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who designed this os? two choices that open the same fucking window!!!

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>need to enter control panel to change some settings
>navigate to it
>get a simplified menu for illiterates
>have to click through 300 pages to get through the one I want
what were they thinking? what the fuck were they smoking?

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They should rename it to Windows xD

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Nevermind the fact that there's two completely separate control panels and the new one just opens shit in the old one because they were to lazy to upgrade

Still a pretty nice OS though

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>who designed this os?
Pajeet. any problems sir? please contact our windows customer support. thank you sir

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you are fat

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Why is pajeet good at english

I am not good at english please thank you mr. barack alabama

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IS designed with retardeds in mind

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>getting sick of Cortana being a cunt and constantly asking me shit or suggesting things
>she also eats an unusual amount of ram
>decide to kill cortana
>ghetto-as-fuck work around, rename the folder her guts are stored in to shut her off for good
>folder also contained functionality for start menu search because it's one of cortanas "perks"
>have destroyed by ability to search programs and now use cmd or pin shit for convenience to run programs
>but at least I don't have to listen to cortana anymore

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>waiting for Microsoft to unfuck Windows' UI design

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It's probably to help tech illiterate folk find shit without needing to try a million different phrasings.
It's only a problem because both are displayed at the same time.

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b-but you can just disable her.

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That just disables online botnet, not the offline one(which still reports back to ms)

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Not what OP's problem was.

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This is not a forum, we can discuss what we want in this thread

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So let's discuss what a fucking cunt you are being.

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Why do you post a dumb chink baka edit of a perfectly fine picture?

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Bindows xD

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They cannot remove old control panel because it's non-removable NT kernel dependency.

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true story

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This, wtf there's 2 control panel and settings. Can they just removed whole control panel and replaced with settings? Or vice versa? .

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>reconfigure search indexing for my needs
>update index
>120 347 elements in the index
>can't find a shit except basic stuff like start menu shortcuts

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Why aren't you excited, op?

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They also cannot remove Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Sidebar, Windows Media Center, 16-bit DOS sub-system, Windows Image Viewer, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, even Clippy is still there deep inside being hidden from user. Basically, any of Windows features back from DOS times can be brought back and reactivated from the registry on any Windows version, including Windows 10. Nothing has even been removed - it's all just getting hidden, because they don't know how to remove it and every component depends on a bunch of other components, they have so-called "dependency-hell" or "dll-hell". Do a research for yourself if you are interested, you will be very surprised what is hidden from your eyes on modern Windows systems.

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Windows 10 feels like they trapped a great OS beneath a mountain of shit and it's now screaming to get out.

The new control panel is made for retards who can't into computer because of tablets and touch controls, no one wins anything by using this OS that is constantly patronizing their users with childish errors (oops something happened), childish legal agreements (here's the legal stuff) and childish settings options.

The mobile cancer claims yet another victim.

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>Nothing has even been removed

Progman.exe. Find it for me would you?

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This. I just want control panel god damn.

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>open cmd
>control desk.cpl,,@screensaver
>still using CRT frame

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I heard that some team from microshit tried to remake the nt kernel for windows 10 but it was using scripts older than 20 years and they had no idea how to compile it or something like that. Don't know if it's true.

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Need some sauce there, bubbo.

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>who designed this os?
____ _ _
| _ \ __ _ (_) ___ ___| |_
| |_) / _` || |/ _ \/ _ \ __|
| __/ (_| || | __/ __/ |_
|_| \__,_|/ |\___|\___|\__|

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Except not...

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what is that tumbnail you fucker

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I agree. When you install Enterprise and it doesn't have "most" of that bullshit metro garbage and ads in the start menu and shit it feels really professional

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It takes a scrot of your desktop and puts it in the monitor

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you are fat

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You are autistic, dude. How long can you keep that comment meme up?

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WMP is gone if you install the n version
The sidebar has been removed completely
WMC was removed completely too
16bit subsystem is missing on x64
Windows live messenger and mail were never windows components
Clippy can be only reactivated if you install an old office and ms agent files

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you are fat

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You are autistic.

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Probably true, google razzle.cmd

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you are fat

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You are autistic.

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you are fat

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You are autistic.

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literally right click start menu control panel is right there

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you are fat

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fat jordan

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You are autistic.

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you are fat

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Both autistic.

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people who can't even operate a toilet

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one big fatty worth of 2

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Probably qualifies for autism bux

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you are fat

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On par with your autism, sperglord

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you are fat

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You are autistic.

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you are fat

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you are fat

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The entire OS is a clusterfuck and there's no sign of MS ever fixing it. I went back to Win7 and it's amazing how much more coherent it is.

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well my thread is derailed. thanks virgins

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No probs bro! :D

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you are fat

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You are autistic.

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Fuck off

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you are fat

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You are autistic.

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you are fat

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You're autistic.

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Tfw another victory claimed

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It's a complete mess. No one at Microsoft knows exactly how the control panel works. It's all legacy code with crap added in over the years. They attempted a rewrite with Vista but had to give up half way through.

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What's the best way to 'debotnet' windows 10?
I've been running it for a while and I want to make sure it hasn't reactivated anything.

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>it is the year 2016 and explorer still doesn't have fucking tabs

I literally, honestly, genuinely want to know god damn why, it makes no fucking sense. There is absolutely zero reason for there not to be. It's the kind of feature that appeals to everyone.

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kek at the flat-shit ui that blurs into a non-distinctive mess.

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install gentoo

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At least your start menu is working. Had a hell desk call from a CEO who were running win10 and the entire start menu broke. Ended up restoring from backup, after trying a whole bunch of random powershell suggested by MS which did not work.

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You're fat

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install gentoo

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You're autistic.

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You're fat

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You're autistic (and welcome back to the thread)

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Android even comes with an Indian English option now. I think all v's get changed to w's or something and instead of a full stop the word 'sir' is appended to the end of every sentence.

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Why are we surprised M$ sucks so fucking much again?

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