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/sqt/ - stupid questions thread

Old one is almost autosaged.

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why are you posting shitty gaymer memes

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Bump limit, etc.

Is the Mionix NAOS 7000 a good mouse?
Will /g/ meme on me if I get it?
It's currently about 10 dolars less than on Amazon on Massdrop.

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Hey, I found a IDBridge K30 RAMQ and I have no idea what it is
the best answer I got is this:

What can I do with this /g/?

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>gaymer memes

Fucking faggot loser kys retard I hate u

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if i were to crossfire/sli a geforce and a radeon card together, would it be sli, crossfire, or some freak hybrid

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I know in windows you can sort images by filesize in your image folder, but is there a way to sort or search by resolution or similar, be it 3rd party or otherwise?

I've saved an assload of wallpapers over the years and I have no idea where they're all at

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For the most part none of those. Unless the game you are playing is dx12 and you have GPUs compatible with dx12 only one GPU will actually do any graphical processing, though it is possible to have the Nvidia GPU dedicated to physx.

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>debian jessie
>want costum themes
Downloaded the beGood theme for xfce, unziped it, moved it in /usr/share/themes but I can't choose it by the theme settings now. What is the problem?

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How do I use a 3 pin fan on a motherboard with only 4 pin connectors? I read they are incompatible, you can't just plug it in and opt to not need the fourth pin.

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forgot the link: http://p0ngbr.deviantart.com/art/beGood-for-XFCE-358762710

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So I was thinking about getting a roku stick and was wondering if there is any kind of exploits or "hacks" to watch any shows/movies like showbox. Also is there a way to watch live TV as well? I sometimes see posts talking about kodi but don't have time to research much. Just need the best solution for streaming shows/movies and maybe live TV(with or without a cable subscription)

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Yes. Manipulate this to your query:
width:<=1920 height:<=1080

Throw it in the search box. It should work.

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I believe 3 pin fans are set up to work with 4 pin connectors. 3 fans have +12, GND, and PWM out. 4 pin fans have an addition speed control in. So a 3 pin fan on a 4 pin connector will run at full speed no matter what the mobo tries to set it to.

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i dont know about mionix sensors/ sensors in general but my friend owns one and i really fell in love with it
10/10 would cop if i wasnt jewish

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Ah. Thanks.

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Just plug them in. I would also suggest to download a utility from your motherboards website to control the fan speeds. Asus uses ai suite and I know msi uses command center. Each manufacturer has their own utility. From there you can control the speed of the fans. It will be voltage controlled though so your fans will have like 3 possible operations. Low-5v, med 7v, max 12v.

Hope that wasn't too confusing.

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I recently got a Samsung 950 pro m2 drive, and installed it into the pcie x4 port on the bottom of my gigabyte z170n wifi mobo. I dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 off it, and i have two issues with it:
-It takes a long time to boot, almost a minute. about half of this is either the bios POST screen, i think it's called, where the gigabyte logo shows up, the other half comes up after the ubuntu boot manager, where the screen is the same colour as the ubuntu boot manager screen (kinda purple), and nothing happens. This seems pretty long, and im wondering if theres anything i need to do in ubuntu to make it load quicker.
-When i open speccy, it can detect the type of drive, but where it would read (SATA), or (SSD), it reads unknown and doesn't show any temperature reading. I know these drives can get hot, and since it has little access to cooling under the mobo, I want to monitor the temp to make sure it's ok.
I downloaded the Samsung Magician app, but I never installed any sort of driver, and I'm not sure how up to date my BIOS firmware is, could this be related to the issues I'm having?

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I need help diagnosing a computer problem, webm related. I'll share as much info as I can.


A while ago (over a year), my computer just completely stopped working, and I didn't bother fixing it because no money. I have money to fix it now, I just need to find out what's wrong and I'd rather not pay outrageous computer repair shop prices.

The computer stopped working one day after I put in sleep mode after watching some youtube videos, and it won't turn on at all. No input even goes to the monitor (which does work, I tested it with my laptop), when the VGA is connected to the CPU or GPU. It just doesn't boot at all, which made me think at first it was a hard drive problem. It's not, I've since tried several.

I think it's the motherboard, a GA-M68MT-S2P. It's not my GPU (it's not in the webm, I'd taken it out), or the RAM. It could be the PSU, but I don't think the sound is coming from there. What is that sound? I've tried looking in my motherboard manual but I can't find anything similar to that. I'm not really sure what if it's even possible to fix, I'm a bit of a beginner with this kind of stuff. This is my first computer, and I had help putting it together over five years ago.

Thanks in advance.

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I thought about something /g/
With the way /g/ and a lot of torrent users are, why don't people rip the DVD as an ISO? Like ripping the entire DVD? It would make more sense cause you get all the features, you just drag and drop the ISO into VLC and it plays. I've done it before.

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Why the fuck is there no cross platform way to find a library for C++? Are you seriously telling me that the best way they can come up with for the industry standard language is putting all the header and lib files in a giant folder?

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What are you going on about? Are you complaining there isn't something like npm or pip for C++?

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If you're asking for Linux and or mac, that's because those 2 aren't coded in them so it's going to be 10xs harder

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Dead mobo most likely.
Check the PSU if you can just in case but replace the mobo and it should boot again
You'll probably need to reinstall windows

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They put a good sensor in that. I'm thinking of buying an Avior 7000 myself but I'm waiting for RocketJumpNinja to finish his review on it.

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should i buy this

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It sounds retarded but I'm planning on buy a gaming laptop for when I'm out or traveling(travel a lot)
I don't know about buying i5-6300 or an i7-6700
I want to it have long live but dont want to spend money if i dont gonna see the difference
Any advice ?
>Inb4 learn english spaniard

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learn english spaniard

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Isn't replacing a motherboard a big pain in the ass?

Why would I need to reinstall windows?

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MSI is fine DONT get alienware

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Opera does not allow a custom default search engine. IS there anyway i can bypass this?

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I'm looking in a MSI GL62 but don't know if the i7 processor is worth it

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Jump ship because it's 100% Chinese botnet now.

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what's up with endbranch and the shadow stack? can you still jump into the middle of an instruction as long as the bits match the endbranch instruction? could you figure out how to trigger a shadow stack load then use one before every rop gadget? GOOBY PLS HALP AM CONFUS D:

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What to? Firefox is too laggy on linux

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Replacing a motherboard isn't that bad. Will take you less than 20 minutes. Take out the GPU, take out the power cables, take off the cooler, take out the RAM, take out the CPU, unplug everything else (take a photo of the cables that lead to the case before unplugging- the front header cables, usb cables etc)
Unscrew the mobo, take it out, put new one in.
Read the manual to see how you should plug it in, then start putting shit back together.

You need to reinstall windows because windows will often have a hissy fit and think you've moved the hard drive to a different computer.

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I miss mtn dew... i want back to america

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Vivaldi then, made by ex opera devs

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bump plz

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Seconding. Tab stacks and vertical tabs are too good.

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I'd say go for it, but get it at like fry's or Microcenter

>it takes almost a full minute
Oh gosh golly, that's sure is a bummer there chap!
I'm on an 8 year old, stock PC with the newest things in it are ram (3GBs), an HDD and a soundcard running window 7. YOU WANNA COMPLAIN about a minute of wait time? I can go take a shit and come back and my computer is still loading. It's only a minute, go get a coke while you wait main.

you're duelbooting dude, more than liekly it has a lot to do with sorting the file systems and figuring shit out. If it were an SSD I could understand.

>20 years go by
>guys my computer is taking 10 seconds to load. What do?

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its an M2 SSD bro, like 5 times faster then a SATA SSD, it's the long load time after i've selected windows that gives me the shits

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I've never done a group programming project before. How do people coordinate them?

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Which metric determines how "vivid" a display looks?

My old laptop had a typical lousy TN. Things always looked washed out and nothing was sharp. After getting a good IPS monitor, everything just looked so punchy. The colors were more vibrant, the blacks were deeper, and everything looked far sharper.

At first I think it was a product of the contrast ratio causing that effect on the old laptop display, however now I know that contrast ratio is just the distance between max luminance and black depth which doesn't exactly seem like the culprit. So why did the old laptop looked so washed out exactly?

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you mean 'how does one put a crew together' because no one here rows crew

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if I block every ip used by a website's anycast can i forcibly connect myself to a specific server?

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Hey guys, why isn't this working? I'm trying to replace multiples of 3 with "fizz", multiples of 5 with "buzz", and multiples of both with "fizzbuzz"?

I'm completely new to coding btw.

T-t-thanks faggits. Love you. N-n-no homo.

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You're missing an ending else statement so it'll print a number no matter what happens in the if/else chain.

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Thank you sir

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rofl, fucking hell, can't believe I missed that. Thanks bud, appreciate it. All working now.

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Is the Samsung 750 Evo a good choice?
I have very limited choice in SSDs here and all the other budget TLC drives, although cheaper seem far worse in reviews.

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Yes, your spunk stains will be invisible on a white keyboard.

>> No.55646121

I swear by the Naos series, I recommend the 3200 to anyone if they are on a budget and the 7000 to people who want to go all out. However, if you are going to make the LEDs white, it doesn't look all too white.

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850 evo you mean? Yes its a solid drive.

>> No.55646162

No 750 Evo, it's a 2016 model believe it or not. The 850 is better but also quite a bit more expensive.
Cheapest 240/256GB SSDs are ~60 euros the 750 Evo is 80 euros.

>> No.55646203

Looks like it doesn't use the 3D NAND so you'll get lower durability, but this won't matter for most people
Samsung controllers are generally pretty solid so it should be fine.

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Literally build a microATX that's what the whole product philosophy is for you retard.

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So I have a SSD and if god forbid it stopped working and I had to send it to repair, how could I allow my files to be protected (ie, not accesible to them)? Encryption?

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If your SSD stops working for some reason there is no repair

>> No.55646364

Backup the data to an external hard disk and just microwave the SSD if it stops working.

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With fast moving objects on my screen such as in videos, games or even word documents, the object almost has a blue shadow. It's hard to describe
Is there anything I can do to get rid of it?

>> No.55646391

Look up inverse ghosting and see if that describes it

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Damn. Last time I had windows the bro-tier computer shop guy hooked me up with a disc and a code.

>windows will often have a hissy fit and think you've moved the hard drive to a different computer.

Just out of curiosity, why does this happen?

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Not everyone wants all the features
Most people just want the film and thats it

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How do I merge the unallocated space with /dev/sda5? Do I need to do it from a Live CD?

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Raw DVD rips are common on private trackers
You don't rip it as a raw ISO though, you run the vobs through decryption and make things nice and tidy.

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Windows thinks the computer is the motherboard, so if you change the motherboard, it thinks it's a new computer

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What is the lowest entry c# job?

>> No.55646460

yea it's like that, except with mine it's not quite as intense, and the ghost is blue, and even then on things that aren't blue

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What monitor do you have?

>> No.55646476

I am a weeb, I want Japanese Zootopia

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Is there anything like Sandboxie for Linux? From what I can find chroot seems to be similar but unless I misunderstand something, it takes a lot of work to set up since you need to create the environment for the executable yourself instead of Sandboxie where it reads from the normal environment and then creates a sandboxed write environment?

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Consider suicide

>> No.55646533

Would radioactive material similar in potency to the samples used to test Geiger counters inside a PC's case do any damage to it?

>> No.55646540

No, radioactive material is perfectly save.

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How does one manage to do this?

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i heard running your own mail server is a good way to lose your mail, can someone explain the risks? i know nothing about IMAP and shit.

>> No.55646577

The risks are you might be a retard who doesn't make backups

>> No.55646585

A CRT monitor is potentially more dangerous.

>> No.55646615

So basically my old laptop probably had a really pathetic sRGB coverage?

>> No.55646621

but like, if your mail server goes down what happens? can mail just not get sent to you? or is there some kind of buffer in place?

>> No.55646622

It may be worthwhile if you already have a VPS or such for other uses. I wouldn't do it on a residential connection because the uptime will be less than 100%.

I'm using a grandfathered gratis Google Apps account with my own domain.

>> No.55646636

Whoever tried to send it usually gets an error or notification. You will not ever get it, no.

>> No.55646647

i was doing K&R and in the second excercise with the celcius/fahrenheit converter when i saved it it didnt create an output file

do you know why that is?

>> No.55646655

A lot of systems will periodically retry if it fails to deliver, so it won't necessarily be gone.

>> No.55646681

I took my phone to an independent shop to get the screen fixed. A few week's later the screen cracked again, while it was in my pocket and I wasn't touching it. I went back to the shop and asked them to fix it for free (as they give a 30-day warranty with all their repairs), but they said that a cracked screen doesn't come under the terms of the warranty. Am I being jewed here?

Also, if they refuse to fix it, am I being a petty little bitch if I leave a negative review on their Facebook page? I feel like it's the only power that I, the customer, has.

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>Downloading from iTunes
>Want SD version of a movie because small iPad storage size
>Says SD versions is 4 GB
>Tell it to download that one
>Download size is 7GB
WHY?! Please help, I'm leaving on my trip tomorrow. What the fuck is happening?

>> No.55646698

>not fixing the phone yourself

Unless you bought some irrepairable phone like an HTC One, just DIY from now on.

>> No.55646708

Acer XG270HU

>> No.55646712

What are some cheap laptops with good 1080p displays?

Got my eyes on an Asus UX305FA right now for 900 kangaroos, is there any other laptop I should consider?

>> No.55646713

It's an Xperia Z2, are they easy to fix? The fucking screen has broken 6 times now, so it would probably be a pretty useful skill for me to learn.

>> No.55646714

Found your problem

>> No.55646717

I can't help it if people give me iTunes cards.

>> No.55646726

You can not use them

>> No.55646730

According to phonearena it's an easy to repair phone


>> No.55646735

That's like throwing away money.

>> No.55646754

you still need a heatgun

>> No.55646756

You could sell them

>> No.55646762

or sell them on ebay

>> No.55646763

What a pathetic meal
>mtn dew instead of coke
>ham and cheese hot pocket instead of pizza
>non cool ranch dorritos

>> No.55646771

So I'm making my first build and I made a bootable USB for windows. Do I just stick the USB in after I put everything together and it will work?

>> No.55646782

Well, I guess that answers Theseus' paradox.

>> No.55646783

it should work just like that

>> No.55646805

You can't merge partitions of an active drive

boot GParted from Live CD or USB

>> No.55646817

>sending an SSD for repair
They won't repair it, they'll just replace the whole drive

>> No.55646823

So I got it working without your help. I had to cancel all my downloads, delete the partial files in the media folder and then try to buy the SD version in the store.

Fuck Apple.

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Stupid question here

I have the gamerock palit 1070, my question is, am I able to cover up this stupid fucking text on the backplate with say, black tape or a black markerpen without it having any detrimental effects?

>> No.55646836

Glad we could help

>> No.55646847

I don't know if the backplate is meant to radiate heat but your autism tape probably won't hurt anything.

>> No.55646891

If the black on there isn't paint, I'd consider getting some paint thinner and cotton buds and removing the logo that way

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What's this dark spot on my monitor? (Just under the star).

It's not a dead pixel - it looks as though it's behind the pixel layer. When I move my head, the dark spot kinda moves too.

>> No.55647000

stuck pixel?

>> No.55647016

It's not pixels. If you zoom into the image you'll see that the pixel on top of the spot is actually functioning. It's something to do with the backlight/polarising/whatever layer but I don't know enough about monitors to talk authoritatively on that subject.

>> No.55647024

spot of dirt on the backlight panel maybe

>> No.55647121

I can't see anything so it must all be in your head. You probably have brain cancer or something. Enjoy shitposting on /g/ while you still can.

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how accurate is exif data?
more specifically with location/coordinates?

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What's the best 2k 144hz monitor for gayming?

>> No.55647287

Kind of serves you right tbqh.

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>> No.55647309

IPS or TN?
G-Sync or FreeSync?

>> No.55647316

i dont understand

>> No.55647321


Lx containers

>> No.55647323

Its accuracy is dependent on the device that created it.

>> No.55647333

>IPS or TN?
To be honest, I'm open to suggestions here, but I do prefer IPS.
>G-Sync or FreeSync?

>> No.55647348

Google has deleted my email for no reason. It's not 9 months old and was plenty active. I've made a help topic is there anything else I can do? I'm trying to add the account through a mail client but since they all sign in through a google page none work.

>> No.55647350

Assuming it hasn't been spoofed and that the GPS is working correctly then it's very accurate which is why 4chan automatically removes it.

>> No.55647368


>> No.55647374

taken on iPhone with VSCO cam

I just tested it myself with the app too and god damn it's accurate.
also didn't know channel 4 did that, damn.

>> No.55647376

Is SICP meant to be this hard? I'm stuck on chapter 1.

>> No.55647380

Thanks, my negro.

>> No.55647389

Should I get a 2.5" or a M.2 SSD if I have a maximus viii mobo?

>> No.55647413

na I'm good

>> No.55647417

M.2 PCIe will be faster

>> No.55647461

Notably? The SSD I'm considering is the 850 evo 500gb from Samsung, the 2.5" is slightly cheaper.

>> No.55647493

I can't move a MicroAtx in plane 2 times at week

>> No.55647494

850 evo M.2 runs in SATA mode, it will be no faster than the 2.5" SATA form factor
The 950 is what you would be looking at if you want a faster drive
For the average user the difference won't really be noticeable, even though the 950 has 3-4x the transfer speed

>> No.55647512

are there issues with booting from an 950 m2 drive?

>> No.55647516

The 950 is a bit over budget for me right now as I'm only just buying into this SSD meme. I wanna see if it really does make such a massive quality of life difference first, can always sell and buy up if I feel I need to.

I'll grab a 2.5" for now then, thanks for the info.

>> No.55647553

Any motherboard that has M.2 should support booting from it.
Some motherboards don't support both modes so check before getting anything

>> No.55647590

M.2 development diary:
>guys lets make a new hard drive connector with a new featureset for faster speeds!
>good idea lets also make sure that the new featureset isnt implemented on all our connectors
>while we're at it, lets also make sure the units which plug in to the M.2 slot dont always support the new featuresets!
>atleast we made the marketing deadline guys

>> No.55647592

should i use anti-virus software other than windows defender?
should i be using any malware protection at all or just use noscript
i don't think i ever got a virus

>> No.55647627

>do you install/run software from untrusted sources? (games, java, flash,....)
>no? no need for antivir
>yes? will you scan every file you download manually?
>>yes - install some antivir scanner but disable background scan
>>no - install some antivir with background system scanning

>> No.55647634

Im trying to run a programme, step one is

Step 1) Make sure no programs are currently running that can block Port 80 [TCP] AND Port 53 [UDP]

how do i check this?

>> No.55647648

bind to those ports and check for the system error code, theres one specific for port in use.
alternatively, use netstat's output to determine port status

>> No.55647674

what characteristic do you guys think all hackers need?

>> No.55647682

black sunglasses

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So i'm totally clueless at linux shell scripting but i need to have a script which "switches" up two files from different directories with each other while also making it so that you can run said script from any other directory with the same result in the end. It must a maximum limit of four commands executed within the script, those being two cp commands, one rm command and one mv command.

The graph in pic related basically shows what it's supposed to do; Changing up the content of the file itself without altering the filename as such after having renamed it.

Then i also need to have a second mini script which upon being run prints out the recently-switched up text contents of said files in this format:

>Content of txtfile1:
>Content of txtfile2:

... And which accomplishes this by only using two echo commands at the start and end of the script each, with six commands in total.

I suppose for a seasoned user this is pretty mundane shit to do in the shell but i really don't know what to put into the script file so i'm coming here

>> No.55647707


> My stupid question:

if I emule a windows version using virtualbox EVERYTHING available at a native instalation (like my dual boot) will work?

i wanna get rid of my dual boot! :D

hail linux

>> No.55647736

no, virtualbox will run significantly slower, especially hardware accelerated graphics. if you want to virtualize (not emulate) windows with decent speeds, try qubes OS.

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How do i use the number pad on my keyboard? I'm looking on logitech's website but i can't find the information i'm looking for. I have a G710+

>> No.55647762

the ARROW KEYS on my numberpad

>> No.55647768

Press numlock you fucking retard

>> No.55647770

i've tried that you fucking retard

>> No.55647774

>doesn't mention that in the question
>still calls the person suggesting it a retard

>> No.55647786

No one? Cmon guys i rly need to know this

>> No.55647800

Should I grab drivers from my mobo manufacturer website? I typically will try and hunt out Intel Nic drivers from the Intel site for example. The ones from Intel always seem to be a higher version number

>> No.55647822

I'm building my first rig this week
Should I go for a 1080p 144 Hz monitor or a 60 Hz 1440p considering that I'll be getting a GTX 1070?

>> No.55647838
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i'm very sorry, it works now. It still doesn't work in-game in fallout 4 for whatever reason. I play with keyboard and mouse and it wants me to use the arrow keys in the workbench interface in order to use it but the normal arrow keys on this keyboard doesn't work. My controller needs batteries... Again, i'm the retard and i was wrong.

>> No.55647873
File: 2.63 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do i remove these

>> No.55647874

What's a good (and free) data recovery software?

I want to get back some stuff I deleted from my external drive.

>> No.55647883

Those are rivets
You can cut or drill them out


>> No.55647891

rivets? drill them out

>> No.55647902

Go for the 144hz one. Using a high hz monitor is a fucking dream and you'll never go back.

That, and the 1070 isn't enough to run everything on 60fps in 1440p. Things like Witcher 3, Warhammer Total War, Rise of the Tomb Raider etc will drop to sub-40 at times.

>> No.55647943

i have a thinkpad x250, i need to use windows for a subject at uni that requires VS, should i get a cheap msata ssd for windows and dual boot or run it through a vm? cant decide. Doubt id use windows for anything else.

>> No.55647952
File: 998 KB, 250x251, 87569.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PC dead. Bought a new one. How do I test the parts of the old one to see which work and which don't? I wanna part it out and sell the working parts.

>> No.55647978

How do I set up an ssh client?

>> No.55647993

google it

>> No.55648001

You just... Put the parts you want to check in the new mobo and boot it up until you find faulty ones?

>> No.55648045

So I need to build like eight configurations of the computer? All new parts except the old part I wanna test?

>> No.55648064

will my haskell binary work in any machine

>> No.55648101


>> No.55648153

I updated my AMD drivers and now the driver update check pops up at every boot. what the hell??

>> No.55648185

like what if I imported some stuff like Gloss or Brick
does it compile it all into one binary and it will work on any machine?

>> No.55648243

How do I disbale "automatically manage bandwidth" on deluge? Fucking PIA is slow as shit when torrenting and this is what support is telling me but I do not see this option.

>> No.55648268
File: 64 KB, 760x900, 1434210538407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I messed with the build.prop file on my rooted phone and now it's stuck on the boot logo. Anyone I can revert this without factory reset?

>> No.55648308

Reflash your rom from recovery. By not resetting, you will keep data

>> No.55648337

How do I make sure I won't mess up. I got the stock rom from samsung-updates site. Do I just use odin and pray to god?

>> No.55648504

The fuck is these two IP's mean? and vice versa (321.321.321.321.). I tried to Google and it showed me nothing.

>> No.55648565

>debian jessie
>want costum themes
Downloaded the beGood theme for xfce, unziped it, moved it in /usr/share/themes but I can't choose it by the theme settings now. What is the problem?

>> No.55648597

Are chromebooks the best option for cheap internet/word processing on the go?

>> No.55648599

my laptop crashes frequently and at first i thought it might be the HDD.But During last crash windows told me that video adapters crashed and recovered ( then died again).
temperature seems to be normal.Drivers up to date.

how do i check for physical errors on my graphical cards? like memcheck for video card, stress test and shit like that.I need a tool to do that.

>> No.55648613


>> No.55648618
File: 2 KB, 219x59, Device_Manager_2016-07-19_14-44-33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic.

>> No.55648939

Why do relatively high temps (~100c) matter for CPUs and GPUs

These components are made at much higher temperatures

>> No.55648988

There are quite a few themes in jessie main, try those first.
Did you restart the theme setter?

>> No.55649018

More heat means it won't hold as long. Ever heard about activation energy in ~7th grade biology or so?

>> No.55649025

I don't like them...
How I can restart the theme setter new?

>> No.55649077

Seems to be a recurring issue with x20M and x40M gpus, try underclocking it a bit and see if it persists. Only if you don't have warranty of course.

>> No.55649084

what will happen if i put valium up my areshole?

>> No.55649091

Tried arc dark? It's in the repos now.
I don't use xfce so I don't know but you could just log out and in again.

>> No.55649107

It will be absorbed extremely quickly and you might OD from lower amounts.

>> No.55649166

I just got a GTX 770, I need help connecting the power cable to it.
It has a 6 pin and an 8 pin, pic related. My PSU has both 6+2pin and an 8 pin. Do I connect all of them, or is it just one if them, as in just the 8 pin or just the 6 pin?

>> No.55649221

Is there a way to reassign the motherboard audio ports? The microphone in dosent work. But everything else does.
Is there a way to remap it?

>> No.55649264

I've been thinking of getting rid of my PC and just getting a laptop.

Should I or am I just a fag?

>> No.55649273

Which OS? it should work with alsa/pulse if it is only the port so I guess it also works with whatever windows uses.

>> No.55649300

Depends, what do you do on/with your computer and what are you planning on doing? You could also just get any cheap thinkpad or similar and ssh -x into your desktop for intensive tasks.

>> No.55649317

Its an snd_hda_intel
I've enabled the HD audio in the kernel, but i can seem to find a way to swap them.
I dicked around in pavucontrol, but even when it detected it, it sill did not accept audio in

>> No.55649330

Just looking at that gave me reflux.

>> No.55649346

Im going to get a gtx 1070 and have narrowed it down to choices, though I don't know much about graphics cards so I'd appreciate your input.

Palit GTX 1070 GameRock Premier Edition vs the Inno3D GTX 1070 iChill Air Boss X3

Palit Pros:
>Core Clock: 1670MHz vs Inno3D 1620MHz
>Boost Clock: 1873MHz vs Inno3D 1820MHz
>Memory: 8500MHz vs Inno3D 8200MHz

Palit Cons:
>Only available for preorder whereas I can get the Inno3D today.
>It only has a 2 year warranty while the Inno3D has a 3 year warranty
>The Palit looks ugly as fuck, I don't really care too much about how it looks though

Do the differences in core, boost and memory make much a difference at all? or is it better to have the 3 year warranty?

>> No.55649378

How do we fix modern computing?

>> No.55649511
File: 206 KB, 334x210, pic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can anyone confirm that the dubs script mGet works? It was recommended here on /g/. The mGet 'none' dropdown won't let me interact with it. Or does it work some other way?

If no one knows anything about mGet I'll take recommendations for another dubs script.

>> No.55649518

Separate professional computing on desktop computers/servers/workstation laptops and normie computing with Microsoft/apple/google facebook tablets/laptops/netbooks/smartphones.
Open standards would help a lot.

>> No.55649545

>not just getting with post speed calculation by hand, experience and a bit of luck
Literal cancer, learn a bit about getting on [s4s] and come back once you got quints there.

>> No.55649665 [DELETED] 
File: 201 KB, 470x595, mischief.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y'all should answer him

>> No.55649667

What does it mean to separate them? Different technologies? Open source, productive and efficient versus proprietary consumer devices? Isn't this already happening?

What keeps people from developing open standards? Basic protocols like TCP and HTTP are used all the time. However, even those have unused features and there are many protocols meant for specific tasks that are brute-forced with browsers. Why companies like to reinvent the wheel?

>> No.55649700
File: 275 KB, 546x458, 1452628702900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More /ic/ than /g/ I'm sure, but does anyone know where I can get a crack for the latest version of SAI Ver.1.2.5? Every torrent I can find is a much older version, even on IPT.

>> No.55649735

I'm starting to set up a home network using a PFSense box I made and a Cisco SG300-20P. I'll admit that I'm not the greatest with networking, but I would lile to connect PFSense to the SG300 and have PFSense issue IPs. All of the ports can be on the same VLAN as this is personal. My knowledge of the Cisco Small Business hardware isn't great, but how do I set up the switch to communicate with the PFSense box?

>> No.55649753

Im not really a heavy user. I guess I just want a cleaner station with less cables. Maybe I can stop being a lazy fuck and just cable manage a bit

>> No.55649758

I am looking for something which would allow me to manage the permissions of users in a domain (AD) to do specific tasks like allowing a user to login only from X PC in the domain or to let X PC to ssh into Y PC but not into Z PC or to allow the usage of sudo on X PC but not on Y PC. I'd prefer it to be free or GNU/Linux based. I've heard about FreeIPA so far If not, can it do these? How about RADIUS? Thanks for the answers in advance!

>> No.55649772

You can overclock your gpu manually to get the same clocks, only if you're incredibly unlucky with the chip you get would it be a problem, since there is barely any difference.

What is more important is the phases and overall quality of the card, I haven't looked at either of these PCBs so I don't know which is better, but I heard good stories about Palit.

Warranty is also a good point, also if you want to resell it at some point. A gpu that still has 1 year warranty left resells a lot better than one with none.

>> No.55649778 [DELETED] 
File: 132 KB, 700x544, Cima_da_Conegliano,_God_the_Father.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

answer the man - do it for him

>> No.55649862

Do people in /guts/ and /bst/ unironically use w10 despite the botnet? or it's on a VM?

>> No.55650032

You might want to ask this in debians/gentoos/centos irc or in >>>/g/fglt

>> No.55650084

it's not that much of a botnet, people just love believing all the shit they read on the internet.

>> No.55650087

will try there too, thanks!

>> No.55650118

Everyone who actually uses their computer uses 10. Linux is for Facebook machines.

>> No.55650149

Any recommended programs to use for managing a multi-monitor setup?

>> No.55650231

I'm running Windows 7, by the way

>> No.55650252
File: 195 KB, 689x626, grips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whats a good gaming mouse for $40. I primarily play FPS games and prefer to use the fingertip grip.
My current mouse is just some cheap 1 dollar mouse i got in a garage sale to get me by.

>> No.55650254

When will the forefront of technology's progress stall? And why don't we just work on this ultimatum right now?

>> No.55650264

Your gfx control panel.

>> No.55650268

+10 rupees

>> No.55650282

I'm not a zelda fan, but thanks.

>> No.55650285

Trackball imo, but for gamestuff always use Logicalincrements.com.

>> No.55650291


>> No.55650297

I guess I should clarify, I was referring more to things like usability, such as taskbar extension or allowing multiple wallpapers.

>> No.55650304

right now im looking at this mouse https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Daedalus-Prime-Gaming-Mouse/dp/B00OHJY7C2/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1468940560&sr=1-1&keywords=g302. I've seen some reviews on it and it looks good. My question is that is it too expensive and are there cheaper options

>> No.55650338

What is the best way to implement payments for my clients on my website?

>> No.55650354

use existing methods like paypal

>> No.55650448

talk to merchant services.
Personally I didn't sign up with them, but the current service I use was bought out by them.

>> No.55650477

hi anons
im looking for a video player that will show shuffled clips and shuffle some in a certain time period
here is my problem, i have a bar that plays movie scenes and clips, for legal reasons i cant play anything with light nudity / blood before 8pm , what could i use?

>> No.55650480
File: 17 KB, 490x209, NVIDIA_GeForce_GT_720M________Properties_2016-07-19_17-22-12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i had to update my video drivers; now my shitty laptop runs a certain game that was running perfectly before at 0.5 FPS.

what do? i also need the new drivers for other reasons so i would prefer to not rollback. is there something wrong with them?

i have set everything to "high performance" on nvidia control panel.

>> No.55650484

Is there other alternatives to PayPal?

>> No.55650498

Include the basics like credit card, bank transfer, amazon, paypal, maybe some cryptocurrency for nerd cred.

>> No.55650516

You could set up a script for that with mpv. Or use kodi.

>> No.55650519

what can i make with the 4chan api?

>> No.55650523
File: 443 KB, 600x739, feeling the squeeze.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Send a letter to Hilary Clinton and ask her.

>> No.55650535

you can get the threads and replies, you cannot post or create threads.

>> No.55650537

Sounds like the game uses the wrong gpu. Is it dx9? Try creating a custom d3d9.dll for your gpu.

>> No.55650555


>> No.55650592
File: 1.07 MB, 276x260, 54803.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55650692

My laptop and phone can connect to the internet completly fine. My computet has no connection the majority of the time and when it does breifly its extremly slow.

I can ping my gateway and phone fine, but cant ping or connect to anything on the internet.

>> No.55650716

Accidently cut this line out before posting.
>Does anyone know why this is happening

>> No.55650748
File: 83 KB, 790x773, 1437876979463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /g/
Recently got a SSD, its fast, no complaints
However i noticed that one folder, my downloads folder, it takes a really long time to load the files in the folder
other folders load instantly
however my downloads folder (which has alot of small files, i need to clean it eventually)
but i dont understand why the loading time for the folder is so slow?
i dont mean like 5 seconds
I mean it can take up to a full minute or more to load the folder

please advise

as a side note, i've also noticed that my boot time on the SSD was amazing before, but now its super slow
it became slow after i installed extra storage drives
so i feel like somehow, during the boot process, windows is accessing these slower drives for some reason
so im getting the boot time of the slowest hard drive rather than my solid state drive which has my entire windows installation

Is there any way to find out what files are accessed during windows boot up
so that i can move or delete or fix any files that seem to be on other hard drives & are loading at boot time

the slow boot is at the part that shows just a black screen & windows logo, to be more clear.

folder on SSD is loading super slow
boot time is super slow now since i added extra storage hard drives

any advice is greatly appreciated
if you provide a bitcoin address, i will also send some bitcoins, not much, i can send maybe 50 dollars max, but i realize your time is worth something so im willing to pay to fix these two annoying issues

>> No.55650757

did you ping hostnames or ip addresses?
can you ping

>> No.55650784
File: 171 KB, 647x554, ECWA1-LITE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its funny I had his WiFi adapter with a card in my PC and was getting really slow and choppy internet. Turns out the problem was that my graphics card was blowing hot air directly into it and was slowing it down. So I moved it away and the internet problems only occasionally happen after a look gaming session

>> No.55650895

I was pinging IPs, and didn't work.
It probaly is some issue with the wireless adapter. The weird thing is when the connection does work it can play youtube vids fine but not load 4chan.

>> No.55650896

What actually transfers in different data cables? Is it just elecrical pulses conveying 1 and 0, and if so, would a single bit be either of those? I find it weird that for example a 100 Mb network connection could create a 100 million electric pulses in a second and that machines would be able to interpret its meaning almost immediately.

Or am I completely in the wrong here?

>> No.55650931
File: 3.42 MB, 4032x3024, 20160611_151206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I work in a large office building, there's a big box filled with disassembled computers in the loading bay, how much shit could I get into if I looked through it for sticks of ram or GPUs

>> No.55650948
File: 1.61 MB, 405x720, 1461727814330.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking of upgrading, and I'm thinking of getting an i5 6600k. Which, unlike the old Nehalem I have now, has integrated graphics. I have a dedicated card already (Nvidia), and two monitors attached to it. Can I leave the integrated graphics on and hook up a third? Or will the OS be displeased with having more than one display driver active at once? (I know Nvidia and AMD won't play nice in the same machine..)

Whatever the answer to that is, is it true for both Win7 and Linux? (I'm one of those malcontents who's displeased with 10, so I want my upgrade to allow me to move off of Windows)

>> No.55650952

That would be company policy and not a technology related question, dummy. Some would fire you instantly and call the police while others would say "go ahead".

>> No.55650968

Not my companies shit. It's been sitting in an open in labeled box for a week now. I was worried about the legal part though.

>> No.55651026

what wireless adapter are you using?
and what WiFi card are you using?

>> No.55651064


the soft-touch rubber will wear out in less than a year

t. Naos 3200 owner


and now for my question;

I changed graphics card from Nvidia to AMD but Windows 10 still tries to install Nvidia drivers via windows update

what do

>> No.55651096

I'm currently using a Belkin f9l1101. I just did a restart on the computer and the internet started working again. It seems to have periods of working and being choppy.

>> No.55651127

Anyone know of a good ePub reader on Windows?

Or should I just emulated Android and use Moon+?

>> No.55651195

is it plugged in properly? are there loose connectors inside? is there something that might interfere with WiFi signals i.e. a brick wall? It seems that this isn't a software problem but rather a hardware problem.
If you want you can open it and see if they messed up anything inside?

>> No.55651209

Yes, it'll take you a grand total of ~15 minutes

Just build outside the case, on top of something nonconductive so you don't fry your mobo.

>> No.55651256

Nothing out of the ordinary, it was working for a bit over a year in it's current location(adapter is a few years old). I'll probaly just get a new one later today instead of screwing around with it. Thanks for the help man.

>> No.55651271

PSU died. While replacing it, decided to take everything out of the case and dust it. Hooked it back up, CPU and GPU fans spin, HDs spin, but the mobo connector panel seems dead. No indicator light for ethernet or SPDIF. No power to USB. No visual despite the video card apparently functioning.

Did I kill the mobo or am I forgetting something really stupid

>> No.55651319
File: 308 KB, 1920x1348, 1394879484154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Segmentation Fault
Help me figure out how much of an idiot I am.

>> No.55651343
File: 246 KB, 1600x800, 1468763713338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way to make windows stop touching my monitor configuration if I unplug something?
I bought an hdmi box and each time I switch to another input the PC flashes trying to rearrange monitors.

>> No.55651390

I'm also curious about this.

>> No.55651397

I know this is a really dumb question.

The PCI-e slot on a mini-itx case is just a standard slot right?

All the boards are "gaming" boards and everyone uses the slots for graphics cards.

I plan on throwing a non graphics card in the slot. It will work wont it?

>> No.55651432

NoiseGenerator3 *test points to nothing, yet in NG3init(test, 3); you try to access test->b

>> No.55651593
File: 450 KB, 927x629, PCIe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all pci-e slots are standard just make sure it your motherboard has the slots you need

so in this image top is 4x followed by 16x followed by 1x followed by another 16x and the last one is 8x

>> No.55651611

also your NG3Hrand_interval returns garbage

>> No.55651719

there is a little bug INSIDE my screen

what the fuck do i do with this shit

>> No.55651735

chase it around with your cursor

>> No.55651791

What's the best anti virus at the moment other than Common Sense?

>> No.55651805

there is none, all suck and have some flaws

>> No.55651863
File: 573 KB, 1920x1080, IQRapdZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck it, just went through MEmu

Working like a charm.

>> No.55651884

Is it safe to update to 9.3.3 if you are looking for a jailbreak? I thought I read that they were going to focus on 9.3.3 since its out and better but just want to make sure

>> No.55652050

So I am going to install windows 10 to a virtual machine.

Im not sure how licensing works with a virtual machine.
I know that you can use DazLoader on windows 7 and upgraade to 10, and itll be a legit activation.

Is that going to still work under VM?
Does a VM build a correct UUID for it?

Itll be whatever VM you use with Linux

>> No.55652079

Yeah it will work with any PCIe card, you'll have to rely on integrated graphics of course since an ITX board will only have the one.

The last slot is conventional PCI, not PCIe

>> No.55652165
File: 6 KB, 148x124, 65431465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why the fuck can't I search for a video on my hard drives if the title has no spaces in it but a - at the start of it?

there's literally no part of the titIe I could search that would find it, what is this stupid bullshit
I want to see if it's been misplaced on another hard drive but fuck me I guess there's no searching fo it

>> No.55652201

Is that boogie?

>> No.55652217

Have you tried using a proper OS?

>> No.55652240
File: 38 KB, 540x303, bird_121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better program for flash reproduction than Adobe fucking slowpoke flash player?

>> No.55652252
File: 21 KB, 515x503, Enumarations.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pssst, faggits, can you help a new guy out?

I'm tasked with creating an enumeration to represent the months of the year and to assign relevant values (January = 1 since it's the first month).

Then I need to ask the user for input value that corresponds to my months enumeration and print the month to the console window. It's suggested that I should use an explicit cast.

I've created something that does what I've been asked to do, but I'm pretty sure it's too bloated and not exactly what I've been asked to do.

Thanks lads, appreciate it greatly. If I was gay, I'd give you a blow job to show my gratitude. Luckily I'm straight!

>> No.55652333
File: 29 KB, 500x305, fuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a TP-Link TL-WDN4800 and my system does not detect it. Like, everything is fine according to the device manager, nothing without drivers or unknown hardware.
Is it just dead or are there magical rituals that I need to go through for it to work?

>> No.55652341

I'm planning on moving to memedows 10 on my gaymen PC because DX12, but I've never actually switched OS on a build before.
What do I need to do about my GPU drivers when I switch to avoid any potential problems? I'm using an R9 290, if it makes any difference.

>> No.55652443

So I'm using utorrent 2.2.1 (tried Tixati, Deluge, qbittorrent, but nothing is better) and one tracker I'm using is kinda unstable and sometimes times out. The problem is that tracker update can wait for up to 30 minutes and I'm losing precious ratio. How do I make it retry more often?

>> No.55652457

months = ['Jan', 'Feb', 'Mar']
if userinput in months:

>> No.55652502

What IS the best laptop for the mainstream consumer under $1000? Too many times I have tried to get my friends to work on their computers or consider what browser they should use only to be told basically "it aint broke so dont fix it".

I just want an easy and persuasive answer to give them

>> No.55652523

Could be a wondows issue, try reinstalling.

>> No.55652531

actually you would need to check if userinput is in the range of the length of the month array, and probably stick a +1 in there to get the offset rugby

>> No.55652532

>just get a macbook and stop bothering me faggot

>> No.55652546

why alienware is shit?

>> No.55652551

Lenovo Edge

>> No.55652559
File: 19 KB, 816x451, EpvPLsK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus fucking christ, anon.

>Type a number between 1 and 3

Write("Type a number from 1 through 3: ");
var userValue = ReadLine();

MonthsOfTheYear months;

if (Enum.TryParse(userValue, out months))
WriteLine("Invalid input.");

PROTIP: put using static System.Console; in your header


>> No.55652566

I kniw that this works in GNU/Linux. With more than one GPU you can even use one gpu for GNU/Linux and one for a VM with a passthrough to the other one.
No idea how it is on windows.

>> No.55652574

>stand mode

The fuck is this fruity shit

>> No.55652580

Between 1 and 3, inclusive.

>> No.55652588

Im extracting thousands of small files from a usb3 hard drive through an express card adapter to my local hard drive. Its a 7z file using 7zip.

I know windows 7 has no native usb3 support and ive read of small, non reported corrupted files from transfers over third party adapters and their drivers.

Is there any way to verify every single file was extracted with no errors?

>> No.55652598

why bother making months a dictionary though? you can just use the user input to grab the correct value from a list.

>> No.55652599

Then you should put that in your prompt, ya dingus.

Either way, feel free to ask in >>>/g/dpt if you have any questions after this thread dies.

My code should get you where you need to be.

>> No.55652612
File: 89 KB, 640x325, edge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55652621


That anon needed an enum for his class assignment.

Unless he needed something that implements IEnumerable, in which I would have done that differently with a list, like you said.

>> No.55652636

I'm self taught and don't really know all these technical terms desu sempai

>> No.55652665

So what is the best way for me to migrate from pirated 7 to legit 10? I have Enterprise with KMSAuto now and I assume I can't replace it with Daz Loader? So do I have to reinstall everything?

>> No.55652673

Why do you want that?
What is the objective and the benefit that you are after?

>> No.55652708

DX12, updates.

>> No.55652719

Oh boy, I can't fucking wait to see all of your shitty posts for the remainder of this thread.

>> No.55652727

and all of that will work with KMS activation of win10 as well

>> No.55652767

But "legit" copy will be less likely to break activation with some update than KMS.

>> No.55652769

it's a smart card reader
you can use it for gpg with OpenPGP smartcards like the ones sold in http://shop.kernelconcepts.de/ or by getting an FSFE Fellowship card

>> No.55652791

true, and if it breaks you will google for 10 secs or go here and ask because millions of people will be affected

>> No.55652807

Will KMS activation work for Office? I have office activated by KMS now and I really need it for university.

>> No.55652827

yes, thats where it first was used
KMSpico is what I am using and it activates everything


>> No.55652830

umm no, its just that one folder & reinstalling is not an option, i have everything the way i like it & its a year old install, i dont plan to format or reinstall to solve the issue, thanks anyway anon
i will just go somewhere else

these threads are like 99% questions & no one ever provides any help or answers

>> No.55652852

Checksums, md5

>> No.55652855

Okay, thanks for help, but I checked update center now on 7 and it just endlessly searches for updates, so are you sure that KMS activation allows you to get updates?

>> No.55652883

How much ram does a computer need is 4gb enough?

>> No.55652921

8GB would give you room to work with, although you can get by with 4 if you're a light user.

>> No.55652932

boyo you have no idea
I am connected second day to a notebook, 100% legal system, that is trying to get updates

ever since win10 push started by microsoft they either intentionally criple the win7 update process or they slashed drasticly win7 update servers

considering the constant ~50% cpu usage, I am thinking they are doing it, rather than lack of servers..

if you google you will find complains on win7 updates all over the web

8 / 10 dont have this issue

>> No.55652950

2GB is enough for light use
4GB is enough that you wont really see some difference if you go from 4 to 8 unless you do heavy multitasking and dont have ssd

>> No.55652980

At least 4. 8 is preferred. Anything past 8 is overkill for most people.

>> No.55652994

>2GB is enough for light use
No, not really.

Applications are getting more and more bloated, and this would limit you pretty severely.

Unless by 'light use' you literally only mean a browser and maybe one media player open at any given time.

>> No.55653000

What's a good file search engine or software for music online?

>> No.55653009

yes, yes it is enough
and do tell what you consider light if some office suite, browser and media player are not it..

>> No.55653019

Fuck, it doesn't allow free upgrade from enterprise. Is there a way to upgrade from enterprise without losing my software? Can I use disk image or something?

>> No.55653032

I like Searx.me but it doesn't seem to give me the same results as Google. It should, right?

>> No.55653111
File: 4 KB, 113x158, w2dVDuY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get hired to do IT
>have to use pic related for tickets
>whoops, time to buy a new computer

I know this case is completely facetious, but 2GB is barely enough for light use now, and it sure as hell won't be in the near future.

Programming practices are getting lazier by the day.

Depending on the browser, office suite, and media player, all of those open could use up the full 2GB and start parking RAM to the hard disk.

Remember, a light user is typically a normie, and they're going to use Chrome, iTunes, and Microsoft Office.

>> No.55653165

I said its minimum, it means it will work and wont be end of the world but you will feel the improvement when you get anothe 2GB

recommending 8GB because you consider 4GB to be minimum is IMO factually wrong

and FYI windows 8 and 10 have better ram managment than win7, so not all software goes the chrome way
even chrome is fine, people freakout because it uses ram when its there... oh what a naughty boy he should leave that ram empty, for santa

>> No.55653198

Just use a rpi, 256 should be enough to browse the web and edit documents.

>> No.55653216

Nigga, FF or Chrome alone will use almost a full 2 GB of RAM at times. 2GB will let you boot, but you really won't be doing shit with it. If you want to watch videos or listen to music at the same time, forget about it.

>> No.55653324

what's that thing on the plate next to the doritos

>> No.55653334

A hot pocket normies leave reeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.55653630


Bumping this question

>> No.55653661

look for a checkbox that says check for updates
uncheck it
when you uncheck the checkbox it will no longer check for updates

>> No.55653727
File: 1.36 MB, 245x245, 1461418411188.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55653911

is pic related any good ? cause it's fucking sexy

>> No.55654307

i dont remember the name but theirs a program wich opens a litle window,wich you drag "under" the pixel then it blinks very fast in all colors to stimulate the pixel

>> No.55654422

1) What's the point of a linux swap partition? Is it necessary?

2) If so, how big should it be?

>> No.55654570

I have my main boot ssd but when I added a new ssd (500gb capacity) it has for some reason added it to the same disk (0)
So in Disk 0 I now have my boot SSD and what should be a 500gb additional ssd now reading as only 500MB in capacity
How do I remove the additional SSD so it has full capacity again? I've fucked up bad

>> No.55654606
File: 11 KB, 721x311, WHY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it has literally done this, All I did was give the new ssd its own drive letter

>> No.55654668

Okay so I need to connect my PC to a TV and a sound system. To this end I've bought a DVI to HDMI cable and an optical audio cable. I'm planning to plug the HDMI directly into the tele and the optical into the receiver for the sound system for audio. Will this work?

>> No.55654674
File: 16 KB, 829x352, AGAIN WHY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And now to see if I could fix it I removed the additional SSD and the E: games disk is still present so I think I created a new partition on the main boot drive.
So how could I remove that?

>> No.55654683

If I'm building super low end office machines in bulk, what kind of PSUs should I realistically go for? Are the cheapass EVGA house fire ones for $20 fine for that?

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