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If you were to
reappear in the medieval age, what piece of technology would you create?

Pic related for my choice, a primitive electricity generator.

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and what would you use electricity for?, you need to develop fabrication to make anything decent

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It would be a first step.
I would then create comfort for royalty and then weapons.

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>invent shit for nobles
>burned at the stake for witchcraft

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Depending on the medievalness of the age.
Tempered iron pipe.
Lead pellets
Than gunpowder.
Than slavery.

And ill figure out the rest wile I spread my DNA Genghis Khan style

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The only thing you could use it for in that period is as a torture device.
>No lightbulbs
>No heating elements
>No basic electronics
You can't do shit with just electricity, and you would most likely be accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake.

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got a good idea,
>be honest to king.
>tell him you can make him the most powerful king in the land.
>develop advanced weapons like cannons. >become biggest bro with king.
>give him uranium as gift.
>king dies makes you king.
>build steampunk empire

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If i managed to create a lightsource, i would be like the second jesus...
>the lightbringer.

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Do I have my cellphone with me? I've got a lot of books on the theme of "recreate modern technology from scratch" on there. All kinds of casting, tempering, forging, etc.

If I don't, I'm not sure. Calculus? Maybe differential heat treatment for knives if I'm in a region that doesn't have that.

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You would go there during a random time so theres a 50-50 you have a chance, if its in your pocket.
Or you would go totally naked...

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Glasses so I could fucking see.

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No. If you created penicillin you would be the second jesus.

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A internal combustion V8.

And insist on the title Immortan

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That's not how royal bloodlines work. At best you'd be a court wizard

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have fun dying of disease

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wont you create ways of personal hygiene ?

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3d printer?

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The thing is thats now how it works.

The reason you're around is that your ancestors where immune to the diseases that were around in ye'olde endemic syphilis times. You, for what its worth, are immune to most diseases that were around.

If anything most people around you are gonna die from the diseases we carry and don't even know

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You would never become a king like that. Succession was typically either elective in some cases or primogeniture. The latter means that eldest son inherits. Now, unless your king has only female heirs, there is literally no chance that anyone would allow some outsider to succeed him. Specially not his wife and his children. With a female successor there is like a 0.1% chance.

Hell, back then sometimes children of a king would kill eachother for succession. And some outsider trying to usurp the throne would be the first name on the list of assassination targets.

Even if you somehow managed to succeed the king, your legitimacy would be non-existent, so you'd spend the rest of your life fighting a civil war as pretenders for the throne would crop up like mushrooms after rain.

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>The thing is thats now how it works.

>The reason you're around is that your ancestors where immune to the diseases that were around in ye'olde endemic syphilis times. You, for what its worth, are immune to most diseases that were around.
You clearly have no understanding on this and shouldn't even be speaking. The two driving factors that pushed our life expectancy up from the low 40's in the medieval ages to the high 70's/low 80's is the invention of penicillin and proper planning and separation of sewage and fresh water supplies. If your assertation was true, then poverty stricken blacks in Africa that still like it's the medieval ages wouldn't have such a low life expectancy.

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>You, for what its worth, are immune to most diseases that were around.
You idiot. That's not how it works. Bacteria, viruses and other pathogens are constantly evolving. What we have today is nothing like what was present back then.

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the leading cause of death in the medieval age were diseases that can be treated with penicillin

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It was also about hygiene aswell, commoners washed themselves like once a month or like once a year.

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following the basic hygiene guidelines will improve your medieval survival tremendously.

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Thats now an assumption in basic immunology.

Sure medicine helps up the statistics. But the main reason that you're not dead from smallpox right now is the fact that you great great great great great grandfather wasn't shitposting on an Korean interior design forum and getting some milk maid punani

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A simple CPU and memory.

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what would you do with a computer with no power and in the middle ages?

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Find OP and use his power generator to power my computer.

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>But the main reason that you're not dead from smallpox right now
Is because smallpox was eradicated in 1980 thanks to an intense global vaccination strategy. It has absolutely nothing to do with what our ancestors experienced.

Once again, you prove you have no knowledge of this subject.

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Aaaw shit, how do I electro magnet.
Just because you are ignorant it doesn't mean that other people can do cool stuff with next to no resources.

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Bipolar transistor. I think it'd be possible to make a very primitive one.

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>I've got a lot of books on the theme of "recreate modern technology from scratch"
Can you recommend a title? This is the sort of thing that all /g/entlemen should have on their devices at all times just in case the scenario OP outlines happens.

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i don't think a lightbulb would be very difficult to make considering you research about materials for the filament, etc

in fact just let me prepare for a week and i could probably rule the land in less than a month

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>Do I have my cellphone with me?
You're completely naked and all you have is a rock

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>He doesn't know about the milkmaids

What a newfag

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>I've got a lot of books on the theme of "recreate modern technology from scratch" on there. All kinds of casting, tempering, forging, etc.

With a smartphone battery? Better read really fast

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Not hin, but you could check out notechmagazine.com/
There are some links to a couple gigabytes of this stuff. Also this primitive technology dude from Australia on jewtube.

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Bamboo is said to work quite well, but you still need a vacuum or an inert gas. With pretty much no machining tools, this is a little harder.

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I would make a potato powered light and install KDE because

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No cellular towers, no cellular service.
And who would you call, there'd be no telephones for hundreds of years for you to call?

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A gun.

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What the other anons said plus your ancestors where dealing with a completely different set of bacteria in their food & digestive system. Eating their food would make you ill because your body wouldn't be able to deal with the bacteria living on it.

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hm, good point.
still, i could probably get some magic shit going with magnets to swoon the king and get the military industrial complex behind me and start researching how the fuck to extract inert gases

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Get on the temporaphone and tell your bro to deliver some helium balloons to Camerlot.

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Basically, with pressure vessels figured out, you can do a lot to prepare for electricity. For that you'd need to be able to cast iron somewhat evenly and you need quite a lot.

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Steam engine.
Then I'd proceed to build weapons that are powered by it, like a self loading trebuchet on a moving platform or something. Then extend that knowledge to creating other stuff, like water pumps etc..

Realistically, I don't think many people here would be able to create anything resembling electric motors or gunpowder.
Steam on the other hand is fairly straightforward. Hell, even Romans had that figured out.

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Dunno, I think I would start keeping a LOT of moldy bread if I was trapped in the dark ages/medieval age.
Probably start a distillery for water, use snow in winter to purify alcohol for medicinal purposes.

In short: I'd invent basic hygiene.

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Oh, wait, waterjet pump, so a hammer and some copper might suffice to build one and create a vacuum to keep a filament from burning for a while.

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>Steam power
>decent medical practice with what limited means I have available (true, I won't be a proper doctor, but better than those four fluid quacks)

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Basic power source, peltier elements, gunpowder, hard booze, smoking weed

Become court mage, live comfy, fuck around commoners girls with no worries because black apes didn't introduce AIDS to humans yet

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>In short: I'd invent basic hygiene.
Senpai, please, it's 2k+16 and even India hasn't invented hygiene yet.

Are you saying you're better than a pajeet?

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Anyone is better than a denizen of a designated shitting street.

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Can I cheat and realize I have the ability to recreate many things off the top of my head with a little tinkering?

If not, you fucking pleb, a steam engine. Get the industrial revolution started early.

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implying you wont get hanged and burned on a cross for being a devil wizard.

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>appear 1000 years ago
>common cold kills the world

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Flash drive with Gentoo on it

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>Not transitioning and becoming the king's daughter in law court wizard and next queen.

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A glider.
They're really not hard.

Alternatively, a solid rocket+bomb combo so that i can have all the cute little virgins i want after selling it off to some king/warlord.

>create anything resembling electric motors or gunpowder.
Both are extremely easy, you only need to know how.
Electric motors are simple as hell, it's just building bearings that would be annoying, meanwhile gunpowder is already discovered and it's simply a case of using it, or you make it. Sulfur and charcoal are piss easy, you just need to figure out how to get saltpeter which you can do with bat shit and water

A phone with a decent sized battery and an OLED will actually last a very long time in airplane mode with a black background + white text reader.

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I think my general knowledge of things is probably more useful than "inventing" some thing that probably can't be utilised due to a chain of precursors or all the products from it that also need inventing.

So, things like not shitting where you eat, sterilising medical implements in hot water, filtering water through charcoal, washing your hands, a broad knowledge of human physiology, not living with cows, brushing your teeth, stuff like that is probably much more important.

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Also this shit.

You could completely, 100% revolutionize medicine just by not being a dumbcunt.

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Fuck that.
I'd implement feminism so that we wouldn't be in the dire state of affairs we are now with war and hunger etc.

Think bigger than yourselves, shitheads.

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Meanwhile, i would become the greatest inventor in all of human history, a household name for millennia to come, probably having a legitimate religion based around me, and i would use this newfound power to make sure mudslimes are wiped out and niggers + women are kept in their place.

We'd be in alpha centauri by 1900.

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Female leaders in the mediaeval period tended to engage in more conflicts than their male counterparts.

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I'd invent antibiotics, vaccines, and anaesthetic, make a real difference to people's lives.

>> No.56403386

Than fuck ur shit up

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I just calculated that being exposed to 100g of natural uranium daily for 10 years would only cause a person to receive a radiation dose of about .5 rem. In comparison, the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program allows its workers to receive a max of 5 rem PER YEAR. Second of all, the refining and enrichment process for uranium is fucking complicated, you wouldn't even be able to refine any significant amount of it. In summary, you're dumb

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nothing because i'm fucking retarded and don't know how anything actually works

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I think about this a lot, actually. Whether it's time travel or an alternate world, I am always sad that I don't have the knowledge to create something low level but extremely useful. I don't even know if I could reliably start a fire without modern tools, let alone create any sort of generator/engine, and I can't program nor grasp electrical engineering very well. My main skills are in using a computer, and that's honestly useless in most time periods and worlds besides the current one.

I can type pretty quickly (~140wpm), so maybe I am a bit dexterous, but I've never been able to transfer this to another skill. It's pretty depressing to think about.

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Take comfort in the fact that time travel will always be impossible

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I think the idea is that he has pdfs or something stored on his phone and can read them there. It doesn't really matter that it's a phone, except for the fact that it's portable.

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Give him uranium and call it a magical life extending pill.


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I would bring astronomy and geography to the people. with a 5 century jump
in world exploration people will be able to connect with other countries to establish trade-routes and better diplomacy which in turn will boost the economic growth of the world and human knowledge.

Or i will totally fucking kill everyone by giving them new bacteria of the new-world that we today are all immune to

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Just did more rough calculations, ingesting 100g of naturally occurring uranium DAILY for one year would result in a dose of about 4.9 rem, still under the acceptable annual limit for the Navy. You guys realize that naturally occurring uranium is like 98% U-238 which has a half life of 4.5 billion years, right?

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* Soap
* Distilled alcohol for disinfection
* Sanitary principles
This will save 200 million lives.

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Then fucking grind up 100g and put it in a coffee and make him drink 6 of the fuckers a day with radium pills, do i look like i give a shit how we kill a nigger from radiation poisoning?

How about i use my fucking time machine to bring some plutonium back with me and jam it in his ass

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Also H2O2

>> No.56403702

Forward time travel might be a thing when muslims in Europe restore the middle ages

>> No.56403723

It would be impossible to singlehandedly obtain (mine) any significant amount of naturally occurring radioactive isotope in that time period. Why not just fucking poison him the regular way m8?

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Gun powder so I can take the 200 million lives this asshole just saved.

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GPL license

Gunpowder + Rifling for accurate weapons

As a price for winning all the king's wars, I demand that all new science and literature be GPL licensed

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Motherfucker, do you not understand killing a bitch with radiation?

I'll invent a goddamn jet engine and duct tape the bitch to the top of a jet flying at 60,000ft with an oxygen mask, radiate him up

>> No.56403753

>I'll invent a goddamn jet engine
Stop with the lies. You couldn't build one on your own even with modern tools.

>> No.56403766

I like it. Would change the world for the better, and it's one of the most /g/-related posts in the thread.

>> No.56403798

Good easily mass produced toothbrushes + some basic toothpaste

>implying i have time for medieval bitches with bad teeth and breath

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You're retarded
The vaccine for smallpox came from cowpox. Which the milkmaids got from their job. Thus they didn't get smallpox and this inspired the creation of vaccines.

It had nothing to do with poonan. You can't transfer immunity through fucking.

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>He thinks he's intelligent enough to do that
My sides are already in alpha centauri mate.

>> No.56403809

That's probably the most feasible way of doing it that you've suggested so far

>> No.56403820

>get a bunch of swords
>bend me some edges
>weld them bitches in a circle
>make a blacksmith figure out how to make me a ball bearing
>get me some kerosene
>do some trial and error, see how few compressors and turbines i can get away with

Then we bolt these bitches to a boat with some wings taped onto the side and the aliens see people people living in mud huts not even knowing what electricity is flying at fucking 60,000ft purely to kill some fat old dude with radiation

>> No.56403838

>get me some kerosene
Do you possess the knowledge to now only salvage enough oil, but properly distill it into Kerosene, which includes industrial chemical processes and machinery?

>> No.56403843

>only way you'd be able to weld is via forge welding

Do you know how much forge welding sucks

>> No.56403850

Get me some ethanol

>> No.56403866

Tesla coil

>> No.56403882

Bullshit, get me some acid and lead and i'll be arc welding

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You do realize that the average life expectancy inckuded children which had a high rate of death, right? When you include a significant percentage of children under 10 not living for whatever reason, it brings down the whole average.

>> No.56403895

Wrong. Once you account for infant mortality, the average life expectancy has increased by only 7 years. Lrn2stats

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To be honest I'm literally retarded at anything technological other than programming, which I'm not going to be able to since there are no computers and shit.

The most useful thing I could probably make is extract wintegreen oil (I've heard it's basically Aspirin) from the plants and sell it and make my own apothecary. With a bit time, I think you can make methamphetamine. Since there are no regulations, I could just sell that shit to peasants and kings.

Then I'd live the good life in aristocracy, get a 20 year old wife and die at the age of 40.

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>To be honest I'm literally retarded at anything technological other than programming
Most here are. 99% never made the things they claim to know even with modern tools. Jet engines, lol.

>> No.56404016

>You do realize that the average life expectancy inckuded children which had a high rate of death, right?
>Once you account for infant mortality
And how do you think those kids died, you idiots. They died predominantly from diseases that are easily treatable with penicillin. They're still a statistic that affects overall life expectancy and are therefore included in the average life expectancy of that period. Not including childhood life expectancy is like punching yourself in the head 50 times, but saying you only punched yourself 40 times, because the first 10 didn't count. You're both idiot kids who don't even understand basic principles.

>> No.56404047

People lived longer than forty, sure. But it was more like mid-60s, not mid-70s.

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How on earth would you get hold of copper wire you dunce.

>> No.56404078

I 'made' a jet engine fucking around with an old turbo, a lot of hard technological shit isn't actually that bad once the theory itself is known.

Flight is the best example. Humans tried for centuries without success, now we're at the point where you can build an ultralight in a couple weekends for less than the price of a used corolla.

>> No.56404093

Do you know what bronze, and the subsequent 'bronze age' is, nigger?

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>> No.56404109

>I 'made' a jet engine fucking around with an old turbo
And who made the turbo? You idiot.

>> No.56404123

Then a whole bicycle

>> No.56404129

Remember you have access to no pure copper, no pure aluminum, almost no tools, no electricity to smelt the aluminum, very few pure chemicals, no plastic yet. Do you know how to make various types of plastics starting with nothing but a rock basically?
People can only build ultralight airplanes in weekends because they have an immense arsenal of cheap precursors at their disposal.

>> No.56404133

A lot of the difficulties lie in the application, not just the theory. You can't just go back in time and expect to make strong, light aluminium alloys, let alone decent quality (by modern standards) steel, let alone use those to make precisely machined components, once again let alone make them in a way that would be cost efficient to use in any way that would create profit to reinvest into further technology, or even break even.

We've had the ability to do a lot of modern things, but the constraints of reality have always held us back.

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actually a good idea in a more abstract way

>> No.56404143



Bronze age ended like 1000bc while copper wire is 200 year old tech.

Also Op referred to medieval time.

So please just end your life.

>> No.56404148

Subaru / fuji heavy.

It was a journal bearing with barely shaped ceramic blades, it would be extremely easy to recreate with just basic casting facilities.

>> No.56404162

We can still work towards that goal today.
Equal access to knowledge and tools will improve humanity as a whole.
Check out:

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>It was a journal bearing with barely shaped ceramic blades, it would be extremely easy to recreate with just basic casting facilities.

>> No.56404183

4k 75" flatscreen or bigger

>> No.56404185

Bronze is a copper alloy, retard.

If you can alloy a metal, you can make it fairly pure and create fucking wire out of it.

You're thinking too much about aluminium alloys and other fancy shit.
Half-decent steel and wood is all you need, in WW2 they built genuine fighters and bombers using cheap and easy (ie, wood+steel) materials due to shortages, making something that can impress kings enough to ensure a ready supply of supple sloots wouldn't be that hard.

>> No.56404186

Topkek, good luck finding wire.
You know what mixture wire requires? Even so, a blacksmith can't make you some thin enough.

>> No.56404200

Damn that's cool. My favorite things have always been modular, like legos or arduino projects

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File: 34 KB, 948x1425, 9781568989976_custom-5ea5608a34cea3f5a20d3aa456228abf40facdcf-s6-c30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why don't you try to make copper wire using medieval tools today? Good luck.

Here's what a toaster looks like that someone tried to make from scratch. He mined the copper himself. It took him a year or so, and it worked for a few seconds.

>> No.56404207


pls go

>> No.56404208

>You're thinking too much about aluminium alloys and other fancy shit.
>Half-decent steel
It's almost as if you didn't read the very next sentence.

>> No.56404215

must be some kind of bait

>> No.56404219

>Damn that's cool.
Yes it's a great idea, to have 1 modular power cube. The farmer can utilize the single Power Cube for various tasks, like driving a tractor, a water pump or a saw mill.
It's not just a dream but real too.

>> No.56404237


Nigga i work in the field. Do you know how difficult it would be to create a good wire without proper machinery? You would not be able to do it in the med ages.

>> No.56404246

lmao wire is fucking easy just order a wire making machine off amazon throw in some rocks containing copper there you have wire lmao

>> No.56404361

They had half-decent steel in the latter half of the middle ages, and realistically you can do it with entirely wood anyway.

>> No.56404388

Someone will not like your power and fame, and will just stab you or hit you over the head with a rock.

>> No.56404408

>Than slavery.
Never change.... never change....

>> No.56404434

a hazmat suit so i can interact with people

>> No.56404435

Also for anybody wondering how you would achieve a flying machine without an engine

You rather than actual flight, get pushed off a cliff and think of it as an extended range glider.

Just pretend you brought one of those faggots from /n/ along and they'll be doing the flying for you

>> No.56404457

Id take it slow, instead id just centralize banks and declare war on any kingdom unwilling to centralize their banks.

>> No.56404484

I'd disprove the existence of God and enlighten them with atheism.

>> No.56404598

No, and laughably no. You can't make a plane engine out of wood, even the earliest biplanes. You also forget that the fancier you try to do things out of wood, the more technical the skills and theory gets, and you're not a material engineer and master craftsman.

>> No.56404678

>plane engine out of wood
There's this entire field of winged aircraft with no engines, and an entire other one using human power to drive propellers.
>the fancier you try to do things out of wood, the more technical the skills and theory gets
We're really not talking anything fancy. Basic wing design with no specific airfoil, basic frame.
>you're not a material engineer and master craftsman.
No, but ship designers are and could almost certainly shape wings with fancy NACA designs if we really wanted.

>> No.56404704

Yes, but we're talking about you. Only you. Going back in time. You cannot.

I'm sure if we sent back enough information and people, we could do all kinds of things, but (You) cannot.

>> No.56404708


>> No.56404740

Faggot, i can build enough impressive shit to convince a king to make his shipbuilders build my shit.

It is not hard, at all, to design a glider. Just steal a plane shape you know of (ie, cessna 1x2), making sure with the new materials/lack of engine the center of mass stays a little in front of the center of lift and you're set.

Planes are not difficult when you don't need massive performance.

>> No.56404799

(You) do not carry around with you at all times the plans for a plane, and the reference materials needed to build said plane using mediaeval shipbuilding techniques.

(You) keep conflating what is easy for the average person given the contemporary references available with what is easy for the average person way over their head without the aid of all our modern crutches.

>> No.56404827

You're a fucking moron if you think you need extremely complex plans and some form of stupid bullshit to figure out how you can use shaped wood to make a basic wing design when the same method is used to design hulls.

Go take a look at early aircraft designs. They are literally nothing a normal dickhead can't build in a shed in a weekend, 100% of the effort went into the engine.

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>> No.56404871

No, I'm a realist who understands that you're grossly overestimating your abilities.

>> No.56404909

>I'm a realist
do you even know what that means?

>> No.56404937

I would give them communism.

>> No.56404952


>> No.56404966

you would be murdered

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No, you're somebody who has no idea who i am or what i do for a living.

You're somebody who doesn't know a fucking thing about aircraft and just assumes they're difficult because you've seen how much of an airliner costs.

A basic wood glider is absolutely piss easy to build if you've done any wood working in your life. All you need to know is how to design a wing shape and to keep the center of lift slightly behind the center of mass.

It's really not hard.
Pic related.

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Show them Rap & Rock so we can get over these plebe genres, and enjoy more patrician music earlier in the future.

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File: 36 KB, 600x780, ayy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean look at this, there's no way me or anybody else could make a design this complex.
Look at all those basic boxes and textbook fabric wings, whoa

>> No.56405044

Honestly, since one of my hobbies is primitive survival/bushcraft, there's literally nothing I would want to take with me from this era.

Now, as for what I'd want to bring BACK with me, getting my hands on a *true* Damascus steel blade made to my specifications. I would love a real Damascus steel neck knife/utility blade in my gear. That would be absolute perfection.

Now.. when you say "Medieval Era", do you have a specific year or range of years in mind? I mean, we're talking about an era that lasted 1000 years. I know that not much changed from the 5th to 15th century, but that's still a rather large block of time. Do we get to choose exactly when?

>> No.56405066

around 800-900.

Btw, im still here.

>> No.56405079

Just so you're aware... uhm.. It was not uncommon for nobles to have craftsmen executed after completion of something wondrous. They would kill the craftsmen so that no one else could have what they have. You're much better off doing things in secret,

https://youtu.be/ZEl-Y1NvBVI This guy, for example, builds things in steps. You could do the same, and work up to a fucking factory hidden away somewhere.

>> No.56405090

>>56405079 was meant for >>56401957

my bad.

>> No.56405123

>implying kings don't have royal tasters
>implying the tasters aren't in worse health already than the king
>implying the taster wouldn't show signs of sickness first
>implying you wouldn't get fucked by your kingbro

We're talking about an ignorant and paranoid era. You'd have a king constantly wary of someone trying to kill him off so his heir can take the throne, especially if his heir is easily manipulated.

Better off actually *keeping* the king alive longer and giving him reason to trust you and slowly manipulate him into becoming your puppet.

>> No.56405171

I'm aware of that.

I did not bother explaining my process of doing so since this would turn in to a fantasy story board.

And that primitive technology guy is awesome, love his work tbqh.

>> No.56405188

I assume my only advantage is technology?

I'm going to take a tablet with a hand-wind charger and 20 micro usb cables because they fucking break. I'll fill it to the brim with science, politics, and language learning books with an emphasis on archaic versions.

Also, I'm going to wear some of my best dress shirts and suit as to impress the nobility with the quality of my clothes so that they'll trust me enough to know that I'm not some stupid peasant with illusions of grandeur.

>> No.56405211

>hand-wind charger
>not solar

>> No.56405221

>I know that not much changed from the 5th to 15th century
>he fell for the dark ages meme
You are so laughably wrong, it hurts.

People think things didn't change much because we didn't end up with written documentation of it today, not because things didn't change much.

Our knowledge of history is really fractured and incomplete.

>> No.56405245

>implying medieval dudebros won't give bully you constantly, the nerd from the future

>> No.56405289
File: 105 KB, 900x747, 1451579673130.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn it, Jefferson!

>> No.56405532

I planned this out a little more the most.
A few rolls of aluminum foil, a very nice lens assembly, few high grade knives, tool bits, several types of saws and tooth paste.

I would spur an alternative technology development tree so radically different, that /g/ would hate me. (no electricity or computers, but still very advanced things in other ways)
And use that tech for my own political gains, for world peace as I see it.

For example I would introduce body armor that was cheap and could easily stop early guns, (note, modern guns are a completely different matter) thus gun technology would be rendered a curiosity as other weapons prove far more useful in war.

The result of all of these simple technical introductions (given my limited manufacture assets have to be considered) is that I use the current wars to get them to quickly build what I need, then end the war and introduce the new systems to maintain the peace. The following golden age would allow me to live a nice life and bring us as close to world peace as we could responsibly get.

>> No.56406154

Making motors/generators is actually harder then you think. You think they had copper wires back then?

>> No.56406367

>trying to make something as compact as possible when you're unable to create things with low tolerances
fucking idiot, I don't even have a proper engineering degree and even I see how stupid this is

>> No.56406432

you're retarded
kids don't die solely from infections but a whole list of causes.

>> No.56406518

>and an entire other one using human power to drive propellers.
A human doesn't have the power to fly. You can't get around this.

>> No.56406559

what he means is by using technique similar to bicycles. you pedal with your feet to spin the fan.

>> No.56406596

You mean in the airplane style? Yea that could work, but it's still hard as fuck and I doubt you would have the lightweight materials to work with.

>> No.56406633


>not creating glorious hot air balloon warships like pic related

>> No.56406643

Motors? Same physical principle as a generator. Could perform all that grain grinding and cloth making

>> No.56406646

>making anything as efficient as a bicycle
>with medieval metalworking
Hehehe, nice joke.

No wire.

>> No.56406659


Refine aluminum and live like a king.

>> No.56406674

Do you know how to accurately find aluminium-containing ore though?

>> No.56406686

still doable.

>> No.56406688

>No wire.
You could use iron. Or gold. Fuck I forgot about gold that should be good too

>> No.56406689

Meth labs

>> No.56406712

I could legitimately build an airplane, or at least a pretty good glider. I'd also be able to advance their structural and material knowledge by centuries, although basic beam theory was around by the end of the 18th century. The engine would be the hardest part, so I'd have to start with casting metal and figuring out what fuel source to use.

Source: actual aerospace engineer.

>> No.56406722

Making something like iron nails in that period were quite valuable and difficult. How hard do you think it's going to be to create wire? Do you know what goes into creating wire?

>> No.56406747

Cultivate and distribute magic mushrooms
Everything else will follow

>> No.56406761


OP said what piece of technology, not location of resources. I could easily check up where bauxite reserves are now, build a generator back then and begin refining and mining.

Either that or bring back a pallet of aluminum cans. It's all good.

>> No.56406768

I made one of those for a school project. Instruction came from same site OP got his pic from

>> No.56406783

plumbing and toilets, i don't want to be surrounded by literal shit

>> No.56406798

Yes, you could. Except that's completely useless information, because you're not going to have access to industrial mining equipment used to get it.

Getting ore back in the medieval period was pretty basic. You heard the term 'bog iron'? That's how it was obtained, by people walking through bogs and marshes.

>> No.56406896

You saying you're not?

Besides, pajeets had pretty good hygene back then, it was later generations that fucked them up and turned them into what they are now.

>> No.56406940

>die because you got a papercut on your finger

Why do people want to go back to the Middle Ages?

>> No.56406948


The thing is, bauxite is typically found near the surface. It wouldn't be too hard to get some farmers with shovels to get digging.

>> No.56407027

If you're getting it from farmers randomly digging holes, you still have to accurately locate it. Industrial-sized mines are specifically located according to the realities of today, getting the largest amount out of the ground at the lowest cost with modern techniques and technology.

That's not going to help you in the medieval era, where you have wildly different expenses and realities. It wouldn't be practical to mine the areas we currently mine, but more practical to mine different areas which would be commercially useless today. But you still have to find it.

Then there's everything else involved in extraction and manufacturing.

>> No.56407033

I would travel to africa and invent aids

>> No.56407086


>> No.56407217

>In places where they had tenant farms >I'd convince the lord to try crop rotations.
Population is a huge resource as the romans recognized.
I'd cause a massive population boom by drastically cutting down deaths from simple shit like the plague and by increasing yields.
>-Now my motherland needs new lands for timber and raw goods.
>Get to the new world with my knowledge of currents and seasons.
>try really hard to not get syphilis as I plunder South American gold

Obviously you'd need some capitol first but that wouldn't be too hard when you know approximately whats bound to happen in the future. You can take "risks" that are more or less guaranteed to go in your favor.

>> No.56407243

>Hide from general public
>Invent electricity
>Invent time traveling modem
>invent basic computer
>shitpost on /g/

>> No.56407327

>create simple crank generator
>create primitive light bulb( this one is difficult but could be done)

>show off to king that I can make his life rich and luxurious
>earn power and more access to resources
>at this point I'm a court wizard
>develop gun powder and show it off to pleb wizards
>make bombs and possibly a cannon
>War breaks loose
>I prep my major project
>get paper cut and die

If only I spent my time developing an antibacterial/antiseptic

>> No.56407332

>king finds out about your shitpost
>wants to shitpost on /g/ aswell
>has (you) executed
>takes your inventions to his castle dungeon
>starts shitposting on /g/

>> No.56408537

Ball in a cup

>> No.56408573


>> No.56408625

>magically appear in the medieval age
>get burned at the stake for magically appearing

>> No.56408626

> what technology would you create
Only real answer that has a practical use during the time and easy enough to make with primitive technology

>> No.56408642
File: 49 KB, 301x450, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A hot air balloon would probably be feasible, given the right resources.

>> No.56408789

> what piece of tech
I would create a nuke and have all the Lord's come out one summers night to watch an enemy castle get vaporizer and then threaten them with a same fate unless they do what I say.

>> No.56409104

They had gold

>> No.56409682

>I would create a nuke
No, you wouldn't.

>> No.56409741

The OP implies that any tech I bring over that I will be able to create. Note the "what piece of technology would you create"
Given that, I would create a nuke

>> No.56409829

I would invent the use of penicilin to cure people, and say it's only avaliable thru the Kingdom of Sardinia.

>> No.56409850

A yo-yo

>> No.56410061

If I could choose any tech to bring back it'd probably be a ak-47 with rounds

>> No.56410128

If you find this scenario interesting I recommend reading Lest Darkness Fall byL. Sprague de Camp.

>> No.56410230

I wish I could find the original torrent. Or was it a mega folder or something?

I'll be honest, I haven't looked much through these.

It's got a few books that seem to be for details once you've got different things established.

Primitive Technology I and II seem like they can get you from nothing up to "basic ability to cast metal".
Understanding Wood. The Complete Metalsmith. A couple others.

Hmm. I've only skimmed now, but I'm not sure there's a good book in here about the gap, like using a simple sand casting mold to make parts for a mill or drill press or lathe that you can use to make better machines that can match modern precision. Nothing about making electricity. Maybe I'm missing the whole set.

>> No.56410751

>that I will be able to create.
Exactly. You won't be able to create a nuclear weapon.

>> No.56410996

from what I know from playing rust, it will just take me a few hours before I can manufacture automatic weapons

>> No.56411369

things I could actually do right now with no prep or practice?
Teach hygiene,
Distill alcahol, invent sterilization and booze.
steam turbine
hot water heater
pressure cooker
deep fryer
water tower
hot air balloon
ball bearing
threading hardware
oil lamps
zippo style lighter that runs on alcahol
I might be able to build a primitive 2 stroke ice with enough time. I know the basic principles of engine design and have rebuilt everything from weed whackers to a ford truck with my dad.

I'd also take a go at making glass.

>> No.56411418

The Jacquard Loom would also be possible, but I doubt I could ever keep the construction of an entire loom in my head.

>> No.56411459

Almost all of these require advanced tools you don't have and cannot produce out of nowhere.

>> No.56411596

two stroke ICE to use it as a chemical weapon

>> No.56411675

Unless the king made him his regent

>> No.56411782

>How hard do you think it's going to be to create wire?
How hard do you think it's going to be to create a fucking haulberk. You just need to give a smith project that you want a straight piece of metal.
And you ignorant /g/ fuckers should know that simple "wire" in mediaval age you can make by salt dissolved in water?

>> No.56412080

A type writer simple enough to be duplicated?
Or maybe some old printing press.

>> No.56412272

typewriters are pretty complex honestly, mostly because of all the intricate moving parts

printing press would be much easier to build

>> No.56412995

Hope this helps


>> No.56413147

>all these people thinking they can create modern processes out of nothing.

Our society is only like it is because of a literal thousand years of trial and error.
Realistically it could be cut down to maybe, MAYBE, 200 years, if you are really smart and have enough power.

Shit TAKES TIME. The amount of mining it took to create the industrial age of humanity is fucking immense.
That is a process alone that simply cannot be sped up in any meaningful way because human-scale can only go so quickly up to that point.

You might be able to make some shitty voltaic piles and shitty wires.
Have fun with your lights in the stupid ages. Oh hey your ears just fell off. Top banter.

>> No.56413289

>he doesn't know what a thought experiment is

>> No.56413315

Do some Basic FFA stuff Just remember playing around with some 150 year old farm equipment when I was young.
Hook up with a good smith
Teach basic sanitation
Teach four Crop rotation wheat, turnips, oats or barley, and clover (assuming English type climate/area)
Not sure if I could get into stock breeding that would take farming improvements first and lots of money to start with.
Try to make Cotton Gin, Reaper/Binder,Thresher, Steam Engine, Seed Drill, Horse Plow/Hoe
Unfortunately I know pretty much nothing about textiles but there are a lot of basic improvements that added up to dramatically improve things.

All this would require to get folks to listen to you and not starving to death or killed for something stupid.

>> No.56413377

>no legumes in that crop rotation

>not teaching people how to compost for equally superior yields.

shit son water udoin

>> No.56413379

making penicillin is hard! glassware, regulated heating sources, etc...

you have to be able to make stuff with the tech that is already there... So dude how are you making the wires for your windings?What are you turning it with... oh water? you have gearing for the power train? etc. think it out

>> No.56413400

who cares, once the next in line was ready to take the throne, you'd be out the job.

>> No.56413407

Christ, you're degenerate.

>> No.56413426

Woops, the prince had a little accident and choked to death on some white fluid.
Truly the demons were within him.

Oh well, this guy here was here to help through the hardship.

>> No.56413429
File: 342 KB, 714x738, 1421164417027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Type 0 detected

>> No.56413630

Err forgot what a legume is? Not like I'm gonna suggest peanut farming in the middle ages. Crop rotation is a art form If I was transported back in time I would worry the most about that and getting folks to listen to me. I'm not a farmer though a lot of relatives are.

For the folks unaware why legumes are important;
Legumes, like alfalfa and clover, collect available nitrogen from the soil in nodules on their root structure. (natural fertilizer and fodder folks!) Doing this tremendously improves farm yields.

Decided on that classic crop rotation cycle (is actual one used). This gets you fodder for livestock all year round. You need animals to do horse-drawn farm machinery. I'm trying to help my tech base.

Composting is valid point I probably would of remembered that as a knock on I just forgot about it.

>> No.56413651

sorry forgot to link you into >>56413630

>> No.56413693

>invent shit
>holy shit black magic
>get burned at the stake

>> No.56413763

Obviously guns because that would give me massive favour with the Lords/king

>> No.56413783

They had slaves it's called peasants

>> No.56413796

Who the fuck designed this abomination?

>five wheels
>huge positive caster on the steering wheel
>no brakes
>no speed control
>'engine' has a very low chance of being able to move that much weight in the first place
>even if it could, it would be incredibly slow due to reduction gearing
>carry weight is abysmal
>no way to add water to the boiler without depressurizing the system

Even cugnot's steam carriage is a better idea than that.

>> No.56413859
File: 166 KB, 466x525, ok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing. I wouldn't want to get hung for witchcraft.

The church hung all the scientists and inventors because it knew what was going to happen. They saw the current age coming and wanted to prevent it. Based saints they were. If I ended up in the medieval age, I'd do my part in preventive measures against the Enlightenment.

>> No.56414227

Sample of genetically engineered black plague and vaccine against it.

>> No.56414969

Except that wires in motors need to be insulated.
You obviously don't know shit about what you're talking so just live your fantasy in your dreams and shut up.

>> No.56415025

Why don't you travel to india first and try to get it to work there?

>> No.56415033

you truly have no idea how succession works do you.

>> No.56415184

piss was used to whiten the teeth back then anyways so your invention would be moot

>> No.56415191


>I'll invent a goddamn jet engine and duct tape the bitch to the top of a jet flying at 60,000ft with an oxygen mask, radiate him up

That's not even a fifth of the way before escaping the atmosphere. You're a retard.

>> No.56415298

Fire extinguisher so that I can survive the burning at the stake.

>> No.56415441

If we still don't have an effective vaccine against the plague, what makes you think you can develop one?

>> No.56415607
File: 2.41 MB, 320x180, !...[632]02MWkx0QJ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A mechanical arm

>> No.56416153

I would forewarn the world of autism, that way you would be flogged against a rock when you were born instead of being allowed to live and shit up 4chan.

>> No.56416717

>get to work building the groundwork for a engine
>go to look for requisite native copper
>I don’t know how to do that
>I completely lack the ability to feed myself, or to communicate with anyone

Absolute best case scenario is I get taken in by someone, learn a trade and the local tongue, and persuade a generation of peasants to wash their hands.

>> No.56416843

Which part of the medieval age?

I've made Kalashnikov pattern shotgun out of a shit shovel and sketchy memory regarding the pattern of the parts once before while drunk.. I'm sure I could do it again. That and I know how to make rudimentary gunpowder and primers. I could probably become the most sought after sellsword. 12 gauge slugs should tear through most armor.

>> No.56416984
File: 63 KB, 830x900, rot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nuke-tech here.

You'd have to know exactly what you were doing down to a T to not fuck up and irradiate yourself, but it could be possible to make a simple gun type weapon. It would take about as long as the Norks took for their program, but not because of a technology and information embargo, but rather just plainly you'd be having to process everything in extremely small batches because of a lack of technology.

>> No.56417072

Primitive firearms and an attempt at superior body armor (unlikely to pan out). The probability of being used or killed off if you catch much attention, is very high. You'd have to be as discrete as possible while you're gathering the means to either take power by force (unfortunately requires building an army), or live on your own somewhere where you won't be discovered by some kingdom that's expanding or wants to tax you.

The most likely outcome is that you'd be more or less useless. You can't make modern machinery out of nothing and with no supporting infrastructure.

>> No.56417147

How would you even prove your usefulness to a king or lord? I can't imagine you can just bust in his court and be like "dude, I'm from the future! Give me resources and shit"

>> No.56418436

OP here, holy fuck this thread is still up.

Work my way from the ground up, first get my basics of the surrounding straight, since i used to live in a farm with my grandparents, i know how to do basic farming and hunting.

From there i start working upwards in making my life more comfortable. Upon
A basic electricity generator, a battery and a lightsource, i will amaze the commoners by being the lightbringer, a messenger of god.

>> No.56418602

A time travel machine to go back

>> No.56418875

>he thinks crown contenders haven't been poisoning each other for centuries

They weren't stupid back then

>> No.56419666
File: 52 KB, 800x450, roman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.56420281
File: 33 KB, 600x600, literallyEveryMotorInExistence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah but who seems more likely to be the poisoner?

This scruffy looking cunt over here of no worth?
Or this guy who has been creating amazing inventions for Queen and country?
You best believe Scruffy is going to do the headless chicken.

>wires in motors need to be insulted
What retardshit am I reading?
I've literally never seen a motor that isn't copper wire windings around a magnet and 2 brushes at one end of the rod.
Or some other metal wire.

A huge metal rod hammered and rolled until wire will work just as well if it is made in the 1500s or 2010s. Physics hasn't changed since then. Nor has chemistry. It is the exact same process sped up via machines.
Sure there will probably be more resistance in the wire due to impurities, but that isn't the issue.

>> No.56420495

>he thinks those wires are bare copper

>> No.56420532

Since when did we have metallurgy experts here?

>> No.56420594

Heir apparent trumps birthright in succession. That said, without the backing of the other nobles, you'd just be murdered horribly.

>> No.56420941

>he doesn't know that electric motors work more efficiently when you talk shit about its mom in front of it

Also, how the fuck do you even expect to be able to communicate with anyone? Once you open your mouth and they don't understand what you're saying they'll just burn you at the stake because you'd be possessed by a demon or some other stupid shit.

>> No.56421194

>not knowing how to get natural rubber and make it useful
The fuck do you think the weird ass glue on motors are? To keep it steady?
The wires don't NEED coating if you slap the whole motor in glue and rub it in real deep.

The absolutely tiny losses you might get from a couple wires touching is literally on the levels of <10% of turns if you were to do it yourself.
Fuck, even 50% wouldn't be a bad thing in the god damn Medieval days.
Of course, that is unless you are an idiot and wire a coil the wrong way instead of the proper way to prevent contact.
Bet u didnt no that did u

I just noticed my typo. I fef'd.

Also, you wouldn't really need to mention technical terms to them.
Just say you have been working alone in your weird lab and you found out useful ways to make use of shit progressively over time.
"I DID IT!", the mad scientist proclaims, as he invented a "new" material.
You'd get all the harlots.

>> No.56422646

Not slaves, Serfs. Much cheaper

>> No.56422924

Will you change your name to Rothschild while you are on it?

>> No.56422987


>> No.56423088


>> No.56423168

So technically we would be more infectious than they are. Remember the Indians and the Europeans?

>> No.56423504

All this talk about dragging cellphones there.
No mention of a real phone.

I believe I could make a regular wired telephone.

Hardest part would be middeages dipshits to play along.

Ask me anything, too lazy to write it all down at once.

>> No.56423556


No cables, no electricity

>> No.56423601

You can invent it.

>> No.56423615

don't you need a magnet for that? where do you get it from?

>> No.56423632
File: 227 KB, 490x555, gingerybooks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you get the copper wire, how do insulate it, how do you get magnets for it? If it is AC, how do you rectify to DC?

I follow the gingery process to bootstrap the industrial revolution:
sand casting-->lathe-->everything

>> No.56423688

Draw shitty wire from existing copper/brass over shitty plate with a hole.
Insulation made out of fabric for the small stuff.
Compounded into rope and kept separated for bigger stuff.

Utterly inefficient brushless selfexcited generator. With initial excitation by shitty magnet or magnetized iron.
Powered by existing rotating water powered apparatus.

Stuff that middleage fags already know how to do I obviously wouldn't do myself.
Such as working with metals, do ropes, carve wood for stuff.

(Also I'm EE)

>> No.56423703

Power my Kindle so I have a decent amount of reading material and if I was smart and prepared some technical docs and uploaded to it beforehand then I can use those to make more good stuff.

>> No.56423731

Im an engineer, so a calculator would be great.

>> No.56423770


>> No.56423796

Anything else? I havent even gotten to the phone yet...

>> No.56423845

>I'd implement feminism
I recommend you to look at Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun which was a portraitist of Marie Antoinette, the queen of France. She lived during the french Revolution and had to run from it since she was part of the noble and rich people. She traveled thought a lot of courts in Europe after the revolution and at the end of his life, she wrote her memories, talking about her life.
She said something very interesting about the place of woman in the society. French revolution claimed Liberté, Egalité & Fraternité, but after the french revolution there was less equality between men and women than before.
tl;dr, back then, rich women had more power than you imagine and cheating on their husband was something current because one of their few distraction was to fuck.
Since most kings cheated on the queen people could do it and the church didn't like that and was always complaining to the court.

>> No.56423867

Daily reminder that many really old buildings still have fabric insulated wires in them.

>> No.56425580

how do you make the magnets necessary for it?

>> No.56425833

>Invent slavery in the middle ages
Dude that's been a thing since before recorded history.

>> No.56427335

You don't know that.

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