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>founders edition
>nvidia trying to move away from the negative reputation of reference cards
>still a throttling piece of shit
>still just as shit as ever
>"premium" components shitting themselves
>still sold out everywhere


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>still sold out everywhere
This is the real question/issue. Everything else it's because they want to squeeze extra cash from early adopters who can't wait for better custom models.

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Try harder, AMD faggot. All poorfags waiting for Pajeet Rajpooinloo to shit out some mid-tier """""""GPU""""""" for them to choke on. They can even shill properly, they're so dumb.

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Founders edition is plagued with issues

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Founder's edition is being sold by the millions. Of course some cards are gonna be faulty. At least we have no housefires.

>AMDfags strawmanning
Throw yourself in the river, you poorfag cunt

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gtx 1080 is literally Fermi 2.0 though. I have a gtx 960 btw, not an AMD fan but not even I will reject the train wreck that is the gtx 1080.

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Still runs cooler than AMD.

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Except it doesn't.

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I'm actually impersonating that dumb NVidia shill tripfag cunt "Elf-Satya". Check my tripcodes. Sorry to be hard on ya, m8.

Anyways, I'm getting the 1080. Waiting for AIBs as always. Only idiots get reference.

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No you aren't because I'm the original one.

Only idiots get a 1080 and not the 1080Ti.

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Do you like the tripfag you're impersonating? I heard tsundere does exist irl and people will go out of their way to annoy the ones the y are in love with.

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Also look out for the EY trip and see if I post crab OC. No crabs = Not me

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>>nvidia trying to move away from the negative reputation of reference cards
That's not at all what they were trying to do though. They just want to con idiot gaymers out of their mother's husband's shekels. Second verse same as the first.

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Exactly, by changing the name to get away from the bad reputation built up around the reference design.

They'll change it again in 3 years for marketing purposes

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Would you goddamn tripfags stop it? You're attention whoring on an anonymous Mongolian basket weaving board. Reddit would be better suited to your needs. And I mean that seriously.

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What they should do is:
>Test every chip produced
>Select the highest binned chips. They should be the more overclockable ones.
>Use them as the chips of the founders edition models. They should run by default at higher speeds than the stock models.
>cooling system should be improved to cool those chips at safe temps.
>Release them in limited batches. It should be a limited edition product.

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I don't really particularly hate or love the cunt. I despise tripfags in general.

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what do you expect to find on the forums, its the first/second refuge for people with hardware problems

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If that's Fermi 2.0, then what is Titan X, Fermi 1.8? 980 Ti is Fermi 1.9?
Like what the fuck are you saying.

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So, what's all the hate with the GTX 1080? I'm seeing one and two stars everywhere. Any specific reason?

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So literally every high end nvidia card is Fermi now? I think you need to look up nvidia architectures, because the new ones have nothing to do with Fermi.

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I'm waiting for the 1080 Ti.

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Nvidia has great marketing
itd tbe reason why people believe theyre somehow inheretly better than AMD despite both companies having their ups and downs every gen

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only issue i've seen so far is that stupid goyim buy a GPU and don't immediately set up a custom fan profile, i.e people who are probably extremely retarded and shouldn't be anywhere near a PC that thousands of welfare dollars was spent on.

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Why should you need one?
When I buy AMD it just werks.

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Maybe I am just lucky with cooling, but the highest my 1080 has gotten is about 70 C with a few games in 4K. Most of the time it runs about 50-60 C on average.

I am still planning on picking up a AIO Liquid Cooling kit once they are available though.

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>nvidia super secret handshake
Anyone want to guess on how this would be done, between whom, and to ensure for what purpose?

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Smacking their chests with one hand and shooting fire with the other?

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Capitalism. I had an asus tower. Great machine. Tomb raider came out. Just "had" to buy an i5 acer 10 gig with prolly a 980 or some shit and i barely play

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>nvidia shills spot each other
>pork shoulders are traded
>hands come forward
>fingers are replaced with wood screws
>twiddle each other's wood screw fingers while repeating "1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7"
>done to ensure they are both shills so as to not waste each other's time trying to shill it on nvidia employees

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its called mindshare the TAM for such a price is very very small and also the card avail was too quite low since having such a way to sell cards smells very bad yields they just wanted to get on the market first and understandibly so
if the 300 dollar card of amd (on e3) is between 1070 and 1080 nvidia will be on a really REALLY big trouble (just like on 2008 that amd got 4870 literally 350 bucks less than gtx280 and it was 2% slower only..)

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the tam for 600+ cards on the overall market is only for the 2-3%
while the tam for cards from 100 to 500 is almost 89%

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it caught a bunch of flak pre-release too but it's like everyone's memories were wiped once the card hit stores

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>being this much of a fanboy faggot shill

seriously nigger, brand names mean nothing
get that through your faggot head

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What the fuck do you people expect a single GPU with fan cooling to run when it is being stressed to its maximum?

It is like you fucks have NEVER EVER owned a highest end GPU.

Sure water cooling is must.

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Except its not. Its about 10% faster. Fuck I love it when AMD comes inside me!

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Hd 5870 here. Never goes over 60 degrees c, reference blower.

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Yeah but that trash can't even go at 50+ FPS in 4K everything maxed

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Yes it can.

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How has the current generation not understood this simple fucking idea of NOT SUPPORTING SHITTY PRODUCTS?

>omg this shit sucks
>gonna buy it anyway because... um.... er... IT SUCKS BUT HURRR

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yeah, tell yourself that

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Sure it is. There were 7.5m vr capable gpus sold, most of them 970s and 390s, also furys, titans, 980tis and so on. I will clap my hands if novideo will sell around 2m units of 1080p housefires. By the way the market for the 200 buck gpus is 50…100m. You mad now?

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