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>buying reference cards
>on day one
There are people out there who are actually this stupid.

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>He doesn't want a card that sounds like a race car.

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>He doesn't want his graphics card to literally push his computer off his desk

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>He doesn't want his PC to do hektik skidz

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If you are really bothered, can't you install a different cooling solution?

Or use something like Speedfan?
Limit the fan in the BIOS?

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>Nvidia GTX 1080 Hot Wheels Edition

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>buys GTX 1080 for combat jet simulator
>doesnt want realistic sound effects

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>someone actually paid €600+ for a throttling and overheating piece of shit

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And this surprises you? This kind of people post on this very board, he likes of in elite.

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>first concerned users

It begins.

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I manually set my fan with rivatuner. I also have it set to go to 100% when the temp hits 70, automatically.

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not woodscrews or 3.5 tier yet, though and I hoped for something entertaining again...

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>year of 2010+6
>Buying cutting-edge technology on the release day.
When people will learn?

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>a $700 piece of hardware needs to be adjusted so it wont thermal throttle by default.

jesus do you like to be fuckd in the ass by nvidia or what

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>the memes started 2 days after release

that was quick

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The program the graphs are from (MSI afterburner) allows you to make your completely own fan curve. So the retards should do that.

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>I have the exact same issue with my MSI GTX 1080 FE, a custom FAN profile in MSI Afterburner made no difference, unfortunately.

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Not him, but amd also doesn't rev to 100% before throttling retard. They've both compromised performance a bit for lower sound

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Rest in fecal material

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Oh, well maybe it needs a compability patch, card hasn't even been out for a week.
Or considering he's so retarded he bought a FE he probably did something wrong

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>We'll skimp out on the PCB, throw the same shitty cooler on, call it premium and charge $100 extra, and you'll still buy it like the mindless drones you are.

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>muh overclocks
>4+1 phase and single 8-pin for >180w power draw

I wouldn't want to pump 40 amps through a single MOSFET like that. I'm barely comfortable with my 8-phase CPU power delivery using 20 amps per phase.

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>>buying reference cards
>>on day one
What is a reference card?

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Taking advantage of idiots should be encouraged. It redistributes money to more intelligent people, who are going to use them better

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>not having music loud enough to have 10k rpm 60mm fans and not hear them

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>mfw I put a gtx 1080 in my tesla to emulate motor sounds and play vidya while driving
is there anything nvidia can't do?

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Think of it as the stock card, Reference is the design created by AMD/Nvidia

Companies like MSI or Gigabyte may use their own pcb layouts, fans, slightly alter clock speeds etc tot try and get more power/better performance

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let the memes begin anew

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this is the shittest nene ever. i hope you didnt make this. next time take a pic of your shit, it would be better.

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>buying a reference card
>buying a blower style cooler
>buying a single pin card when dual pin cards will be out

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>He doesn't want a card that sounds like a departing flight.

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>none in stock
>thermal throttling out the ass
>disappointing performance even though it's faster than the last flagship

hello darkness, my old friend

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I tried putting one in my ThinkPad but it wouldn't fit.

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just like you trying to put ur cock in a real living girl.. never going to happen. ever.

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>this is the shittest nene ever. i hope you didnt make this. next time take a pic of your shit, it would be better.

Can we watch you nene?

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Watch me whip, watch me nene

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Because it's too big to fit?
That could be a compliment

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Check out my 1080

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Did you expect anything else from a shitty board that creates a nvidia/amd is finished anytime there's am article about either one?

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i wish i had a card that made turbo noises

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too much ass

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we turbo bros nao

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that linustechtips damage control

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my dad calls them 'Nevada cards'

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Lou got fat

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That isn't a thing.

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Im liking these dank memes

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this was a solid setup and it rarely hot hotter than 105

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I bet thats celcius too.

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>install 1080
>start PC
>PC flys off

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>install 1080
>start PC
>PC flies off

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Question: I am getting a reference GTX 1080, and I was looking into the closed loop liquid cooling kits.

Should the same ones that fit the 980 and 980 Ti fit on the 1080?

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>on 1080 thats gimped by its power delivery

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is it safe for me to redline my fan? (nvidia power user)

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Hello /g/ , 1080 here. Just wanted to say: ~ VROOOOM ~ . ~ VROOOOM ~ . ~ VROOOOMU ~ . ~ VROOOOM ~ . ~ VROOOOM ~ . ~ VROOOOM

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You're a fucking faggot

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I mean, people can reach 2200 mhz on it on air. At that point, I don't even know why you need more performance. Are there even 4k monitors that have above 60hz yet?

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>at 100% jet fan speed
>for 100usd more

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>buy a high end video card
>it uses a lot of power
>complain about fan noise/fan revving
>complain about thermal throttling
wow, its fucking nothing
you can't have it both ways, either turn up the fan (and noise) or endure some throttling, this pretty much applies to every video card.

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I just don't fucking understand why people buy reference cards at all.

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you mean Founders card?

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Has anyone on /g/ got one.

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They just can't wait.

Maybe they have one year left to live due to chronic illness or something and their time is incredibly precious.

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It used to be for watercooling, but since the overclocks are limited because of power delivery on the reference board, that won't be a thing.

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someone has to

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That's some good 'ookin' 'go 'za

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Just set a custom fan curve. Problem solved.

I ain't give a shit about plebs that can't do it.

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Can we finally bring back the housefire meme?
The glorious days of the 480?

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I was hoping someone could get this sucker back for me. I don't know how to hack nor His IP address is Please help me out I think the dude is using a proxy server. Hit him just enough to where he will feel it. I am sure I am not the only person he is trying to hack

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That's actually an nVidia feature. You buy premium products to show off. It's like buying a sports car, and revving at a red light to show off how awesome it is.

That fan revving is just to remind you how awesome that extra $100 you spent for a reference design and how powerful that card is, and it won't shut up about it. Frankly I'm jealous.

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If I wanted a card that sounds like a Japanese kamikaze bomber I'd purchase a Radeon 290

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Fermi Edition

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AMDegenerates wish they had something similar

top KEK

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So does it have gimped RAM like Maxlel did?

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nVidia dead, finished, bankrupt, suicide watch etc

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There are people in this thread right now that don't fall asleep to the soothing sounds of cooling fans.

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>buying FE
Are people really this dense, buying a premium for a shittier product? I can't wrap my head around it how you could be this stupid.

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sleep snug, smug

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Nvidia knows how to sell to sheep. Why do you think they try and avoid calling it reference? Just so they can spin FE to sound exotic when it is just a cheap piece of shit pcb.

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I've only ever had Nvidia cards but I found out so many disgusting things about that company that I will switch teams over to AMD.
Their shady business practices are beyond despicable and the only excuse for still going for Nvidia cards is ignorance of that fact.
They collude with developers to sabotage AMD cards so that a 300 dollar AMD card performs worse than a 250 dollar Nvidia card with unseen and unnecessary tesselation all over the place just to slow down AMD cards.
Or the lying about specs and features of coming cards. Or the deliberate gimping of their older cards with new drivers so people buy their newer ones.

Fuck Nvidia. I never bought an AMD card but Polaris will be my first. Fuck Nvidia. Never again. I hope AMD conquers back a sizable portion of the market. 80/20 for Nvidia is a borderline monopoly position and stronger competition is always good for the end consumer.

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>come on goy don't you want to be on the bleeding edge of technology?
>don't you want to IRL shitpost to normies about your graphics card?

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FE buyers are guinea pigs and they pay extra for that privilege.

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When the 970 comes out on june 10th, is it going to be just the "founder's edition"?

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i meant 1070 obviously. i'm retard.

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Let's hope that it does better, I kinda want to get that one

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It is because Nvidia clocked the shit out of GP102 silicon and threw in coolers designed for GM2xx and GK1xx with it.

It is 290X reference boards all over again

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