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You have 1.4MBs at your disposal, what do you do?

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Store them in shoeboxes and put them in the closet.

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Store my waifu's name in plaintext exactly 377,487 times.

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2 compressed pictures of my babyfur fursona

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I save half a .png screenshot.

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store my keepass password file on there

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simple malware repositories

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store muh dotfiles

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Store a couple Doom wads on it

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Kill myself

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>Place a pedo image on it
>Place the floppy inside someone's home
>Call the police saying I heard children screaming from inside the house

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i would do the same

can you also find a different fucking picture ive seen it at least twenty times today jeez

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Hipster cup coaster.

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write another GoT book

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Run workbench 3.1

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> Feds datamine the EXIF data on the files
> Takes it to CSI lab and backtraces the IP to your device
> SWAT knocks down your door, and rips your goddamn spine out for being so fucking stupid
> :^)

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How long would an opus file be and still be of tolerable quality in 1.44MB Maybe midi is the way to go.

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File is too large with the EXIF to fit a floppy so I already stripped it.

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>leech:"hey bro can I see your [lab/project/code/work/whatever]? I am stuck somewhere and would like some reference"

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It's not tolerable waiting that long copying 1.4MB from a floppy.

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So I`m answering my own quesiton,
1.4 @ ~8kbps is ~24 minutes but the quality is worse than a phonograph or possibly about the same.

16kbps is half the size, but the quality is slightly worse than a vinyl record player.

32kbps is like the quality of a shitty streaming video of the early 2000s

Anything above 64 or 128 is about mp3 player quality and the difference between those you have to listen for the compression 256 is could probably satisfy an audiopile

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Wrong, 4 bytes will fit only 368640 times (and that assuming you write to disk directly without establishing any filesystem on it, otherwise there's overhead which further reduces the number).

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> 16kbps is half the size, but the quality is slightly worse than a vinyl record player.
gr8 b8 m8

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>I'm using tor

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gpg key store

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save this picture

actually I have a USB diskette drive but I haven't found any diskettes around to use

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what a shit tier waifu

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Play absentmindedly with the protective slider and listen to the snappy sound.

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no idea. I have 10 floppies in a box on my desk and absolutely no use for them.

One is a cool lime green though so at least that is something.

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Suck my own tits

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>enhance the ip

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> ip
Fucking retard

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Basically this. Also color it with sharpies if it's not black. Maybe make a face where the slider opens the mouth.

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Use anarchist cook book to make bombs. Like I always used to do.

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I have 10 1.2MB 5.25 floppies

WHat do NoW???

Well i actually use 'em to keep one or two images each and a bunch of text files, to do lists. Lol

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I have three 5.25 floppies
I can't even read them

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absolute madman

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When in the fuck did "disks" even become an acceptable replacement for "diskettes"???????

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Put a couple jpegs of my waifu one there

Maybe 80% quality

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Step your floppy game up, plebs.

5/6 3.5 boxes are sealed.

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Floppies! Floppies! Can't have enough!

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>>enhance the ip
Goddamn lost.

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>You have 1.4MBs at your disposal, what do you do?
Just enough to fit pic related and some mods

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Use them for backing up my source code repos.

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Store as much furry porn as I can just like the old days

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1.4MiB is much close to the correct number. The popular "1.44MB" is wrong, and so is 1.4MB. To come up with the figure 1.44, you have to mix up decimal and binary units.

512 bytes x 18 sectors/track x 80 tracks/head x 2 heads = 1474560 bytes. Divided by 1024 it's 1440 kiB (now the bullshit becomes apparent because having divided the total capacity by 1024 first, you'd now have to divide by 1000 to arrive at 1.44 which would be neither MB nor MiB), which is in turn 1.40625 MiB.

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I have a few I just use as coasters.

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ITT: back when everything was much simpler yet mattered much more

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vinyl record players sound fucking immaculate

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infect university computers

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you've never gotten laid have you?

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>he thinks vinyl record quality sucks
It's great how you can just tell who is underage or at least severely mentally challenged on 4chan.

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hello, dan from collabvm

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oh my god
hi there :3 nuzzles and blushes

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My waifu is better than yours.

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perfect drink coaster

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Only acceptable answer in the whole thread.


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No way you can fit any game on 1.4MBs

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>spotted the gen-Z underage

Sure you can, plenty of old DOS/other home computer games, and also a lot if not most of console ROMs from that era (a Super Mario Bros. ROM is only 40KiB iirc).

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>obnoxious ignorant asshats with no respect for legacy technology

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>waifu is human

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Store ASCII porn.

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see >>56158178
You could fit DOS classics like CDOGS, GUIMO or BIO-Menace on those with a minimal boot loader to start by boot.

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I have 2 packs of these AND a floppy drive... but no machine to hook up the drive to. :/

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Do the also enhance by 400% and build a GUI to track me down?

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Put Liero on it and play with other autists

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>MiB meme
Fuck off.

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Znes - 847.45 KB
Super Mario All-Stars - 502 Kb highly compressed.

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best way to hide illegal porn.

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>EXIF data
you wot m8?

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My waifu is better than yours.

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Prince of Persia is 545 kB

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Fill it with 1.44mb of me tunes

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install Gentoo from floppies

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disposable cup coaster!

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Wrong, it's either 1.47MB or 1.41MiB. See>>56150936. 1024 x 1000 bytes is not an existing unit.

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He's right tho, you know.

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Would it be possible to get a bootable floppy with a working SNES emulator for DOS and a ROM?

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>binary units being not different from decimal units

Fuck off, crook HDD manufacturer.

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Fill it with 8bit porn.

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Write the story of my lyfe,

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<3 <3

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Make a superior compression algorithm so I could archive my favorite dojinshi.

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Install http://www.retrocityrampage.com/

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wtf is 'AssQuadri'?

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