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What tech company will you never buy from again?

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ur face

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HP, Trust, Apple

What's wrong with the gooks?

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samsung > shit hardware
apple > shit software
lg > both

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Nvidia after their drivers literally killed one of my cards.

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Western Digital

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>"0.05 has been deposited into your AMD Wallet™ account"

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Anyone who does is dumb

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I bought the moto g 2nd gen new. Biggest shit i ever bought.

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Motorola's hardware isn't bad. Their warranty support is fucking ABYSMAL.

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>"0.05 has been deposited into your AMD Wallet™ account"

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Western Digital
Xiaomi (only phones because of shit software, no sources and no updates)

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>amd pays people to shittalk amd

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no they don't. who are you even replying to?

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Supports terroristic holidays.

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Asus (Zenfone 2 was shit in every imaginable way)

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HP and Asus.

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intel, amd, ARM

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care to elaborate as to why? just curious

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MadCatz XD

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ASUS. Not only is half of their hardware shit, bit when you combine that with the fucking terrible customer support, it's a perfect storm of shit.

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their software is even worse

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Got a full refund though

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Bought a HD4850 back then when it came out. Piece of shit.


Z170M5 gaymur motherboard, full of issues with everything. Piece of shit.

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hp. there was an issue with one of their laptops where they basically forgot to put a heatsink on the gpu but refused to acknowledge the problem.

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LG displays. I mean, they make good panels, but their actual branded products are a pile of garbage.

Can't think of anything else. I'm satisfied with the majority of my purchases.

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Gigabyte. Absolute trash. Customer service is trash, too.

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>implying AMD has the money to pay for shitposting

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Hi Point
Brothers printers
zte smartphone

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Really, they supported Ramadan?

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Razer. Only thing I was interested was the Deathadder, didn't look too gimmicky. Started double clicking after 1 year.

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Intel. Racist hiring practices and h1b visa abuse.

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so what processor do you use? PowerPC ?

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Any software related company's

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amd asus

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Eurofag here.

I personally try to avoid American, and Chinese companies.
American companies because they're Jews and try to get as much money out of you as possible, like through lack of functionality that you have to pay extra for, or through subscription services, overpriced products, etc.
And Chinese products because of their lack of a worldwide presence, meaning you have to import everything from there, pay huge import fees and wait weeks, and then the quality might end up crappy and you don't want to send it back.
Lenovo is an exception (they're Chinese, right?).

I normally go with superior Japanese quality.

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Any android phone actually

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You know Let's Encrypt? The free Certificate Authority that's trying to get the whole web encrypted - a good thing?

Yeah, COMODO are trying to trademark "Let's Encrypt" from under the real Let's Encrypt. After Let's Encrypt was founded.

That's fucking shitty. Next time I meet Rob, I'm going to get him to salt the tea of whoever thought that was a good idea.


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asus, hp, samsung, nvidia, xfx, seagate, lenovo, logitech, and texas instruments

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Samsung. Fuck those garlic eaters and what they did to plasma TVs

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Microsoft, Apple, HP, Samsung

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What do you folk have against HP? I'm happy with my computer from HP.

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Apple, HP, Compaq

Different assholes, same trash.

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I bought a pavilion from HP when I needed a laptop for taking notes and it was on sale for super cheap. It is better than I expected, somehow still alive after 5 years, but the meme about the heat is true. Everyone else I know who bought one had it die on them and suffered even worse heat issues. I must have been lucky.

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Nvidia. The amount of cancer they have introduced to the PC gaymen scene is unbearable. The 970 will be my last card from them, fuck Nvidia.

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>shit hardware
Fucking idiot detected

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HP. Literally, the best kind of house fires when it comes to laptops.

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Activision Blizzard

Once burned, twice shy.

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NVidia. I bought a GT 620 to go in my FX 8350 server because NVidia drivers are allegedly better for Linux. Desktop ran fine and it probably would have played games but they consistently crashed x when I tried to run virtualbox. Support was non-existent. There were also a few other minor bugs. I ended up running windows directly on the machine instead which was an inconvenience to say the least.

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This surprised me explain what happened
So did this. What happened?

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>I normally go with superior Japanese quality.
Ah yes glorious nippon plastic, folded a thousand times.
Get real, Japanese were as much of copychinks as the chinese were a few decades ago.
As they stand now, they're not special anymore.

>meaning you have to import everything from there, pay huge import fees and wait weeks
You are importing wrong, eurofriend.
Of course you'll get double-jewed by any courier service teaming up with the €U.

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lg monitors are good

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So what is wrong with ASUS though?

I own one of their meme laptop 2 years old soon 0 problems of any kind whatsoever. Various builders I know have sworn by their mobos as well and Asus gigabyte and msi were my top 3 for mobo choices for my next rig.

I see gigabyte getting hit in here too so I really want to know especially from a mobo and gpu standpoint what the issues are with Asus and gigabyte.

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Their support is absolutely terrible. Besides that they aren't too bad.

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FSF, not gonna buy into their shit-tier ideology.
>implying FSF does not qualify as a tech company

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I´ve never seen an HP printer or laptop that didn´t have severe problems or wasn´t generally a hassle to work with.

Toshiba´s a close second because flimsy hardware..

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> Xiaomi
Xiaomi.eu faggot..an update every week
I hate bitches like you

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Nvidia (tegra is an exception)

Imagination Technologies







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Literally take it apart and put it back together. It's an easy fix.

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OK good. Gigabyte?

And yes I agree about the support btw

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>Samsung > shit software
>Apple > shit software
>LG > all around shit (Nexus 5 was good though)


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External died with 1TB of data on it

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Again? Sony.
Never buy from (without the again because I never bought from them): Apple

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Why? Is it the heat meme?
Why? Is it because they're overpriced?
Why? I can't think of a reason.

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probably apple

I've always been satisfied with their products and haven't actually needed to replace them in ~10 yrs

the new macbooks are a joke so it's strictly refurbished market

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Still somewhat surprising I normally have had this problem with large Segate externals not wd they usually just werk

Not the portable externals tho I've found the wd portables suck.

Ever have any issues with normal wd drives like red and blacks? I built a mini Nas with two big reds in it so far so good.

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Nvidia killed my 560, 590, 470 and gimped my 780 ti

Sony makes shit products since 2009

Asus (((""""premium quality vrm's, heatsinks and phones"""")))

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my nexus S was absolute PLASTIC CHINK TRASH

never again

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>different assholes

Uh, no. Carly made sure those two Voltronned into one huge asshole.

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Have fun not computing

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I myself may never buy another 3Dfx card.

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Still using my ZE551ML daily works great and still runs better than a Samdung.

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goddamn shitty driver plus unpatched ds3 corrupted my os that much I had to reformat it

I fucking hate nvidia but what the alternatives aren't much better, theres poo in the gpu which has also shit drivers and intel is a joke

I wish there was a third contestant to fuck their shit up


>asus, fuck their piece of shit motherboards
>gigabyte, I sure love double booting everytime
>gainward, the shittiest support I've ever seen
>seagate, it fucks up randomly
>ocz, never performs as it should

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Only listing companies I've had directly or semi-directly given money to and which aren't dead.

Never again tier:
> Acer
> Imagination Technologies
> Viewsonic

I hope it's never again but might be forced to by lack of choice tier:
> Apple
> Microsoft

Very wary of tier:
> HP
> Lenovo
> Nokia
> Samsung

LG used to have high quality (dumb) TV:s and monitors but I don't know the current situation as I haven't bought from them for a long time.

Samsung has had more problems with software than with hardware in my experience.

Why didn't you have backups? HDD failures do happen even to the best of them. You can only blame yourself here.

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I started out with a gaming prebuilt from them, aside from being im assuming overpriced (wouldn't know my parents bought it for me as a gift) it served me well for maxing out BFME

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Samsung for their 840 SSD bullshit.

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Asus lost all respect on the gpu side with their shit Hawaii cards

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Any company that employs mudslim shitskins instead of hiring native citizens.

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What's wrong with Acer?

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Laptops form asus nor acer

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Dell, Seagate, AMD GPUs, Noctua.

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What do they do to plasma? They have the final model f8500

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Fucking Nvidia.
>Hey here's the specs for this GPU. Good deal right? Buy it!
>Oh yeah those specs, they were wrong. Miscommunication between marketing and engineering. Sowwy.
>Also half a gigabyte of the vram is useless. It's ok though because it still works, but when you end up using it you get awful screen tearing and drop frames.
>Don't forget to buy the next one. :)

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more like

samsung > shit software
apple > both
lg > shit hardware

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I got an iPod Classic back in 2009 and it hasn't failed me yet. I'll probably buy another one at a pawn shop when it finally craps out, but other than that I think it's safe to say Apple shit is overpriced.

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AMD, lenovo (never bought anything from them but never would)

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>self explanatory

>oh wait you said "again", implying i ever bought from crapple

>you know that card we sold you brand new last year? yeah, we don't support it any more, use these "legacy" drivers that suck
>yeah yeah nodrivers, i fucking know, thank fuck for Free software giving me decent performance with their own drivers until I wised up and bought nvidia that JUST FUCKING WORKS and supports their shit for a long time

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>all this Samsung
>all this LG
>all this Acer
What the fuck guys?

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Turtle beach (I got the same headset replaced 4 times though)
Logitech (bullshit unauthorized Amazon reseller)

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Logitech, fuck those niggers.

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With you on lg, upgrading from a g3 to a Nexus 5x in a few days


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They put Windows on a machine that isn't capable of running windows.
99% CPU and RAM usage at almost all times

Sent from my HP shitbook running Lubuntu

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Setting your sights low in advance, right? Or were you even being sewious for one earth minute?

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Western Digital

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Bought 3 LG G4's in June 2015, all 3 failed in the past month. The most recent one failed just two days before the warranty expired.

Apparently its a defect so serious they should have issued a recall. They didn't. So fuck 'em.

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Bought "LG" external hard drive. Little less than it's broken, call for varanty replacement, told to return it to the store, store is told I should mail it directly, varranty is over in the meantime. Such a joke of a company.

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What's wrong with you, there are international versions available

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botnet. if/when I get a new phone I'm flashing CM or something gapps-free over Android before I use it.

technically I never did buy from them, but I received an iPod as a gift. I was greatly annoyed by the fact that it did nothing unless iTunes, and all its shit, was around to tell it the magic words. I have a chink shit player from 2007 that shows up as a USB mass storage device. You put MP3s on it like you would on a flash drive, and it plays them. This is how mobile hardware should work.

Well, not strictly true. I'm happy to go on their site and buy from third-party sellers, but I'm not going to buy anything that Amazon sells first-party, because they hitched their wagon to "fast delivery" more than "low prices". Fuck you, I want my shit cheaper, and I'll wait a few extra days for it to get it cheaper. Fuckers collect sales tax now, too, which third-parties rarely if ever do.

Common punching bags that I have no problem with buying from again: Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Seagate, Western Digital, any phone-maker not listed above.

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Microsoft, after going into their offices for an interview and seeing literally nothing but indians that I'm sure are all there on H1Bs they can go fuck themselves.

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Sony (I might change my mind)
LG (unless Nexus)

>> No.55232345

Microsoft, Sony, OCZ, ATI (now AMD video), Symantec.

>> No.55232444

Fucking Belkin. I have never used anything good from Belkin. Ever.

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Never ever.

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>Ever Again

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evga, samsung, sony

>> No.55232841

Also, I'm thinking about EVGA. The shit they did with their Precision OC software seems fucking shady.

>> No.55232857

>implying there's ethical consumption under capitalism

>> No.55232864

why, whats wrong with trust? my mouses and keyboard is Trust and they are pretty good for a really cheap price

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+Anything Verizon or ATT

>> No.55232888


+Bonus round:

ALL printers, scanners and related devices.

Fuck that shit.

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>predominantly white staff
you minorities are just lazy, living of the gubmit dole, that's why ya don't get hired
>20% of staff is Indian
das "reverse racist", mkay?

>> No.55233065

I misspoke, what I meant was disproportionately white (I understand businesses will usually be predominantly white in white countries)

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>yes goy, Nvidia all the way! Ignore the 780s now shit performance. It was time for everyone to upgrade anyway!

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>Mfw my cheapass mice and keyboards and speakers from them work perfectly years later

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I had some ungodly awesome Logitech speakers back in like, 2000 or so.

They were better than my $2,500 set I put in my goddamn car.

But I burned them up with too much WUBWUBWUBWUB drinking while playing EQ.

>> No.55233218

Whatd they do?

>> No.55233241


Every Logitech product I've ever owned has died after barely a year. Never again.

Good products, terrible life span. Not worth it.

>> No.55233259

According to reports, they ripped off the developer of rivatuner, who previously licensed his software to EVGA. Again according to reports, they literally copied his copyrighted and unlicensed code after they fired him.

>> No.55233287

Nvidia is better if you upgrade regularly, AMD if you don't. Everyone knows that. It's not GIMPING or LOLNODRIVERS it's simply how each company chooses to focus their efforts.

>> No.55233300

gigabyte and amd. both poo

>> No.55233307

You switched the 2.

>> No.55233334

yep. their cords break or they just flat out die after a pathetic amount of time and the last time i tried to put in a warranty request it was denied because i didn't have a paper receipt to show them because i bought it online. in 2014, like most people do.

switched to a cheapo $25 gigabyte mouse and can't tell the difference. feels almost exactly like my old g5 which i did like a lot

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No, I did not.
Nvidia offers fantastic drivers for their latest cards and only their latest cards. Old cards get shit on.
AMD offers decent drivers for their cards for much longer. New cards aren't as cutting edge as they could be.

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Wow thats ridiculous

>> No.55233460

No. AMD quickly abandons supporting previous gen cards and leaves them with buggy drivers that will never be fixed. Nvidia has much stabler drivers and supports their cards longer but is more expensive.

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Microsoft, Apple, Samsung

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Oh dear, I thought you were genuinely confused, not a shill.
My mistake.

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I learned the hard way by buying AMD. You'll be next. :^)

>> No.55233522

>Reading this post while using COMODO Dragon
Might be time for me to switch

>> No.55233555

Take the R9 290(X) and compare it to the 780Ti.
Back when the three cards launched, 290X > 780Ti > 290, but now 290X > 290 > 780Ti.

>> No.55233701

The same thing happened to me as >>55231520 with my 6950.
The last stable and beta drivers AMD released for it were shit. Games crash or run like shit even on a fresh install of 7 or 10. Also when it was released, the performance varied dramatically between games so Nvidia's weaker card would out perform it a lot. /g/ said that they'll fix the drivers so it shits on the inferior specced 560 ti like it was supposed to do.


>> No.55233723

Huh, I guess Nvidia is better for poorfag cards then.
Shocking considering the endless meme spouting to the contrary.

>> No.55233756

>Huh, I guess Nvidia is better for poorfag cards then.
Do people not even remember that the 750Ti wasn't that long ago?

>> No.55233758


Just utterly incompetent, completely detached with the customer's expectation and load up all their phones with bloat wares garbage.

>> No.55233775

Half the threads I read on here say ASUS makes the best gpu's and mb's and other half say they are shit

>> No.55233789

Apparently not, I think has a lot to do with most of the shitposters staunchly supporting one side or another being underage b&, making this their first rodeo.

Bad design, bad quality control.

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>> No.55233809

They added back the SD card slot. Who would have thought that the most Jewish Android company in the world would do that? There's still hope.

>> No.55233813

Nvidia. Nouveau drivers suck.

>> No.55233839

Is it overpriced? It's lasted since 2009 anon. Do you not think you payed for a good product?

>> No.55233847

Any British tech company, since they're all going to be bankrupt soon

>> No.55233858

Asus once had great valued motherboards with a failure rate still better than obscure brands. That might have changed.

>> No.55233919

> VNX5200 goes hard down.
> No big deal, as none of the data is needed. > Had only been used for some performance testing a few months ago.
> EMC rep says do 1-17 to erase and re-image FLARE drives.
> Complete step 17
> Rep says "Oh, wait. That was for a different product. You just voided your support contract. Have a nice day."
I got it fixed after legal had some discussions with them. I'll never buy another EMC product as long as I live, which is easy as now they're not their own company anymore.

> Force10.
> Really decent hardware.
> Really crappy software.
Also part of Dell now, actually.

> Lets publish a bad BIOS update.
> Lets take 10 months to fix it, 3 months after the problem is discovered
> Sorry, your server isn't under warranty anymore, so you'll have to buy a support contract to fix the shit we broke.

Enterprise IT can suck...

>> No.55233951


they have shit support and the phones are not self repair friendly

>> No.55233961

So, the Raspberry Pi?

>> No.55234006

I once heard enterprise IT described on a tech blog as nothing but barely working junk sold to CIOs with backhanders, hookers, and cocaine, thats designed to generate support payments and consulting contracts, if its designed at all.

how true would you say that is?

>> No.55234041

Samsung when talking about phones or TVs.
Hi sense TV's. Very poor color accuracy and contrast. My IPS monitor compared to my 4k is like thinking I spent 1500 on a monitor and 200$ on a flat screen.

>Never buy from
Apple. Never have, don't plan to. It's not about their products, is about their business model. I highly disagree and I believe that what they do is immoral. Could you imagine if you had to buy Kellogg branded milk for your cereal and couldn't use that milk for millville cereal? KYS

>> No.55234063

>Updates the BIOS
That was your mistake.

>> No.55234111

Normies don't like accurate colors. They want vibrancy/saturation.

>> No.55234155

Yeah that's fucking gross dude. My Acer IPS looks beautiful when playing GTAV compared to my 4K. Not because of the resolution, it makes little difference. But the colors on any setting just can't compete with my 1080p IPS. I actually switched everything to my IPS and exclusively use 4k for shitwatching cartoons like south park all day. Its basically been relegated to my background noise box

>> No.55234663


My LG flatscreen shat itself when i hooked my ps3 to it (i could see the ps3 menu even with the tv turned off), thankfully i got back to the store just after it happened and complained to them because nowhere did it say that sony stuff wasn't compatible with it, a 5 min talk in the backroom and 50 extra bucks and they let me take a much better bravia instead of that shit, god bless pedro the plebmart manager i went to highschool with.

My nexus 5 also broke just after a week, this time it was the power button, they also offered to change the model since this was a common complaint with the phone, i took an S5.

Both LG devices were my first flatscreen and smartphone, so this left me understandably bitter at the company

>> No.55234696

oh that brings back memories

I never realized that that's why color accuracy was so terrible

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>> No.55234767

i think you are trying to use =, anon.

>> No.55234889

. . .

>> No.55234890

Lenovo, unless it's a Thinkpad

>> No.55234958

Dell, Lenovo

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But anon...

>> No.55235061

truly the opposite of Intel's Jewing.

>> No.55235088


>> No.55235647

They're updating their own piece of shit skin, but the base stays the same. From what I've heard, the Redmi Note 2 will get Marshmallow no earlier that September, if ever, and by then N will be out already. Developers can't do (proper) shit either because no sources, ergo you're stuck with literally the worst Android modification out there.


>> No.55236350

Razer. Bought the deathadder and it satrted double clicking in less than one year.

>> No.55236478


>> No.55236499

Fuck your NSA hardware implants.
>inb4 they didn't know it was happening
Until the customer receives the product, it's their responsibility. Unless the customers were hiring the shipping company, which they weren't.

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>> No.55236509

Anything with botnet in it

>> No.55236620

HP destroyed their printer line. They used to be tanks and now they feel like high grade styrofoam. Plus they've made it difficult to get a decent scanner anymore.

>> No.55236662


>> No.55236685

That sounds about right, actually.

Yeah, all fine and good, unless there's a show stop bug with the OEM optioned CPU's your running and the released version of the firmware.

But please, continue to act like you know what you're talking about.

>> No.55236688


enemy of my neckbeard

>> No.55236780

>'but other than that I think Apple products are overpriced"
>but other than that

It implies that he was satisfied with his product and doesn't view it as overpriced, but he finds the price of other apple products to be unreasonable.

learn 2 reading comprehension

>> No.55237472

I know. My Samsung fridge has pretty good hardware.

>> No.55238003


>> No.55238116

> NVidia
> Corsair (at least for PSU's)

>> No.55238150


>> No.55238280

Steelseries(Except mouses)

>> No.55238350


>> No.55238812


>> No.55239083

But anon LG made the nexus 5X

>> No.55239158

> >

>> No.55239354

ITT: literally every tech company

>> No.55239501

Tunex - cheap electronics but sometimes unreliable.

>> No.55239569


>> No.55239592

I don't care about brands, I just read reviews and don't buy things on release.

>> No.55239621
File: 825 KB, 2048x1536, DSC00348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Radeons used to be good before AMD bought ATI, and AMD can't compete with Intel for CPUs

Too mainstream now, the quality has decreased a lot since

Shitty LCD displays, were good at making CRTs

Became less reliable than Seagate

Was never good

Buggy cellphones, same for the TVs, just going to look for LG now

>Microsoft hardware
Shit Lumia 640 cellphone that lasted a year until it updated to Windows 10 and was unusable

Buggy cellphones

And others I've forgot

>> No.55239636

Belkin, Netgear, Dell, HP, Apple, Innokin.

>> No.55239847

>so little Sony and Asus
They good?

>> No.55239922

I bought a Moto G in the Summer of 2014 and it lasted till winter, I called Motorola and they sent me a new one 3 days later and I still have it, what happened to you?

>> No.55240056

Fucking Havit

>> No.55240068

I sill have my moto g 1st Gen, running latest cm nightly smoothly, not really thinking about upgrading

>> No.55240089

Intel, HP, Asus, Corsair

>> No.55240111


Western Digital
Altech Lansing
Muscle Power

>> No.55240188


Bought their phones for years from 2007-2013. All of them were just shit, yet I continued to bite the bullet thinking they had the best XDA support, and traditionally they did. Now Samsung is king. They make shit phones as well but they're best supported by XDAfags.

>> No.55240263

Razer (I was a kid)
AMD cpus (for now at least)

>> No.55240306

probably apple
maybe samsung
every consumer computer company (who don't also produce respectable professional products)

>> No.55240323

AMD gpu & cpu

>> No.55240346
File: 250 KB, 622x348, WQvxd0H.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So you got declined for a job because you weren't as competent at them and now you're mad at work visas.

>> No.55240444


>> No.55240478
File: 72 KB, 829x645, 1415229314247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he actually bought winrar

>> No.55240501

>HTC: biggest fucking bullshit on planet earth
>Easy Acc: some cheap shitty bullshit I have ordered 2 headsets from this son of a bitch-company both arrived all ready broken fucking shit nobody likes you Easy Acc

>> No.55240517

samsung TVs, motorola phones, Kensington bags

>> No.55240519
File: 9 KB, 250x215, 1433219477151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw all the Windows stations at my job have WinRAR trial version preloaded thanks to our amazing IT guy.
>Mfw we also work on Mac and Linux
>Mfw I once had to install rar libraries on my Linux station because one special snowflake actually used it to make a RAR archive I needed to use.

>> No.55240552

>>>>>>he had to install rar libraries
why isn't it installed in the first place? guess the special snowflake here is you

>> No.55240623

because rar is garbage and nobody should ever use it
the year 1995 when you were all dumb teenagers uploading garbage online called and wants its file format back

>> No.55240634

Monitor died fast
Monitor died fast
Bad psu even though that one psu brand got good reviews
Psu died fast. I'll still use their fans though

>> No.55240688
File: 38 KB, 498x509, 1466274573250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Epson, ati/amd, Microsoft

>> No.55240697


>> No.55240773
File: 114 KB, 170x170, 1344304678842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What I meant is that I wouldn't buy a replacement new, even though I do think it's a good product. The bulky ass iPods they used to make were of good quality, but everything Apple has made in recent years just seems kinda flimsy and cheap.

In other words, when my trusty music device finally dies, I'll be buying another one second-hand as a "fuck you" to Apple.

>> No.55240778


>> No.55240789

>being the least tech-literate
>unironically shilling for rar


>> No.55240979
File: 979 KB, 3000x2250, wordcloud.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.55241261
File: 750 KB, 1480x848, wordclouds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucked up the size

>> No.55241306


>> No.55241318

kill yourself
I am not shilling for rar
but you should expect rar files to be used
not everyone is an autistic /g/entooman

>> No.55241335

samsung is the best for producing android phones

hp make some of the most reliable computers out there

this, or any graphics card honestly

this, intel or bust

acer is nice

so you have no cpu? you must have a cool computer

logitech has amazing mice

>> No.55241349

Pretty much all of them, now everything i buy is second hand and the price is like 80% cheaper than the original

>> No.55241357

Dude, Windows has a built-in zip utilities in its fucking Explorer. Then if you want better ones, 7zip is free and its native format is a lot more effective than RAR and ZIP combined. There is zero reason to use WinRAR anymore except for not knowing better. And I'm working with developers and software testers. They should know better.

>> No.55241389

winrar is amazing for rar/zip/iso files and if you don't understand that you must be a total dumbass.

>> No.55241459

It's an archive manager. How is it "better" than other archive managers that support these formats? The only thing WinRAR has exclusivity on is compressing to RAR format, which is not really different than ZIP.

>> No.55241509

Amazon. The kindle fire runs one of the worst versions of android available and the cheap one is hard to install a custom rom onto if you updated it past a certain version.

>> No.55241521

why would you even buy a kindle in the first place? ebook readers are just watered down tablets. Get a tablet if you want to read ebooks.

>> No.55241534

can confirm HP is awesome.

>> No.55241786

Fuck this guys tier
>Toshiba (worst laptops to be ever manufactured )
>Razer (The deathadder 2013 was amazing and it still works, I thought razer was good and then a couple of years later I bought the blackwidow, it's fucking shit tier overpriced cheap crap)
I don't want to but it's competitor can't do a better offer

>> No.55241847

>so you have no cpu?
I have over 10 computers with neither Intel nor AMD processors and none of them are ARM.

>> No.55241858

You fell for the kindle meme and now you refuse to buy shampoo from Amazon?

>> No.55241989


this, bought two laptops of theirs and both had identical drive failures

>> No.55242029


>> No.55242105

NVidia. Fuck their quality control, or rather, total lack of it.

>> No.55242161


>> No.55242355


>> No.55242716

This. Gigabyte is the worst build quality I have ever encountered.

>> No.55243084


>> No.55243324

my gigabyte motherboard from 2011 is still running strong

>> No.55243379

>b-but I took the one that said G1 GAYMEN!

>> No.55243472

Fuck you, MX 518 is best mouse ever created

>> No.55243477


>> No.55243623

With Intel I'd be willing to buy their processors second hand but I wont buy from them directly.

Bought from and wont buy from again: Samsung, Asus, HP, Microsoft. Terrible quality products in general.

Never bought from and will probably never buy from: Kingston, HP, Nvidia, Apple, Sony, Lenovo

>> No.55243668

>he's never had an iPod, Mac, or Trinitron
You poor bastard

>> No.55243680


>Drivers that crash from watching YouTube videos. Fix released, issue doesn't happen as much as before, but it still happens.
>No Vulkan or DX12 support on Fermi, even when the hardware is capable. They also showed slides that said Fermi would get Vulkan support, but lol, fuck you, give us your shekels and buy a 1080, goy!
>Jewed people with the 970
>Jewed people with the Founders Edition
>Gimps every fucking thing with their GameWorks bullshit, even their own fucking cards!
>Gimps older cards or pretends there is still active support when it's not true (Kepler? Fuck you, no more optimizations for you!)

>> No.55243751

checked shill

>> No.55243772


>> No.55243780
File: 44 KB, 560x781, blog-fail-drives-manufacture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55244210


>> No.55244230


>> No.55244428

Nvidia, hopefully.
Evga for sure.
Be Quiet! 100% garbage.
Corsair, probably.
Asus, maybe only motherboards.

>> No.55244806

My Seagate 1.5 is goi g strong on its 6th year i believe as my main drive

>> No.55244881

most users of this internet forum do not have that dilemma as we void the warrantys anyway and can fix our own shit

>> No.55244911

That's about it to be honest my man
"Use product from", though, also add
>red hat/lennart poottering

>> No.55244943

ive never had troubles with my technology. not a richfag either

>> No.55244961

>I've never used technology!!!1
>browses /g/

>> No.55244971


>depending on the product
Logitech (very weak build quality in some products)

>> No.55245121

oh my god lmao

>> No.55245483

Forced obsolescence on Kindle devices.

>> No.55245502

I'll probably never buy earbuds from Meelectronic, if that counts

Had 2 of their products crap out on me. Customer service was really nice about it and I got free replacements but then those crapped out on me too.

>> No.55245505

Maybe he likes the world of technology, faggot.

>> No.55245526

Why would you use virtualbox on Linux when QEMU/KVM is available?

>> No.55245595

Pretty much this

>> No.55245643

Then /b/ would be just right for him, unlike /g/.

>> No.55245664

I'm not him but I run VBox on Linux instead of KVM. I've tried to switch to KVM several times but some problem always comes up. Most recently I had problems connecting to a VPN from a KVM VM, which just werked in a VBox VM.

>> No.55247325


>> No.55247549

>using a type 2 hypervisor at all

>> No.55247553


>> No.55247555

>buying desktop class drives in the first place
>trusting a company who uses desktop drives in a server

The backblaze data is such complete horseshit and isn't taken seriously by anyone in the storage industry.

>> No.55247578


>> No.55247599

i dont get how what i said was stupid. ive never experienced breakdowns or overheating issues like i see most people have.

>> No.55247690

Microsoft (NEVER paid for their product)
Nvidia (jewish anti-FOSS faggots)

>> No.55247792

Western Digital

>> No.55247801

>using outdated memes

>> No.55247841
File: 2.10 MB, 3508x4961, 1464643781158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nvidia shills and summerfags go back to /v/

>> No.55249055

>all these retards saying Samsung
you should try disassembling your laptop/phone/...
I'd be surprised if there is any single electronics device out there that doesn't have a single Samsung component.

>> No.55249101

Samsung electronics division and Samsung phone division are two separate things. I mean fuck, Apple's old iPhones had CPUs made by the prior while competing with the latter.

>> No.55249106

>zte smartphone
their shit is not bad for the prices...

hi RMS

>I personally try to avoid American, and Chinese companies.
heh, everything comes from china, and most things are """made""" by murrican companies... you are fucked

apple fag detected

>> No.55249143

>External died with 1TB of data on it
>Not the portable externals tho I've found the wd portables suck.
fuck, I bought a WD external some months ago :/

>> No.55249291

> barely anyone mentions Asrock
kek. they mobos were cheap, terrible shit not a long time ago. google says they have improved... in any case, all these mobos are made by foxconn anyway
there is (was?) another cheap brand, biostar. these mobos sucked so much.

kek. fuck you :)

sadly, the UI on 7zip sucks.

>> No.55249336

I don't buy anything made by microsoft. sadly, I'm still paying the microsoft tax...

right. still, it's... the same brand, samsung :P

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