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>$1500 to run 4k at 60FPS

Truly the future.

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more like thanks AMD for being a totally useless as a competitor.

fucking pajeet

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$1,200 actually, and considering it's power the price tag is fair

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AMD is competing simply by their involvement in the embedded market. Their financial plan doesn't involve making 1500$ gpu's for 0.5% of PC gamers. The pro duo already offers better raw performance for professional workstations, which is an overlapping market of the Titan. What's your point?

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Agreed. nVidia is so generous to us, since this card is worth $3000 at least, just like GTX Titan Z.

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Titan X Black (or White or whatever) out in 5 months
Titan X for sale at $899

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Doesn't AMD outperform every Nvidia card in $/fps?

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The 480 outperforms the 1060 in $/fps if you have a high-end cpu.

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die of cancer you memeposting cuck

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get a trip so i can filter you


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>/sqt/-tier meme bait question
>meme response
I don't see the problem here.

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what the shill is happening in this thread?

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>no DX12
>no Vulkan
>no async

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I'm confused asf expected HBM2 and GP100

>We said our GTX 1080 delivers an “irresponsible amount of performance.” It was a bit reckless. But this is even more reckless.

Yeah and flush from NVDA stock that went through the roof, thanks

titan x is totally worth it and 4k is all that matters

and again the shift makes you realize its all about the money, not that it's bad or I care

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Hmm, I am planning a 4k build so i'm not going to deny this level of performance is desired, but the money Nvidia want is too much for my blood - I simply cannot justify the premium the ttian cards sell for when AMD (and even Nvidia's own x80ti cards) offer very similar performance for considerably less.


>he pro duo already offers better raw performance for professional workstations, which is an overlapping market of the Titan

This is complete bullshit - the titan is not for professional usage at all as it is marketed under the GTX line of cards. The reason the pro duo gets away with it as the card does support firepro drivers and all the benefits that brings, the titan range of cards simply don't get the sort of support the quadros do.

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>no memes
thank god we don't need that useless crap
based nvidia
hang yourself amdrone

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Why the fuck would anyone buy a Titan for gaming? Their only acceptable application is GPGPU computing.

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>considering it's power the price tag is fair
Jesus Christ

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>>/sqt/-tier meme bait question
Explain how it is a meme question?

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>Workstations don't use Titans.
People still use them for 3D workstations and video editing instead of quadro's. They're quite popular for indie devs, youtubers, and 3d hobbyists. There are people who will make the choice between a pro duo and this titan.

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Tell that to Nvidia marketing.

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It's like you think fps is a constant measurement. It varies game to game, and isn't even always fully GPU-dependent.

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What are you talking about?
Completely same rig, only change the GPU, what cards the most FPS in benchmarks for less money?

All of the sudden when Nvidia is in the losing end, benchmarks and fps aren't relevant anymore?

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This is GP102, not GP100. No high performance DP mode afaik. Just a low yield 1080ti with more ram / cores.

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This. I do "creative" 3D work and a Quadro is NOT required, but having lots of RAM is still nice. If you are doing "technical" 3D like CAD, it may actually matter, especially if you're going to be running any sort of simulations.
For rendering I would much rather max out my system with really fast GPUs instead of just one really expensive unit. Max and Maya run perfectly well on "gaming" cards.

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For one, the relationship between price and performance, even across only AMD cards of the same generation is far from linear. For another thing, the RX 480 has been shown to fall far below the price/performance of the GTX 1060 on older/lower-end CPUs, even in Hitman, a game AMD was supposed to have in the bag.

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Can AMD compete?
Then yes, the price is justified.

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People like you are so fucking retarded.

The only reason the titans have such a high price is so that they can reveal the x80ti right after for about half its price while only having 2~3 fps less, so gullible idiots like you can go "OMG IT'S SO CHEAP!" because you have a glorified red herring of a GPU with a completely unjustified price/performance ratio sitting there at the top as the sole means of comparison.

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He thinks that's a acceptable fps

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Its the minimum, retard.

Do they cost the same? can you provide proof of your claims?

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Why would you buy anything weaker than a Titan?

Going to SLI them for gsync 4k with my 5930k. Literally been saving up from the beginning of the year for this. Saving up for a 4k pc was my new year's resolution. $50 a week from my wages put aside every fortnight.

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Good goy

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t. poorfag

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What no. Right now, the 1080 is in a weird spot as a single card market, its just not powerful enough to drive 4k, but overkill for 1440p.

If this thing is ~25% faster then a 1080, you can avoid SLI 1070s and use this single card to push 4k.

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t. goyim

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>all these people jumping at new cards

If you have so much as a 960 just wait a little longer.

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That's kinda where I am, even though I am on 1440p 60hz the GTX 960 gives me 60fps+ in every game I play.

I was going to get a 1070...But thinking I might as well wait for the next gen where they work out the DX12 and vulcan kinks.

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If you need a $1500 dollar power sucking gpu to watch 4k then that alone proves 4k is a meme.

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>thinking 4K gaming is possible

you're an idiot

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>thinking its not
The 1080 already can do 4k but not at high framerate.

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No developer is going to optomize a game around the handful of people with a $5,000 tower.

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>not optimized
>therefore it's impossible

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>tfw waiting for affordable 4k VR systems and headsets

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Not impossible, but highly improbably in the next 3 years.

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Alright /g/, is this the day we finally got 4K 60fps on a single card?

I wonder if it does 5K on sli?

> pic related, it's AMD

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It sounds really fair in competition to the 800 € 1080. this makes me hope the Ti will stay under 1000 €. I'm going to get the Classified.

"Sale" like Steam "Sale"
You can buy them for 500 € on Ebay.

X wasn't worth it, I wish I had bought 2 980Tis. 4K is the only thing that matters, if it can run Mass Effect than I buy the Ti. If not, I better save the money for a 2nd Ti.

>New Titan X with only 12 GB
Makes me wonder if there will be a 24 GB or 2nd Titan later

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>Alright /g/, is this the day we finally got 4K 60fps on a single card?

You're dreaming if you think this thing will be doing 4K/60fps in every demanding title at max settings. And once you start getting into "well, just lower this and that" you might as well give up. A fucking 980 will run 4K/60fps if you lower enough settings.

And the idea that this card hurts AMD significantly is retarded. The 1060 is a far bigger blow to AMD than this overpriced piece of trash that will ever be owned by roughly 0.0000001% of people with a gay men PC.

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I have a 750 ti from when I got back into building a PC. I am so fuckign stuck between importing a 1070 sans tax, rx 480, or 1060..

Brexit pissed on my plans of getting a 1070 even cheaper.

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I wish AMD would deliver anything, but they have released one new card so far.

The 1080Ti/Titan will BARELY reach 60 FPS in most AAA games (4K).
The 1070 will let you max everything in 2K, you won't need anything more. The Ti will be for higher resolutions.

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>The 1060 is a far bigger blow to AMD
in comparison to the titan, yes. however nvidia still is getting fucked over by TSMC's yield issues so they literally cant get enough cards out to compete with AMD on the mid range yet.

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>The 1070 will let you max everything in 2K
The 290x did that 3 years ago and still does it.

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RX 480 nitro is a solid upgrade from a 750ti

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The 1070 is a bit faster and more efficient, but if you have a 290X you don't need to switch. I hope you don't buy the shitty rebrands (3XX) and went straight for a 290X (390X performance for 200 € and less).

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I'd plan on having an EVGA 1070 imported which would have a 5 year international warranty with a close service cenre.

My only contention with AMD cards is I have yet to find a warranty that soothes my anxiety.

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Im in no need to upgrade im just saying that 1440p max 60 fps is not a new thing.

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I would but 3 years warranties don't make me feel secure. ran a geforce 7800 until it popped after 5 years.

Went all prince and starting giving me purple rain.

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>price tag is fair

This is what nvidiots believe.

You also think Intel is fair in pricing their 10 cores as $5000?


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If you want a long warranty im sure you would want to look into XFX.

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>for 5 years

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Damn I wish it was this easy in yurop. Why do i not get my money back if I'm not constantly lying in the hospital being injured. Doesn't help that all electronics cost 25% more here too

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1440p 144hz freesync/gsync is WAYYYYYYYY better

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I used a HD2400 Pro from 2007 until late 2012. I also played games on it. Just to imagine, compare a current-gen IGP to it, the iGP is 2000-3000 % faster.
For the new standard it is fair. Because AMD doesn't deliver. The last generation was a fail. This generation only has one midrange card so far, while Nvidia already prepares to launch its new flagship. I only care about the performance, if Nvidia delivers me the 4K performance I want I'll buy it. We're talking about Mass Effect Andromeda, this is RELIGIOUS DUTY!

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But you're independent no

>> No.55702710

>paying all that money to play in 4k

Don't tell me you retards are actually doing this, 1440p is literally all you need

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No, they'll forever say "yea we will get to it tomorrow" but actually never sign anything and stay in the EU

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You don't get to tell other people what resolutions they 'literally' need to use. What the fuck is wrong with you? I may want to game on a fucking 4K TV. Please stop using words like 'literally' incorrectly.

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>Its the minimum, retard.

NVIDIA never shows the min they always show the max so you can't get mad at them when your average is 45 but some places like a hallway with no light on you hit 60.

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>I only care about performance
So you'd easily pay upwards of thousands of dollars instead of couple hundreds for 4K?

You think its fair to price it that high because there's no competition?

Fair to who? To the buyers?

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AMD's dual card is going to be two rx 480s stuck together to be a gtx 1080 competitor

They're clearly giving Nvidia a reason to price it at 1200 considering they cant fucking compete

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>1440p is literally all you need

Says the poor little bitch, I bet you said the same about 720p in 2008

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Vulkan is actually pretty impressive

I'm playing Doom with a 280X and with OpenGL I was getting 47 FPS, when I switched to Vulkan it went up to 70-80 average.

Mind you that isn't even a new card, the 280 X is pretty old.

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They do 5 years? Link me up, senpai.

Because I believe in getting my money's worth and I played it until it went fzzzzt.

Whoopie fucking dee, couldn't careless if everything I enjoy costs more.

Weren't even able to secure the immigration clauses or save any money since we'll need to pay to enter the market.

Won't be able to instill an Australian style points immigration system either.

if exiting had a sounder plan I'd have voted for it.

No it has to be enacted or it would fly in the face of the point of democracy and create a gigantic rift between the idea of a referendum and parliamentary vote.

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It's called the free market, get over it.

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I saw a vid where a rig with 4 titan X's was used to crack password lists. It was shockingly fast

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dem teraflops nigga

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Gaymers, fuck off.
A graphics card this expensive is not for playing.
As long as you keep buying this to play games, games will be graphics techdemos with no real gameplay.
I must have heard this about games a million times in the last decade.

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the other Titan X performed on par with the 980ti and that was half the fucking price.

No one buys titans

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stay poor

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think of the titan like an early access

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gamers are killing the computers

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nvidia is providing a solution to a problem only rich people encounter, and as such, can demand a rich people premium.

The rest of us normal people can are all going to buy 480/1060/1070 anyways.

This thing is targeting businesses that need to processing power where it will make them back money b/c of better productivity, and the wealthy.

Isn't the 280x essentially a 7970?

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There's nothing unplayable on my R9 390, sure it might drop frames a bit but diminishing returns etc..

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Gamers saved the computer

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>Isn't the 280x essentially a 7970?
I don't know, I just know its a couple generations old

Vulkan was actually a surprising difference in performance

Regardless I may or may not buy a 1060, I'm considering it

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On what reolution? My 280x still performs ok on 1080p,but on my new 1440p screen it can't keep up.

>> No.55703514

or you can just buy a ps4k $400...

>> No.55703544

1080 Ti will launch for almost half the price and same performance a few months later.

You heard it here first.

>> No.55703547

>having a 280x
you can wait it out till vega/pascal improving yields

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Free Market works with competition. With no competition, it becomes a monopoly and a problem.

Free Market also needs regulation, as without regulation, leads to crashes.

Here's your redpill of the day, "muh free market"

>> No.55703572

Yeah I might, I'm running Doom pretty well. Good point.

>> No.55703587

>nvidia saving the 1080 TI with hbm2 memory to compete with high end vega
man i seriously can't wait for the real big boy upgrades.

>> No.55703600


The classified was around $700 and the sc was under $1k

I couldn't wait for pascal, what pulled the trigger is buying 1st gen architectures, which is why I built on devils canyon which I don't regret at all. And it pays off for 4k

And it coincided with film making video editing - and stock trading which paid off itself thru nvidia stock, it's some form of evolution

>on par with the 980ti

that's because the stock 1ghz was deliberately used in benchmarks

when you own a titan you know its a fully unlocked professional chip and it's priced accordingly to differentiate demand not only from a marketing exclusivity perspective

you can buy tech in a smart way and cash shouldn't be a bottleneck, the main point is to have fun and liberate yourself in doing whatever you want

now I'm not sure what nvidias planning for GP100 or if they're syncing with AMDs strategy, but mid-2017 or skipping this gen totally seems likely

I'm also on a 55 inch Samsung JS9000 that's why I'm saying 4k is worth it with HDR but the whole market is lagging because of the bandwidth hit, 1min of 4k is 6gb of storage

>> No.55703609


Bro if you have to "save up" to buy something, you aren't rich. Buying $3,000 in graphics cards is fucking retarded if you aren't multi-millionaire or more

>> No.55703635

>tfw my gtx 1080 is obsolete

hold me /g/

>> No.55703647

You don't need the holding.

Prepare to hold the TitanXfags who are going to be obsoleted by a looming 1080ti

>> No.55703688

>posts $1200 gpu
>gets excited when doesn't actually plan on buying one
>Ti will now potentially cost $900
>still no hbm2 to justify these costs
Regardless if amd dies or not, you would have to be retarded to like these prices.

>> No.55703717

The Classified was 800 € at launch I think, the prices here are insane. Titan X initially was 1200 €.
He didn'tpretend to be rich. And who cares, I'm going to save up 1000 € for the Ti, which takes me months. But its my PC and I want the highest quality possible. I don't own a TV or car and invest in my hobby instead. There is nothing wrong with it.

>> No.55703900

A PSupscaledfrom720p

>> No.55703950

But anon, I already play my games at 60fps 2160p.

295x2 does it fine + vulkan incoming.

>inb4 muh power drawing

>> No.55704064

>Running 2 cheap cards instead of one good card.

>> No.55704167

isnt x80ti just a cut down version of titan?

>> No.55704217

>as it is marketed under the GTX line of cards
Titan X maybe, I guess you're too young to remember the original Titan's release and the advertising campaign surrounding it.

>> No.55704231

Well you got luck and bought 1080 for only $800 sale price.

Once the Titan X goes on sale, there will be lucky people who will buy those for $2000+.

Wish I had those lucks.

>> No.55704252

except he has one good card

>> No.55704295

>when you own a titan you know its a fully unlocked professional chip and it's priced accordingly to differentiate demand not only from a marketing exclusivity perspective
The original TITAN lel.

>> No.55704320

>any Titan after the original
>double precision

>> No.55704328

Doesn't the radon pro duo have like 16 teraflops ?
Or is it not comparable because double chippy

>> No.55704367

It is comparable for workstations and real uses but NVIDIA are only advertising their Titans for le gayming now so unless it's a DX12/Vulkan game with multiGPU support then no, since Crossfire/SLI don't have the same level of scaling they can achieve in low level APIs and TFLOPS are meaningless in DX11 and older API games.

>> No.55704374

cant wait to upgrade to an 1080ti from my 980ti

>> No.55704435

Will NVIDIA realize their previous mistake and hold off on the 1080 Ti this time so people don't hate them completely for screwing them over almost immediately

>> No.55704496

So it's comparable in workstations .
Who will buy a Titan for gaming? I know some people will because money but it's that really the target demographic

>> No.55704507

So, 1080ti and new Titan won't have HMB2?
What is the point?

>> No.55704515

Yes, the target demographic for the Titan X has been for gaming, it's why they disabled double precision on it.

>> No.55704524

I just want a 1080p with DX12 and Vulcan video card under 300$. Is it too much to ask?

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>price is fair

Pic not related

>> No.55704565

Why does it only have a boost clock of 1531? My 980ti can almost hit that

>> No.55704586

Take it's performance and compare it to other cards, do a little math, and see that for it's power the price is fine

Don't be sour grapes about it

>> No.55704641

Try harder, Pajeet.

>> No.55704654

stay mad AMD faggot

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The original titan is still a GTX card.


>> No.55706469

There won't be a 24GB card.
GDDR5X is far, far too power hungry to go anywhere even close to that and besides that, you'd never even come close to filling that up without bottle necking on raw performance anyway.
HBM2 is far, far too expensive and rare to throw 24GB into a single card.

Keep dreaming, it won't happen, not yet anyway.

>> No.55706626

>TFW there's going to be no valid upgrade choice for me until at least Navi/Volta, if not the generation after
I wish I could skip through this stage. I want GPU technology to be interesting again since I've got a Fury X, but its all the same old same old right now. 14/16nm turned out to be very little, Pascal is Maxwell on a smaller node than 28nm, which is what it was always meant to be - and Polaris is midrange. Fine for midrange, worthless to someone like me.

Though that said, maybe I won't even get another GPU after this. It would be nice to let go.

>> No.55706938

Buy a 1080Ti or at least Vega, for almost double the performance.

>> No.55707097

Will the 1080 ti do 1440p 140hz at max settings for the next like 5 years?

>> No.55707280


Outside of vidya the fury line of cards are absolute monsters at anything compute related - the high bandwidth is fantastic for that as well (but equally only 4gb vram hurts). If you need single precision computing AMD offer some very, very competitive products.

What i'm interested in from a purely academic standpoint are the next range of firepros on HBM2 - the sort of memory density they could (theoretically) offer combined with the absurd bandwidth would make them almost untouchable on a hardware level for certain workloads. It would just be a matter of having the software support to go with it.

>> No.55707351

What does compute mean

>> No.55707446
File: 83 KB, 1026x839, nvidia cannot into compute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It is a very broad term all told but for the sake of simplicity within a gpu you could say its anything that doesn't require a shader to run. While that isn't accurate itself as gpus are very complex devices within the context of vidya its all about the shaders for performance.

When AMD and Nvidia cite number of stream processors and CUDA cores they are generally referring to shaders (though it does cover other stuff as well).

Pic semi-related, while this is close to the paper specs of the cards for single precision the software does factor into it which skews results.

>> No.55707574

Nvidia can't use DX12 so they are focusing on just making their GPus stupid fast.

10/10 ign

>> No.55707604

not all GPGPU requires DP

>> No.55707606

my overlocked 1070 runs most current games High 4k60

GTA V & MGS 5 Very High

The only advantage to me in 4k of this new Titan would be Witcher 3 and to a lesser extent Fallout 4

>> No.55707708

The 280X is a rebadged 7970GE

>> No.55707735

Consider how early 4k is right now, you're paying early adopter tax. In 3-4 generations it will be $500 for 4k 60fps, maybe less.

Hell this generation is pretty impressive. I think the 1080 is good for 4k personally bit I haven't looked into it much since I'm not planning on building 4k yet.

>> No.55707745

And Terry Crews just finished his max budget build. Guess he'll just toss the whole thing in the trash and start over.

>> No.55707901

Nvidiots never learn, they'll milk these retards for all they're worth and the cucks will THANK THEM for it.

>> No.55708008


I'm not adverse to lowering settings to get good *sync settings for 4k (thats 30-50 realistically). A balls to the wall 290x will do 4k at 30-40 fps in most games at high settings. With titan xp/vega tier hardware 4k 60fps at high looks entirely doable and if you can get that sort of performance on a *sync screen you are basically set for a looooong time.

>> No.55708024
File: 35 KB, 640x360, Terry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can already do it easily on the highest settings with GTX 1080 SLI or on lower settings with just one.

Can't do 120+ on 4K unless you buy a ~$5K monitor iirc.

They're for specific uses, not just gaming, kind of like X99. Regardless, they'll still benefit gaming with poor value earlier than usual before the Ti comes out. Wanting the best always carries a premium.

4K has always been a meme.
>1080p240 coming soon with PG258Q
>1440p144/165 already here with beautiful picture quality and low input lag
>Ultrawide gimmick

I doubt he's that autistic. He has no idea what he's doing and people are feeding him information. He won't even notice an extra 20 fps nor will he want to go through the trouble of getting a new Nvidia GPU again in the current market. Especially not with people telling him it's a shit deal. He didn't buy the 6950x, after all.

I love Nvidia but everyone hates them for the FE, 3.5, as well as that. They still make the best products either way. AMD is barely fucking competitive with old used products from previous generations and that's their top of the line. Anyone looking at cards like these (1070+) shouldn't even take them seriously. Their processors blow, too.

They're like Hondas that get 13mpg and people still make excuses.

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File: 30 KB, 600x480, 76e36e182bcb3191756a28c861671222.1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting the 1080 8GB

Why does it have a fucking DVI-D port.
There is a HDMI port which I will use and then the DVI-D
Not sure what the other 3 are for

>> No.55708182

It's displayport, you mongoloid. Is this bait?

>> No.55708197

Might be better to wait for 1080 ti instead. Get 1080 ti sli much cheaper then go for an ultrawide 4k monitor instead

>> No.55708206

I had no clue senpai.

I think I'll just settle for my HDMI and a DVI-D to VGA.

>> No.55708257

and? it was still touted as a consumer priced workstation card

>> No.55708260

>if you have a high-end cpu

People getting $200~ GPUs don't have high-end CPUs.

>> No.55708278

>not having a displayport capable display
You are disgusting.

>> No.55708280

DVI is old and busted and you're still fucking around with VGA jesus christ get with the times

>> No.55708286

>GTX 1080
>with a monitor that only has VGA

You're a fucking retard.

>> No.55708294

>buys gtx 1080
>dvi to vga
Gentlemen and gentlemen this is the kind of idiot who buys +800€ cards. I bet with his parents money too.

>> No.55708301

Works fine for me.

Guess for my Second monitor I could go DP to HDMI

>> No.55708318


>> No.55708407

>GTX 1080
>To a VGA monitor


>> No.55708430

You won't be able to use your card correctly unless you use the correct connector (DisplayPort).

Just buy a monitor that's good enough to warrant having a DP slot or you're going to be stuck at 1080p144 or whatever you're using HDMI for.

>> No.55708433

I have 2x of these. Got them 2 years ago.


Pretty good monitors. IPS screen, 1080x60hz.
Pretty good for what I need.
It had 2x HDMI and 1 VGA

>> No.55708443

Just going to go for DP to HDMI for now

>> No.55708456

For fuck's sake, don't. HDMI has less bandwidth. Just buy something that's good enough to warrant using a DP connector if you're going to buy a GTX 1080 at all. Or buy a GTX 1070 or some lower card or something.

>> No.55708466

I'm only using 1080p anon.

>> No.55708485

You don't need a 1080 for 1080p60. Lower cards will max you out all day long and not drop below it.

>> No.55708493

But I'm planning on getting a 2k or 4k monitor later down the line anyways.

>> No.55708501

Well, go ahead, but until then your hardware is just going to be sitting there depreciating.

>> No.55708515

>72% colour gamut
The fuck do you need a fucking 1080 for with that shit

>> No.55708522
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>> No.55708532

this desu senpai

>> No.55709602

>GDDRSHIT RAM on a Titan

they are truly milking at this point

>> No.55709711

Who cares what tech they use as long as it performs.

>> No.55710320

Like HBMeme memory saved amd

>> No.55710341

you sound like nvidia shills

>> No.55710430

I know I'll buy two of em..
Why? Because I want to the absolute best performance. Everyone is freaking out over a high price tag, well it's the absolute pinnacle get over it(as long at there isn't a 980ti repeat). If I wasn't paying a premium for top notch I really wouldn't feel it was top notch.

If you found a lambo for 50% off would you buy it? Maybe. I know I wouldn't because that shit is probably broke as fuck.

>> No.55710467

This issue is when are you actually going to see said performance? What are you going to do that will put 2 Titans at 100%?

>> No.55710586

>If you found a lambo for 50% off would you buy it?

A lot of things could use two Titans. Two 1080s in SLI aren't maxing out certain things in 1440p144/165, and with 1080p240 on the way, there's more room to push. Enable DSR on top of that if you want to and there's no way you're going to run out of a need for hardware.

People might say it isn't "worth it" but people said anything more than 30 FPS wasn't worth it just 10 years ago and got mad at anyone who actually insisted you stay near your monitor's refresh rate. The fact is there's always room for more with computers, people just settle.

>> No.55710839

You sound like those butthurt AMD fags who thought the gtx 960 was a fail when it really was just as fast as a 380 while consuming half as much power

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