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Are mechanical keyboards memes?

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They're just (very) expensive.

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there are mechanical keyboards that are memes, such as all 60% keyboards, happy hacking keyboards, and planck keyboards, but normal mechs are great.

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>tfw too poor to afford meme boards
>60% keyboards are bad!11!!!1

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Really? You can get them for 50 bucks or so. How's that expensive?

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Such as Razer Blackwidow X Chroma, Corsair Gaming K70, Steelseries 6Gv2, right bro?

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Cherry MX? Gateron? PBT caps? Made by costar?
I don't think so.

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i'd like to know what rubberdome board comes with PBT keycaps and is made by costar

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>having to defend your autistic purchases on an ethiopan clay doll forum
yes, you paid money for a meme.

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It's literally placebo. They're rough on your fingers, make annoying noise and barely make a difference speed (like 1-3 words per minute)

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>5 IPs
Sure m8

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It's the autist's keyboard.

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>using the best tool for the job is a meme

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boards like GANSS have genuine blues and solid cases for 59 bucks. the only con is mediocre caps, but decent PBT sets are 25 bucks on aliexpress. model F XTs also aren't much more in the US.


>hurrdurr u cant get the best quality for the same price as rubber domes!!

this is the best you can come up with?

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don't listen to these faggots, they are expensive memes

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its a goddamn keyboard, manufacturers make these memeboards just to rip off autists

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no, but their /g/ fanbase is

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I'm pretty happy with mine, but a good 20-30$ keyboard works fine aswell.
Best would be to go to a shop who sells them and take a look at them.

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Once you go mech, you don't go back

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I did.
>He fell for the place meme.

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It's obvious you've never ever typed on a mechanical keyboard

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No. You're a meme.

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it feels so much better to use one
If you're going to spend over $1000 on your rig, you might as well spend an extra $50-70 for a decent mechanical keyboard

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Are these mushy plunger shitlords fo real tho?

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They don't get mushy with use, so you can get long-term comfy with them.

But absolutely, they are memes.

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Yes the are, but they are pretty good memes. I like em

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regular rubber dome ones are worse
they lack any kind of "spring"
the laptop like ones are ok for rsi
still mx blue (like) switches are good if you're not a heavy typist

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Once you go mech you don't go beck

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I hope they aren't as meme as SSD.

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Google placebo you fuck stick
I would argue topres are a placebo effect. But you just admitted it was not in your post...

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If ones with a flatter profile were more popular, I probably would get one. Can't stand the higher profile, although the switches can feel pretty nice.

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yes it is, only shitposters buy those shits.

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One of the best memes I fell for, next to SSDs.

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how haven't they invented some sort of "silencer" for mechanical keyboards?

It's the only reason that made me go back to membrane keayboards

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I'm glad I stopped buying into this meme after 2 keyboards (1 for desktop 1 for laptop) I mean Jesus fuck what do these other keyboard autists need 8 keyboards for you aren't even going to use them all

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it's called not using a blue switch or using o rings faggot

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Some people swear by them, I tried some and didn't get what's so good about them though.
Oh well, might try ordering a chink one for shits and giggles if I find one cheap enough

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I';; stick with rubber dome

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Nice meme. I like it 10/10.

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>best tool for the job
>its literally the same as a normal keyboard
>makes louder clicks
you really disparate to justify that purchase arent you anon :^)

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and then you might as well spend an extra $50-60 on your mouse, don't forget another $50 for a wrist rest. also $200 on a dehumidifier would be good. can't forget a custom PBT set for another $80 and probably a few artisan keycaps for an extra $40.

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I bought my full sized keyboard with Cherry switches for less than $80.

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Your understanding of how much money cherry mx keyboards cost is antiquated. The prices have dropped significantly.

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Best meme I've fallen for so far, can't wait to build some more.

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No, gaming keyboards (and other gaming accessories) are memes.

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>what do these other keyboard autists need 8 keyboards for you aren't even going to use them all
Maybe they collect them.

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Try one (1) artisan Keycap for $40.

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I bought one and I constantly found myself going back to my rubber dome because my hands hurt a lot after slamming the keys.
So I bought some cheap O-rings, and it stopped my hands from hurting, but then it had reduced all tactility to near zero.

Guess which keyboard I still use.
It's not the mechanical memeboard.

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are you saying model m is a meme?

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Only on shit keyboards

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Going to buy T430. What is better for the same price:
HDD and 6GB of RAM
SSD and 4GB of RAM?

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Sorry wrong thread.

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Meme or not, it's the nicest piece of tech I own.

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>have to clean rubber-dome keyboard
>quickly disassemble it, dunk the keys in water and wash them
>blast the keyboard case with water (while protecting the circuitboard)

>have to clean mechanical keyboard
>quickly disassemble it, dunk the keys in water and wash them
>have to spend two hours meticulously cleaning each switch with a cotton swab and cleaning solution

Yes they are, OP.

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I got a corsair mechanical keyboard as a gift, and I'm really loving it.

Since I didn't spend anything on it, I cant really feel remorse or anything like that.

Typing at first was difficulty because of the crazy sensitivity, but ive learned to love it.

Got a laptop with chiclet keys that I've learned to despise since I got the keyboard, so there's that.

Thanks for reading my blog :^)

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How did you build?

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Alright I've had enough of this "meme" shit. If what you mean is "popular" or "overrated" then use your fucking words you morons.

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>Paying more money for something 10 times as durable is a meme

Stop being retarded

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No, they are functional object that you can buy or trade.

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>lists the most expensive ones you can think of

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this looks like shit

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No, it looks like a keyboard. Maybe you've been getting too MUCH fibre.

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This is a mechanical keyboard.

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That is a neckbeard version of a mechanical keyboard.

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>>>/v/ open on other tab. ree.exe

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Yes absolutely

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>Are mechanical keyboards memes?

Bit late to the thread but think about it... What the fuck does this even mean? What is the question?

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>$10 keyboard has lasted me literally years

yeah "muh durability"

ya got memed on son

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Yes. They don't really have any tangible benefits. Buckling spring is the only type worth using and it is really just for fun. Essentially, they are just luxury items.

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Yeah, it's not like you simply can't afford a better keyboard. That wouldn't be it, would it anon?

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I got this during last year's buracku furaiday. Its pretty fucking decent, for 49 americos anyway.

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How is it better?

no memes this time :^)

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Some people just don't like wasting money.

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Hand fedora.

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Nice meme breh, now why were memecanical keyboards better again? :^)

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trips have spoken

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They can be memes.

I'm fine with my 10 bux Microsoft 600 keyboard these days.

Mechanical keyboards >cost a lot more >can have issues like key ping (when you press certain keys you hear a loud metallic PING)

They feel better to type on but at the end of the day a keyboard is a keyboard as long as it doesn't feel like absolute shit to type on. I do find that I can type better on a mechanical keyboard though. I think it's the lack of "wobble" on the keys compared to typical membrane keyboards.

But I mean if you spend hours every day on a computer spending like 100 bux on something you use constantly to make your day that little bit more enjoyable is a good investment desu.

Back-lighting is the real meme. Can we ban back-lights on keyboards already? The only reason I can think anyone would actually want that shit is if they can't touch type and want to be able to look at their keyboard constantly to find keys in a dark room.

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10 rupees have been deposited to your designated account parjeet

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yes, but it's a good meme.
although anything smaller than a tkl keyboard is a bad meme.

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>costar stabilizers

kys my man.

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>being a filthy fuck and eating over your keyboard

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Good ones are +$250

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Trolling has really gotten out of hand.

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Only "gamer" and 60% keyboards. Also blue switches in general

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>there are mechanical keyboards that are memes
>happy hacking keyboards

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40% keyboards are memes, nothing wrong with 60%

-Sent from my Pok3r

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>collecting keyboards..

gtfo you autist.

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I use a wireless keyboard and mouse that cost me about $25 each.

its been 4 years and they still work as new. i refuse to buy into this mechanical memeboard.

and I've tried mechanical keyboards and i dont see what the big the deal is

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2 Words:


Then come back to /g/

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>implying I'm eating over my keyboard
>implying the keyboard doesn't naturally accumulate dust and hair

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I'm glad I paid $150 for this

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>wireless keyboard

How does it feel knowing that anyone outside your home could be logging all your keystrokes?

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Yes, they are loud and break easily.

Ill stick to my good ol' membrane keyboard, which cost me $2 15 years ago and works like a charm.

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>MLP: The Keyboard

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Most mech keyboards are just better built compared to shitty rubber dome keyboards, and that alone makes them nicer.

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It's not wasting money if it's a nice thing that improves your life.

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>xD i dont like ur color scheme so ur gay xDDDDD


>> No.55757124

>wasted $150 on a keyboard that has no function keys or keypad

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>Wearing pink doesnt make you gay, indeed pink is a very manly color xDDDDD


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are blank keycaps a meme too?

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It doesn't improve your life though. It's basically just a toy. I know that games are a waste of money, but buy them anyway because I enjoy them. Mechanical Keyboards are the same. They are fun, but serve no real purpose that accounts for their extra cost.

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Here's the truth: They feel nicer. They are more reliable. They won't improve your gaming performance/skill (if any then very very little). That's it.

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>increased fun doesn't improve your life in any way


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I got this meme, a brown at that. I don't think anyone can beat me in terms of pleb taste here.
This keyboard cost me $100 at that. I was going to get a Ducky but I've decided to forget about it.

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Wait what? You don't own a article of pink clothing?

>> No.55757439

How's your depression?

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Fun is not a tangible benefit. Things like food and shelter are.

This desolate darkness is my normal now. To exist is to suffer, yet I am irresistibly, inexplicably compelled to stumble ever forward towards tomorrow. The only substance that grants even the briefest respite from this misery of life eternal is feasting on the suffering of those around me.

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why the fuck do I even bother replying to tripfags

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they're a fun trolling tool.
fight me.

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I got one for over $100, it's good and all, but I wouldn't mind going back to cheap rubber domes. I learned that I don't really care.

>> No.55757864

I can't go back to rubber dome. I hate the tactile responses.
Then again, I grew up typing on typewriters. You aren't like that.

>> No.55758358

>le /pol/ boogeyman

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>I don't think anyone can beat me in terms of pleb taste here.
Are you sure m8?

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>not all about that switchmaster scene
get out kiddo.

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ssd 4gb of ram then get another 4gb stick if it supports 2 sticks. okay /g/ back to the regular thread programming.

>> No.55758534

this fetish is literally the same as audiophiles

>> No.55758604

Do you really not know what a function modifier is?

>> No.55758663

when you shitpost but actually have a mechanical keyboard. ur a moron

>> No.55758845

>cant go over 130 wpm casually
fuck off

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No blanket steriotypes please

>> No.55759333

Fucking hell you fedoravaping too hard you faggot

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