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Assuming the NX is indeed a tablet, will Nintendo be able to deliver the first serious competitor to the iPad?

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Not a chance. Nintendo largely focuses on kiddy stuff for their consoles and handhelds, as they know that gaming is a child's hobby. Expect some funny camera filters and maybe a messaging app, nothing more.

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If it's a proper tablet then it won't just play videogames dummy.

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>gaming is a child's hobby

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It can't be "just" a tablet since everyone owns mobile devices anyway, and dedicated mobile makers can generally churn out superior devices in a timely manner. If Nintendo can't match the pace of the industry they'll be in deep shit, which they pretty much can't, so the system will need a hook of some sort.

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If it's not a dedicated gaming console, I'm so fucking done with nintendo.

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Its gonna be a pokemon go machine kek

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NVidia shield couldn't move units for shit, this will flop just as hard.
It will just play videogames. It's from Nintendo for fucks sake. At most it will have a Youtube and Netflix app.

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It's a tablet in the same way the Wii U is a tablet you fucking dumbass.

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I avoided all the Wii systems because of the fucktarded control scheme.
They need to go back to a normal fucking controller.

Having a giant tablet screen in the middle of your controller was just as bad as the forced WAGGLE controls of the original wii.

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Nintendo can potentially offer full games experiences that Apple has been unwilling to do and use that as a USP to get people to migrate to their platform

Imagine buying a tablet... that can also offer fully-fledged console experiences like Mario, Pokémon, Zelda, Monster Hunter etc - and maybe even FIFA and CoD. I'm sure that would give plenty of people pause for thought before buying an iPad.

There's a fuck-ton of technical overlap between a portable console and a tablet, so it makes a ton of sense for Nintendo to go in this direction.

The big question is whether they are capable of creating a competitive tablet OS, development tools and ecosystem when they haven't demonstrated their ability to do it so far.

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No? It's a standalone powerful handheld. The degree to which is a tablet solely depends on the OS.

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What's the difference between a tablet and a touch-screen handheld with removable controls as seen in the pic in OP? Pretty much fucking nothing.

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You've missed the point of PORTABLE gaming systems entirely.

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>tablet isn't portable

My Game Boy, Gear Gear and Lynx didn't fit in my pocket if that's your narrow-as-fuck definition

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>Game Boy
>didn't fit in my pocket

Spotted the manlet.

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Spotted the dude wearing cargo pants

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i'm pretty sure wearing cargo shorts is acceptable when you're 10

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