inherently broken DisplayPort ports.

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probably not, but you can still get a hefty penny if you sell your 970 on Ebay. I noticed GPUs don't lose value very fast. Tried to buy old ones but they still cost more than newer, more powerful ones, and people actually buy them.

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What if I keep sending them back for the same problem? I heard they upgrade you if it gets sent back twice.

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I had shit with EVGA with 780ti Classifieds. They told me to return it from Amazon, which I did twice and they were all fucked up. When I got it from EVGA themselves, it worked fine. You can try it though, you have nothing to lose. Just remember to pay up front for the new ones and take the refund after you ship the old so you don't have to live without your card.

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Might just use HDMI instead of DP. 1070 is too expensive and I'm not gonna upgrade to anything but that or better. Won't get enough for the 970 to make that viable.

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just remember, the 3GB 1060 is trash. It's basically the 1050.

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