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Why is this OS so damn great?

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Pic unrelated

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Not perfect, but better for development than OSX is right now

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i dont know, but its pretty fuckng good. i have fedora 24/arch 4.4.4 on my laptop, but for work reasons i need windows on my desktop, this OS if its kept as a rolling release, is gonna be good for M$ for a long time

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I've been running it for a few months now, and there are no problems whatsoever. Haters BTFO.

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Fucking amazing OS. Stunning visuals, innovative UI design, and seemless application compliance.

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What I want to know is why hasn't someone gone and made a complete and unapologetic clone of Windows. You have a few Linux distros which sort of imitate it on a superficial level, but why not a complete ripoff?

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Are you trolling right. That image doesn't depict ios !!

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>Why is this OS so damn great?
You have low standards. There's a lot of ugly fat chicks looking for a man like you.

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Agree, switching from OSX, refreshing the lack of bouncing shit all over the place, and it just looks better.

>I cured my ADD by switching to W10

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I still use Windows Vista (Service Pack 1).

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Installing XP, tbqh famalam.

>Stupid ancient drivers and programs

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Ugh. I have the displeasure of being forced to use it on my laptop (Linux incompatibility with my graphics driver).

Everything is just bulky and slow, compared to what I'm used to.

Startup time is garbage compared to what I'm used to.

I now have to restart my computer to install updates, which is retarded, and I also have to sit there and wait while it applies the updates instead of getting to use my computer while it applies the updates like what you can do on Linux.

I also have advertisements in the start menu, fuck that.

Security is a nightmare. I refuse to purchase anything online using W10.

Finally, fuck Cortana. If I wanted that a shit service like that I'd use the equally shitty Siri on iOS.

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I've been running it for a few months, I get a problem every 2 days. After about 80 restores and 6 successful restores it's able to stay on for 30 minutes at a time before a "memory management error" or some various other error blue screens me (and again on reboot over and over) or by some miracle it makes it past boot up and a "remote procedure call failure" prevents me from doing anything else
Not to mention the CONSTANT driver incompatibilities and the forced updates always leaving programs dead

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Oh, and the battery indicator just doesn't show up when I boot up sometimes, and I can't get it back through the settings. I have to reboot and hope it shows up this time.

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And moving from my HDD laptop with Windows 7, Windows 10 with an SSD is MUCH slower on startup

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It's time to get a Macbook because it seems you're too retarded to use a computer

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Did you try doing a fresh install?

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Windows 7 was home. Then a simple screen failure forced me into Windows 8 which was total garbage. My friend updated my computer to 10 without my knowledge and with the amount of USB bootables I've made trying to fix various Windows 10 issues, I have been stuck ever since

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I tried many many times, every one of my flash drives is still a Windows 10

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I had this exact thing happen, but with the audio indicator. I eventually switched back to windows 8.1 due to that and various other memory related problems

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literally why, install sp2 anon.

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because every week the update breaks everything and fixing it keeps me from thinking about my miserable life

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This happens to my wifi icon, also networking gets disabled completely

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bcus it plays vidjya

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Worst OS I have every experienced on all levels. It inspired me to convert all my family to Linux and they have never been happier.

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wtf i love microsoft now

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install linux

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"Hey Mom look I created another thread on 4chan"
"that's nice dear"

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>posting the ribbit from
back you go

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It is shit.

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honestly the buggiest windows to date
i wish i could just go back to xp
i'd even be fine with win7

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I updated day 1 on my laptop that was connected to my Microsoft account. Then I didn't like it and reinstalled 8.1. is 10 still on my account? Might try it again when I build a new PC.

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Windows 7 will become outdated as it won't be long until MicroSoft drops support for it. All the smart people are moving onto Windows 10 now, and so should you.

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It's not. It's absolutely horrible.

It's so monumentally awful I can't possibly do it justice in one post. It's a fractal of bad design and even beginning to explain what's wrong with it requires a silver tongue and a lot of free time where you're able to delve headfirst into the depths of hell that is Windows.

For what it's worth it's probably the worst piece of software ever created.

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$0.10 has been deposited into your Microsoft account.

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I don't understand what issues you are having, it works perfectly fine on my machine with no issues. It's most probably user error on your part.

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$0.05 has been deposited into your Microsoft account.

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I forgot pic

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If you have a rebuttal I'm happy to hear it but otherwise please stop wasting digital real estate with this inane bullcrap.

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I get some disk read errors sometimes on boot
also sometimes when I shut down it just goes to desktop again

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its pretty comfy. i cant find a good wallpaper tho :(

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I don't understand what issues you are having, it works perfectly fine on my machine with no issues. It's most probably user error on your part.

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I always see people say this but I dont get why. What's so great about it? The task manager is pretty cool I guess, the search bar sucks dick and searches the internet before my files which pisses me off, I cant stop it from stealing ne personal information, I read that even if you use a VPN Windows 10 still sends requests through the regular connection as well.. the list goes on. I havent found anything specific to Windows 10 that I can say is a badass feature. IMO Windows 7 was way better. Is it something under the hood? What's so great about it?

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so repair with ISO lol

took off a Linux partition and had no reboot and windows ISO actually fixed the MBR in seconds.

Not trying to shill here. but worked out fine and quick and it does have great recovery feature snow.I feel bad for typing this since I used to use Linux.

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>using reset disables keyboards
>sleep mode frys gpus by locking them in high power state
>app store shit everywhere
>cant disable services
yeah its pretty great alright.

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Need I say more?

Of course not, DX12 is amazing and you already know that.

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I don't understand what issues you are having, it works perfectly fine on my machine with no issues. It's most probably user error on your part.

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How do I do that? I only see disc or USB boot options. No iso options.

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What about Vulkan?

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I used ISO to burn to USB it is in the repair and advanced repairs section

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>windows os w/a bash shell

fossfags have no more defenses

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DX12 is superior, and every game dev is gonna use it also or exclusively, making Windows 19 the obvious choice for any serious gamer.

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DX12 is great! The 12 stands for only 12 games will ever support it.

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*Windows 10 excuse my typo

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igtt 1/10

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Nigga please.

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>If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I've won.
– Linus Torvalds, 1998

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Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows Home Server 2011 user here. No reason to upgrade any os to Win Ten or Server 2012/16. All three are working great so why mess with it.

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Except for the fact that business users, with data centers full of Windows servers because that's all their shitty Pajeet outsourced IT department can manage, would sue their asses into oblivion. Corporate customers didn't roll out 8 or 8.1, and they're sure as fuck not going to move to 10 any time soon either.

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Win7 doesn't have directx 12 so there. Now you don't know what to say.

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Because it made you say that

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stay mad freefags

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kek'd and almost checkd

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It just works. Never had any issues ever since it became available on Enterprise. The two major updates have gone smooth on all 3 of my PCs.

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You'll need to download a windows 10 iso, put it on usb using rufus or something else, boot from it and go to "repair" or something when the installation window shows up.

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What's the difference between enterprise and LTSB?

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Windows 7 is only supported until 14 January 2020. This date was set years ago.

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Enterprise LTSB stays on one version forever. So 2015 LTSB will always be build 10240 and Microsoft will never try to upgrade you. Also there's no Edge browser.

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Are both similar in that there isn't any/as much extra bloat that the standard versions have?

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You can turn off telemetry completely, but other than that, it's the same privacy settings as any other version of Windows 10.

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They've been at it for a while, they've perfected the desktop OS <3

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Yes, and it was called Vista.

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Why is this OS so damn great?

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>mfw the only thing any Windows after XP does better than XP is desktop composition (XP is screen tearing out the ass unless you're on a CRT)
I wish they wouldn't have stopped supporting it, it's so fucking comfy.
>MFW it's fast as hell on a hard drive with 512mb ram and I'm on a SSD with 4gb ram
No modern OS will EVER. be able to do this well with so little memory.
>running the latest firefox

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>installing literal malware

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Is classic shell still infected? I haven't bothered checking.

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tbqh, it just werks

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Replace Classic Shell with Start8 and you're golden.

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the download was infected for like a few hours on only that one day. And add to that, the infected file wasn't signed (when you open a new exe in windows it usually says the author in the "Do you want to run this?" window, the infected file was left blank). The MD5sum was wrong too. Only retards got infected.

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LTSB got an Anniversary update build.

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Sorry but your computer is either shit or has some parts dying

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>dark blue Embedded theme

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That's the 2016 LTSB.

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implying just the theme

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oh shit, I remember the threads pushing this when 8 first came out

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>mfw new to windows 10, new laptop
>while the lid is closed, and supposedly in sleep mode, I hear the fans blowing full blast, open it up to check it out
>just installed automatic update
>was running even with the screen closed, wasn't even in standby mode, I think the display was even lit but I might be wrong.
>windows 10 conveniently uninstalled speccy for me because it's unsupported now, enjoy the update!

I even had all the botnet user settings turned off

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Designated shitty OS

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Yeah it's comfy as hell for a Windows OS. Ridiculously more optimal and less of a resource whore than anything MicroPajeet has recently shat out. The "no desktop compositing = terrible screen tearing" issue is awful though, but it's still nicer than dealing with 10.

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It's the final Windows. Better get used to it.

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>It's the final Windows
Judging from the new upgrade model, it seems likely that whenever M$ decides to stop supporting your hardware you'll be left with a perpetually beta OS with no way to update unless you buy a new computer.

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It already happened with Windows 8.1 and CMPXCHG16b

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If you use it for whatever reasons you may have, just be sure to block M$ ips lads

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a good way to get hacked

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Can you actually change the installation with this? Or is it video edit?

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>only one version got infected
>now whole program is malware

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This is how i recognize you are either
>a woman

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It's shit. I know MS is paying you. Fuck off.

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Great operating system and still offered for FREE

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>Then a simple screen failure forced me into Windows 8

can explain how screen fail forced to win 8?

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Not realizing that any corporatized OS is literally malware with NSA and CIA back door access out the wazoo
Wew lad
I still use widows 10 just not for anything important

>> No.56271385

except it isnt

fuck off microshill, your lowlife threads are getting annoying

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why do I smell poo?

>> No.56271594

Because it was given away FREE of charge and is absolutely GREAT and just werks™
I love the new Microsoft!

>> No.56271679

ok pajeet

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>It inspired me to convert all my family to Linux and they have never been happier.
Why are you lying on the interwebs?

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>"Just fuck my shit up": the operating system

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>blaming windows for faulty hardware that eats your registry files
>being too retarded to put an iso on a usb stick
You deserve everything that's happening to you.

I'd say you should convert to linux if you don't like windows, but I doubt people that stupid could even operate linux.

Maybe you should just put your pc to your local pc kindergartener because you're obviously too stupid to fix the most basic problems yourself.

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>not using 8.1 + startisback

>> No.56271752

Try scaling that thing on a high ppi display, you will fail miserably.

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10 Microsoft points added to your e-account, Pajeet.

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>Pic unrelated


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Are you me?

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Why did they butch sticky notes? They literally just made it worse than it already was.

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I went back to the glorious 7 after the latest Win10 update my laptop forgot the previous power profile.

I always used 99% which disables HT (so the fan is always off). This worked since 7, but no, 10 had to fuck it up.

So.. yepp, fuck 10.

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who /enterprise/ here?

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I had 10, but downgraded back to 8.1. I'll probably reinstall 10 at some point once the anniversary edition's more stable. And with any luck France will have forced MS to implement better privacy features by then.

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Who /notapleb/ here?

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My computer freezes up after it does that, though it might be an unrelated issue.
I might put Linux on it if I can get everything working this time.

>> No.56272481

How's that C2D holding up?

>> No.56272498

No complaints.

>> No.56272561

You downgraded because you were too lazy to tweak a power profile?

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(^^)/ 7 MasterRace

It's crap.

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Fucking this. I could literally spend all day listing the thinga wrong with Windows 10, it's so hilariously bad that I can't even find the time to start w/ you people

>> No.56272921

Because it takes away user's power so normies can't fuck their shit up

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Has anyone traced those IP's?

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Heres an objective review of windows 10 from someone who would have stayed on windows 8.1 forever if it wasnt hard crashing a minute after booting.

>Even faster boot time, dont know how they did this, but win10 boots even faster than win8.1
>Loads apps faster after a boot, win8.1 had a minute delay for me after logging in and being able to load apps, win10 does away with that and as soon as im logged in I can launch anything
>More efficient use of space, the borders around windows are gone, sometimes it may look weird, but most of the time its a good way of saving a few pixels.
>Start menu is actually pretty nice. Looks better than classic shell on win8.1, but isnt as efficient, has a hard time finding files, some apps dont show up after being installed, not sure whats up. Fun to rearrange the tiles so it looks nice.
>4 way snap is awesome, enough said.
>2 way snap is improved, now if you snap two left and right, and adjust their size in the middle, both apps are dragged, in win8.1 you had to manually do it for each app.
>The whole re-imaging of the control panel is a pain in the ass. Constant gimped settings and even if you want to change "advanced settings" then it opens up the old control panel anyways.
>Similar to macs, theres a bunch of little annoying gimped settings. For example, back in win8.1 and before you could double click on the volume icon and open up the volume mixer, now you have to right click, took a few seconds to figure out theres no reason for them changing it.
>Updates havent gotten into my way yet. Set inactive hours from 10pm to 8am.
>Windows store is a fucking joke. Biggest fail ive ever seen. Literally nothing of value on it. Even core Microsoft applications like visual studio are nowhere to be found.
>Cortana is fucking useless and inneficient, just like every other voice to text program.

Overall not a bad OS, but not a big enough incentive to switch to it. Stay on win7/win8.1 unless somethings bugs you (like hard crashes in my case).

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>On /g/
>Installing desktop OS
>Not being able to install the OS onto a USB first


>> No.56273313

>not knowing how to press the right-click button and unpinning that shit

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Windows Server 2016 comes out next month. Now your servers can have all the goodness of Windows 10!

>> No.56273968

Computer Science PhD here.
I had a long hard look at the internals of Windows 10 and I can certify it's the toughest and most secure operating system on the market right now. My entire research department has been upgraded to Windows 10 on my recommendation.

>> No.56274096

It's great. People shit on it for no reason honestly.

>> No.56274161

anyone who thinks windows don't have tons of government imposed backdoors and is not mining data for national security purposes is just very naive user

>> No.56274231

Because at that time I was a laptop using peasant

>> No.56274432

> muh gaymez

Grow up and understand that machines should work properly first and anything else second.

>> No.56274437

>looks are more important than functionality

>> No.56274454



he actually believes that shit works

>> No.56274532

> 10 rupees have been added to you account

Fuck off m8 XD

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>> No.56274565

Literally how?

>> No.56274578

Even normalfags hate windows 10. They're usually stuck with it because they don't know how to get rid of it.

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>> No.56274607

someone doesn't know how the Windows tax works

>> No.56274610

Yeah it's going to do that.

>> No.56274629

Win-10 is the biggest spyware OS on the planet, to hell with microsoft, and fuck you too ya shill

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