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this board fucking sucks

seriously it's so fucking pointless just shit posts about graphics cards that no one gives a shit, dumbass shitposts like "how do you protect yourself from back pain" why not just say fuck it and talk about the weather?

reddit is so much better, once you unsub from all the default shit and just sub to subs you enjoy like programming it's so much more constructive and useful compared to this shithole

you all fucking suck, this is the autist center where people go to shitpost rather than have actual formative opinions and discussions


fuck you, you all suck dick i dont know where you get the gall to shit on reddit

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Is he wrong?

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I bet this guy uses a Voodoo graphics card!! haha right guys xD

I bet he uses WINDOWS! LOSER!!! [email protected]!!

I bet he doesn't hack his command prompt module! haha

oh wait gotta go, mom's callin me up for dinner

bye idiot!

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i love you

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Not even joking, even though OP is a faggot, he's right, you have to dig through a pile of shit to find a worthwhile discussion

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If Reddit is so much better, why don't you go back there and stay there?

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So we thicken up the shit stew with threads like these. Excellent solution.

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reddit is okay as long as you just follow the links and stay away from the cancerous comments.
>worthwhile discussion

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i've been on this board for years now and it's become such fucking shit it's incredible

it's dedicated threads littered with retarded shitposts that no one actually gives a shit about - and the dedicated threads are all low quality horse shit where dipshits bicker and argue about semantics and dumb shit that no one cares about

wtf is this board, the only reason you faggots stay here is because you think it makes you a member of some le elite computer wiz secret group where everyone outside of it is a retarded normie who 'just doesn't get you'

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Talking about a problem with the board is better than completely off topic shitposts that take up half the front page.

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You are absolutely right about everything and I can't give you a single good reason to stay here if your aim is anything but wasting your time and wasting your nerves on completely irrelevant, annoying people. This place is filled with shitty, boring people who have no talent and nothing interesting to say.

I really don't know why I still come here even after a decade or close to that. I've been trying to get off this hellhole multiple times, but then this particularly boring sunday afternoon comes across and I'm back on 4chan. So by all means, try to leave this place and in case you manage to keep it that way: Congratulations, you did the right thing, for real.

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Trips confirm. I'm building my first gaymen PC and need advice. Expect me to start a thread very soon...

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Thinking 4chan is supposed to be shit because it's 4chan is a reddit opinion.

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1. It's summer.
2. Technology is a subject that attracts everyone, including /v/tards.
3. Since it attracts everyone, people don't bother to learn board etiquette and don't contain their shit in generals.
Granted, I only go here for /fglt/, but I agree that /g/ is an awful board.

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fuck it it's really sunny out today /g/

should i buy a 480 or a used GTX 980 Ti?

what's your favorite app?

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You're not wrong, but I don't know what you hope to achieve with this thread. All /g/ needs is more active moderation, but the fat, lazy pieces of shit who do it for free provide the exact level of service you'd expect from an unpaid NEET.

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yeah, but why make this shitty thread instead of making a thread about technology?

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I only browse this board ironically. I comunicate with actual tech geniuses via established circles on friendster and bebo.
I don't dabble with the hardcore MySpace crowds, those niggs are crazy.

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come back when it's not summer, TRUST ME it's literally %2000 better, summer fagging infects /g/ the most

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This board will only ever be as good as the users posting on it.
Just need to be polite and try to look at things objectively, which is hard to do when people are posting memes non-stop.

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dumb cartoonposter

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I don't browse reddit, but I agree that this place is pretty shitty.. I mostly come here for the laughs and some news that I may have missed, not to have any serious discussions about technology

In the past months I recall making threads asking about RAM speed stability with CPU's, SQL database design, and other topics that are as relevant as you could possibly think... how many replies did I get? 0. I go to the front page, all I see is anime and stupid greentext threads about how gay iphone users are. Yup. So much better than reddit right?

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This post definately raised the quality of threads a lot.

Have a (you)

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Use more lube next time and you won't feel so butthurt after.

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>full of gpu posts
>noone gives a shit
Hmmm ,something's wrong here...

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