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Why would any sane person degrade themselves by using Linux?

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Idk. Switching to gentoo was pretty fun

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OP is pic related
Back to India Pajeet

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You didn't post a pic though...

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Why would any sane person degrade themselves by using Windows?

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Why would any heterosexual person degrade themselves by using OSX?

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Why would I use botnet os or homo os?

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Good point. Use windows instead

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daily Pajeet's shill thread

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Surely you mean "while using Linux", because linux alone can't degrade anyone.

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>why would any sane person degrade themselves by using a toilet to poo?

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I wish I knew

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How can anyone just use a kernel?

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Because it's the only sane OS to develop software on.

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Because W7 is the only good Windows left

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Careful with that edge lincuck. You might just poke your eye out.

Pajeet you did a good job. Your microsoft points will be deposited in your xbox account.

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el oh el

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it's typical street art you fucking nigger

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>calls other niggers
>he goes around vandalizing public property in the name of Linux

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Because some people use their computers for actual computing, and using a Unix-like OS with an abundance of specialized tools makes their workflow more efficient.

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>there are people that actually believe this

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its fun. i get bored easily. it makes learning useful things funner i guess.

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I'm one of those people. I literally make a living using Linux. I probably would be able to reproduce large part of my workflow on OS X with some effort, but definitely not on Windows. That said, I never did and never will advocate Linux as a normie/consumer desktop OS alternative, just like I wouldn't recommend an 18-wheel truck as a family car alternative.

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At this moment it is because I am being paid to run a CNC mill, that runs on Linux. I realize that you may be a neet, and cannot possibly fathom the idea of gainful employment, so I really don't know how to explain it to you. Oh wait, you know how you spend hour upon hour farming for gold in Wow, or perhaps mine for shitcoins running up your mom's electric bill? It's kind of like that, except I'm paid in legal tender which can pay my mortgage and keep food on my table.

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Cool, man! I'd like to get into a bit of simple metalworking, thinking about getting a second-hand welder, drill press, bench grinder, and dremel.

Any other tools/power tools you'd think are a good idea?

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I'm not indian or asian, but microsoft is a great company and they really love their developers. They have a great documentation and the community is very nice. If I had to choose I would pick Microsoft anytime. I'm glad I'm shilling for them.

>inb4 your mircosoft points have been deposited to your account

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Windows is a hindu OS

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Sure i'll bite;
Why do you care? How about we use this board for constructive discussions instead of this shitposting?
Personally I use both because both linux and win are great desktop environments for either entertainment or content creation. Simple as that.

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>t. Anarchist

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The first major thing I'd invest in is either a mill or a lathe. You can do mill work on a lathe, and vice versa, just keep in mind that there's a reason they make both.

I tend to prefer mill work myself, but most machinist I know prefer running lathes. The basic operation of a lathe is generally simpler, I just learned how to do this by running mills, and that's still where I feel most at home.

I don't know your budget, but if you look around you can get great deals on used machinery. Especially if you don't mind repairing them yourself.

If you are specifically interested in CNC, but on a tight budget, look into building yourself a 3d printer, like the RepRap Guru. You can buy cheap Chinese kits for around $300. If you understand how to put one together, and use it, then you understand CNC in general. That will at least give you an idea if it's a hobby you want to invest more time and money into pursuing.

From there modify and improve on the design and quality, and build yourself other CNC machines. Do 3d printing work for people, and use the money to help fund a more sophisticated machinery and tools.

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It wouldn't be as terrible if the documentation for everything was organized and kept up to date.

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>love their developers

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No, you go back to India.

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not him, but they even have a phone service for developers if you have problems. pretty cool

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>making you deal with Pajeets trying to make themselves pass as murricans

That's not love, that's the oposite.

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not sure about phone support but they have a live chat for Windows app developers

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I don't know. Why would all the scientists, meteorologists and universities degrade themselves by renting supercomputers that are all running Linux, for their research?

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Same reason you see guys like this every so often, at least where I live.
You could argue that a unicycle is better than a bike, but ultimately the reason this guy is riding such a thing is because it makes him different from the crowd, a brilliant gem among the rough crowds. The same reason anybody identifies with anything.
This is also why they fight tooth an nail defending linux, the OS is a part of them just as much as their hairstyle.

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Or maybe some people are just not tech illiterate moron /v/edditors like you. Don't you have speccy thread to attend to?

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don't worry about that OP, just go back to your cubicle and drone on

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loonix is for neckbeards, windows is for work, apple is for cocksuckers

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>making you deal with Pajeets trying to make themselves pass as murricans

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She's expressing the proper response

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So basically linux users are attention seeking faggots who choose to be unique over being functional

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>If you don't use windows you're a hipster, and you don't want to be a hipster right?
Excellent argument, great convincing powers my friends.

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