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Meme collection got wiped pls halp

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>implying schools aren't so shit they use something other than a giant excel spreadsheet

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>192 Bit

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Thinkpad threads. Literally the funniest shit you'll ever read.

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The GTX 1080 is called that because it can only do 1080p and it costs $1080 burgerbucks/cuckbucks/GoodBoiPoints.

source: google, reddit, tumblr, and wcctech

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>I bought a new thinkpad
>Go to starbucks to brag about it
>sit down, place thinkpad on table
>take out my sony mdr v6 headphones
>connect them to the glorious thinkpad
>crank up the music of the k-on! OST so everybody can hear it coming out of my superior headphones
>empty a hazelnut triple macciato all over the keyboard
>yui's voice doesn't stop coming out of the headphoness
>my loli wallpaper still on the screen
>people watch in awe at the magnificency of my Lenovo™ Thinkpad® running Arch GNU+Linux
>some guy tries to do the same on his macbook pro
>the battery explodes, he makes a mess and is kicked out of starbucks
>I laugh and keep using my computer
>my fingers smell like coffee

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I had a dream the other night I think some /g/ents would enjoy

>be me, at uni
>go to front desk of IT because my Linux machine isn't connecting to the internet
>instead of IT, there is a trans desk worker there
>"hello anon, what seems to be the matter?"
>words turn to spaghetti
>I can't even talk to fake girls in my fake dreams
>i just turn and head upstairs without saying a word
>Apparently there's some school wide assembly going
>sit down like a good schoolfag
>it's some trans awareness spiel
>but suddenly
>"we have a very special guest today, sponsored by the /g/ wiki"
>in walks our glorious Lord and Savior, RMS, followed by about 10 armed Nazis
>previous speaker starts flipping shit, assembly's canceled
kek'd so hard I woke up

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I use linux since a long time ago, but seeing how lots of people here praise windows 7 so much and bash linux, I decided to try it. To my realisation this "windows 7 is good" thing is an elaborate troll; here are my reasons:

Just after finishing installing it I rebooted and noticed that it wrote over grub, thus forbidding me to boot my other OS's. Why would you even do that? Why doesn't it check if there are other OS's installed and let me choose?

After my first dissapontment I booted into my fresh windows 7 install and tried to install drivers for my gpu, after 5 minutes trying to find a package manager and some googling I understood that windows doesn't work like that! You have to go to the website of the GPU manufacturer to download drivers! WHY????!!!! Linux had package managers since before I had hair on my penis, how can windows, an OS made by a fucking billionaire corporation, don't have a simple package manager? I fucking had to use "internet explorer" (a fucking excuse to a good browser) to get a real browser!

And it doesn't stop there! you have to look online for every program you want, all have different installers that make you agree to some obscure legal documents and try to install shitware like toolbars all over your computer! And that's not all, if you want to update most of these programs you can't fucking click somewhere to update them all, you have to update each of them manually, lots don't even have a way of updating them so you have to go to their site and download the new version!

Also you can't do fucking anything with the "command line", it doesn't bring any of the famous coreutils available on all Linux distros and even Mac OSX! The command line is a fucking joke only made to show that their excuse for an OS could be useful.

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>go to the US for vacations
>walking down the street
>see a huge line of average americans (obese guys) in front of a mcdonald's
>I ask one of them why there's such a long line
>"they adding somethin' gnew to the dolla' menu"
>suddendly a huge fat guy on a scooter comes out of mcdonald's
>he shouts "2 MOAR NUGGAS!! 2 MOAR NUGGAS"
>they added 2 more mcnuggets to the 1 dollar nuggets box
>everybody starts clapping and chanting "YOU ESS AY! YOU ESS AY!"
>I start hearing a loud noise
>a caravan of FBI and NSA cars arrive at the place
>they'll give free food stamps to people if they tell them what they did this week
>apparently they do this every week
>people line up to tell the FBI and NSA everything they did this week
>after telling them they get food stamps and they say "thank you for protecting us from terrorists!" while clapping
>one guys tells an FBI agent he watched a bluray movie yesterday at a friend's house
>neither him or his friend paid an extra watcher license
>the FBI agent pulls a gun and shoots the guy in the head
>everybody starts clapping and shouting "THEY KILLED A TERRORIZER!!! WE SAFE NOW!!!"
>everybody starts clapping and chanting U S A again

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Isn't RMS like the least likely guy to be followed by nazis? Oh well, kek story anon.

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those damn terrorizers always tryna get our healthy mcdonalds food

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>Nvidia: 4 means 3.5
>AMD: 4 means 8

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does anyone have the pepe from this pic

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>Meme collection got wiped pls halp
this is why you use redundancy and make regular backups

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what's the 1.7% meme

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yall nerds aint bein very funny

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Ours did, back in 01'

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You know those are lousy trolls, because people like you fall for this shit so easily.

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And it runs 10-80 times faster than any AMD competing card.

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you must be gnu here. never underestimate how deprived people on /g/ can be.

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Food stamps for personal information?
Where can I sign up?

>What did you do last week?
>Oh, woke up 14.20PM on monday
>Watch anime while eating cheetos and drinking mountain dew
>Then I...
>so on so on


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Because this is a troll thread, it takes effort to make it good.

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good work

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I hope you didn't illegaly download you are chinese cartoons

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Sadly we don't have NSA here.
Government and ISP's don't give a shit what you do, nor about piracy.

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1.7% yield of a certain model of cards.
It's a joke from the era of woodscrews, housefires, and no drivers.

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