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I need some help. Im trying to find some to any info on this videocard. Its a no name graphic card and also pictures tells more




it has a lot of jumpers and I want to set it up for digital monochrome,from what I heard it supports Hercules
it must have some info somewhere

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Is that pci?

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D27128a is Intel erasable eprom. Still looking though

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Yeeah, thr 27128 is an EEPROM, 41464 is memory, the two TTL chips are buffers. The 6310 is what were after. 8bit ISA card I assume is EGA?

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Got a pic of the back?

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>all those socketed ICs

it's entirely possible this is a limited production / development / testing board, and you probably won't be able to find anything about it if that is the case

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8 bit CGA w/ LPT port.

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I really hate being this old but it's hercules - hgc

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did anyone find anything

I really would like the jumper info

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looks like an ISA parallel/serial card, not a graphics card

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I know the difference between a female and male 9 pin connector

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so do i, it's a bummer you didn't show a picture of it, though

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it's not EGA, as pins 1 and 2 are connected on the board
suits CGA, pin 7 is reserved in CGA, but it's used in hercules, so it might be hercules compatible

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Did you try plugging it in?

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It's easy enough to tell it's not based on the architecture.

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how do you know

have jumper info ??

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for all your pinout needs

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I dont need connector info I need jumper info

all the different combinations for jumpers for each modes

But Im also starting to think my monitor might be faulthy, tryed 4 different videocard and nothing and have no way of surely testing the monitor, its a TTL

Can I use a arduino to simulate a TTL signal to be able to test the monitor ?? its a Philips BM7923

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doing a search for hercules cards shows several will very similar layouts, but not the same jumpers

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maybe it's just for setting the IRQ and perhaps memory size (what i presume are RAM chips are socketed, which presumably means they're optional/upgradable)

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thats CGA and is color, will my TTL monitor be OK with that ??

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that's what CGA uses, TTL/RGBI
though i suppose that doesn't gaurantee it's CGA-compatible
MDA, the black and white graphics card, is also TTL

if you have an arduino why not give it a shot anyway, if it sync's then it's not an MDA-only monitor, at least, since MDA uses different frequencies to CGA

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but im a newbie at arduino, I just copy all of that codes in the windows and run it ??

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I found a broken solder joint on a power transistor, maybe that will fix it

its a BD202 with A BIG HEATSINK ON IT

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It was the monitor all this time and I wasted a lot of time

cant believe it was a s simple as a broken solder joint

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It is definitely an old ISA bus, 8-bit, monochrome video + parallel port combo. The jumpers were used to adjust the IRQ for the printer port.
Winbond made them
Oak Technology made them

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it's ISA fuck stick

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we done it guys !

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Are you a fucking alien?

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Look, this guy knows fuck about ancient hardware.

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protip: PCI has a at least one notch in the connector (two if it's dual-voltage)

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lel, back in the day EPROM was a cheaper way to provide upgradable roms, rather than using flash/eeprom
and socketed RAM chips on a gpu was common for a time, back when you could upgrade your VRAM

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