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>Distro hop constantly
>Install Ubuntu
>Try to debloat Ubuntu
>Trying to remove Ubuntu's shitty email program through the GUI will cause my DEs to uninstall
>Trying to remove Ubuntu's shitty email program through the terminal will cause thunderbird to automatically install

Why is this shit the most popular Linux distro?

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> Try to debloat Ubuntu
Start by using minimal, and build up your system from group up.
Also, if you not satisfied how dependency being resolved - you are free to use --nodeps and such stuff, or just using another front end for apt, such as aptitude, for example.

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>lying on the internet

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I literally have no clue how you successfully installed ubuntu in the first place. The installer crashes or hangs constantly for me and never gets to the installation part proper.

Regardless, last I managed to install ubuntu (2010 or so), it was already not customizable for shit due to these fucked up dependencies.
So much for being about "choice".

Since I installed gentoo, I've never looked back.

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We already have gone through this. Some anon proved that Arch is objectively better than Ubuntu LTS at this moment a few days back.

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Going to need you to qualify that with something more than "because he said so".

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2010 was the better part of a decade ago, I'm pretty sure at least a few of the bugs have been ironed out since then.

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Funny how no one could disprove ONE single claim he made. Check the archives

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2010 was the better part of a decade ago
fuck he's right

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