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>USA invents electricity
>only place that uses the outdated plug

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>invents electricity
ok genius

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theses plugs are used in Canada and Japan. You're the one using stupid plugs.

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the entire continent (north+central+south america) uses it

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Nothing is out of date about it. It is more modern than alot of 3rd world countries as it has the bottom pin (earth). gud b8 m8

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>as it has the bottom pin (earth)
Why do you need this when neutral acts as primary earth anyway?

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>not having a seperate earth line
are you insane or something

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It's a safety for metal casing

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looks like a surprised emoji
anything other than pic related is retarded. whoever doesn't agree with me is a faggot.

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So that metal parts, like the device strap, are isolated from the circuit entirely.

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I honestly like the UK plug, but it's heug compared to ours

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>big ass round socket

The real god tier plug is the brazilian one. It was supposed to be an international standard, but nobody else switched to it.

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>USA invents internet
>worst infrastructure of any country in the world

See, the problem of being "the first" to anything is that a few decades down the line you'll have to deal with having the most outdated standards that are not economically viable to replace, instead having to deal with patches and cable-on-cable solutions to keep things going for just a while longer.

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Too bulky, pic related is the master race

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> Although it is impossible to precisely pinpoint a first electrical engineer, Francis Ronalds stands ahead of the field, who created the first working electric telegraph system in 1816 and documented his vision of how the world could be transformed by electricity.

The US has always been pissed off that England invented electricity and so insist on using stupid fucking plugs.

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>invents electricity
>Fuck discovering
>electricity is the movement of electrons
>invents moving electrons

Choice of words is piss poor at the moment...

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>20A 240v plug

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It's made for fucking everything, that's why it's overkill.

The real problem is that some parts of brazil use 220V while others use 127V.

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Nobody invented electricity. People discovered it.

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>Single standardized socket
>Multiple voltages between areas in Brazil
Jesus Christ why?

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Hey, I didn't make the English language, don't blame me for your ignorance.

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It can do 10A ~127V too, but 20A doesn't fit in the 10A pin. The only real issue with it is that 127 and 220 are keyed identically.

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Japan is split between 50 and 60 Hz.

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>It can do 10A ~127V too
I was more referring to the fact that's nearly 5 fucking kW's out of a normal outlet.

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Discovers it fgt.

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>Brazil has no standard power voltage. Most states have 127 V (Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará, Paraná, Rondônia, Roraima, Sergipe and Minas Gerais). Other – mainly north eastern states have 220 V (Alagoas, Brasília, Ceará, Mato Grosso, Goiás, Maranhão, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Santa Catarina and Tocantins).

>Although in the states Bahia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul 127 V is the standard voltage, the cities Santos, Jequié, Jundiaí, São Bernardo do Campo, Novo Friburgo, Bagé, Caxias do Sul and Pelotas use 220 V. The states Pernambuco and Piauí use 220 V, except in the cities Paulista en Teresina (127 V). Because Brazil only has one official power socket, check the voltage of a power socket before you use it.

oh fuck
So you can drive 30 minutes to your friend's house, then blow your blender up when you plug it in?

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good thing SMPS's are nearly everywhere
>100-240v 50/60 Hz

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I think the idea was to switch to single voltage, but they half-assed it.

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that's what anon was implying

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Our BBCs (Big Brazilian Cables) can handle it.

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Probably something like this

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Remember, suicide showers are a common sight over there.

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It's the same deal with the internet. We built the infrastructure really early on, so by the time more advanced stuff came along it was already too expensive to switch.

Admittedly it's easier to switch up wall outlets than to re-lay a fuckton of underground cables, but think of all the appliances designed for the old style outlets as well, it would be a royal pain in the ass if they suddenly decided that everything designed before some arbitrary switching date now needs an adapter to work properly.

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Brazil is hot as fuck, the residential outlets need to be able to handle 10.000+ BTU aircon units.

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Yeah, the problem is that they had a clusterfuck of sockets and voltages and they tried to standardize it, but they couldn't do it completely.

220v 60Hz US sockets are used for that in other countries. The plug's flat blades are horizontal.

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The fuck are you talking about? Some of Europe's plugs are third world

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Mein lieber Neger

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What is a "ground" or "grounding wire"? Jesus Christ.

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We used to use those too. Only in those places there are 20A outlets. It's not like the entire place is rigged to support it, only those outlets.

The advantage here is that you can use it for lower power stuff too.

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How the fuck are you going to get zapped by water drops?

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I dare you to step on this

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>autism flare the post

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Looks fragile

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Following this statement, nobody invented anything.

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earth/ground is the same thing

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You invent the potato peeler, you don't invent the potato. It's a simple concept.

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No. Earth is an element, ground is a place.

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What does the grounding wire connect to again?

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A better analogy would be inventing widespread methods for growing and preparing potatoes. In that case a person might consider you the "inventor of the potato" since while they existed in some form beforehand, nobody really had any exposure or use for them before your invention came around.

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Discovering a new way to peel a potato is not a creation but a discovery.

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>See, the problem of being "the first" to anything is that a few decades down the line you'll have to deal with having the most outdated standards that are not economically viable to replace, instead having to deal with patches and cable-on-cable solutions to keep things going for just a while longer.
Most parts of the world, when they realize that due to historic contingency they got stuck with a stupid system that's holding them back, eventually replace it even though it's hugely expensive. Any society with a long enough history has been through that process many times, and knows how to deal with it. It's just Americans that seem completely unable to deal with this issue sensibly.

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>>USA invents electricity
simply ebin

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I have, my foot was never the same again.

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if you knew anything about the US you would know that even maintaining our infrastructure is not seen as a priority

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>tfw, that's the standard in my country
Feels good to be part of the master race.

It's okay unless you're a fucking chimp.

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>he doesnt know about suicide showers

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>he doesn't know how showers and electrical conduction works

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The method isn't the total invention, the device is. You didn't discover the device because it didn't exist, you discovered a method and invented the device.

That's just a colloquial use.

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the good lad

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It would be extremely painful

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Brazilian engineering at its finest

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for you

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that's a big plug

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> whoever doesn't agree with me is a faggot
4chan: The Post.

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Brazil is a highly dysfunctional third world shit country

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>typical americlap when encountering cultural differences
it's called earth in other places of the world you burger

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>just works
>doesn't have big brother nanny state stupid protections to protect dumb people from getting shocked
US plug is best plug.

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> >just works
> >simple
> >efficient
> >doesn't have big brother nanny state stupid protections to protect dumb people from getting shocked
Any plug is the best plug.
> stupid protections
WTF is this, anyway.

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It's not true that the US lacks safety features. GFCIs are required anywhere where water may come in contact with electricity. AFCIs are required in living areas. Tamper resistant outlets are required on all new construction. Grounding has been required since like the 60s. I think devices have to be either double insulated or grounded to even be certified by the UL.

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hello hothead

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>your country's sockets aren't cute faces

why is this allowed

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with US power plugs.

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Where the fuck are all the weirdos from that say "earth" instead of ground

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>americans invented electricity

>americans discovered electricity

I guess you faggots believe that Edison invented the light bulb and that Bell invented a telephone too

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My guess is Europe. I'm Norwegian (which, as a scandinavian language, bares some similarities with german) and we say "jord" or "jording" for ground. The word "jord" means "earth" or "soil", while the word for "ground" is something else.

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>in the year of our lord
>being this retarded

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