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Green edition

>Buyer's template:
>Where to Buy:
>Use buyers template
>Keyset wiki

old thread (nobody really cares)

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what do i get as my next board

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build your own

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ive been considering a bmini but idk

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I am looking for a good DIY kit for a keyboard, anyone know any decent ones?

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Need advice /mkg/:

I need a keyboard for work, like this, but with arrow keys (yeah I don't know VIM keys yet fucking kill me), which I guess means that I'm looking for a 65% keyboard?

Any suggestions? I want something with CherryMX switches and NO lighting.

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there's the magicforce keyboard on massdrop right now

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any good tutos/beginner tips as to how to achieve this ?
I've been thinking about making one for myself for some time, mostly because the layout I covet (bepo) doesn't exist in the mechanical world

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the gons pcb i used for that one is totally programmable
you can use whatever layout you want

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The issue is that the bepo layout has a straight keys alignment, that's about half of its benefits as I see it
Does this kind of PCB exists whit straight columns ?

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>yeah I don't know VIM keys yet fucking kill me
the hard part is not to know them, it's to get used

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comme ceci?

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exactement !

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yeah the ortholinear keyboard >>55379465

you can just turn them off you know
i suggested it because it's cheap and you can get it with cherry switches right now

or you could get a leopold FC660m

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You can turn them off, famalam :)

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I intend on making a DIY keyboard when I can afford it. What is a good resource for fully understanding my options?

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with GMK dolch keycaps

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Is there any websites with kits that have ISO layouts?

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don't use iso

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why don't these ever have F keys?

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they do

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Is there any other sites that sell ANSI DIY kits then? I just want some more options.

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ah, so they do.

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olkb.com sell PCBs and cases but sometimes also do drops of full kits.

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What's the best 122 keyboard?

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model f

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Does Max Keyboard have good PBT cherry caps?

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Switched back to the blank keycaps, they got a lot of hate last time but idgaf I love em.

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Looks pretty weird, but I like it.
Blanks are always better anyway.

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tfw don't wanna keep using shitty rubberdome while I wait for my tada68 to come.

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You can go out and get a keyboard with scissor keys right now :^)

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i think blanks on model m's look like shit but not doing what you want because of the opinion of some random anon's is far worse

im this faggot btw >>55379213

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I don't like it on regular M's but the industrials case match the darker caps so I love the look of it.
Love your space bar btw, how is it angled? I don't use many boards other than buckling springs.

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what keycaps u using

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Cherry Cherries mx 15000

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i just flipped it
it makes it alot more comfy when you type with improper posture :/

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I honestly didn't even realize you could do that.

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those keycaps are expensive AF famiglia

but hot damn theyre expensive just baka my desu senpai

I'm deciding between Leopold FC660 anmd the TEX Beetle.

Which one and why? What color switches and why?

The clears on that Beetle would feel so good, but its going to be for using at the office..

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Oi mate, I'll need your address by the middle of this week if you still want to see those spacebars before sometime in August

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the problem with the FC660 is the non standard spacebar and right shift
but if you're not going to change the caps thats fine

switches are subjective
anything but browns

i thought i already emailed you my po box

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Ah yes, now I found it. I'll send them out on monday

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I have browns at home and they work just fine whats wrong with browns?

And I plan to change shit

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/mkg/'s thoughts on the easterntimes tech I-500 tkl mechanical keyboard? I got one right now and I freaking love the feel of it.

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Never heard of that, but at least it doesn't have some terrible name like every other chinkboard does. Post a picture.

They feel like reds with dirt in them.

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They are marketed as tactile switches though the tactility is barely noticable. I much prefer them over reds, but I also much prefer clears over browns.

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This one is mine, not a big fan of "Glorious PC gaming race" on the wrist rest, but I heard their shit was good and I can't complain too much.

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then its settled

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Kill yourself.

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can you do that on buckling spring keyboards?
ive been wanting to get myself a model m but they are really hard to find in ansi layout if i dont want to spend 50$ for shipping

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Wow so much hostility, sounds like someone has some issues they need to work out. It's okay anon, I still love you. <3 :^)

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Which keyboard should I get? I've decided between the Rosewill RK-9000V2 BR and the CM Storm Quickfire XT. The CM Storm is 20 dollars more and I can't see a reason to get it.

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Cooler master comes with cherry switches and probably has a bit better build quality, though I've seen people say good things about the rosewill too.

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The rosewill one has cherry switches too and the build quality on the rosewill is said to be sturdy.

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i don't really know why i expected the atreus to be more user friendly.

installing the firmware was a massive pain, and programming it seems to be a bigger one

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Oh cool, I thought rosewill only comes with cherry clones. Go right ahead in that case.

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>Location (continent at least)
>Preferred switch type
MX Blue
ISO, (ANSI is fine too)
>Form factor
Full, (100%)
Would be nice to have
>Previous/current keyboards
Shitty membrane "logitech deluxe"

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My pok3r pcb is dead.

What should I replace it with? KC60 seems like the choice atm.

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>max keyboard Nighthawk
>one light goes out
>autism is flaring like crazy

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how did you break it and can you not fix it?

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Just handwire it

Trust me, it will be just fine

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ducky shine 3 stopped working. I tried diff usb cable and f2 led pops on. keyboard will work for 5-10secs. then go disfunctional again. then work again. then stop.

any ideas?

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did you even try to fix that pcb before you destroyed it

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Try it with another computer.

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the legends sagged right off the caps

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hey guys, does anyone has an idea what happen to my corsair strafe RGB?
it keeps pressing random shit after minutes or inmediatelly of being connected

my googlefu doesn't help

now is running without drivers in another clean pc
and it keeps doing that

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>corsair strafe RGB

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it was made by a company that cares more about gaymer style than quality

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There's probably a crossed connection somewhere on the pcb if I had to take a guess. That sometimes happened on my hand-wired boards. Maybe a piece of solder got dislodged or melted.

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