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/4K/ masterrace edition


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>amd cpu
>master race


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>28" 4k
wew that GUI scaling.

36-46" is the perfect monitor size for 4k depending on your viewing distance so you don't have to do any GUI scaling just to read text.

Enjoy your meme screen

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Windows scaling is quite good, Steam and Skype fixed theirs, only Origin still has a shit scaling.

28" 4K is a good size, same PPI as my old 1080p 15W laptop display.

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hy grandpa

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o shit waddup

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I never said GUI scaling wasn't better, but the fact is you're still having to do scaling in general, meaning you aren't using your display to it's fullest.

I wouldnt give a shit if every program had perfect GUI scaling, i want more screen real-estate, not slightly sharper text that has to be scaled up.

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Patiently waiting for the GTX 1050! ^_^

Yes, I'm a poorfag. ;_;

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>tfw i wont be able to afford a gpu for at least a year

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Speccy went batshit.

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A HD7950 is ~70 €

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>/4K/ masterrace edition

step aside son

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>i5 6600k

based. Hows it treatin you.

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I can't get myself to buy any larger monitors. I'd be constantly worried over my GPU not keeping up with the times. And I'm talking about just going to 1080p, never mind 4k.

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Snappy as fuck and refuses to get hot. I love it.

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when are you hanging yourself?

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Yeah tell me about it... and I have a stock fan from an old computer. This thing just doesnt get hot.

All I need is a new gpu now...

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I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Windows, is in fact, NSA/Windows, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, NSA plus Windows. Microsoft is not a spying agency unto itself, but rather another worthless component of a fully functioning NSA system made useful by the NSA corelibs, spying utilities and vital system components comprising a full spy network as defined by ORWELL. Many computer users run a modified version of the NSA system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of NSA which is widely used today is often called “Windows”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the NSA system, developed by the NSA Project. There really is a Windows, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Windows is the data collection hub: the program in the system that collects your data and directs it to other agencies run by the government. The program is an essential part of a spying system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete government funded spying system. Windows is normally used in combination with the NSA spying system: the whole system is basically NSA with Windows added, or NSA/Windows. All the so-called “Windows” users are really users of NSA/Windows.



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Pull the trigger?

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What GPU are you planning on getting anon?

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Hopefully a 1000 series. Just anything with alot of vram because my recording quality is just piss poor, the 1080 doesnt look to expensive for what it does. But Im no expert on gpu's. just hoping i can figure out what I want soon.

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Look into the 1070 as well. The 1080 is really neat, but kind of unchallenged with 1080p.

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Thank you for the advice. This old 760 I got from a friend is just.. its so bad haha. When he gave it to me It was so old there was like, moth chitin inside. and the dust, oh man.

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Is he a smoker?

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>470 arrives
>next day 480 4GB is finally back in stock

At least the 470 I got is quieter and slightly cheaper.

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nah. he must not have stored it properly. Regardless the thing has to go you know. I can only stand shit graphics so much you know.

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>4 GB

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for 1080p will he need more than 4GB of vRAM?

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If he wants to record or stream.

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>everyone's a streamer meme

he doesn't particularly have the CPU for it anyway so it's a bit of a moot point.

Not to mention he can use the i5's integrated GPU for encoding.

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True. quick sync is amazing. but it only goes so far, when you start getting into 8 gvram fuck quick sync

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works fine for everyday use and videogames.

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Too bad Speccy doesn't properly show my CPU.

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no shit it does lmao

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Bought this PC as a prebuilt for 550$. Pretty good i guess. Already has a 600 watt FSP psu, so i'm getting a gtx 1070 in a few weeks

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I don't need to upgrade edition

nice monitor

what cpu is it

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i7-6950X. It just bothers me it doesn't show the temperature and it does for everything else without a problem. I think it's related to Speccy though, other programs like NZXT's CAM show the CPU fine.

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no rude please

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Im just mad right now.

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Priorities on point I see

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Overpriced xboxes that cost as much as a car belong on >>>/v/

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Not my problem cars are so cheap.

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Just bought a hyper 212 evo. Why is this thing so fucking cheap lmao

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its okay, daisuki

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I dont like fios right now.

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i think you people are missing the point of 4k resolutions on physically large displays.. like 40+ inches.

The main benefit of high PPI is so you no longer see individual pixels , by getting a huge monitor you're just bringing back that problem while your only gain is more desktop real estate.
And you can go on about scaling, but scaling doesn't make the pixels any bigger, so if you scale 150/200/400 or whaetever percent you aren't making the pixels themselves any bigger so text will always stay sharp/crisp.

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P2715Q bro
thought I'm the only one with this magnificent screen

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During invasions and stuff WoW drops to 35-45 frames.

I play on a 23" 1080p monitor.

The game recommends me to set the quality slider to 7 / 10. Nvidia panel recommends me to set it to 10/10.

Why am I getting such low FPS with my specs?

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because wow is optimized as fuck

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WoW is a shit game

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i recently moved from home, and i had gbit fibre at home, now im on 20/10 adsl :(

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I'm looking for a decently priced, higher clocked 2600v2 to upgrade this with.

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>blurry piece of shit
>German localization
>Neue Version! Klicken zum herunterladen...
>clock speeds measured incorrectly
>Windows 8
>decades-old hardware but modern SSD
>“gaming laptop”
holy shit, I got baited hard

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>Windows scaling is quite good
dude have you clicked on the OP screenshot?

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I am OP. I don't know how it looks for you but here it looks like this.

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Second question outside of wow being /shit/.

What kind of monitor could my system handle as a 3rd and main monitor? I've been looking into 32 and 34" but not sure if a regular 980 could handle 2 23" PLUS a 1440 32 or 34"

I play lots of vidya.

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Nice monitor, does yours bleed?

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No reason for envy, you've got a kick ass rig yourself!

A little bit. It's very nice though. Right now I'm playing a game in a 1080p window, with some other windows and programs running and the horizontal space is excellent. I also like how at this size and resolution, I don't need scaling.

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I dual boot Debian and I only use Windows for benchmarks and gaymes.

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What should I upgrade /g/?

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Nothing or maybe your monitors

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why are you so mean?? :/

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you are frying the damn thing. put a fan or some shit

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Nothing. Better keyboard or mouse or audio equipment if you don't have good ones.

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it's hot in there

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thanks mane,

I like the monitor too except that it has issues with going to sleep.

Occasionally it won't wake up from low power mode/sleep (this is rare)
When it does wakeup from sleep it seems to be in the wrong resolution (not scaling, but resolution) like 1440p or some shit because everything looks blurry as fuck.

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My fan curves are extremely conservative. It's not like running things at 40c vs 30c is going to make a difference in long term longevity so I don't see the point in actually hearing your computer if not rendering/playing gaymes/etc. HDD are mounted right behind my radiator so that's why those are a bit toasty.

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Post internet speed

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Get on my level, manlets.

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Ignore the shitty 768p monitor. I figured I'd give it some use since my desk can't fit a bigger second monitor at the moment.

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4790k + GTX 1080 crew

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That's some sad 4k performance with 780

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More interested in 1440p 144-165Hz should be my next purchase after a new mouse.

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>tfw putting together the perfect 1440p budget king and spending the rest of my money on my girlfriend
>you'll never know
monitor is benq bl2420pt [email protected]", looks like 4k really and can driver it flawlessly with my gainward 1070 GS OC'd to 2100

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Really debating about getting another 980ti Classified for SLI. Or just sitting on this single card until it can no longer max games 60FPS @ 1440p.

>Almost tempted to get the new Titan X when it launches. If it can handle 4k 60 fps, it should damn well be able to handle 1440p at the same fps for a long while.

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17 inch 4k

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>24" 1440p
Gross. Almost as bad as those 25" 4k panels that exist.

32" 1440p master race.

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Well, you got ripped off

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not him but because of your video card. The 970M is barely good enough for 1080p on many titles. 4K for the 970m is worthless and it being an Alienware PC, it's meant for gaming.

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I play games at 1080p which has been fine, maybe one or 2 games I played at 900p

The reason to get able screen is the improved font rendering. Games are mostly for children, I got this Alienware because good bang for the buck in laptop.

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s/able/a\ 4k/g
Sorry on cellular phone atm

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