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What are your temps?

Bonus points if your computer is cooler than your ambient room temperature.

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25°C outside, but it feels like 30.

i think my pc can handle it, at least in idle

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I could reboot into linux to get acurate temps but I my school's support of the Eduroam network is shit so I can't post from it so have the random windows temps via speccy.

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>tfw room is a constant 65-70 degrees without air conditioning

'puter's cool too.

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1. Fine
2. They're not.

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It doesn't work correctly with an APU.

The machine is 100% quiet now.
The fans WILL indicate if/when something is happening.

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The machine/laptop feels cool to the touch in most areas.
Some areas are warmer. but i don't think any of those temps are corrent.

Room temp: 24.5 degrees Celsius

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