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Remember the old meme about Japan being ages ahead in terms of technology

What the hell happened?

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they are in terms of production. not so much in terms of consumption. the ideal country.

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Japan's government didn't let the economy go through a depression and restructure like it needed to. They've been trying to prop that shit up with manipulation (negative fucking interest nigga, free market is kill) and were able to avoid pain in the short-term, but the long-term result of the manipulation is stagnation.

Japan's economy isn't dead, but it's not alive either. It's just in a comma, and dreaming of the 80s.

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Do you think it well ever get better? or worse?

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Mass media. Before the internet you only got to see what television producers felt like producing, which is typically heavily romanticized. The internet has allowed people to show you what Japan really looks like

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>nigger teacher
it's like they want to become dumber.

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>What the hell happened?
Korea and China hollowed their economy out, same as they did to the US.
Then, what >>54928946 said.

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they definitely are in production of qt3.14s

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Such a complex topic is pretty impossible to discuss in any meaningful depth on 4chan. It can't even be done on boards dedicated to the topics of politics/economics without becoming a giant, incomprehensible shitstorm. So, I'm not even going to try to go into depth.

All I will say is this: Bearocrats far-removed from the daily lives of people cannot ever make decicions better than the people collectively can. Policy-makers need to fuck off, let the economy restructure, and give people freedom so that they can use their collective brilliance to solve problems.

God, I hope this post doesn't get me banned on /g/. If a mod deletes this reply, I'll take that as a note to bring up this kind of stuff here.

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It's like they want to get Blacked.

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Maybe he's there to teach Ebonics-English.

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They just had smaller appliances.

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>They've been trying to prop that shit up with manipulation (negative fucking interest nigga, free market is kill) and were able to avoid pain in the short-term, but the long-term result of the manipulation is stagnation.
This. Keynesian stimulus is like using morphine to treat pain. Sometimes useful, if that pain results from surgery that will make you stronger in the long term. But most countries (electorates and politicians both) don't want to do the surgery and just use the morphine to mask the pain. Then pretty soon you still haven't solved the underlying issue, and you've got both chronic pain and now a morphine addiction.

Capitalism only works if you're willing to let the "destruction" half of "creative destruction" work. Try not to let any industry, business, or worker fail and you get a sclerotic economy full of unproductive zombies.

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They're thousands of years ahead, the west still hasn't invented the rice cooker yet, an appliance found in every Japanese home it's so important.

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>XD cultural differences LOOL

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japanese don't use shitty ass rice cookers

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The new Anno game looks really cool

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More ples

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the joke is that she taught them English and all they know is basic shit

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They leveled it and turned it into a park. Sad.

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Dammit, these comics are adorable. What's the name of it?

Reminds me of Extra Ordinary comics.

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sensible chuckle

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Wow, cripes. The story behind that place is fascinating.

I wonder how many statists will use it as an example to say "see, your anarchocapitalism fetish doesn't work".

Still, wow.

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they could do with a better tv, don't see a problem for the rest.

it's the west that's gone crazy with technology. here in Belgium they force kindergardeners' parents to buy iPads 'cause of muh technology

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Pooping in the squat toilet is actually pretty comfy once you get used to it.

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:^) Look at the documentaries also. They are awesome

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Kowloon was a refuge against state control before China moved into a quazi-market system. The 'lawlessness' that is frequently made reference to has to do with avoiding the licensing processes in China, which essentially dictated exactly who was allowed to do business. It wasn't Detroit, it was people running shops without a piece of paper from the government saying they could do so. The utilities were primitive because the surrounding state boxed them in and barred them from accessing any resources wherever possible. Despite the apparent hardships, the people that lived there were happy, and former residents speak fondly of their time there.

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>Despite the apparent hardships, the people that lived there were happy, and former residents speak fondly of their time there.
People said the same thing about the Soviet Union. And now it's remembered as a shit hole.

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Thanks for the info anon. That place looked like cozy: the city.

It's still a shame that most people, when they see a place that only has the vestiges of freedom, and is also boxed-in economically (among other ways), always end-up saying "see, see! your 'capitalism' doesn't work!". If they applied that concept universally (for example, saying freedom doesn't work because there was an example of people being able to freely move around in their prison cells, and ignoring the fact their entire lives were managed by an institution), they'd see how easily-falsifiable it was.

Or wait, I'm wrong, because "well, that's different". Sigh.

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Some things were good back then. Government did not try to cut costs from basic things. But overally the perfect system would be somesort of infusion of both of these systems.

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The guy used to have an blog about being a black guy teaching in Japan that was fairly well known on 4chan.


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>being this beta

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>needing this much attention

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Haha I agree.

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Why is there a nigger in the classroom?

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>tfw you'll never give private english lessons to a gravure idol

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>breeding down syndrome'd children with orangutans
not even once.

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me on the rigth

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Want to taste some big black cock, sweetheart?

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>that one on the left

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It's far superior to the throne. Squatting is the best.

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>It's just in a comma
Are you sure it's not in a semicolon or period?

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Bet you like taking it up the ass, faggot.

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It was a façade and you fell for it. They're just equal like all the rest.

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s-sensei-sama thats l-lewd yamete

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anime happened, then videogames

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They literally install Windows from floppy disks in Japan.

Source: Living in Japan

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source: my ass

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Get on you knees bitch and suck my big black dick.

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I straight up thought that was just some jojo fan art.

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B-b-but chinks are b-beuatiful, I-I swear!!1!

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You know that only other chinks and weeaboos say that

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don't copy
that flopppy

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What year is that picture from? Also, I didn't know there were ghettos in Japan because that room looks like shit.

How do you use those toilets? I mean I know how to squat and shit, but where do your pants go because it seems like you'd be at risk of getting body fluids on them.

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It's from 2009 and it is actually a ghetto school. There is even a nigger that goes there

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That's great. Why should such an abomination exist in this day.

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Same school? That picture looks significantly better.

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Same school
Front entrance to the Ghetto School. Doesn’t really convey the usual state of dilapidation that the school was usually in. The town I lived in was making efforts to build itself up – in the three years I lived there, they’d renovated the train station twice, built two shopping centers/malls, rebuilt the two major banks in town, built a new hospital, built a sky bridge from the station to…well…whatever was in front of the station, and even put a sun clock on the front lawn of the town office. Despite all that, it was never in the budget to throw the Ghetto School a few bucks for renovation. That was always a sticking point with me, but I suppose the other issue with the Ghetto School would have been that whatever nice new things they built or renovated, probably would have been destroyed by the bastard students within two days. Cest la vie?

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You can practically tell he tears up their tight asian pussies every day. Just imagine you being a nigger with a huge cock and all these little jap bitches are nibbling on your cock. Damn that nigga is lucky af.

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>this damage control

Go eat a fetus or something, Xu.

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Its a rather complicated issue but as far as I can see it seems to stem from 2 sources.

Japan is extremely conservative and inward looking, the constant deference to seniors prevents progress in technology.

The spark wasn't there within Japan for the internet revolution, consequently everyone did not get a PC in their house.

Japan being a tech paradise was something largely confined to the 80s with a slow gradual decline once the economy collapsed and has just continued being a stagnant pond ever since.
Breakthroughs of technological development are rather isolated affairs, no real movement for progression within the sector like you see in the US/UK(or frankly in the globalised world) and the internal market doesn't have the money or the jobs anymore to consume like the 80s anymore.

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As a chink, Chinese and Japanese women look radically different.

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It was just that. A meme.

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Kill yourself. Japanese are subhuman.

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Of course you can tell, you're a gook.

As a non subhuman, they all look the same to me, ugly and nigger-ish.

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>black santa in Japan
my fucking sides

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kill yourself, nigger.

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he has a new site but it's gone
only the cache is left
probably the last thing we will see of
Jeff Windham (Az)


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Calm down sissy whiteboi

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i'll calm down after i fill your mother's black cunt with my white goo for the fifth time today.

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ebin economic analysis my friendo, I await your dissertation on why liquidity traps are caused by 'trying to prop shit up with manipulation'.

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Because it wasn't a lack of liquidity that sunk Japan at all. It was a refusal to write off bad debts and accept the losses that come when assets, property especially, decline drastically in value. Banks, not wanting to recognize any losses, preferred to roll over credit to insolvent zombie firms, even though they had no hope of ever paying down their debts in full.

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wft that looks nothing like my animes

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Fuck off

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>i spend all day surrounded by computer monitors and cubicle walls
>this nigger spends all day surrounded by qt3.14 onnanokos
Where did it all go wrong??

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Say whatever you want to make yourself feel better americucks. Japan have "old tech", you have shiny backdoored devices you replace every 6 months because capitalist propaganda tells you to do so.

And while you are so self centered, busy being interventionist cowboys, remember that at least Japan don't have SJW cancer metastasizing from the internet to its society.

> Your kanji is offensive!
kek, that shit would be hilarious though.

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if this is Az, I hadn't heard of Gaijin Smash until this thread but I'm finding the editorials really interesting. I hope life has treated you well in the time since

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>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.54935307

alright hand over the name

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I read everything he posted.
Seems like he hates Japan and it's people after all these years.

>> No.54935971

The thing about teaching English in Asia is they have a native speaker in the class with you "observing" but basically teaches. They just hire you for cheap labor to tell their families they have native English speakers.

>> No.54936147

Honestly, how long could a structure like this last?

All the videos show it leaked constantly.

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File: 2.88 MB, 1920x1080, WorldOrder.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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gets me every time

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this is a japanese toilet

>> No.54936993

>dat thickness
Damn. Enough to ignore that fucking face that's for sure.

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And yet, he's still there, all the same.

>> No.54937364

at least they use toilets

>> No.54937408

Intel ATOM laptops became viable after Sony closed their laptop branch. They made the walkman'n'shit, that was before Apples iPod and compare how big the iPod made that company

Prove me wrong, protip you can't and Japan will now suffer a bit more

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Making kids use paper, learn to actually write, and pay attention is clearly awful. Kids should instead goof off on a computer or tablet all class and learn nothing. Next OP is going to be shocked MIT still uses chalkboards instead of technology when it isn't needed.

>> No.54937562


lmao thats not what anarchy is
jesus autists need to grow up

>> No.54937607

who doesn't? africans?

>> No.54937625

You're not from around here, are you?

>> No.54937632

Japan is years ahead.

They were already paying for shit at stores and train stations with just their cellphones years before any other country did it.

Even today, most stores will look at you funny if you try to pay for items with your smartphone.

>> No.54937644


95% of the time ALT's are a waste of time.

Many schools hire them just so they can say they have a native teacher.

Most can't teach for shit, and the students don't care about native level English anyway. They just want to know what is required for enterance exams.

>> No.54937672

You brought us here

>> No.54937726

Why did I get immediately see the two Josuke's?

>> No.54937752

So there we have the reason of the failure:
When everything you buy is being monitored, everything you do is monitored, therefore you constantly feel threatened. When you feel threatened and monitored, your will to live and improve the world will go away, because the gov will constantly try to suppress you. Either the gov makes a change, or nobody does.

Believe me, I've seen it all.

RMS had that "pay cash" button on his shirt for a good reason.
A system is only as strong as it's weakest link. If the content of your stomach can be looked up by some random gov cuck, life becomes fucked.

>> No.54937800

is that theteacher whos students had a game of arrow punching youre hands into someones anus and shouting out "Nakamura weaboo" or something like that? and he did it too some kid and put him into a coma almost

>> No.54937806


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You mean schools in Japan aren't like my animes?

>> No.54937848



but he only ever threatens the students

>> No.54937863

Thats the thing, those animes are propaganda to make you think its nice.
Hence why anime fans are living in mental illness, denial and personal guilt.

>> No.54937894


> There is even a nigger that goes there

Since when are /pol/ scumbags allowed on /g/?
Back to your containment board, quick!


It's not great.

Can you guess what people used to live there?
Can you guess what people will live in the overprived houses they build afterwards?

Being poor in the west is not cool, but beeing poor in asia is really bad, especially in china.

>> No.54937909

I wish being a native wasn't a requirement. I'm not sure if I'd be on a decent enough level, but I'd at least want a chance. (I know you can get trough hoops as a non-native but the work required to do so just isn't worth it)

>> No.54937921

I wonder how many of those slopes got blacked

>> No.54937923

I require an answer to this anon's question.

>> No.54937924


Korea is a lot less strict on their requirements for being an ALT (and education in general).

But it is Korea, so...

>> No.54937939

medium kek

>> No.54937953

I didn't know that, thank you anon I'll look into it! That being said I still think Japan is the cooler of the two (and that's coming from someone who has been in both)

>> No.54937970

I've taught in both countries and thought Korea was alot better. If you teach in Korea, you'll most likely be stuck teach elementary kids if you don't have a education degree or something like it

>> No.54937991

>someone finally drew manly fanart of jojolion

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>the little helmet hair shit giving you the middle finger

>> No.54938086

There was a time when you could discuss anything

>> No.54938100

just for anyone who doesn't know, the guy at the front is a former mixed martial artists...when he isn't dancing in the ring or with his weird music crew, he is known to write pretentious essays on stuff

funny dude

>> No.54938123

you can still discuss anything

but to have, say, discourse on the intersection of tech/econ would really require more ability / expectation / acceptance of citing blah bla hblah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

>> No.54938167

Why does every "westerner" thinks people like to know what their life is in Japan?

All their comments are like "wow we should become Japanese. Everyone is pale skinned here. This is paradise".
I guess they skip the mean stuff like being afraid of freethinking because of fear of losing their jobs and being deported, or maybe just because that would break the "aesthetics" of the place.

>> No.54938174

Leave it low, pray to 神サマ

>> No.54940860

I have a feeling I've seen this exact same picture before; if I'm not mistaken it was from from the 1990s

>> No.54940871

Nothing happened. They're still ages ahead in technology... for 1990.

>> No.54940881


>> No.54941494

Holy fucking christ how much time has passed. If I remember correctly he settled there with a teacher.

>> No.54941521

>ages ahead
>still, unironically, uses Yahoo geocities


>> No.54941535

>grammatically incorrect sentence on the board

>> No.54941693

>using the smiley with a carat nose

>> No.54942523

Jap economy shit the bed in the 90s and never recovered, despite Abe's recent efforts.

Hence why we never quite reached Neo-Tokyo level.

>> No.54942566

>all these weebs whining about squat toilets

The ones in Japan are fucking pristine. It'd be a pleasure to take a dump there.

You haven't seen or smelled the mainland Chinese ones.
You don't know true horror.

>> No.54942666

No it's fucking not, go away pajeet

>> No.54942698


>> No.54942833

They never were, no ac or heating, no ATMs, faxes and windows 98. But, hey, panty vendors...

>> No.54943167

>and you get a sclerotic economy full of unproductive zombies.

Japan is much more pleasant place to live stress-wise and safety-wise than US. They just don't grow because they have no immigrants.

>> No.54943187

Friendly reminder that le japan is le old technologies is a meme. Don't get your information from memesters.

That's a humorous picture you dipshit. That means it's FAKE. Retard.

>> No.54943570

>remember that at least Japan don't have SJW cancer metastasizing from the internet to its society
You can thank the soviets for that

>> No.54943589

you should be kissing the ground you walk on nigger because africa is a complete shit hole

>> No.54944957

Negative/low interest rate increases investment, bud

>> No.54945073

>This guy doesn't even mention the plaza agreement.

Good to know anything prior to 1990 meant nothing to you

>> No.54945163

Just noticed that Japan exceeded in Pop culture (including animu and vidya), technology jobs and manufacturing (including cutlery and automobiles):
>tech jobs = India
>manufacturing = China
>Pop culture (including some vidya) = South Korea
>Vidya = US

The only recognizable thing to come out of Japan recently are auto-motives and even so a lot of factories are moved off-shore like to US and South Korean plants. And even in that field, the South Koreans are catching up with companies like Dae Woo and Kia.

It seems like South Korea is the new Japan.

>> No.54945211

> pajeet
> toilet

>> No.54945379

Theyre called let's speak english

>> No.54945383

When you consider how expensive everything is there, and how they used to even have fucking payphones in residential homes, it's no wonder they prefer cell phones over desktops. A Win95 machine was $1000 new even in the US.

>> No.54945429





>> No.54945430

kill selves

>> No.54945434

Looks pretty Great.

>> No.54947425

> Great.

>> No.54947975

>Dae Woo
Daewoo is practically dead

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>> No.54948459

Depends on where you go.
Granted this was years ago, but the bathroom I used in Tokyo station was so pristine you could practically lick the floors.
Meanwhile a few stops up the Yamanote line, I was afraid to touch anything in the one I used at Ueno station ... I'll assume what I saw on the floor was mud tracked in from shoes.

>> No.54948667

>They've been trying to prop that shit up with manipulation (negative fucking interest nigga, free market is kill) and were able to avoid pain in the short-term, but the long-term result of the manipulation is stagnation.

damn that's basically the plot of [C]

>> No.54949002

Porn nowadays is so edgy

>> No.54949407

Sigh, go read up some history of post war Japan, before posting like you know something.

>> No.54949594

>pleasant place to live stress-wise and safety-wise than US
Please, I know some relative who go to Japan for work and another one who lives there who beg to differ. Life is good in western countries don't get meme'd by weebs.

>> No.54949688

>Being so autistic that you hide your face when you're in the center of a group pic

That radiation really messed them up

>> No.54949694

Japaneese radios are really nice.

>> No.54949938

Japanese technology is a strange beast. Japan embraced high grade quality control based on Demming's work at Western Electric** which is why their cars are so reliable-Japanese emulation at it's best.

Jap Gov agencies like MITI pumped a fortune into insanely ambitions projects like the "Fifth Generation Computer" initiative during the 80's Bubble Economy boom times. Fifth Generation computers were supposed to be capable of artificial intelligence, and JP companies build special chips etc. and these odd experimental beasts were coded in PROLOG (I believe) and never attained their objective. Still the Fifth Gen project scared the crap out of Western computing, and was like the CS equivalent of contemporary SDI "Star Wars" as such.

Getting into this stuff is going down a nearly bottomless rabbit hole, and looking into contemporary work at JP research institutes like the vast RIKEN will show you the state of the art in JP tech and science.

** Western Electric was the equipment division of the Bell System, and their QC allowed them to build hardware like phones from 80 years ago that still work, central office switching machines good for an eternity, and vacuum tube theater sound equipment worth tens of thousands to collectors.

>> No.54951824


>> No.54953835


>> No.54953861

They're still to some degree a leader in science.

>> No.54953948

How so?

>> No.54954072

Mate thats Hong Kong, not China.
They are moved to public housing estate after the city demolished. One of those good thing we learned from europoor is to provide cheap public housing/medical shit/uni, while getting a positive government balance (at a low tax rate 15%)

>> No.54954125
File: 1.51 MB, 480x270, gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting mixed information from this thread. Is Japan really "behind" technologically or is that a meme?

>> No.54954180

they're in the process of being overtaken by Korea though

>> No.54954447

I like this concept.

>> No.54954482

Isn't the Japanese schooling system based on grades? better your grades the better the schools you go to? these could just be all dumb kids

>> No.54954559
File: 48 KB, 447x723, ChdcD10WMAAXfzp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A bit of both. While /g/ exaggerates the memes, there is some truth in them.

>> No.54954591

They're not. Dumb westerners just think being ahead in technology means consumers constantly replacing their craptops and smartphones to little or not benefit and giving kids taxpaid iPads to fuck around with. It's not. That's a sign of wealth and a wasteful culture. Meanwhile, japan is still a leader in robotics and sillicon production, like they always fucking were. Nothing changed. The west is just now adopting things japs had years before, and worldwide consumer tech "innovation" is stagnating so it's hard for dumbshits who stop caring past graphics cards and screen res to notice the difference.

>> No.54954643

just break their fucking backs, jesus christ

>> No.54954794

Lol, weaboo thinking Japan is some sort of heavenly place.

>> No.54955002

Gotta agree. They look like they have downs syndrome. Which explains why the only guys you see with them are your typical ugly beta.

>> No.54955015

High res scan of a print maybe?

Though it doesn't look like it...

>> No.54955156

Subdued lel

>> No.54955301

Isn't the iPhone the best phone in glorious nippon ichi? If that doesn't make them retarded, I don't know what does.

>> No.54955312

this thread is 2 days old what the fuck

>> No.54955329

>What the hell happened?
They stopped having sex.

>> No.54955389

By that notion, /g/ would still be in the stone ages.

>> No.54955733

Live in Japan long enough and you too will hate it and it's people.

I sometimes miss it like hell though.

>> No.54955850

>Most can't teach for shit
ALTs literally aren't even there to "teach".
Teaching isn't even in the job description. It's more to be a native example they can experience and someone for them to frequently meet to talk to and use their English.

Being an ALT is a barrel of laughs every day, at least in JHS.

>> No.54956056

Have you tried contactless card payments?

>> No.54956073

I heard on the news yesterday Japanese students have the worst literacy in the world.

>> No.54956141
File: 356 KB, 1280x720, 1462897345969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think i think something that's really fucking them now is the insane computer illiteracy.

Being able to use a fucking C O M P U T E R can makes a person insanely productive, at almost any job.

>> No.54956143

>>54929325 talks about japan
>>54931958 posts korea as if it was the same thing
>>54932523 thinks they're talking about china

>> No.54956282

Good, keep needless useless technology out of school

Make kids get used to using a pen and paper.

Technology is just distractions anyway, I don't buy that kids get smarter by having iPads at their school

>> No.54956333

Have ANY of you retards been to japan? The young people there aren't any more tech illiterate than young people here. Sure you might find an old couple that still use windows xp, but so do you do here, because to old people, tech is like a home appliance that don't needs to be upgraded in decade.

This fax meme too. Every firm has a fucking fax machine, we had one built into our printer. Did anyone use it? No, and I don't believe japanese people do either unless it's so tedious law firm that has to be anal rentetive about keeping documents in writing ordered or something.

>> No.54956355

Anime has nothing to do with it, and video games are a major technology/entertainment export of Japan.

^ Feminist propaganda.

>The spark wasn't there within Japan for the internet revolution, consequently everyone did not get a PC in their house.
They used cell phones.

Virtually every middle/high school in anime looks more or less the same as in real life.

Korean pop music and movies are internationally stronger (and probably TV dramas, for whatever that's worth), but Korean pop culture as a whole doesn't have anywhere near the same status that Japan's does.

>> No.54956770

>They just don't grow because they have no immigrants.

It sure is working fine for US and Yurop.

>> No.54957007


>> No.54957214

What is that black thing doing there?

>> No.54957230

I mean the blackened part on the board

>> No.54957974

>You’re a 12-year-old Japanese boy being forcibly restrained by a large black man who is bound and determined to penetrate your ass. I would have been crying too.


>> No.54958257

>Did anyone use it? No, and I don't believe japanese people do either unless it's so tedious law firm that has to be anal rentetive about keeping documents in writing ordered or something.
Fax machine is used every day at my school senpai.

>> No.54958846

Daewoo went bankrupt and got bought by Government Motors. You retard.

A lot of this hurr japan fell off meme comes from a lot of Japanese companies switching from business-to-consumer (samsung etc) to business-to-business. Where they have been successful. So while they may not have made things you buy, they made the parts that make up the things you buy, and more than that they made the things that made things you buy.

And about the declining population:

"The Japanese established an Institute of Population Problems as early as 1939. Back then the worry was over-population, and that continued to be the case through a postwar baby boom and into the 1950s. There were policies to discourage population growth. In the 1960s thinking turned to the problems that might arise from a declining population, beginning it was calculated in the 1990s. In fact Japan’s population peaked in 2008 and is now falling by about a quarter million a year. Fertility rate is low, ranked 211 out of 224 nations. Median age is high at 46.1, tied with Germany for second place in the world, behind Monaco. Main point here: The Japanese have been doing the long-term thinking about demographics that we haven’t been doing; and they’ve been doing it for 76 years. What have they concluded from all that thinking? Well, here’s a thing they have not concluded: They have not concluded that mass immigration is the solution to their demographic problems. They believe they can keep their standard of living — one of the world’s highest — maintain their technological advantages, and manage their national debt, without importing millions of foreign workers. There is no constituency in Japan favoring mass immigration. In Japan, even business moguls are patriotic."

- John Derbyshire

>> No.54959112

Shit, it's a JAV? If so, please code.

>> No.54959493

Why fix something that works?

>> No.54959514

Sorry nobody finds you and our body shape attractive you unlikable attention whore

>> No.54960147

>dat pic


>> No.54960362
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How rare are Japanese-with-white-features in Japan?

>> No.54960594

thay fell for the apple meme

>> No.54960646


>> No.54961688

>Japan's government didn't let the economy go through a depression and restructure like it needed to

Because they figures 5 recessions were better?

>> No.54962424

That's kowloon walled city from Hong Kong, it was knocked down years ago

>> No.54963186

Yeah the thing about the population meme is that if you look at other very highly developed countries like Germany, and you exclude the immigrant population's birthrate, and those are the guys that are pretty much completely useless, sucking in welfare money and doing jobs that could easily be automated, the birthrate of Germany's useful people is lower than Japan. So when mass automation comes, Japan will be in a position to transition much more painlessly than some other countries. Suddenly, the quantity of your workforce won't really matter at all, and it will be all about quality (you don't need 1000 people to staff a factory, you can do it with robots, but you need someone to think up what that factory is going to make).

>> No.54963846

Too bad it's not an JAV but a documentary about an idol group. This is the source I believe: http://gahalog.2chblog.jp/archives/52109304.html

>> No.54965269
File: 894 KB, 1920x1080, q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Busy with other things.

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