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Hey /g/,

What VPN do you use? I've used mullvad in the past and it's been reliable and cheap. I was thinking about using a different one though, maybe hma or vyper but idk. What would you recommend? I usually use it on a live disk I carry around or on my android device.

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Anonymous crumbled because HMA ratted out one of the principal hackers to the FBI.

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Viper with an 'i' is edgy as fuck.

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So that's a no, then. Also

>Off by one

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what is that mess of a picture supposed to mean?

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Hell if I know. I found it on /pol/ and it was out of place there as well.

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mulvad you cuck

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Isn't there anything better than mullvad?

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Decide for yourself, figure out whose services align with your needs:


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It's heavily edited.

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Boleh VPN. was 80$ a year when I signed up. Not sure what the cost is these days. Reliable as fuck and works like a charm. I occasionally keep it on by accident over night and all through the next day when I get home from work. I have torrents going the entire time and not a hitch.

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