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Is the RAPOO V500 good?

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I wouldn't consider anything having 'poo' in its name good.

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I actually tested it in a store sometime ago. If you want some cheap mechanical it's alright.
I think it's stupid anyway to buy a keyboard that costs more than 100€.

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Is that like the Poo of the god Ra?

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It probably sucks, it doesn't have Cherry switches in it.
>t. 6Gv2 user (Cherry MX Black)

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So what's a good mechanical keyboard under 100€?

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I decided to go with the Qisan Magicforce with black switches. I got it for $49 with overnight shipping from amazon, think they're like $35 otherwise. I prefer it to my Noppo choc mini which was almost $100. Seriously, the switches are absolutely perfect for me. They feel like stiff reds. When I type on reds the keys bottom out really hard because I think I just press keys really hard while typing and that barely happens at all with these. It's also really pretty. If the Rapoo uses the same kind of switches I'm sure it's a good kb.

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Is that HP Stream your main computer? If so it sucks dick

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Kind of. A friend gave me a first gen i3 xbox hueg laptop for free which I'm using at my desk for now. I mostly just use the hp at the library. Life got fucked right up so I had to sell some parts from my desktop. Just need a new 2500k and a GPU for my desktop. This is totally fine for general use at the moment though.

I love my stream though. It's great as portable machine and they're only $100 used on ebay. Has like a 6-7 hour battery life.

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Might as well build something better. Maybe i7 3770 or something similar.

I don't like those underpowered machines, that Laptop only has 2GB.

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Well I already have the board and a AIO cooler for this socket, plus the 2500k is only $100 on ebay. If I build something new it'd be an itx with the i3 6320. It's multicore score on geekbench is equal to the 2500k and it only has 2 physical cores. At $140 I think it's an amazing chip. Not to mention how much lower it's power draw is and BLCK overclocking on z170 boards. Going to get a 2500k, use it until the end of this year and see what my options are. It's resale value will probably remain at close to $100 for that long so I'm not actually committing any money.

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Cherry G80-3850LSBDE-2 MX-Board 3.0 Professional Tastatur USB schwarz - Blue Switches https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00HDZSMEG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_-fhtxb4M8EPKT

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Danke Peter Strauß

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Lioncast LK20 if you want to join ISO masterrace.

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Apropos RAPOO... is the KX worth a try?

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Yea you are right, the i3 is a nice little chip. Runs very cool, and is efficient. With a good cooler and case fans that thing can probably idle at 20° C

i5 2500k is still good tho, can you OC it to 5ghz? I heard people do that.

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