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>Mac OS will never look this good
How does it feel to get cucked once again, /g/?

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>flat as fuck everything
Why the fuck is this literal MS Paint -tier "art style" so fucking popular in OS design these days?? Everything looks so fucking two dimensional and just plain SHIT.

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2D > 3DPD

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I like it, makes me think of a 90s interface without outlines around every UI element.

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I wanna reinstall Ubuntu now.

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Hi, is this the new desktop thread?

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there's nothing 90s about these literal Macromedia Flash -tier doodles.

There's a reason why devs opted for more 3D look with buttons and stacking of windows: it's very intuitive way of telling if something is clickable by the user, and which items are "on top" in the simulated stack.

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but that's spoonfeed-buntu

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Certainly a fuck of a lot better than the god-awful hyper-gloss shit that preceded it.

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3d looks like shit in an OS desu

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LXDE is better. It comes with best windows manager, openbox.

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your face looks like shit on a mirror

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2D/flat looks shit in an UI, period.

I don't need memes to convey my point.

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Windows will never look this good

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you must feel like such a haxz0rz

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How did you get this? Please tell, looks awesome

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mr robots right here

this one is the best so far

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Desktop thread?

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>muh elitism
>muh false sense of superiority
>stop liking what i don't like
Ubuntu is over-engineered and buggy, but there is literally no reason to purposely make things more difficult for yourself when using an operating system. Not everyone has time to install Arch and put up with random problems that happen.

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Can someone give me a non-meme opinion on Ubuntu and why you'd use it over something like gnome 3

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>binary blobs

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Thanks, Alos!

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It is an OS that just werks, and people that use Arch or Gentoo over it are just neckbeards that have nothing else to be proud of other than the amount of time they spent compiling and ricing their OS instead of using it for productive reasons.

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I meant unity btw lads

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Install Debian stable if you want a better Ubuntu. Ubuntu is literally just Debian testing with a few extra compile flags.

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I like Lubuntu and Ubuntu MATE better desu famalam. they're super comfy.

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Haven't touched that shit since they disabled intellihide. That's some basic shit. Then again, if you like unity it makes sense you'd be unaware that alternate shells exist for every OS.

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You can get arch linux installed in 15 minutes.

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>binary blobs
muh freedumbs
i dont want the nsa to watch me config i3 and fap to anime girls

Yeah, it sucks. Not gonna defend this.

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Funny considering the traffic style window buttons are ripped off from Mac OS

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Unity is okay, but gnome 3 is far more configurable with extensions.

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Post cute anime girls instead

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Yeah, no shit. You can install the base system in that time. Assuming you don't have some obscure wireless hardware. Assuming that grub won't randomly decide to not install.

After that, you get to install X, which may or may not take time. Then, you spend 15 mins figuring out how to stop system beeps. Then you install thunar and figure out why your usb doesn't automount. You figure out that you have to dbus-launch in ~/.xinitrc. Eventually you spend 2-3 hours installing and configuring everything you need and you think that it might not be worth it.

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That looks like shit though?

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> Fast, compatible, no-timesink os
> 1920x1080
> taskbar in left position for better time working performance
> the best and comfy wallpaper ever

> Mac OS will never look this good

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I can't wait for summer to end so the Unity hate meme dies

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What music player is that.

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>that vlc cone

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mpd + ncmpcpp

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Then you open any program and it looks like utter shit.

Nice desktop though, pretty good if staring at it is the only thing you need.

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is there any point in having a gt750m if i use linux? wont it just be dead weight?

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>inb4 arch/gentoo nigger

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eh i like flat style personally. but I guess some do not. lukcily many other options

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Do you actually think it looks better than OS X? Where can I buy the crack you've been smoking?

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What theme is this?

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Looks like Numix fampai, also just Google "flat space wallpaper" if you want the pape

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what is that time program in the corner?

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>'Mac OS' will never look this good
>Posts OS X clone
>Dock on the left instead of right, where it belongs

fuk u

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It looks like a terminal script, Google is your friend

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That's arc OSX dark.

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Yeah but it looks like shit and the depth perception is much better with shadows.
You think ui designers and and hci scientists slept the last 20 years? They tested hundreds of very different ui forms and looks and this one is clean, pretty as well as easy to use. Fuck right off to the early 2000s with your shitty ass hipster ui preferences

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It's Flatabulous

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>posting imgur links
there's a site for that, its called reddit

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A fork of cliclock

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Did you convert it to a webp yourself?

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Fuck off. When I downloaded the file, it would give an error when I tried posting it here.

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X.org just needs a few programs and put exec (your windows manager) into your .xinitrc file. Type startx into terminal and you're good to go.

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i love desktop threads

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>no anime girl

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How do you get those window buttons?

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If you get down to the nitty gritty, the main difference between Ubuntu and Debian is simply their release schedule.
Debian releases "when it's ready", usually every other year, with 2 different rolling release modes thrown in.
Ubuntu releases every 6 months (standard) or every other year (LTS), regardless of whether it's ready. So it usually breaks on upgrade and needs a complete reinstall.

The netinstalls of both systems are almost identical.

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It's a GTK theme called Flatabulous

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can someone tell me what is that theme?? i need it

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Can't imagine why. You like to embarass yourself?

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That looks rad.

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How did you do this?

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none of your computers will EVER look this good

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Nice font rendering

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That looks like shit though, lol

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>OP posts desktop environment
>Claims it's better than mac
>your punk ass comes in with a mac, after hiding ALL of the desktop environment and opening some gay terminal

Fuck off retard.

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>still using X.org

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openSUSE reports in

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How does this wallpaper doesn't destroy your eyes?

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All ugly

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to be fair, OP's image looks like shit. Shitnux just can't look good graphically, no matter how hard users try to ape OS X

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>office icons

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1. fish is shit
2. That album is shit and DCC's worst album
3. Asuka is shit

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>really low resolution and well lit room

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> all these icons on the desktop
> large taskbar icons
> tons of taskbar icons
> taskbar not auto-hidden
> 1360x768
> actual files on desktop along with shortcuts
> tile wallpaper that does not line up with icons
> icons randomly scattered, video games in several different places instead of bunched up in one corner, in a dedicated folder or just completely hidden from desktop
> recycle bin on desktop
> WinRAR
> Chrome
> Windows Media Player
> notepad.exe shortcut in taskbar
can't deal

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I preferred XP's DE. The ability to have the taskbar half the width you can now was so free.

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>being this much of a reddit cuck
>you literally can't even post a picture
Why are you on /g/?

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Tell me to come back from Reddit when 4chan supports .wepb, at least I'll be on a serious website without fucking retards like yourself.
>you literally can't even post a picture
How old are you, anon?

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wtf I love Ubuntu now

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damn owned

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homebrew I assume

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>at least I'll be on a serious website
Lol ok have fun.

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this shit is GODLIKE!

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The left handed windows buttons are a big turnof.

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>implying it isn't easy as fuck to do

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Shit, that's an old screenshot of mine.

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OS X looked better in 2001

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Actually, that is ugly.

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Like you can't just change it you fucking cuck

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When you move near the dock does it pop up and ruin the illusion?

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Just Google "flat space wallpaper"

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It's Windows 10

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>"flat space wallpaper"

Thanks. Found it.

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freetards btfo

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is this the new desktop bread

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>chicken invaders

i died

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I like the flat blurred dock now, so no.

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wtf I like you now

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wtf I'm gay now

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This brings back so many memories.

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