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I want to buy a 1080p but there are a ton of them out there: MSI,Asus,ZOTAK,...

wtf whats the difference and which one do I buy?

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It doesn't really matter.
Everything with NVIDIA on it will be awesome and the best.

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Founders Edition

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>buying a reference card
wew lad

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Maybe wait for the early batches to go out, not be a tester

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Then kys
Nvidia is cancer.

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right now there is no diffrence.
In the future customised version will appear, then I would get the Gigabyte Windforce because it will be a silent one.
MSI will also do the job.
Wait a few month and you will have a real selection

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Don't ever post here again unless you something positive to say about Nvidia

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Wait for the G1 gaming/extreme or the classified unless you're gonna get a waterblock.

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>$700 thermal throttling reference card

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I agree. It works great in my oven when I wanna cook stuff.

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Normie get out.

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>I want to buy a 1080p

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Anything but Zotac.

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I've never seen someone so mad they tried to turn the amd housefire meme on nvidia

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Now watch the poor as fuck AMDshills getting real mad

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Saw it here on /g/ first and decided to recycle it my dude. Thought it was pretty ironic.

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Nvidia is simply an amazing company delivering outstanding products. Constantly advancing technology further and further. Therefore you can rest assured that I will buy an Nvidia gpu this and every generation henceforth. I might even buy two because this tremendously astounding company deserves it.

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There is absolutely no justification for buying a reference card if you know that there will be off-market-cooled versions hitting the shops in a matter of days.

Basically, it's like throwing money down the drain, since you're buying a component which will be significantly more difficult to sell since most reasonable people prefer properly cooled and more silent equipment.

Unless you are an autistic faggot or normie.
Then buy the founders edition.

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17 ruppees have been deposited in your shill account

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Im not going to wait I just bought a vive and need a PC

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mad is not the emotion im feeling
its glee

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commit voluntaryExit

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Rich Fags Throttle.

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No im a vr developer and I have companies asking me to do stuff for them

Ive tested one at work and its amazing

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Wow demolition contractors actually ask you to burn down houses for them? I knew the 1080 was good, but not that good.

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>im too much of a cuck to wait a few days

Then get the reference hairdryer and fuck off

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>OP is what the pc gaymer community is like
Literally the cancer killing /g/

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Positive to say about nvidea...

The tegra x1 was nice

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>vr developer

Not using Radeon Pro Duo with DX12 or Vulkan split screen so you can have one gpu per eye with faster frame rates than 1 gpu.

Sure you're a vr developer.

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but i thought I need more fans because of housefire risk

sry 4 being pleb

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Nvidia started the house fire meme you fucking idiot

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wtf 1.5k ?

im not that rich yet

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>he doesn't know Nvidia started the housefire meme with the GTX 480™ with Thermi™ architecture

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after all those quality posts i think im getting this one

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>not waiting for Vega to see if it drops the price

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Vega is going to be Yum!

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B-but 7 years ago.

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There's literally no reason not to go with EVGA.

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Whichever one you pick you will definitely be jewed

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Wait for the 1080ti + 2 months and see where the dust settles.

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>wait for fiji
>wait for Polaris
>wait for Vega
>amd will win n-next time t-trust me
Or buy Nvidia and have fun now

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You can pick up ANY partner card you can get your hands on from a reputable company. I've got a preorder in for the Gigabyte G1 gaming, but at this point I'd be willing to take any card. Newegg seems to be getting drips and drabs of cards every few days if you can catch them the minute they go online.

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And get gimp'd l8er

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At the rate AMD are going I'm going to be married with three children before Vega gets released.

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yeah I think that was the joke bro

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You do. Just get an EVGA one. Fuck it

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That's why you wait a few weeks until reviews start trickling in; then you make your decision.

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Same here! Im either getting the gaming X or Z which ever I can get first. Does anyone have any idea when these will be released?

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