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Post small or dumb questions here, someone will probably answer you! This thread is for questions that dont deserve their own thread as they would not inspire discussion.

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I have pic related, an MSI laptop, that I'm not using any more. Any tips for selling latops on craigslist/ ebay and such? Should I do anything special to the hard drive? Or a would a simple format / reinstall windows suffice?

Also is gadgetvalue .com any good? They said my laptop is worth $675, I'm assuming that is what a pawn shop or other retailer would charge if they bought it used, so I'm thinking asking $450 isn't unreasonable.

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Hey im that stupid retard trying to learn assembler
what exactly is causing this simple ass program to not work the way i intend it to (print "abc" 10 times)

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Wireless isn't really cutting it for me anymore, so I'm looking to pick up a high-quality, long-as-fuck LAN cable, somewhere between 200-300ft, but not sure of what to pick up and what to look for in a LAN cable, any suggestions?

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I don't have a question just came in to say that my laptop GPU idles at 90C

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Audiophools of /sqt/, how do you create an EQ for your gear?
Do you measure perceived loudness to derive an EQ for flat response?

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You'll want to zero out the hard drive so you don't have anybody trying to recover your data, DBAN is a good tool for this.

I have no idea about that site, I usually just go to ebay and see what they're selling for.

You'll want cat6 for gigabit over 300 feet of cable.

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inb4 muh interference
you need to know the difference between a reliable brand and a snake-oil brand
here, do all of these
>clean dust
>reapply thermal paste
>stop buying craptops with shitty cooling solutions

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You may want to reseat the heat sink, or if its still under warranty contact the manufacturer.

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it's an old as fuck laptop I'm just running it until the wheels fall off

>reapply thermal paste
laptops don't have thermal paste they have a weird "gum"-like thing that holds the heatsink

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Nvm i got it

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You'll want cat6 for gigabit over 300 feet of cable.
Noted, thanks
>you need to know the difference between a reliable brand and a snake-oil brand
Alright, any brands I should avoid upon seeing their names?

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>laptops don't have thermal paste
Some laptops might use thermal pads but this is not an absolute
You can often replace a thermal pad with paste anyways.

Go to monoprice and get a spool of cat 6
For a length as long as 300 feet you're going to need to make your own cable, so you'll need a crimping kit.

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I would like to connect two stereo devices to the rear audio pannel (using the unused 5.1 connectors) and switch between the two with pulseaudio. Is it possible, and if yes how could I do that? I tried googling around but didn't find anything (maybe for lack of proper keyword to search for).

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I'm upgrading/reformatting for the first time since the cancer that is Windows 10. I'm going to be installing 7. How can I safely install it and get all the current updates without installing any Windows 10 update stuff, or tracking/telemetry updates?

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GWX control panel or never10

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Why do ISPs drop multicast packet? Aside from their own for cable, etc.

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Just halt it at SP1 and don't click on sketchy shit.

Microsoft is probably going to start including telemetry shit to every update soon, if they haven't already.

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What can I do with a dust collecting router? I dont need another access point, and I dont think it can run openwrt

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If I have 8GB of RAM why does Firefox get laggy if I exceed 2GB of RAM usage?

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Oh, and you'll want a shielded cable
You can actually get cables that length with the connectors, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn how to do your own


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How do I make images like this which change when you click on them?

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Can someone help me choose between buying an Android tv box from Gearbest(~30€) with Android 5.1 and sd card entry or a rbpi 3 (~60) ? My main objective is to install Kodi to get the tv channels of my country for my parents and genesis so that I can watch movies and series. On one hand the Android box is much cheaper but it comes all bloated it's only Android, on the other hand in the rbpi3 I can install any Linux distro and use it as a computer if I need to.
What are your opinions? Thanks

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Transparency and moire effect

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>shielding a digital signal
shiggy diggy

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Enjoy your dropped packets

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My build is this, and I´m currently waiting for the RX 480.

My question is, will it run most games at +60fps, would my system bottleneck or something else that I should be aware?

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It just depends on the game, some games may not play nice with a dual core.

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you retarded bro?

any high speed digital interface is done with shielded lvds pairs

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I have a 3TB drive dedicated for storage and some programs. I also have the default shortcut for downloads associated with that drive.

Problem is that my downloads folder will delete itself and leave a file called msdownld.tmp at the root of the drive.I havent noticed a trigger for this sort of behavior, and it seems to ignore any programs using files off this folder.

Any ideas? I'm considering formatting back to win7 (this is Win10 btw)

Any help is appreciated.

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Where can I buy an affordable new CRT monitor ?

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So I got one folder from my pc which has 555 items and one folder from my phone unmodified that has 553 items. What's a fast way to determine what files are missing from my phone's folder since those are supposedly to be identical.

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robocopy dir1 dir2 /MIR /L /NDL
robocopy mirroring both directories but only printing out extra/new files instead of actual copying.

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I know winmerge can do directory comparisons, but I guess that's maybe a little overkill?

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Compare each folder individually?

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>t. monster cable

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Does anyone still use windows phone, or is it just me now.

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copy files from bigger folder to smaller, skip duplicated. then sort by date modified in folder that was smaller.

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Winmerge just tells me that the path is invalid when trying to choose the phone's folder path
cmd doesn't even know what is My Computer/Phone/SDcard path
Well, it's just one folder with 500+ images on it.
Won't that ruin the date modified. Also will try. Thanks guys for your help!

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you need to copy it to your computer first unless the application you are using knows MTP.
and 99% chance it doesn't.

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how do i connect my 3ds to the internet through a 'ruckus wireless' bullshit router? I already tried a virtual router.

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I do that with a virtual one, did it not work for you?

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how do I install windows 10?
"Can't install Windows on this disk. The disk is in the GPT partition style.".

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make a gpt/uefi bootable image from the installer or set your bios to legacy/bios.

the former is recommended.

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Ok I have rEFInd, and a usb with windows 10 installation files, but no matter how many times I "refresh" it doesnt detect windows.

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Does DNS effect my internet speed?

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the initial request to a domain name you haven't cached yet can be slower.
otherwise no, once you're connected to something you aren't doing any dns lookups anymore.

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It affects how long DNS lookups take

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So I'm replacing an AM3+ motherboard with an LGA 1150 one:

1. I should be reinstalling windows, correct?

2. When does the reinstallation happen? Is there an option to reinstall windows after I boot up with the new motherboard?

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depends on which windows version you have really. if your windows is an OEM version then you can't just replace the MB. Otherwise you shouldn't have issues.
i say shouldn't but you actually might.. so back up well.

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Windows users:
Can someone download Nomacs (the image viewer), open an image and try to resize it using the Lancsoz resampling method to see if the program crashes for you? It does for me, but I don't have another computer to test it and the upstream developer cannot reproduce the crash.

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its 8 OEM upgraded to 10, do I need to reinstall in this case?

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just double checked everything and now i'm getting 'The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation' from the virtual router

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which virtual router? Which OS?

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Am going to buy a r9 380 :)

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Mothball it. May come in handy as a temporary emergency replacement someday.

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FOrgot to mention: Windows 7 users.

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windows 10
Virtual Router Manager v1.0

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try it first it might work actually. but probably not sorry.
you can get a win10 key for $25 on kinguin.net if you need to.

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128GB ssd vs 256GB ssd.

All my media is on my server anyway, so idgaf.

I just want to run linux + windows in a virtual box.

Programming + internet and maybe a few movies/series.

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try some of the commercial solutions. Virtual router didn't work for me either

there's this

this one works for me even though their site is incredibly shady

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Is there actual Spyware I should delete on Ubuntu derivatives or is that a meme?

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price difference is negligible these days honestly. get the 256gb one.

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Is there any gnupg template mechanism to encrypt/decrypt specific part of file, not the whole file? So, for given file with "holes" and a file with metadata (values and some key identifiers) I want to be able to fill only sensitive holes.

$> cat file
ip =
user = me
password = ${password}

$> cat file.gnupgdata
keyId = OlrgLqsE
password = "RIWjueHyqRfVO"

$> err --input-file file --template-data file.gnupgdata --output file.encrypted

$> cat file.encrypted
ip =
user = me
password = dz0mEeiW2pc1SFMtyykAUyLGfJ85ipAfDbnIcPoRIaDKKpL1dFmeoxbh33WfHCyCQ52Rlfbi5+iXZiOnsP66X8/0O/DpuBmX2Ont5GUQt5HkPWHVgXW/B+zaRm4+G51EY74d7tMTzovUoSYlfetl5Irx2f7pv/q9tyLiWdHxW9

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Is it better to connect your computer directly to the modem using an ethernet cable or to use a wireless connection?

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its for a t430s, so it has to be a 7mm drive....

price difference is around 160% if I go from 128 to 256.

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Under what circumstances will the difference between a 32MB and a 64MB HDD cache be noticeable?

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all consumer 2.5" SSDs are 7mm

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there is no fucking spyware goddammit stop believing /g/ memes

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Oh really?

I thought my old m4 was 9mm.

ok cool.

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Are vinyl stickers a good non-permanent solution if I want to put something on the side of my Define R5?

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you can use a combination of grep, openssl and sed to find, encrypt and replace the password; respectively

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I went to a interview today for a helpdesk IT position for a small company with a IT department consisting of 1 person. I though I did well but for whatever reason, they seemed to be bothered by the fact that I'm currently studying for Mechanical Engineering instead of CS. I gave my reasons why I wanted to do it and I enjoyed both lines of work, but they seemed iffy for whatever reason.

Should I just start replacing Mechanical engineering with computer science/computer engineering and just lie or am I just being paranoid?

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thank you!

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>Windows 7 Pro
>got UnxUtils
>most programs take their sweet time to load (2 or 3 seconds)

Is there something that can be done or should I just stick to PowerShell and put some of the utils I just can't live without in system folder?

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Trying to configure mpd on my server so i can access all my music via ncmcpp on my desktop but cant find info on archwiki. I know to point ncmpcpp at my servers ip address but not sure what to do in mpd.conf on the servers end

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ethernet is more stable and sometimes has faster speeds.

restart the virtual router service.
you can't use the virtual router if you are already connecting your pc via wifi. the card can only do one thing at a time, provide the laptop with access to the internet or host a hotspot.

see webm

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cygwin is a thing. never had problems launching it before.

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this is a great tutorial but I'm way more impressed with your web bum making skillz

post guide

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i didn't make the webm, but you can try webmcam or sharex. alternatively use any other screen recorder + webm for retards/bakas (gui) or ffmpeg (cli)

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Depends... If modem and PC boh have Gigabit Ethernet and you have a Cat. 6 cable... yeah, use the cable. If wireless is faster due to shit Ethernet card and/or cable, use wireless.

I guess...

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Does it really matter what case I get for my soon to be newly built PC? I kinda want to be a faggot and get a LED one.

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>I kinda want to be a faggot and get a LED one.
you'll regret it as soon as your an adult

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no as long as it's not literal trash and it has enough space

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>using double click icon to close window
This nigger knows what's up

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I actually wanted to give cygwin a try sometime.
I can't trash my system by being an idiot while setting it up, can I?

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I don't see the appeal of LED anything. When I try to go to sleep the blue power button my case annoys me, having it decked out with four brightly lit fans seems absurd.

>> No.55111923

completely isolated in a separate directory. annoyingly safe

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How can I tell if it has enough space? The ones in Excellent category on Logicalincrements are $100 and it seems too pricey and I want an optical drive too I guess.

I'll have you know that I'm above the age of 18.

I want to look at/eat/touch bright things

>> No.55112002

well in terms of fitting the parts if you're buying a full or mid tower you won't have space trouble but just in case put your configuration on pcpartpicker, it will warn you about space issues or conflicts

>> No.55112050

I guess the m4 was 9.5 mm
Well almost all these days should be at least, always good to check.

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I bought a budget tower and don't use the headphone jack built into the front because it has too much EMI noise.

>> No.55112059

So I need to test my motherboard but I don't have spare parts. My other components like the video card and power supply are still under warranty, and I don't want to buy another mobo just to confirm my theory that the mobo is done for. What should I do?

>> No.55112065

Is there any good way to root a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Android 5.1.1 with a kernel build date of Sep 22 2015, or am I shit outta luck? Towelroot does not appear to work

>> No.55112107

I hope those temps are under load. if not you need to check your thermal paste and your airflow. Those issues would be the bigger problem preventing you from playing

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How did you link it to the platter?
Using a hard link, or via the properties panel?

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Yes fahrenheit

>> No.55112163

eq is no longer used.
Its 2016 not 1990
treat your room.
EQing nulls in a room is like trying to fill up a bucket with a hole in it

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Sup /g im new to google and i want to find cool pics centered around the theme of dancing with wolves but all i get is pics from that faggy movie

so how do i find that ?

>> No.55112228

apparently some of the newer cards are great value for dosh

should i sell my 980 before the price drops and people realize it isn't worth the money?

>> No.55112237

Does anyone know a command I can run on windows to get a list of recent DNS lookups?
Or just some DNS table is fine. Recent would be cooler.

>> No.55112243

For now, not worth the money unless you really need the power.

>> No.55112248

dancing with wolves -movie

gave me some non-movie results but still 90% are about the movie

>> No.55112256

Is there a way to show the load for each server in openvpn?

>> No.55112261

I used the properties panel

>> No.55112262

This may help you if you're new to google.
What you want seems to be "dancing with wolves -movie". Without the quotes.

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>> No.55112342

Grub-install can't find a EFI directory, I do have UEFI enabled what the shit

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>> No.55112375

None of my devices have 2 nics,patch cables are not feasible.

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>> No.55112427

because every OEM wants their special snowflake standard/service to trap you in their ecosystem

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What gpu would I need to game Titanfall and BF1 at triple 1080p/60hz at high settings?

>> No.55112450

WIFI, VPS, Cables, FTP, etc.

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>> No.55112465

>He doesn't know what Linux is

>> No.55112498

1070, maybe a 1080 depending on how high the settings

>> No.55112500

Even with a gigabit router>switch with jumbo frames on all devices,it is still not feasible to transfer large amounts of data.

>> No.55112520


>> No.55112531

If you need faster than 100 MB/s transfer rates you shouldn't be using consumer tech.

>> No.55112563


Kek wat
Are you stuck on dialup then? Or are you that goy?

>> No.55112574

I plan on using an adapter to power a SATA SSD from a Molex. Then I will leave that SSD resting on top of a HDD or maybe on the bottom of the case, because I have no bays left.

Is anything wrong with either of those things?

>> No.55112584

ipconfig -displaydns

No idea about recent DNS lookups, tho...

>> No.55112604

2TB SSD in a USB 3.1 enclosure

>100 MB/s
You're asking for faster than gigabit network transfers, the next step is 10GB/s which is not consumer grade hardware.

>> No.55112606

On my android phone I have a thing that just sets up a webserver that lets me browse and transfer files. Potentially password protected.

>> No.55112618

Sorry. That's what I meant. DNS requests.
Thanks. Shame there's no dates.

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Could I copy a steam game onto a hard drive it, paste it onto another hard drive, and play it after logging in?

>> No.55112684

Not exactly
You need to tell the new location to start installing, then stop it and put the copied files in, then resume it

You can also use steam's backup game files function

>> No.55112685

Is it worth upgrading a r9 290 to a Rx 480

>> No.55112700

Ok thanks ill fiddle around

>> No.55112752

Where the fuck did i say more then 1000mbit?
Data is from various sources, dumped in to one folder,which needs to be transfered to a different local location.
All net work options are shit

>> No.55112761

Hmm. Sounds like too much work.

>> No.55112815

You said it wasn't feasible to transfer that amount of data with gigabit and compared gigabit speeds to dialup, unless that was someone else being autistic.

>> No.55112922

How to remove DRM from ,m4v files of itunes?
Friend told me he has GOT for me and gives me a drive of his itunes files. Naturally I can't open it

>> No.55113040

reverse engineer it

>> No.55113070

Do I have to add an optical drive manually or do some cases come with one already?

>> No.55113091

how do I ssh into my linux laptop at home from a remote location?

I tried ssh [email protected] where IPADDR is the result of http://ipinfo.io/ip

>> No.55113128

You dont want to have root able to log in remotely.
You need to expose your computer to the real internet,youll need to port foreward it.

>> No.55113136

open ports

>> No.55113143

add it yourself, a typical price is $20us

>> No.55113161

you gonna get hacked, I hope your okay with getting your ass raped

>> No.55113200

If it's not possible, then just say so.

>> No.55113207

I don't know how to open ports. I've been in a dorm ever since I entered uni and was able to buy my own computer.

I always used internet via either wifi or the wire connection in the room, I never had my own router.

>> No.55113213

Okay. So I can definitely add a drive bay/optical drive to a case like the Enthoo Pro?

>> No.55113217


>> No.55113388

What flavor of Debian do I use for my 6600K PC?

>> No.55113413


No replies mean nothing wrong, or everything so wrong that it looks like I'm trolling? Plz respond.

>> No.55113424

if I have a SSD do I need a Hardrive

>> No.55113431

It's fine.

Did you try searching google?

>> No.55113435


>> No.55113445

You can put it pretty much anywhere but I wouldn't just set it on top of an HDD, good to have airflow over them and it might resonate due to vibration.


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File: 2.44 MB, 2892x2944, IMG_20160616_152440.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is this

>> No.55113519

It's a catastrophic failure.

>> No.55113526

I want to make a blog that's completely local until I chose to publish the .html files what should I use? running arch

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File: 3.59 MB, 375x346, uC5MJop.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have that guide to "iptables" and scheduling "chron"?

>> No.55113610

Then you cannot

>> No.55113626

arch wiki

>> No.55113689


Catastrophic failure desu.

>> No.55113746

Not exactly /g/ but I expect some of you would be able to help me or at least point me in the right direction: I'm myopic and my optometrist says lenses need to be 0.5 diopters shorter than the eyes' curvature (so if my eyesight is -3 diopters, I would need -2.5 lenses). I've never questioned it before but I recently realized I'm not as satisfied with new lenses as I want to be, and I still can't see really faraway things my non-myopic friends see just fine. Am I being rused or does this match everyone else's experience with vision glasses?

>> No.55113811

Why do Americans demonize the Germans for putting all the Jews into concentration camps during WW2 when they did literally the exact same fucking thing to the Japanese?

>> No.55113829

Whats a good app to use 500 amazon coins on? I have a galaxy s7 edge.

>> No.55113833

My laptop's line-out is just the regular headphones jack. But my 3-set speakers' amplifier has two line-ins (RCA, red/white).

Do I really need to buy a "Y" cable just to get proper stereo? Why can't I use a regular "I" cable in say the left line-in. The amplifier is basically the uni-tasker for such purposes and it can't even handle having the "Y" feature within, say, the left line-in, whenever the right line-in isn't being used???

>> No.55113842

>arch wiki

>> No.55113843


>> No.55113855

They were at war, spreading propaganda and making the enemy look like assholes is just how things are done.

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File: 29 KB, 500x500, dPoJuPZeS1Trkra8_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Interested in getting a 144hz monitor since I'm playing a lot of CSGO again lately. Looking at the VG248QE.

Just how ugly is it? It's obviously going to look worse than my IPS.

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File: 15 KB, 611x182, da fuq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The fuck is this folder doing on my hard drive?

How can I get it out?

It's empty btw

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Wut up /g/
Absolute beginner here,

What programming language would you recommend me to learn?
I use a generic Win7 pc and prolly always will

And also what book should I read?

>> No.55113907

You cant, its a system folder

>> No.55113930

Can you explain a bit more?

>> No.55113992

The system has locked the folder for use,you wont be able to delete it as the system is going to use that folder for a background process
If it dosent go away after a reboot. you can boot in to a liveusb and delete it,as you cannot be in an active session

>> No.55114012

Ok, I appreciate it

>> No.55114021

I've commandeered my GFs 2007 macbook for shitposting and SSH.

The battery on it has long been dead and I just ordered one off Amazon with relatively good reviews for £13.

Will it implode while it's sitting rigt ontop of my balls?

>> No.55114028

python, just look for tutorials on youtube

>> No.55114029

It's a bug with one of Microsoft's installers that creates these folders. I had a shitload of them on my G: drive, there is a way to unlock and take ownership of them so you can delete them but I forgot how. You could try attrib -s or something but I think it was more complicated than that.

>> No.55114038
File: 39 KB, 768x523, scrnsht.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my specs are in pic related, I am considered getting a new motherboard and cpu if it's worthwhile. However what gpu should I get? I have about 500 saved up.

>> No.55114054

You actually can. If it's win7 just boot a linux dist. CD or the Windows CD and remove the folder from the command shell.

>> No.55114059

Just fucking takeown and delete man.

>> No.55114062

I hate when OP posts this man, because all I see is my fucking dad. I swear he's his doppelganger.

>> No.55114113

There is no reason for you to upgrade now, your system is fine.
Wait till september after everything has come out and prices are sane

>> No.55114161
File: 450 KB, 1920x1200, flowers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


just spent three hours coloring pic related in GIMP, each flower a different color (I know, autism). Pressed space bar and somehow the whole thing vanishes. Like GIMP just closed and the window on bottom (firefox) opened. I'm still in shock about how the fuck that shit happened. I opened GIMP; it wasn't saved or anything. Any ideas on how I could get it back? It was like 4 minutes ago.

>> No.55114180

If a Windows 7 PC losses power in sleep mode, could any damage be done? If so, what is the likelyhood? Yes I had a UPS/Surge protector but I was out when it happened.

>> No.55114183

I'm on Linux Mint, btw.

>> No.55114189

Suspecting every Japanese a spy and stuffing them inna concentration camp was a dick move, sure, but at least they got fed, not worked to death and not gassed. US panic'd and propably overreacted, Nazi Germany industrialized genocide, that's the difference.

Also, what the fuck does this have to do with /g/?

Also, >>>/pol/ is that way.

>> No.55114197
File: 705 KB, 1920x1080, 1465412326937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a good decently priced moniter to get to get a vertical moniter like pic related

>> No.55114220

Case specs say limit is 29.4 cm for GPU. 1070 strix is 29.8. Will it do without removing the drive cage?

>> No.55114228

If hybrid sleep is enabled, nothing bad happens. Otherwise it's slightly better than surprise shutdown.

>> No.55114246


>> No.55114269

Questions like that still get fucking answered somehow.

>> No.55114332

Not sure if hybrid sleep was enabled. When it is placed in sleep mode, everything turns off, all the lights and fans. Not sure if that helps. Is data damage the only thing that could really happen? No programs were open.

>> No.55114369

Looking it up, hybrid sleep was not enabled

>> No.55114395

2 questions
Pair of Micca MB42X or a pair of Polk T15

Lepai LP2020A+ with an aftermarket power brick, a Dayton Audio Sub 1000 and a pair of speakers (first question)
Good idea?

>> No.55114406
File: 71 KB, 456x810, 1465991814328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a decent all round quality monitor that's not too expensive? I just want something with decent colors/contrast but also decent input lag/response time so it's not terrible for gaming either.

>> No.55114414

1. I have the E6400 body , is there a laptop mobo I can put in ? I like to get atleast something with i3 or i5
2. Can you connect a mini pc to a portable DVD player ?

>> No.55114417

>pressed space
Space will hide layer you are on.
It will not close with unsaved changes.
Either you're lying, or you spammed space to much you pressed around 3 buttons to close out gimp

>> No.55114500

I'm in the market for a new PC for graphic design and possibly gaming, and I need help choosing a monitor setup. I heard multiple monitors or high-res monitors are life changing for design work, but I'm a huge faggot and I want a minimal aesthetic in my setup so I'm not so keen on multiple monitors, and getting a high-res one would both be expensive and increase the cost of the PC over what my budget allows because I'd want games to run in native resolution. On the other hand Windows font rendering is abysmal and I'd want a high PPI screen to circumvent that issue. Is there a solution to my problem other than killing myself? I'm currently eyeing a single Dell S2340L.

>> No.55114509

Its quite successful in Latin America

>> No.55114553

Got all components for a new pc from pcpartpicker/logicalincrements according to installgentoo wiki on building a pc (minus sound card due to motherboard having integrated one and optical drive). Do I need anything else related to putting it together besides the basic hand tools mentioned?

>> No.55114572

Why did you take mechanical eng in first place ? Mech Eng is more manufacturing of parts than tech support desu I am not saying that you couldn't do it is just strange. I'm a software dev but also had lots of tech support experience. Don't think I ever herd about anybody with mech degree doing support.

>> No.55114592

No, and No unless it has video in

>> No.55114594
File: 55 KB, 640x640, feels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no just patience and lots of reading. it'll will be a fun and long process. you'll do fine.

>> No.55114648

I'm currently doing it in uni. before studying full time, I used to do Full time IT work before quitting. I had to start looking for work again due to money problems with classes/real life and I'm I might as well use the A+ cert and 2 years of IT experience to get a decent help desk job instead of retail.

>> No.55114656

newegg suprised me with this one on their newsletter a while ago.
Have had no problem with it at all.
Well worth the investment

>> No.55114722

this is the first time I posted this its a good math guy called dijkstra

>> No.55114765
File: 2.97 MB, 1462x1079, Screenshot_10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stupid question coming in hot

if i build a computer without buying an os, can i just make a windows 10 boot usb with my free upgrade and use that?

>> No.55114801

Yeah. This rom is an inferno. 90 F, plus I'm only using the case's stock fan. I will get another when I buy the GPU.

>> No.55114829

My friend used to get 600 Mbps on his wifi and now he barely gets 60 yet on lan he still gets 600. What do? He's using an Asus router

>> No.55114849

congested cable network

>> No.55114898

Ok so i downloaded terminal emulator on my android. 'su' is an unknown command, how do i become super user then?

>> No.55114931

What redirect services does /g/ use for 4chanx?
Everything seems to be disapearing

>> No.55114939

You can buy an bootable USB with windows 10 already on it.

Or you can pirate windows 7 (which is better)

Or you could use a CD

>> No.55114960

Buy? You mean he should buy the a USB with a preloaded key, or just the OS?

>> No.55114971

Well if he doesn't want/know how to make his own bootable usb, yes

>> No.55114996

what exactly is wrong with the following? It first gave me a Read error, and now it is giving me an IO error. This is my first time ever trying to create a webm

>ffmpeg -i 'The Wire S01E11 The Hunt (1080p x265 10bit Joy).
mkv' -c:v libvpx-vp9 -b:v 1M -an -ss 00:13:02 -t 00:01:10 first.webm

I am trying to have it be 1:10 in length starting at 13:02, no audio

>> No.55115003

Create image of old pc, put image on newly built pc, upgrade. Botnet

>> No.55115007

Can I use the TP-Link TL-WDN4800 wireless adapter if I go to Windows 10?

>> No.55115028

Does anyone know where extension data is stored in the chromium profile folder? trying to restore my windows backup on linux but my extensions got fucked up and If I remove and reinstall them the data (like tampermonkey scripts, ublock shit) is erased

>> No.55115062

If I were you, I'd have chosen RPi3 and installed OpenElec or OSMC

>> No.55115093

Vp9 isnt allowed on 4chan.
Also put -ss before -i.
Also make sure you're searching for that video file in the correct folder

>> No.55115094

It works on windows 8.1 so i'm pretty sure.


Bumping my question

>> No.55115121

I mean the options, not the extension itself. Isn't there supposed to be a sqlite file or something like that?

>> No.55115134

Tried what you said and am still getting an IO error
>first.webm Input/output error

I'm searching in the correct folder I believe, the problem is output

>> No.55115171

Did you not export all your extension data into .json files?

Also the data is located in the /Default Folder.

Not 100% sure what folder goes after that

>> No.55115190
File: 266 KB, 814x733, Screenshot from 2016-06-16 19:47:12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's a screen shot of the last stuff it does before error

>> No.55115204

out.webm cannot be written for some reason

>> No.55115210

Have you tried sudo?

>> No.55115213

I've been trying tons of names and none of them work

>> No.55115223

Your drive could be full,
Your drive could be dying.
Your drive is corrupt.

>> No.55115235


>> No.55115246
File: 131 KB, 1360x768, Screenshot from 2016-06-16 21-51-50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also the data is located in the /Default Folder.
>Not 100% sure what folder goes after that
Yeah I'm searching for it too but can't seem to find it, also when I just copy my windows profile over the extensions are fucked up like pic-related, used to work on windows. Weird.

>> No.55115248

Yeah i might just get a dif emulator

>> No.55115251

I/O error
Look up what that is
Fuck off then, diag it your self

>> No.55115255

So, i want to get into ethical hacking because i used to work in an IT job and we had an opportunity to transfer but i had to leave before i could jump on the opportunity and i figured why not go for it now? i really have no idea where to begin. help would be nice. sorry if i am being a scrub.

>> No.55115279

Make one? you can buy a huge box of the cable for cheap.

>> No.55115296

Shit sorry man, you may be right. I was using my external before and moved the file off of it, tried it again and it worked. It's just my external is not full, and I'm not sure how it could possibly be dying or corrupt, I've had it since winter

>> No.55115343
File: 137 KB, 590x589, if this piece of shit doesn't fucking work i swear to fucking GOD i will go bash in the heads of the indian pieces of shit that develop realtek drivers. fucking hell just end it already.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a Siberia V2, which has two separate 3,5mm connectors. One for the headphones and one for the mic, both are 3-conductor. My laptop has a combo jack. My question is, will this splitter work if I want to combine the two connectors into one so I can use the combo jack? Thanks.


>> No.55115376
File: 651 KB, 576x432, protonigger3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doods I was wondering of a good place to find APU benchmarks or reccomendations. I am going to be putting together a new computer soon. I dont really care for AAA titles and just want to game comfortably on medium or whatever settings hence my idea to get an APU. Thank you in advance.

>> No.55115395

Can you re-arrange buttons on a website that isn't yours? I'm trying to change the formatting of this website because this button popup keeps getting in the way of the video.

>> No.55115430

according to http://www.hardware-revolution.com/best-cpu-apu-processor-april-2016/

>best entry level apu
AMD A8-7600

>best high-end apu
AMD A10-7870K

good luck in your endeavors friend

>> No.55115504

Can you elaborate?

>> No.55115535

I have a usb battery, a nearly dead phone and access to one working/powered usb port.

Is it safe to link everything together?
It feels like a bad idea but I have no idea.

I have no idea how to google this.

>> No.55115550

Why not just do USB>Phone

>> No.55115601

Long shitty day tomorrow, large quantity of waiting for other people to get ready to do shit.

have enough time to fully charge one. would like both.

>> No.55115603

If a 1070 uses 150w standard for most cards but some have 230w to what does that change?

Will it most likely use 150 unless absurdly overclocked anyway? Also has 2 8 pins rather than one

>> No.55115655

>have enough time to fully charge one. would like both.
can't eat the cake and have it too f a m

the setup you proposed will probably be a lot slower than taking things one device at a time. prioritize nigga

>> No.55115687
File: 15 KB, 644x429, 939lt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to use a Sony ecm 939lt from my PC's mic jack, I turned up the gain but its still very quiet. Any tips?

>> No.55115693

pajeet said if I have any trouble with activation they should be able to look up my key and take care of it. Does this mean i'll be good?

>> No.55115725

Anyone have a guide to jail breaking IOS9 on an ipad 2?

>> No.55115763

need to restore my computer and I'm using the basic instructions from softlay, it was he number one google search

only problem I have right now is that the windows 7 ultimate download from that site takes roughly ten years

however my computer has been having random restarts. sometimes I don;t get a restart fo a few days and sometimes, like today, it been restarting every 5-15 minutes

>> No.55115785

Which SSD brand should one avoid?

>> No.55115811

I have two different audio inputs that I want to output to the same set of speakers. How would I do that?

>> No.55115813


posting in segments in case it restarts again

haven;t found a reason for teh restarts, temps are perfectly fine and I cleaned and re thermal pasted a week ago


I need a fast download link for windows 7 ultimate iso

or the best instructions to turn a usb into a windows 7 installer

any advice would also be appreciated. I also backed up everything onto a portable HD so that step is taken care of

>> No.55115825

Thank you based /g/od

>> No.55115902

It's not going to explode or anything, but it's going to charge real slow. Typically the battery fills up before the phone.

>> No.55115911

are baby wipes ok for cleaning computer dust

>> No.55115938

How do you change an overlay_popup to something that opens in a separate window? This is what the code looks like now:

<div style="z-index: 999999;" class="overlay_popup chat_popup">

>> No.55115961

The dust will clump up.

>> No.55115982

How is the reliability of 6TB HDDs? I think I read somewhere that they're still new and kinda error-prone compared to 4TB drives. Looking to get an external USB drive (WD) and the 6TB is less than 50% pricier than the 4TB so it seems attractive.

>> No.55115998

>google "windows 7 corenoc"
>download the one you want
>use rufus to make a bootable usb drive with windows 7

>> No.55116052

Boot up with memtest86 and have it test your ram.

>> No.55116069

Why is it that when saving imagines on win10 from editing on photoshop or even paint, the resulting saved image has so much higher contrast compared to what I had before saving?

>> No.55116070

Is there any app for android to read manga? is there anyway to synchronize my manga from my desktop or over the cloud to my phone? (don't mind paying)

>> No.55116111

would an insect screen/net work well as a dust filter for fans?

>> No.55116128

Nothing good, no. Manga Watcher used to be alright, but almost every site has "bot protection" now which completely breaks any app.

>> No.55116136
File: 45 KB, 668x488, rig.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my main pc is pic related
can you guys recommend me a good distro for a pc like mine?

>> No.55116146

>but almost every site
I can simply download my manga doesn't have to be from a site, if that's what you mean.

>> No.55116149

probably not

>> No.55116153

what is the meaning of life

>> No.55116156

Just download it and use an image viewer.
That simple

>> No.55116182

good point

it's only 99p so it's worth a punt though

>> No.55116185
File: 42 KB, 330x330, 1377514231271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you have multiple Youtube accounts tied to one Google login?
Say I wanted one account where I upload shit and a different account where I subscribe and watch shit with no uploads, is that possible or would I have to create 2 Google accounts?

I was told it's possible, but I don't see how. If I login to Youtube, click my profile picture and select "Add account", it just makes me log in again and does nothing

>> No.55116203


>> No.55116230

A cache difference will almost never be noticeable.

>> No.55116254

Are account sign ups for HackerNews universally disabled or am I just banned?

>> No.55116261

Hmm, I wonder if I can stream it via a cloud of some sort.. without having to download it to my device

>> No.55116269

If that's what you're talking about, then the simple Gallery app will do it for you, but there's no way to sync it. Maybe put it on Dropbox or something then delete each chapter as you read it?

>> No.55116278

Nevermind, all it took was Profile picture>Settings>Add new Channel

>> No.55116286

will changing a drive letter format the drive?

>> No.55116331
File: 102 KB, 600x513, samsung-galaxy-note-4-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My dad's been running a note 2 that's been failing recently so I want to upgrade him to a factory unlocked note 4, is there that big of a difference between the SD805 and the Exynos that make it worth it?
We're in the US and he uses AT&T, so I'm trying to figure the difference between the SM-N910C, SM-N910F, and the SM-N910W8.

The SM-N910C and the SM-N910F are about the same price, where as the SM-N910W8 is about $100 more.

Which one should I get?

I want to give him an unlocked phone if in case he switches carriers he can keep the phone without any fees or hassle and he hates the AT&T bloat, so it's easiest thing to do.

>> No.55116339
File: 14 KB, 644x429, ecmcont.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe it has something to do with the Realtek audio manager, I tried multiple solutions but couldn't get any difference. At a loss on how to get it to work

>> No.55116341

Does raid 0 has any advantage other than safety? Does it make things slower, having to send writing instructions times two?
Thinking if I should do a raid 0 on my two 1 tera hds or just use one as a external hd

>> No.55116352

Is Windows Defender a good enough antivirus by itself?

>> No.55116355

Is that even doable with CSS?
<a href="blah.html" target="blank">
will open the page in a new window or tab, depending on how the browser is configured.
No idea how to force a new window, though. Sorry mate.

>> No.55116366 [DELETED] 

When you are rdly moving a file around that is 33MB.

>> No.55116383

Paired with Malwarebytes and Common Sense 2016, yes. Pretty much all antivirus programs are equal nowadays, so you should use the one that's most efficient.

>> No.55116386

RAID 0 isn't safe at all, anon. You'll get double the read speed, double the write speed, and double the data loss.

>> No.55116388
File: 992 KB, 389x259, rickylol.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55116403

When you are rapidly moving a file around that is 33MB.

>> No.55116410

Are you thinking of RAID 1?
RAID 1 may give slightly worse performance
RAID 0 will give somewhat better performance but you get fucked if a drive fails.

>> No.55116436

RAID 1 will give you double the read speeds but half the write speeds, wouldn't it?

>> No.55116439


>> No.55116455

Fuck I meant raid1

>> No.55116497

Up to double read speeds, write speeds limited to the slowest drive.

>> No.55116508


>> No.55116512

Is there a way of having the middle mouse button/scroll wheel act the same as on windows in linux? Like when you click on it while browsing say on chromium or FF and are able to just drag the mouse up and down to scroll.

>> No.55116525

How Do I upgrade my Windows Vista 32 bit to x86 Windows 7?
I have no DVD's and no USB key

>> No.55116548

never mind i'm a retard and found a solution with some additional googling

>> No.55116549

How learn codes

>> No.55116550

Any removable drive will do

>> No.55116556

network boot?

>> No.55116560

I found something else that does exactly what I want, but I don't know how to install it, there is no setup.exe anywhere.

>> No.55116564

ok i have that

>> No.55116571


>> No.55116574

How do you achieve a network boot?

>> No.55116610

idk, I've never been without another device. Could you ask you're mom for $5 and get one?

>> No.55116613

The gentoomen library torrent is giving me a tracker error at "ccc.de". Is it dead or is this only on my end?

>> No.55116645

get what? sorry im a noob

>> No.55116667

USB storage dingaling

>> No.55116675

ok thanks

>> No.55116692

but what i was having trouble with is why is it called a Network Boot? i thought that was using the router or something

>> No.55116693

980 ti sli
i'm fiddling with msi afterburner and I notice that it's more unstable when one card is at 110% power limit and the other at 130% power limit than when I just bring them both to 110.
Anyone know why this is?
I'd put them both at 110 but it's different brands, EVGA caps it at 110

>> No.55116709

To add, this is in furmark benchmark
For example same clocks volts etc and at 130/110 I get a crash 2 seconds in and then 110/110 I can complete the benchmark

>> No.55116711

It would require another computer to act as the server to provide the installation image.

>> No.55116741

Also meant to say i'd put them both at 130%*

>> No.55116769

oh ok don't know if i can do that

>> No.55116774

If temperatures are below throttle limits on a GPU, How high is it okay to add onto the core voltage in afterburn?
Seems to cap out at +87 but would doing so cause any problems?

>> No.55116805

Is there a way to show the load for each server in openvpn?

>> No.55116879
File: 28 KB, 225x212, 1441079973805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

poorfag here Anybody know where I can download college textbooks book in PDF file format? If you can provide a list it would be great

>> No.55116901


>> No.55116933
File: 93 KB, 772x581, shortcut sort.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question #1

How do I sort shortcuts to be next to folders?

Sorting by file type results in pic related.

I could rename my folders so that alphabetically works, but I don't wish to name things like "z-shortcut".

Any tricks to, perhaps, manually changing the way sort by file type works so that I can achieve the order I desire?

Question #2

I want Kik on my computer, should I use Andy or Bluestacks to emulate an Android and is it safe to do so?

>> No.55117051
File: 219 KB, 640x360, 24955386.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55117067

What is the Internet of Things?

>> No.55117070

Thanks for the response anon
This really made me think

>> No.55117118
File: 1.72 MB, 395x512, 1465714217273.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A network of things, connected to the internet.

Like having your kettle connected to the internet so you can turn it on from your PC. Internet of things if a retarded name for it though.

>> No.55117137

Really though, there's no way to say.
It could be unstable, it could run fine until you replace it, or it could die early - its just the silicon lottery. Look up your GPU and recommended max voltage.

>> No.55117217

I want to record video of myself
what program should I use, sincerely windowsfag

>> No.55117237


>> No.55117253
File: 51 KB, 720x544, downloading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Software Recommendation Request]

I need a video editor that can:
>Trim clips
>Crop clips
>Adjust video settings in a similar fashion to VLC's effects and filters (brightness, contrast, motion blur, etc)
>Not compress the video to shit

So, all in all, nothing too fancy.

What should I get?

>> No.55117263

Premiere/After effects

>> No.55117265


>> No.55117272

Let's say I want to maximize the performance of a windows only directx 9 game

Which version of windows 7/8.1/10 will give me the best performance? I know windows 10 is supposed to be good for directx 12 or w/e, but what about antiquated directx versions? or are they all identical?

Like would the same hardware on win7/win8.1/win10 all give the same framerate on a directx9 game (uncapped framerate obviously)?

>> No.55117291

Its called a mixer

>> No.55117335

How the fuck do I bypass the fucking Twitter phonenumber verification thing? I DO NOT want to give them my number. But those orwellian faggots lockdowned my new account even while I was using Tor as a proxy

Is it because Tor gives you a constantly changing IP? I'm a noob and I don't know of many proxies, are there any better ones for this?
I'm surprised their fucking automation rules could catch that I was Tor browsing.

>> No.55117341
File: 381 KB, 800x485, 23049803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At the same time or individually?

I made a switch box to switch individually.

One switch picks the input from the TV or the computer.
The other switch picks the output to my headphones or speakers

>> No.55117342

>recommending adobullshit

>> No.55117348

Windows XP, or whatever OS you prefer in general because it really doesn't matter.

>> No.55117362

If you don't want to use the best program for the job, currently. Then that's up to you.

>> No.55117376

Well one consideration to make is the hardware firmware/driver/etc

If I have a modern intel cpu and modern nvidia gpu, will 8.1 drivers give me better performance than 7 drivers?

I know "in general it doesn't matter" but I'm a huge autist and even a 5 fps boost will make a difference in my decision

>> No.55117403

im on a laptop and the programs just giving me a black screen.
not understanding their solution either

>> No.55117469

Hopefully this thread isn't too dead yet.

Can someone tell me that anon upload site's name? I can't for the life of me remember it. I could have sworn it had anon in the name but who knows at this point.

>> No.55117474

I want to start developing iOS apps but I only have a linux and a windows 7 computer
Do I have any options that don't involve shilling out all of my rupees?

>> No.55117488

aite i figured out i had to add source. their layout was confusing
now the issue is it uses about 60% cpu

>> No.55117501

Also at one point am I going to have to pay to have my app on the store?

>> No.55117506

The only ones I'm seeing are $100+. Is there seriously no cheap way to implement this technology?
At the same time.

>> No.55117635

can anyone tell me how the mod to get 771 xeons to work on 775 board works? It looks like it just covers up pins

>> No.55117801

Why would you want to do that?

>> No.55117807

Fair enough , just don't see how mech comes into equation for this . I know in my uni we start in common first year and than we split into programmer , tech support, and admins . if I was you I would tell them how I fix PC part time from home just to get more PC credibility. Other think is that less experience companies will look for keywords. Like one interview I was told sorry but we are looking for a backend developer , and I did tell them that I am a full stack developer before (back and front end ) that was my sign that this company is it tarded. Just keep looking anon

>> No.55117840

>go to restore computer

>control panel
>adv recovery methods
>choose reinstall windows
>computer restarts and brings up windows >asking about keyboard
>mouse and keyboard don't work
>can't advance
>restart computer
>everything back to normal

I already have a usb fitted with rufus set to go

help an idiot?

>> No.55118027

Why doesnt debian have something like ubuntu software center with trusted .deb packages?

>> No.55118066

What do you mean? It has the Debian repositories installed by default.

>> No.55118071
File: 42 KB, 640x480, New processor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is an Intel Haswell i3-4170 enough to run games well nowadays? I've heard I should go for something with 4 cores instead of 2. Does that change vidya performance by much?

Side note: Overwatch has been running like shit (~10 FPS during combat) on my rig with this processor and a GTX 750 Ti, should I upgrade the graphics card when that new AMD Radeon RX 480 comes out? I've got no idea what to look for on these things, but I hear that's supposed to be really good.

>> No.55118099
File: 1.28 MB, 889x538, 1450774480196.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>play Overwatch for 7 hours
>runs fine
>next day start getting an error about "Rendering device has been lost"
>google it and find a lot of people complaining of it
>think it's just a problem with overwatch
>update drivers
>add TdrDelay to registries
>doesn't fix it
>someone mentions something about the game crashing at a certain temperature
>notice it always crashes around 50 degrees or a little above
>start another game to see if the same crash happens
>after 5 minutes, the same thing happens

Is my card dying?

When I tried OW again earlier, instead of just crashing to a black screen, it went like pic related, frozen while sound was still playing.

>> No.55118108

I guess it doesnt matter that much, you can view those trough browser. Ubuntu has a software center which is kinda like google play store where you see the list of .deb packaged software and they have ratings, comments, little pictures etc.

>> No.55118190

Avidemux is nice but I'm not sure about the effects and filters shit

>> No.55118195
File: 48 KB, 500x500, 51Ss52nxw3L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello /g/
Simple question, should I?

I'm just looking for the best bang for my buck large as hell HDD to store movies and crap on.

I wont have any games on it, so as far as I know speed isn't a big deal. It will be nothing PDFs and movies.
I'm currently trying to decide between it, and a WD blue 6TB for $199 since it has much better reviews.

Open to suggestions though, I know just about nothing.

>> No.55118655
File: 32 KB, 200x200, x2go-logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are these guys going to become "way2go" when Wayland finally comes?

>> No.55118666

What's the most powerful infrared blaster I can easily get?

>> No.55118667

How much torture can a single wall socket take?

Currently i have 9 things plugged into a 10 gang.
>2 Monitors

when will something bad happen?

>> No.55118695

The circuit breaker should trip before anything bad happens.

>> No.55118762


>everything goes according to pla-
>everything is in german
>spend 20 minutes kind bumbling though shit

it was fun, now to apply windows updates so I can get everything switched to fucking English

thanks german bros

>> No.55118788

Assuming North America, the circuit breaker is probably 15 amps or higher, so 1800 watts. You're well below that right now, except for maybe the moment you power on your PC and it charges up all the capacitors. They're could be melted plastic and fire if too much of it is going through stuff not designed for that much power.

>> No.55118857

I'm comparing the R7-370p-2255 and the R&-370p-F22m and I can't tell the difference.

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