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What's wrong with discord

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Nothing. Talking to my mates on it right now and it's great.

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It doesn't respect your freedoms. It's closed source and proprietary.

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Almost everything useful is.

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Looks really shit

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Kek! But almost everything *useful* has an equally-or-more useful FOSS alternative that doesn't steal your data or charge you money.

It's all marketing

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What's discord's FOSS alternative?

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Mumble is not a web interface that requires no installation

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stop asking you stupid poopoohead

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Vijya turbo nerds

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>equally or more useful
the learning curve due to limited documentation/poorly implemented documentation and lack of cross compatibility on most FOSS software disagrees with your statement. FOSS is stupid, idealist, hippy bullshit.
>muh freedoms
Homeless people are free. They also eat from the garbage.

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We don't need more reasons.

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Enjoy your hyperexpensive and locked down macbook

>learning curve
>limited/poorly implemented documentation

All slanderous lies. You say this because you're mad that you paid $4000 for your mac but didn't have to.

>stupid, idealist, hippy bullshit
Please. If this was the case, why is it used by Stephen Fry, Linus Torvalds, Mark Shuttleworth, etc.

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>worse in every way and missing features
sounds about right for foss

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shit's great

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>equally or more useful FOSS alternative

Wish this shit would die already.

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i don't care for all the social network integration
imo apps should offer "lite" versions without needless bloat
on my main pc it makes no difference, i have plenty fast components and plenty of ram
but on my budget LAN pc it does make a difference
i think my LAN machine still has higher specs than the majority of the populous' main PCs
i just don't see a reason for all this useless integration
it's not even botnet, it's just useless

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bloated shit for something so simple

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It's great for private chat servers and you don't have to pay for shit like teamspeak. The downside is that you can't make yourself appear offline.

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>Paying for teamspeak
What the fuck?

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you pay for the server

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No, you don't. You can run a TS server for free.

It is proprietary and therefore shit, though.

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you need a license to run a TS server

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yes, for above 32(?) slots

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>Download server
>Run the server
>It just works

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enjoy your fine

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Well, I've been doing it for over a decade. I'm still waiting for the Teamspeak Police to coming knocking.

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There is some proprietary software where the FOSS alternative just isn't as good (or isn't ready yet). Discord, Photoshop, etc.

t. Fully free fag, Gentoo hardened, only accpets free license, deblobbed kernel.

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It's proprietary software. That's already reason enough not to use it.

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It's API is really poorly documented, but the program itself is very nice

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there's like 6 web interfaces you fucking tool

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ITT: Entitled FOSS-fags shitting on Discord for not being FOSS.


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tox and mumble are already better

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Tox hasn't got a userbase

Mumble is fucking ancient with the most complex permission system ever developed. There is better alternatives to this already (Read; TeamSpeak)

Seriously, you can try and argue with me, but at the end of the day, you KNOW that Discord is going to be more popular than what it already is.

The only thing that is going to give Discord a run for it's money is probably Curse (Already established userbase due to WoW addons and multiple websites)

Again, write one. Get /g/ to create a logo and then the project will be dead in about 3 months.

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Discord is shitty and buggy, not like I'm surprised since even desktop version is written in JS.
But I also think Mumble is shitty too, but I only tried it a few years ago.

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you're argument had nothing to do with popularity. you argued there was no foss alternative when there are plenty.

tox and mumble are both excellent pieces of software and I use them both.

if the only reason you can't use software is because it's not popular enough for reddit to use it, then so be it. but don't act like discord is the only thing that exists.

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You are pathetic

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>equally-or-more useful

oh i am laffin

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They do all their marketing, testing and data gathering on 4chan, so it's not suited for majority of humans.

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>can't search in messages
>can't reply to messages
>app doesn't let you save images directly

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It's a browser

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It tracks what other services and programs you are using without you agreeing to it and will ask if you want to link with them. You cannot disable this.

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Friend randomly disconnects then reconnects, but can't say or hear anything

Its fucking annoying and why we haven't completely moved away from Skype

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>Mumble is fucking ancient

>most complex permission system ever developed
Definitely this one, though. Major overhaul in the works for 1.3

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You have to use a bot for that.

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the horror

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teamspeak is objectively better in every way except cost but I'm not a NEET so it doesn't matter

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Some people were asking how they will monetize Discord. One of the paid features will be customized server invite links. Instead of discord.gg/ceWop it could be discord.gg/Best-Server-In-The-World

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Jason citron get out of here you dumb Jewish VC shill. I hope gorhill and terry "CIA KILLER" terry Davis stabs you with a stake dumb fucking nigger child

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discord me already does that for free

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Has Discord added LaTeX support already?
If not then that's a serious flaw.

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>I need a libre solution
>I need a nice and pretty and easy solution
>im an autistic faggot who holds on to shit tech
>What the fuck am i doing?


I Just 301 a link from my website. Its just as nice if not nicer.

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I remember Discord lagging on my computer when it first came out.

Straight up lagging. Just like Atom.

Apparently they've fixed it now.

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here you go plebs https://vector.im/

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there's an actual /g/ discord server for the non-autistic part of /g/

>inb4 everybody is autistic here

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It's not even encrypted.


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I'm on the /wdg/ one, is there anything better?

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see for yourself mate

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Encrypted how? your connection to their server is TLS



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>Encrypted how?

End to end encrypted, aka the only encryption that matters.

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can't host server yourself, shit permissions, botnet, no encryption, discord has access to chat logs.

still use it though, it's alright for talking to a few friends

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>he doesn't qualify for the non-profit license
haha pleb

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So does Curse.

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this is fucking eye opening

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>>Mumble is fucking ancient


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>muh user interface

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shits on skype by a mile

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>no FOSS

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not open source
business model still unclear
UI is bloated

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It's stupid gaymur shit.

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>I have never used mumble

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get off vent or i'll have you bent

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>the learning curve due to limited documentation/poorly implemented documentation and lack of cross compatibility on most FOSS software disagrees with your statement.
jesus christ kys

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>What's wrong with discord
Have you checked that it's plugged in?

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Aside from the fact that someone on the dev team keeps posting this fucking thread?
No privacy policy, closed source, Web 2.0 lookin ass dogshit software.

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it just werks and /g/ hates anything that doesn't make you jump through a shitton of hoops.

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>Linus Torvalds

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Right now, nothing. It's free and works great.
But they'll probably ruin it with premium shit at some point in the future.

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