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new totalLY hammered, miracle I can spell bst edition,

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if you like

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Whatcha doin with zfs?

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Please take your meds

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Do all of your framed ladies have names?
It looks like you took a bunch down from all the empty wall hooks.

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Uber gaymen rig reporting in

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>doctor who
I like you

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Messy, but I'm always way to lazy to store stuff I use often so I just leave it all out.

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Need some more comfy headphones.
Looking good as always man.
clean and comfy station man.
Best portable station.
Should have some drawers near then to hide some of it but give you quick ascess.
Ilike the chair man.

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The leather reflects all of my facts, but it is still a pretty nice chair.

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comfy laptop setup

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what program please?
looks nice if a bit ocd,
why the fuck you got a skittle, nice chair though.
blue and red has got to be the worst colour combination, in my head at least.
are you a hippy or some shit, man?

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Hello, /r9k/

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What monitor is that? I really like your setup anon c:

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Thats not to good.
Pretty comfy set up and nice headphones too.
I dont know how you got that conclusion. You are the ones with plants on your desk and a tree to the side haha.

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yeah well, I am a hippy and I ain't aboot to apologize.
And it was your liberal use of the term 'man' that brought me to 'that conclusion'
Peace out man.

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asus vx279

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bottom left

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Evening cuties

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jeezus fucking christ on a hover donkey m8, what the shit are you trying to do here?

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Ahh just live in hawaii so bro, dawg, and man are just used alot. That surfer language and even can pick up some Aussie accents on words.

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any good? I mean I know it's good but why you choose it over the others.

ever heard of Kyma?

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bullshit, your british aren't you? I'm sure your british.
Oh well, pipeline cranking this time of year?

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How is everyone doin this afternoon?
As always 10/10
Saved to my goals folder
Animuh <3/10

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Those are nice monitors.

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Fucking fantastic thanks, what a great day I've had.
Sometimes life just works out.

How about you?

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Hello octocutie
I'm honored fampai
Thanks. They are VERY affordable.

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Looking cute and comfy.
If I was I would have moved to my bf already. I do 100 percent live in Hawaii. Its more of a pain then anything.
Thanks bb.

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Meh, living a shit for life, I´m been drinking vodka since morning, that and my meds, if I´m lucky I´ll pass out, wake up tomorrow and repeat

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been there, gotta make some changes bro.
don't have to be that way.

yeah, you are kind of in the middle of the sea out there, why don't you move?

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actually pretty cool, effort/10

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Daww I cant wait to to take my thinkpad and keyboard to work this week.
Also been doing okay have some new stuff to look forward too.
Needs better organization.

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thanks, the mousepad thing there on the one with the lights out is a raw monitor panel with a gif of donald trump laughing playing on it.

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Still debating if should go double 27" or triple 25"

Been living this way since high school, so who knows maybe today is my lucky day

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Because it costs money and takes time. I will eventually but im still young so have alot more to go before im close.

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dunno man, every days your lucky day if that's how you take it,
Trying to resist the impulse to quote the odds on being alive and conscious, that's a whole other debate right there.

good luck though, I'd say double 27".

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Is that a G5 under your desk?

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Nope, hackintosh in a G5 case

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Fuck off trip fag, this ain't your super cool community where you can become a famous "internet celebrity".

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Is this thread dead already?
Added Godzilla
I love the place for the pc 9/10
I bet its comfy with the lights off 7/10
Cool looks like its works for you 5/10
cool lighting and keyboard looks awesome. Very comfy 8/10
This one really inspired me when I was building my desk 10/10
I like your wood 7/10

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Looking prety good would get some better desks.
ME MILLIONTH DOLLAR. Does it have channel blue number five?
Thanks man ill keep improving till its max comfy.

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That visible power cable makes me cringe.

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A drink after a day of work setting up walls in the basement.

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Where's this commiebunny from? I've seen it in the chinkshit gen.

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I was bored so I started moving my station around

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>shit taste in beer
>shit taste in computers
why am I not surprised?

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>breath of fire

my nigga

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New to /bst even if you could call my setup a battlestation. I also have 2 bonsai trees on my desk, but forgot to take a pic with them.

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Is that a TP 30 or 31 DAC?

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