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You think that you are so techy and edgy for frequenting this board? Give me a fucking break.

If you haven't configured ANY of the following:

- Split DNS
- Group Policy
- Intraforest Migrations
- Interforest Migrations
- Network Load Balancing
- Virtualized server-clustering

Then you're just a fucking poser.

Get the FUCK out, ricers and gaymers.

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nuh uh, I'm teh uber 1337

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How's help desk treating you these days?

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Lol this shit is just childs play. I've installed xcat blind, drunk and without the use of my arms.

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You think that you are so techy and edgy for frequenting this board? Give me a fucking break.

If you haven't configured ANY of the following:

- Gentoo

Then you're just a fucking poser.

Get the FUCK out, sysadmins and programmers.

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>group policy

Get out Reddit!

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No, u

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So a bunch of low tier network administration is what you consider techy? I bet you've never even soldered your own CPU.

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My home server is running Proxmox with some VMs so skiddies don't get access to my data from my gaymen servers. So I guess I'm in the sekrit klub

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How long have you had that A+ for now?

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How many of the listed things have you done?

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What hentai/anime is that?

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why the fuck would I give a shit about bullshit Microsoft technologies when I have work to do?

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You know what, you smug fuck?

I work help desk and I get paid $35/hr. Yeah, I help stupid people find their bookmarks and print all day, but I get paid fat money for easy work. I go home and don't worry about work and have plenty of free time. No, it's not a glorious Tier III position, but I am comfortable and will not die in poverty. Can't say the same for you.

Preserving your SKEELZ for hacking the planet, you narcissistic failed-abortion?

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£50/day first line here, crawling my way up to second line as we speak.Feels bad man

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much anger here
if everything's so easy why the burst?
it shitlord here

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how does one crawl their way up to second line? sell stuff?

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just fix things well and don't have a shitty attitude

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I just hate the pissing contest that's perpetuated in threads like these. IT shit is easy.

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Where do you work that pays 35/hr?

What were your qualifications when you get hired?

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ITT: Angry IT cucks

Shut up and run my software, scrub

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>Split DNS
>- Group Policy
>- Intraforest Migrations
>- Interforest Migrations
>- Network Load Balancing
>- Virtualized server-clustering

This is the best stuff you can list?

Protip: Most here do know this and more, you clearly haven't been here long enough to know,

We're all just here shitposting (like you) to find that one spark, guess what cupcake, you're that spark.

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I had my Associates in Science, Network+ and Security+. Those were the minimum requirements for me to get into a program contracting for the U.S Military. I have gathered more certs since my hire to become more valuable.

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That's awesome. Just grabbed my associates and I'm working on A+.

What region of US?

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You so sure that you're not the cupcake, cupcake?

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Hi OP.
Have you submitted kernel code before?

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No. I'm just a sysadmin. Should have included some love for the real programmers here. Sorry, anon.

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>no unix terms mentioned in OP
Yeah right.

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> $35/hr
Kek. I'm going to call help desk right now and fuck with them because of that tantrum.

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>- Network Load Balancing
>- Virtualized server-clustering
>- Split DNS

You didn't know that these can be done in Unix/Unix-like operating systems? Po' boi.

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There are lot's of pseudos here, but then again, you yourself are the problem if you take anything people say here seriously.

Take it as a place that helps you gather opinions anonymously, nothing more. If you care about something, go to a relevant forum or research yourself.

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I have not done any of the stuff you listed.

I do work as a computer programmer though.

You, anon, are a poser.

Kindly leave this board.

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>IT monkey thinks he's smarter than actual programmers because he can configure the code they wrote


the real techies are the ones who wrote the code you used to shitpost. take off the training wheels my boy

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Feeling insecure? Route processing network traffic to a Docker array, parsing PII and let me know how gud u got.

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ok man

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Fuck you OP. My ego is fragile.

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>uppity sysadmins

literally nothing worse than this

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Nigga i executed many an .exe get on my level

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Sorry to have made you angry dad.

>not paying someone else to configure your networks so when it breaks you can blame them

Plebius maximus

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What's your favorite problem to fix/diagnose?

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>all networking related

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i know how to set up a wordpress shop and i make more money than you ;^)

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>that feel when i'm working in help desk

Mixed feelings mayne

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> - Split DNS
> - Group Policy
> - Intraforest Migrations
> - Interforest Migrations
Sounds like a Windows stuff.

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>menial tasks for sysadmin monkeys
As a developer, thanks for making sure the profitable and useful stuff I make keeps on working.

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You're not a developer you're a glorified code monkey that is allowed to make basic decisions so long as the marketing staff clears it.

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I work for a small company. The CTO sits at the next desk over from me. My employee payroll number is literally a single digit.

But its not a startup and they do make actual money, so my job will still be there in a month, which is nice.

We don't have a marketing department. But we don't have any sysadmins either, there are bigger hiring priorities than a sysadmin. Its not that hard anyway, we can manage.

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>- Split DNS
unneeded for my use case
>- Group Policy
i dont use windows
>- Intraforest Migrations
i dont use AD
>- Interforest Migrations
i dont use AD
>- Network Load Balancing
unneeded for the sizer of my organization.
>- Virtualized server-clustering
all of my servers are bare metal as my organizations use-case has very specific application dependencies that do not support virtualization.

tl;dr your list is shit and youre shit. neck yourself.
gentoo a shit
install slackware

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VPS supp here.

- Split DNS - check
- Group Policy - check
- Intraforest Migrations - nop
- Interforest Migrations - nop
- Network Load Balancing - check
- Virtualized server-clustering - check

ill add:

- EIGRP between farms
- preconfigure serial switches/switches/varies routers/laptops to be shipped to farms worldwide
- fixing/setting up cPanel/WHM/
- Setting up 4 virtual terminal servers with balancing + setting up s2s between their 10 locations and having the 56 printers working perfectly.

i make ~$1,350 a month

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>i make ~$1,350 a month

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Did someone just finish up their community college networking class?

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if you think the above is anything other than amateur hour then you're in for a shock. Lets see you automate a full Dev-Ops deployment/maintenance cycle for your production infrastructure including all of the above with pester checks.

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half of those things are not MS related.

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If you're going to insult posers, at least put some effort into it... Besides, do you even gpupdate bro? If not I'll /force then /boot you without even making you breakfast like the little slut you are; and the only network load balancing you've been doing is taking only one load per guy, in a bukakke, that you met on the m4m personals section on Craigslist.

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>- Setting up 4 virtual terminal servers with balancing + setting up s2s between their 10 locations and having the 56 printers working perfectly.

>I setup Citrix.

fixed that for you.

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you don't need load balancing but you also need baremetal? Sounds like someone needs to learn how to scale out.

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You think you are so techy an edgy for being able to read man pages and copy and paste code? Give me a fucking break.

If you haven't actually dealt with ANY of the following:

- RF propagation
- hardware design

Then you're just a fucking poser.

Get the FUCK out, code monkeys and sysadmins

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Hotdamn. Moar career advice plz?

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>ur not 133t, I am XD
The post

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>look at me guiz i can into networking
if you haven't installed gentoo fuck off

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You think that you are so memey and edgy for frequenting this board? Give me a :^) break

If you haven't posted ANY of the following:

- frog bicycle
- spongebob
- rare smile
- rare pepe
- keks
- nice friendly comment

Then you're just a :^) normal.

watch your step out of the door, normies and redditors.

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Fascinating stuff! Sysadmin here, bowing down.

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Bad bait

>> No.55096778

No no, fun bait

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Looks like a lot of people 8 it though.

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>being paid hourly


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>software issues

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>rare pepe

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You think that you are so memey and edgy for using the smiley with a carat nose? Give me a fucking break.
If you haven't posted ANY of the following words:
- fucking
Then you're just a fucking poser.

Get the FUCK out, smileys and carat noses.

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It's a meme you dip.

>> No.55096837


You think you are a clever fish, lion of the sea? Give me a break.

If you haven't eaten ANY of the following:

- rotting whale falls
- krill
- baby dolphins
- 6-pack rings

Then you're just a guppy.

Get the FUCK out epipelagic filter feeders.

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I think this is OC, never seen the OP image before today.

Regardless, not everything can be a meme.

What do you do in IT, anonfriend?

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>i make ~$1,350 a month
i hope you live in the third world if you expect to live off of that eating more than ramen.

>> No.55096911

is that the referee book

>> No.55096913

It's a fresh new meme which started this morning. Original thread was deleted for some reason.

>> No.55096923


OP here. You stopped being blind?

>> No.55096959


Then we, the anons of this thread, are pioneers in the new /g/ meme. Best kill ourselves now.

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don't do it :^(

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lmfao i dont know how to do any of that shit and i make 4k/mo after taxes

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how long until this is in /r/4chan?

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Microshaft go home, server admins ain't shit

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A few hours ago.

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Please respond

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you think you're so edgy and good talking shit about the other people on this board? Give me a fucking break.
I'm here for the computer memes and occasionally giving an opinion.
get the FUCK out, nigger.

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ahhahahaha how does it make you feel that i make more than you with an arts degree? Whilst sitting on my ass all day and banging hipster chicks.

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Anime fags dont know shit about shit if it doesn't have oversized eyes and an underaged pussy.

>> No.55097225

try reverse-googling, dipshit

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> anime is for autistic weebs lel xDDDDDD

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My father makes wayy more than you, and he fixes machines that treat fucking cancer. So what if you make $35/h doing that shit.
you're not special sitting around on your ass all day compiling someone else's code.
We don't care. This isn't a board for self-important IT monkeys to brag about what they do. Get the fuck out and come back when you're saving lives for a living, or at least when you're not an entitled shithead.

>> No.55097368

No need for name calling.

>> No.55097395

How new do you have to be to not know to reverse-google?

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My father makes wayy more than you, and he exchanges money that self-generates more money. So what if you make $8/hr flipping fried meats.
you're not special standing around a hot grill all day cookin' up someone else's innards.
We don't care. This isn't a board for self-important fry-cooks to brag about what they do. Get the fuck out and come back when you're enabling people to be productive for a living, or at least when you're not an entitled burgermancer.

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well im 4 for 6, I never considered myself edgy though. I just do IT for a small bank.

To be honest that list is mostly the domain of tech support, glorified computer janitors. I've always felt that the true techy crowd were developers and the engineers that create all this stuff. Everyone else just buys it and sets it up.

>> No.55097449

That did not translate well.
My point: stop being an arrogant fuckwad.

>> No.55097463


ur rite man

>> No.55097520


Do you have any good resources to learn these things?

>> No.55097536


Is this translation better?

English to Chinese to Spanish to Croatian back to English.

My father is your wayy, he exchanged money , self generate more money. So if you have $ 8 / hour flipping fried meat .
You must Cookin someone else's body heat during the day and baked a special status .
We do not care . This is not just a little to brag about in the kitchen prompted what is cooking. Get the fuck out , go back , if you have a person's life and production , or at least , if you do not have a real burgermancer.

>> No.55097541


>>My father

idgaf what your daddy does, what do YOU do?

>> No.55097559


im with dis guy

>> No.55097626

I haven't done any of these but I designed programmed about 75% of a 10000$+ remote monitoring software.
Do you even know what a design pattern is ?

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>> No.55097647


Which one? Solarwinds? DameWare?

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>fat money

>> No.55097687

Make anecdotes to prove a point

>> No.55097697

>gets BTFO
>spergs out

>> No.55097721


Translation is the best?

Back in Spain , Croatia, England, English in China .

Father wayy more money, money is exchanged . You / hour to empty Fry is $ 8 , on demand.
Cook body heat of another person during the day and cook a particular condition.
We do not care . Not to brag a little work to cooking tip : If you do not have a true burgermancer and producing at least one human life or return, leaving the head :

>> No.55097790

Well, i havent done one of those things, but i lurk almost 99% of the time and i enjoy learning. Hence my frequent viewing of this board.

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you're one of the good ones, anon.

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You think that you are so leet and dank for frequenting this board? Give me a fartin' break brother.

If you haven't posted ANY of the following:

- gore memes
- donald trump
> green text
- rare pepe

Then you're just a shet

Hit the road, socialists and weea-klings, I will kill you with my bare hands

>> No.55098011

I have done all of those things, and it is not hard. You just gotta keep your tongue in your mouth and document properly so you confuse yourself with the different setups.

>> No.55098059

i have implemented a load balancer, does that count?

other than that, i have written code that ran on supercomputers and i've written code that ran/runs on cars. besides my CS degree, i know shitloads about managing ME projects, real-time operating systems, several kinds of programming languages and have fucked about with every major linux distro out there on multiple platforms.

also, this

>> No.55098073

Maybe he's just recommending minimum specs for the entry-level fag/g/ot :^)

>> No.55098097

For helpdesk that's a lot. I'm making 15/hr.

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> weea-klings

>> No.55098116

Not that kind of remote monitoring, the home alarm / elderly / lone worker kind, plus it's not sold in the US.

>> No.55098130


Essentially what you're telling us is you get overpayed for doing absolutely fuck all and your technical expertise really doesn't amount to anything more than your average /g/ user. Thanks for sharing. Where can I subscribe to your blog?

>> No.55098153

I am not edgy, I am gritty.
You know when people say a film portrays a gritty realism?
Usually it's about a gritty guy like me

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File: 94 KB, 514x510, samus chewing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I wish I was a burgermancer.

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File: 114 KB, 538x785, dddc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

B-But I'm just here for Battlestation and Desktop threads ;_; .... I-I don't really care about these stuffs

>> No.55098236

You think that you're so 420 and blaze it for frequenting this board? Give me a smoke break.

If you haven't done ANY of the following:
- Play Call of Duty while high as fuck
- Smoke weed everyday
- Filled your basement/attic with tons of weed
- Made music while high

Then you're just a smoking 360 noscoper.

Blaze the FUCK out, noscopers and weed smokers.

>> No.55098395

those things are all closely related and only show you know a tiny, tiny portion of what technology is
next time try to show some more diverse things you know if you want to prove you know more about technology overall rather than sever management, network and microsoft products

>> No.55098433

>- Split DNS
>- Group Policy
>- Intraforest Migrations
>- Interforest Migrations
>- Network Load Balancing
>- Virtualized server-clustering

All Tech support babby tier.
Enjoy your support tickets.

>> No.55098453

>- Browse the web
>- Check facebook
>- listen to music

You didn't know that these can be done in Unix/Unix-like operating systems? Po' boi.

>> No.55098528

>he never wrote a kernel from ground up
>never reverse engineered hardware / software
>calls himself techy
gtfo my board pajeet

>> No.55098703


>group policy configuration

Oh you mean permission wormholes?

I understand that you wasted a lot of money on that Active Directory course, but don't take it out on us.

>> No.55099541

I've done 2/6 and have been in this field for about ten years and I don't consider myself and expert. Maybe slightly above average but it's still the tip of the iceberg. There's always going to be something new to learn. Quit being such a faggot OP.

>> No.55101756

What are you working as?

>> No.55101804

I only know what one of those things are.

Posted from my gaming ThinkPad running Gentoo.

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Hello again fellow punjab bros,

My name is Jamal John, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are losers who go on pointless websites such as these. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any punani? I mean, i guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you guys take it to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with you best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I'm a computer engineer major at my school with a 4.1 GPA and winner of 10 spelling bees. What subjects are you good at school? I also own a gas station and have a bangladesh hot girlfriend (She just fed me goat milk and curry; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic related: It's me and my arranged wife

>> No.55101848

One step above Ops, the bottom of the barrel position.

>> No.55101863

Sakurasou no pet na kanojo
pretty good

>> No.55101896

Does any of that stuff require a degree? Or is this just some MS certificate thing you study for over the weekend?

>> No.55101905

>Hey guys freshman here

>> No.55101947


>> No.55102088

>- Split DNS
>- Group Policy
>- Intraforest Migrations
>- Interforest Migrations
>- Network Load Balancing
>- Virtualized server-clustering
Entry-level MCSA activities
You're a fucking tool, OP, go kill yourself.

>> No.55103027

Someone's mom didn't buy them the Razer gamer laptop they wanted

>> No.55103065

>I am an IT slave: the thread

>> No.55103090

But can your dad beat up my dad?

>> No.55103109

Done split DNS, but only that on this list so I'm a fucking technology weeaboo faggot please kill me anon

>> No.55103136

>If you don't babysit a server rack for a living you're just a poser and a ricer and a gamer

I didn't become a computer engineer to hear a scout badge wearing candy ass like you tell me I'm a phony

>> No.55103192

4 bit carry lookahead?

Looks like you've got a lot of room to shrink that unit down to size. All that wasted space for p+/n+ is making me cry

>> No.55103268

Why throw the Windows stuff in Gentoo zealotry borad like /g/ay?

>> No.55103593

>you narcissistic failed-abortion?
speak for yourself mate.

>> No.55103861

yes B)

>> No.55105062


Your mom is so proud of you!

>> No.55105319


>> No.55105322

sorry, but as much as an idiot the OP is, this is horseshit.

there is already code that can write more code, but i have yet to find a network that can manage itself.

you're in an over saturated field, and the bubble will burst soon enough.

us sysadmins are going nowhere soon.

>> No.55105344

i'm not arguing it's not decent money, it's just nowhere near "fat"

>> No.55105487

Is this supposed to be CS101 crap?

>> No.55105501
File: 22 KB, 804x743, 1464454990170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.55105507

Sounds like IT-monkey stuff. Assembly programming is where it's at.

>> No.55105515

1) you tried this thread when you were literally such a retard you put the subject in the name field and we laughed you off the board. you're a case study in why anonymity shouldn't be allowed on the internet, and an embarrassment to the rest of us.

2) this is all basically digital janitorial work

>> No.55105609

You think that you are so sneaky and edgy for your little "clever" comment? Give me a fucking break, you little bitch.

If you can't do ANY of the following:

- Graduate top of your class in the Navy Seals
- Get over 300 confirmed kills
- Be anywhere, anytime
- Have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps
- Shit fury

Then you're just a fucking maggot.

You're fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.55105655

>actually believing
my sides

>> No.55105768

I love this copypasta

>> No.55105816
File: 1.79 MB, 250x180, 1396514234487.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not being ccsa certified

please just stop fighting kids

>> No.55105988

enjoy being laid off for making too much money

>> No.55106054


Poo in loo

>> No.55106192

lol hes signal core he gets that money because they put him in a warzone with the infantry

>> No.55106207

just got your first windows server admin job and feeling all high and mighty now?

Here's your (you)

>> No.55106230

I enjoy tech. Therefore I visit /g/. This isn't /Code/ or /Networking/.

>> No.55106248

You have it wrong if you think people visit this board because they are tech savvy.

I visit this board to learn and to check whatever interests me in particular. I notice that many people around here are into things I do not understand, like programming of any particular kind or any of those things you listed. I don't care OP. I don't like talking about operating systems or smartphones on /v/ and I'm sure you don't either. So I won't get out, I will stay and watch.

>> No.55107568

>Hating job security
>Enjoying getting fucked out of benefits and perks

Code chimps have some funny ideas.

>> No.55107583

hourly sounds like job security to you?

you know there are people in the world who are salaried, right? these people don't just get paid a steady rate from month to month; they usually have benefits and other shit too.

the only way i could imagine wage work being considered "job security" would be if the alternative was being an Uber driver or something.

>> No.55107590

Did network load balancing and group policy. Can say that OP is a faggot. Just because you got bottom tier sysadmin job doesn't mean you're better than most of /g/

>> No.55107712

Salaried employees are the definition of "hourly." These are employees who are needed and have full time jobs which are guaranteed x hours a week. They can expect the same amount of money every week without fail so long as they work those hours.

Non hourly employees are contractors who have variable pay outs, are not guaranteed work, and have no benefits.

Does the term hourly mean the opposite in burgerland?

>> No.55107716

Nice job on being a divisive prick, OP. Fuck off.

>> No.55107808

In the US we differentiate between people that are paid an hourly rate and people that are paid a flat amount of money per week/2-weeks/month (the pay cycle isn't that important; the distinction is that if you show up at 8am and leave at 5pm you won't necessarily make more than someone who shows up at 10am and leaves at 3pm - although certainly performance reviews or whatever might bring that up).

The terms in the US are thus "salary", since it's defined as "a fixed regular payment" (etc etc), and "wage", referring to the hourly wage.

The upshot is that wage workers can get overtime, earn more for more hours of work, etc... but typically don't get comprehensive benefits (if they get medical/dental/optical/etc... coverage, it's probably barely enough to qualify as "nominal").

Then, below all that (or above, or around, depending on how you view it) is "contract work". You'll pay me $200 to code up a website, or edit your essays, or change all the lightbulbs in your house. If I'm highly effective, the effective hourly rate is good; if I'm slow, then it's terrible. In either case, I'm responsible for pretty much everything that other countries consider "lower level" stuff - insurance, saving money for retirement, etc...

>> No.55108756

I make more money while I'm sleeping than you do in a month.

>> No.55109084

>chao garden karate

>> No.55109131
File: 24 KB, 128x128, 0007.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know enough to recognize that half the items on your list you just made up, to make yourself appear to be smart. Poser.

>> No.55109277

Like thats the only field in tech. I'm pretty sure some vascular surgeon cant operate your brain. I'm personally electrical engineer who deals with power electronics, half of you fagots can't fix his chink flashlight if something happen to it. Don't make me laugh with this threads.

>> No.55109279

OP here. Looks like my bait is still treating you all well. Have a radical day.

>> No.55109342


I love these.

>> No.55109441
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>> No.55109497

>Whilst sitting on my ass all day and banging hipster chicks.
hipster chicks are so gross

>> No.55109533


Was waiting for it, thanks anon-o-tron.

>> No.55109561

From 2009 to the start of this year I was a software engineer for the US DoD working with SPAWAR.
I'm now a senior level working for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the united states.

Where's your nerd cred now?

>> No.55109580

OP, you're the one who needs to get out.

>> No.55109669
File: 76 KB, 500x704, 1433277288822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If there were ever a less self aware post on /g/ I haven't seen it
MY FACE when as a 20yo NEET who has never been employed in his life I will be earning half as much money in 11 days as OP who spent years studying for all of his tech degrees and relying on his 'expertise', in a job that was literally handed to me when I woke up the other day
(OP on the left, me and his crush on the right)

>> No.55110181
File: 126 KB, 750x1000, sample3bb47bcf4e842214f1df0bd777c500a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even work in tech, I work /out/ and get paid more than you. I am just here because I like the shit posting, ricing and keyboards. Everything I do with computer is just for fun. Angry, pale, indoor bound, poorfags like you make my nipples hard.

>> No.55110376
File: 1.88 MB, 2538x3289, real code.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You think that you are so techy and edgy for frequenting this board? Give me a fucking break.

If you haven't done ANY of the following:

- Write Apple ][ assembly code on paper and translate it to hex as you type it in
- Create fonts on graph paper and then manually convert them to bytes which reside in a data region

Then you're just a fucking poser.

Get the FUCK out, ricers and gaymers REEEEEEEEEEEEE.


>> No.55110480

go home Adam

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